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lordievaderGood morning07:15
ducasseAison: to get /etc/network/interfaces working you need to install the ifupdown package, but getting networkd working would be the better option08:29
Aisonducasse, thx, I found the solution: I had to remove netplan08:47
Aisonnow systemd networkd works :D08:47
RootChaosanyone with experience on SCSI LUNs here?09:22
RoyKRootChaos: yes11:27
RoyKRootChaos: but that was some time ago ;)11:27
zetheroois there a way to execute a command at a certain time from the command line without using crontab?14:03
zetheroobasically just want to "run command X at 15:30 today"14:04
cyphermoxAison: fwiw, that's the wrong solution. you should only have to remove the files in /etc/netplan, because netplan's purpose is to render what is described there into files for systemd-networkd (and it drops them in /run/systemd/network, which is why yours would generally have lower priority)14:13
cyphermoxof course nothing wrong in itself if you really want to remove netplan from the system, but hey, then you're removing core stuff from the image, potentially getting ahead of other different problems14:14
cyphermoxzetheroo: the at command14:15
zetheroocyphermox: ok, will look it up. tks14:16
cyphermoxzetheroo: you can do fun stuff like 'at now + 5 minutes ...' or 'at 15:30', etc.14:16
Aisoncyphermox, yes, you are right of course14:33
sdezielzetheroo: I never really grok at's syntax so I quick and dirty alternative: tmux with "sleep 5h && command && exit"14:41
lordcirth__sdeziel,  echo "command" | at 5h15:03
sdeziellordcirth__: right, not exactly rocket science ;)15:08
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