santa_good morning everybody10:23
santa_let's see if we can finally get fw 5.65 today10:23
IrcsomeBot1<RikMills> hopefully no more tar respins!10:26
santa_haha, yes10:27
santa_I had to do a fair number of adjustments10:27
IrcsomeBot1<RikMills> Has anyone been trying elisa 19.12 is Focal? Opinions on whether we can replace cantata with that?10:34
santa_not me10:38
santa_RikMills: test rebuild of apps http://tritemio-area51.duckdns.org/build-status/buildstatus_ubuntu-exp3/ubuntu-exp3_status_applications.html10:39
santa_we still haven't fixed lokalize10:40
RikMillssanta_: why does that fail for you but not in the archive?10:43
RikMillsIt built and made it to the release pocket I think10:44
santa_ok, I will dig into that later10:45
santa_there could be a number of things10:46
santa_the fact that it was built against test-rebuilt fw and plasma, the fact that it was built in a container or maybe there's something broken in my chroots...10:47
santa_we will see, I will focus on finishing fw 5.65 for now10:47
BluesKajHiyas all12:29
BluesKajhi santa_12:37
santa_hmm s390x builds are very slow today12:43
santa_let's hope they end that "Cleaning" https://launchpad.net/builders12:43
blazemaybe it's time to stop providing a default audio app12:44
blazeas KDE doesn't have a default one12:44
blazejust having vlc is enough12:44
santa_hmm I think it would be nice to have something12:45
santa_even if that "something" is vlc like you say XD12:45
BluesKajVLC still downconverts the new lossless audio codecs to lossy whereas smplayer plays the lossless nicely12:46
BluesKajVLC seems to have a bug or is just behind the curve in it's development12:48
IrcsomeBot1<RikMills> 5.65 is out. santa_ shout when you are happy for it to be uploaded13:03
santa_RikMills: almost built in the PPA for focal (damned s390x XD) building backports now. so we might need a few symbols updates yet13:04
santa_let's hope we can get it today, but s390x...13:05
IrcsomeBot1<RikMills> ok. would be nice today so most tests have run by Monday and don't backlog the main Ubuntu devs, but what happens happens13:06
blazethe second thought is to look at what people use the most and just give them that13:41
RikMillspeople use normal Ubuntu the most. lets just shut down kubuntu then13:54
IrcsomeBot1<Santa> (Photo, 194x251) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/crV4Y5Jg/file_20887.jpg13:57
RikMillssanta_: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nSSNCbMSSk/14:27
RikMillsforget that. sorted14:45
santa_RikMills: FTR one thing to improve for the next version (i.e 2.4 would be detecting if you don't have that key)15:49
santa_I think we would be able to do that with python3-paramiko15:49
valorieblaze[m]: imo what we provide is the *best* whether or not people already know and like it21:18
santa_RikMills: I think we should be able to upload frameworks22:24
santa_I tested the focal d-u, the status page seems decent and everything was built for focal except kitemmodels/s390x22:25
santa_because all of s390x buildds are on vacation except one22:25
RikMillsupload then?22:39
RikMillssanta_: ^22:42
RikMillsbuilding and then signing sources.....22:57
RikMillsuploading. blame me if you were not ready after all :P23:18
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> :)23:19

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