AppAraat[m]corshmock: congrats! how did you make it work?18:03
AppAraat[m]hmc: Kdenlive?18:04
AppAraat[m]unrelated: How can I monitor ALSA for xruns? I found this (https://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/XRUN_Debug) but I think it's outdated since I don't have a `xrun_debug` where it should be.18:04
OvenWerksAppAraat[m]: the alsa xruns are mintored by the application using alsa.19:33
OvenWerks(or not as the application sees fit)19:34
OvenWerksxruns happen when the application doesn't deal with alsa in a timely manner19:35
AppAraat[m]ah, so the xrun monitoring of JACK was simply because JACK was being an ALSA app in that case. Interesting.19:37
AppAraat[m]thought it had to do with ALSA (sometimes?) not being able to deal with hardware in a timely manner19:38
OvenWerksalsa ends up being an API to allow alsa driven programs to access the hardware in a uniform manner.19:39
AppAraat[m]yeah in terms of (abstraction?) layers I understand it goes something like: hardware <-> ALSA <-> ALSA apps (JACK, Bitwig Studio, PulseAudio etc.)19:40
AppAraat[m]but mostly for pro audio it's something like: hardware <-> ALSA <-> JACK (ALSA app) <-> JACK apps (aka clients, like Bitwig Studio, PulseAudio, Ardour etc.)19:41
OvenWerksIt can be, but unless you really want to use external jack applications as synths or effects, most of them can tie directly to alsa and use plugins instead.19:43
OvenWerksArdour, for example, now recomends using alsa dirrect unless you wish to be able to hear desktop audio at the same time.19:43
OvenWerks(or use a jack only synth or effect)19:44
OvenWerksor tie to a sequncer19:44
AppAraat[m]heh, didn't know about Ardour recommending doing stuff on ALSA directly. Interesting. Although if "desktop audio" is an ALSA app then it can just use dmix, no?19:48
AppAraat[m]in which case it also obsoletes the need for JACK. So pretty much the "only" thing I need it for is having a soft mixer between JACK clients and JACK (for that audio interface that didn't support soft mixing lol)19:50
OvenWerksaudio interfaces don't do soft mixing for the most part, they generally have software controlled hw mixing.19:51
OvenWerksThe link from any pro-audio application to an audio device should not have a software mixer in between anyway.19:52
AppAraat[m]ah I see, and some audio interfaces can lack even that, right?19:53
AppAraat[m]oh, how so?19:53
OvenWerksMany audio interfaces just have hw controls (knobs) instead.19:53
AppAraat[m]yeah I guess mine does only have that19:54
OvenWerksFor profesional audio you want the exact audio that leaves the ADC coming into your application19:54
OvenWerksAny level compensation should be done before th adc to prevent clipping19:55
AppAraat[m]That's in case of recording? Does soft mixing / volume control do anything destructive to the digital audio? Thought that was just volume adjustment.19:56
OvenWerksyour application should take care of that and deal with any latency that step adds.19:56
OvenWerksHaving a level control on the output is less of a problem for long as you have no outboard audio equipment that feeds audio back in to your application20:00
OvenWerkssome people use external analog effects because they like the sound20:00
AppAraat[m]in case of external fx, what does it matter whether output is adjusted as long as its compensated back at the input stage?20:47
OvenWerksyou loose headroom20:47
OvenWerksloose headroom = starting with 24 bit audio and ending up with 14 bit audio (as an example)20:48
AppAraat[m]hmm I see20:49
OvenWerksBetter to use analog level changes after DAC and before ADC20:49
AppAraat[m]that would make the most sense yeah20:50

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