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Noboru55hello everybody16:43
Noboru55diogenes_ hey, maybe u can help me16:43
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:44
Noboru55diogenes_ before i was typing my password to login, now i set the autologin but when i start some software like chromium-browser it asks me everytime for the password in that keyring stuff16:44
Noboru55ubottu thank you16:45
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)16:45
Noboru55ubottu i knew that16:45
ubottuNoboru55: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:45
diogenes_Noboru55, there are a few ways to deal with that keyring.16:46
Noboru55just tell me one please :D16:46
diogenes_one of them is to set a blank password for it.16:47
Noboru55i just change something in my user16:47
Noboru55yes, i think i did that right now16:47
Noboru55need to restart to see16:47
diogenes_just re-log.16:47
Noboru55lets see now16:48
Noboru55diogenes_ worked!16:49
Noboru55i like that yakuake, i have it, everytime i starts the xubuntu a popup says the yakuake is working, its not a problem, but would be better to do not notify, i guess the yakuake do it by itself16:50
Noboru55installed moc player.. really like it16:50
Noboru55soon i will work in tty and lynx lol16:50
Noboru55i was looking for the windowmaker... that uses only 265mb ram... but its so boring to config everything.. i tried yesterday lubuntu...  but belive nothing is better the xubuntu16:51
diogenes_look in settings > notifications > applications16:51
Noboru55diogenes_ thanks again, u are genius, i did not know that notification for aplication16:52
Noboru55how linux is so... easy to use, so easy it gets hard :P16:52
Noboru55i think i said, the printer was only plug and play..16:54
diogenes_whenever you feel somethins is too easy, try gentoo or netBSD :)16:54
Noboru55bsd is what i almost like16:54
Noboru55i meant i like more the linux16:54
Noboru55the problem is the wifi  i only use in cable16:55
Noboru55diogenes_ going to drink coffee16:56
Noboru55thanks keep helping u are not obama but u are the man anyway16:56
diogenes_lol and we will make linux great again.16:57
Noboru55when i said wifi i meant wireless network, omg somedays my english is worse than other days16:57
Noboru55see u before i kill u laughting16:58
Noboru55diogenes_ i restart and asked for the password again.. did not work17:11
Noboru55the blank password in user configuration.17:11
diogenes_Noboru55, how did you set it?17:12
Noboru55users and groups17:12
Noboru55in that windows  Password (click to change)17:12
Noboru55tried this way but maybe its to change the password of user17:12
diogenes_sudo apt install seahorse17:13
Noboru55yes, now i am sure i did it right17:14
Noboru55let me say something.... i noticed when i click in some option in some apps.. it opens a new box,, but usually these box get in bad positions on my screen17:15
Noboru55for exemple the seahorse when i was setting the blank password, the option ok was out of my range screend, needed to center the box17:16
Noboru55is it something that we can fix or.. it is the way how some software works17:16
diogenes_how many screens you have?17:17
Noboru55use only one17:17
Noboru55let me see17:17
Noboru55yes 117:17
Noboru55it happens always with wine17:18
diogenes_you could try window manager tweaks > placement > set slider to 'large'17:19
Noboru55i found it... what it will do17:19
Noboru55got it17:20
Noboru55now, just wait to see how it will work17:20
Noboru55i guess now my xubuntu is 100%, but everytime i see it, something new happens to me17:20
Noboru55i say it  ...17:20
Noboru55diogenes_ thank u, tell u later if it worked17:21
Noboru55see u17:21
rud0lfasking here because of no google result.. when i use "send to" thunar option ie. to upload an .mp4 file, it's later used as default action for .mp4 files21:08
rud0lfis there a way to prevent it? it's sometimes really annoying when i click a movie and it attempts to upload it21:08
upupbb-user1which one is more lightweight lubuntu or xubuntu?21:28
geniiThere's a pretty informative article on the subject here https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/best-lean-linux-desktop-environment-lxde-vs-xfce-vs-mate/21:33
brainwashrud0lf: pretty sure there is a bug report for that22:00
brainwashrud0lf: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1411822:01
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 14118 in General ""sendto" file from registering itself in the "open with" list" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]22:01
rud0lfthank you brainwash22:04
brainwashso, it should be fixed in Xubuntu 19.1022:05
brainwashor if you use the PPA for Xfce 4.1422:06
rud0lftoo lazy to do it :P22:07
rud0lfbut thanks, some other time, at least it's solved22:07
rud0lfwhy not 18.04?22:07
brainwashlack of manpower22:08
brainwashand it's a minor thing22:09

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