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eamonnmrShould I be able to install Steam and/or Lutrus on Lubuntu or will I need to install Gnome03:57
lubot<kc2bez> it is possible to install steam on Lubuntu. there is no need for Gnome.03:59
noalternativeI use lubuntu on an old ibm 390 w a Pentium 2 processor and 256mb of ram04:01
noalternativeI would like to install a browser called fifth which is not available in the repos.  Can I get help here or is this only for package developers?04:01
noalternativeor is it only for general questions.  If I can't get help here where may I go?04:02
guivercnoalternative, what Lubuntu.  you're taking a really old box that likely doesn't have SSE2 & other cpu functions modern browser require04:02
noalternativeIt probably doesn't have sse2, but this browser is suppose to work with that.  I have links and netsurf, but this browser appears more complete.04:03
guivercwhich Lubuntu?04:04
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guivercwhere did you get fifth from?  was it a deb? compile from source? or what?  (I've not heard of it)04:05
noalternativeI have installed all the dependencies.  There is a sourceforge, and a git repos04:05
* guiverc wonders if with 256mb of ram, you're not going to get a decent result anyway04:06
noalternativeI am currently working on a computer e with 8gb.04:06
noalternativeThis is kind of a travel computer so I don't use my main one.04:06
noalternativeThis has budgie 18.0404:07
noalternativeLubuntu works fine other than w/ firefox and chromium, or bink based browsers.04:07
guivercwhat errors do you get (please use pastebinit if multiple lines)04:08
noalternativeSo I compile the deb here and transfer it.04:09
noalternativeor a precompiled tar.gz04:09
noalternativeok, well I am having trouble starting out.  Let me post some links.  I need to pause for a moment to gather things brb.04:10
guivercare you cross-compiling/building? ; your compiling on a box that probably has features your end-box won't have.. so those features may need to be disabled  (i'm no expert in this; haven't done it on ~4+ years; it maybe not necessary but the thought comes to mind)04:11
noalternativeHere is a link to the homepage.  http://fifth-browser.sourceforge.net/index.html04:17
noalternativeI have one last dependency to install which is physfs04:19
noalternativeI can't find it anywhere using apt search04:19
noalternativeguiverc are you still there.04:19
* guiverc looking up stuff (physfs)04:20
guivercto compile you'll need -dev packages; I'm hoping that's what is required04:21
noalternativeYes, they packages are on the download page.04:21
noalternativeOk then I have to enable some icu backend. Read the download page.  I am not sure how.04:22
guivercI'm not a dev, I see it there but have no experience with that sorry04:22
noalternativewell I will continue searching but if anyone knows, I am leaving hex opens so pm me or just type my username04:23
noalternativethanks for trying guivers04:26
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willy_I cannot connect to freenode with quassel, do you have ideas why?05:06
willy_Problem solved05:09
guiverc:)  sorry I didn't see the question before now.05:09
willy_How can I get language-specific characters in Linux MInt (Live)?05:19
willy_Well, they are correctly displayed on the screen (X). But I cannot type them from the keyboard in the normal way, although I can copy & paste them.05:20
willy_Well... done!05:21
willy_It seems like Linux really came ahead in the terms of being user-friendly. At least at first glance.05:22
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Guest28735Got a problem with visudo.14:54
Guest28735%sudo   ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL14:54
Guest28735Doesn't work.14:54
Guest28735( it's not proceeded by anything )14:55
Guest28735Any tips?14:55
diogenes_Guest28735, what you trying to do?15:06
Guest28735I belive I may have fixed the strange sudo issue by allowing write and adding NOPASSWD: line to 10-installer file in /etc/sudoers.d .15:20
Guest28735If that's the case I would consider it a bug.15:20
Guest28735diogenes_: just do stuff without the need to provide the password.15:21
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Guest28735How to receive a files from android smartphone? It's already paired.21:24
guiverc2Guest28735, I don't do it often, but I've just used pcmanfm-qt to navigate to my phone (usually photo) directory & copy the files I want from my phone22:26
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