smkellatHey bluesabre, the RSS feed for your blog apparently changed and looks wrong on Planet Ubuntu.  You may want to fix that.00:46
bluesabresmkellat: yeah, I adjusted that yesterday, not sure how to force it to rescan https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~planet-ubuntu/config/main/revision/193100:50
bluesabreor, are you seeing some other issue?00:51
bluesabrealso, not sure how it has the ghost default posts on there, I think I deleted those before updating the planet feed00:52
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smkellatbluesabre: I pulled from LP and it looks like you made the correct configuration change.  Usually the safe bet after doing such a change is to publish a brief blog post that would pop up in that feed target.  Planet updates are tied to some operation or another on LP so it happens roughly 1-2 hours.04:40
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