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wxlwhat up18:45
johannhpDoes anyone know how to solve the "boot device not found" problem?18:46
wxlfresh install i assume, or perhaps this is the first time booting the live iso?18:47
johannhpfresh install18:47
wxldid you check the integrity of the installation media ahead of time?18:47
wxlhow did you partition the device?18:48
johannhpim typing from the live iso rn18:48
wxljust because the iso runs doesn't mean it's good18:48
wxlyou could have one bit of information that's flipped and it could lead to all sorts of weird problems18:48
wxlso to be sure: you checked the hash of the image against published hashes AND ran the "check disc for defects" option at the boot screen?18:49
johannhpI ran the 3 tests there were to run before launching the installer18:49
wxlok i'll take your word for it. that said......18:50
wxlhow did you partition the device?18:50
johannhpIm lay so I choose the erase hd option18:50
kc2bezOn some machines it is necessary to set the boot flag, the automatic partitioning doesn't do that.18:51
johannhphow do I do that?18:51
wxl@kc2bez: is that true? that seems like a bizarre-o bug18:51
johannhpI have an old HP probook, the BIOS page is horrible, there isnt even an option do turn secure boot off18:51
kc2bezIt is a bizarre bug. Not every machine needs it.18:52
wxldo you know an upstream bug report on that?18:52
kc2bezEFI should work but legacy may not18:52
kc2bezYes, let me dig it up.18:52
kc2bezYou can use KDE partition manager to set the flag.18:54
johannhpwhere do I find that?18:54
kc2bezKDE partition manager is in the menu under system tools18:55
lubot<lynorian> https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/3/3.1/3.1.7/kde_partitionmanager.html18:55
johannhphow do I set the flag?18:56
kc2bezDo you have a legacy boot system or is it EFI?18:57
kc2bezWhat do you see for partitions in KDE parttion manager?18:58
johannhpI dont know, Im sorry18:58
johannhpis UEFI legacy?18:58
johannhpThen I guess I dont have legacy18:59
kc2bezso you should have a `/boot/efi` partition19:00
kc2bezit should be fat3219:01
diogenes_ls /sys/firmware/efi/19:02
diogenes_if you get output then uefi.19:02
wxl^^^ that19:02
wxl[ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS19:03
wxlif you want to be really fancy :)19:03
johannhpOkay, I opened the KDE manager, there are six devices. 4 are unknown, 1 is the usb and the other my HD. In the HD one there is only one partition named /dev/sda1, with type being ext419:04
wxlwhich is to say that either it's legacy/BIOS or it's not properly partitioned for EFI19:05
wxlthe tests diogenes_ and i suggested will confirm which you are actually USING19:05
johannhpls: cannot access '/sys/firmware/efi/': No such file or directory19:06
johannhpthe other one returns BIOS19:07
wxlthen you've got BIOS19:07
kc2bezSo you can right click on the partition you see and set the boot flag.19:07
johannhphow do I set it?19:08
kc2bezif you right click and select properties there should be a box that says flags19:09
kc2bezOne of them is boot. Tick it on and select ok.19:09
johannhpThank you very much19:09
johannhpI will restart my pc and see if it works19:10
kc2bezYou did apply it right?19:10
johannhpyeah, checked the box and clicked Ok19:10
kc2bezApply in the upper left under File might be necessary too.19:11
johannhpI see now19:11
johannhpHopefully it will work19:11
johann22thanks guys, worked fine now19:22
kc2bezYW, enjoy!19:22

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