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AppAraat[m]hi, I plugged in my DAC (Chord Mojo) and started JACK, but I can't control the volume of it by software. Either using `alsamixer` or `pavucontrol`. This is log output when I plugged it in: https://paste.debian.net/1120654/14:16
AppAraat[m](so only hardware volume controls work which are the buttons on the device itself)14:17
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OvenWerksAppAraat[m]: Many USB (and perhaps other) devices do not have any software controls.18:14
AppAraat[m]oh, hmm. Yeah someone recommended me to get a mixer somewhere in between JACK and ALSA. I'll have to look at how I can control it from the CLI so I can map those controls to my i3wm keybindings.18:19
OvenWerksYa, one of us needs to make such a mixer :)18:22
OvenWerksThere is jack mixer18:22
OvenWerksbut it is not cl controlable... so it would take a cli to jack midi to control it :P18:23
OvenWerksjackminimix is osc controlable which may be easier as the ocs commands can be send from command line using oscsend18:25
AppAraat[m]oh, interesting, interesting. These are all the pointers/// that I will do absolutely nothing with because knowing the lazy ass that I am, I'll just keep pushing buttons on my DAC :p18:32
AppAraat[m]did I think this out loud? I did, didn't I? :p18:33
OvenWerksThats ok... it has been the same with making a jack output volume control... it will probably not get done anytime soon :)  For similar reasons18:36
OvenWerksThinking about it, a commandline interface is not that easy.18:36
OvenWerksSomething like osc control or dbus control really does make the most sense for that18:37
OvenWerks a wraper that is easier to use would be ok, something that just takes a value like 50 or +1 or something would be about right18:39
OvenWerksbut that still leaves the user with making their connetions manually to the mixer rather than the system outputs (which many apps do for you)18:39
OvenWerksso it would be a disconnect and reconnect thing by hand.18:40
OvenWerksA better way would be to change the alsa backend to include a volume control.18:41
AppAraat[m]>so it would be a disconnect and reconnect thing by hand.18:44
AppAraat[m]It's possible to save JACK sessions, right? Is that not something that can be done somewhat automatically?18:44
OvenWerksjack-plumbing might do that too.18:45
AppAraat[m]JACK has so...much...options :S18:46
* OvenWerks thinks options are good.19:00
corshmockHi OvenWerks19:03
corshmockI've been trying to follow your model of installing different distros instead of vms.  Unfortunately, I haven't been having much luck :(19:04
OvenWerksSo are you going to tell me why? where you had trouble?19:08
OvenWerksSo far I have found it easier to test thing with more than one partition than with a VM... but then I have been doing it this way for so long (since the 90s) that I have had no reason to even try VMs19:10
corshmockI start with ubuntu, create a partition for centos.  I go to install centos and I can't select the partition, so I wipe ubuntu.  I've tried it the other way round and I wipe centos.19:15
OvenWerkswhen installing ubuntu you need to choose the something else option19:16
OvenWerksso install centos first (though I am sure it has anoption to install alongside another os) and then you can choose what aprtition ubuntu is installed on.19:17
AppAraat[m]what is that model of installing distros?19:18
OvenWerksAppAraat[m]: ??? I don't understand the question19:18
AppAraat[m]corshmock said: "I've been trying to follow your model of installing different distros instead of vms"19:19
* OvenWerks wanders off to be with his wife for a bit19:19
corshmockcentos doesn't seem to ubuntu and likewise ubuntu doesn't seem to see centos.  I've gone for the something else option.  Can't see a way to do it.19:20
corshmockAppAraat[m]: OvenWerks is able to install different distros alongside each other19:21
AppAraat[m]oh, like dual booting?19:21
corshmockAppAraat[m]: correct!  Or more like multi booting19:22
AppAraat[m]if so, then do note that choosing to encrypt (home folders) will make things a bit difficult.19:22
corshmockI could do it no problem installing linux along side a windows installation19:22
corshmockNo encryption involved19:23
AppAraat[m]hmm, you could start with a full disk for ubuntu, then when installing centos choose "install alongside ubuntu" and then resize it there in the installer?19:25
corshmockNo such option AppAraat[m]19:34
corshmockThey will see a windows install but not another Linux install for some reason19:35
AppAraat[m]is GRUB installed on there?19:35
corshmockNo sign of grub19:35
corshmockI think I'm going to have to go with vms19:36
AppAraat[m]when you install a linux distro it always asks you if you want to install grub, it's a smart choice to do so. Could be it. Then again I haven't really bothered with dual booting myself.19:37
corshmockIf I saw an option to install grub I would certainly have selected it.  I've spent more time lately installing Linux.  I really don't believe grub has been an option.  I don't like the idea of installing vms on my Ubuntu install.  I wish OvenWerks could remote onto my laptop and install what I need :)19:40

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