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A_DI think I may have run into an amdgpu bug on 19.10 -- can anyone verify? Appears that if you run OBS with a scene and ... crap what are they called, that points to a window that doesnt exist, and then open the window, the amdgpu driver (or something else in the kernel, I'm not sure other than its in the kernel, and I recently added an AMD card to my machine) begins to nom on memory 12:34
A_Dassumption of it being in the kernel comes from a memory use rise (confirmed with GSM, htop, and free) with no corresponding rise of memory use in any userland process (again checked with GSM and htop)12:35
tjaaltontry a newer mainline kernel12:35
A_Dokay lets try v5.4.3 \o/ brb12:51
A_Dokay that appears to have worked12:59
A_Dis there a PPA I can use for the kernel versions? I followed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds to install the current version12:59
tjaaltondon't think so13:00
A_Dwelp okay13:00
A_Dguess I'm doing it by hand until my version gets a kernel update13:01
tjaaltonyou could try bisecting mainline builds to see if it got fixed between 5.4-rc1 and .313:01
tjaaltonif it was fixed in -rc1, then it's more difficult..13:02
A_Doh I'm pretty sure it did, I installed 5.4.3 because there is a commit from oct to amdgpu that specifically references memory leaks13:02
tjaaltonwhich one?13:02
A_Done sec13:02
A_Dwhether or not that actually fixes the issue I had I don't know13:03
A_DI'm not familiar enough with the guts of either the driver or the kernel to tell you13:03
A_Dbut given that it was repeatable before and is not now, I'm going with it did13:04
tjaaltonthose fixes were added in rc213:05
tjaaltonthere were several memleak fixes13:05
A_Dwere they? welp then I guess something else fixed this. and I can't read13:06
A_Dpossibly this issue is intermittent13:06
A_Dthats slightly annoying13:06
tjaaltonthat commit was added in rc313:06
tjaaltonso, test those builds13:06
tjaaltonrc1 and 213:07
A_DI can't easily get debs for that, I'm going to assume that this works, and keep an eye on updates for when I get a newer kernel from the main repos13:18
tjaaltonhow so, they're in the same place13:18
A_Dam I just blind? one mo13:19
tjaaltonhttps://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v5.4-rc2/ etc13:19
A_Doh I am blind, thanks13:19
A_DOkay appears fixed in rc113:28
A_DSo no idea13:28
A_DI'm gonna go with 5 4.3 for now, and leave it13:29
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memelang420Hi everyone, was hoping to get some guidance on how to compile the kernel. So far I've been following this guide: (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel). Compared to compiling from sources from kernel.org, compiling the from the ubuntu kernel sources seems to take for ever (<20min to 4+ hours and ongoing). From the guide on `BuildYourOwnKernel` I assume this builds the packages for 20:37
memelang420all architectures, but I'm only looking to get one for amd64.20:37
memelang420Is there a way to build just for your current system? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but would appreciate being pointed in right direction.20:37
memelang420nevermind, it was a system issue23:29

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