sparrThe brightness hotkeys (Fn+F11 and Fn+F12) on my Dell XPS laptop stopped working around the time I upgraded to 19.10. They don't produce any events at all that xev can see. Is there some way I might investigate why?00:34
xyz111Hello, I'd like to stop systemd-resolve from running on port 53 as I'm wanting to run a dns server on there. The problem is, if I do that, I seem to lose internet access (`curl google.com` gives me "Could not resolve host"). Is there a way for me to stop systemd-resolve while still being able to resolve host names?01:01
pragmaticenigmaxyz111: You shouldn't need to remove or disable systemd-resolved. systemd-resolved binds itself to as it will only respond to the queries of the local machine01:06
pragmaticenigmaxyz111: You would be better asking the question in #ubuntu-server ... as this channel primarily focuses on the Ubuntu Desktop installation01:07
xytdidnt know there was a ubuntu-server channel01:18
TabmowIs there a simple way to enable back/forward buttons on my mouse? Everything I've read seems very outdated...01:28
miu5Hi guys, im on ubuntu 18.04 and i have an issue with sending mail using mailutils. The issue is the body of the message comes up empty when attaching a file, but seems to be hidden in the header of the email. Basically this is my problem here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55199692/sending-e-mail-from-bash-script   So i updated mailutils to 3.8 and i am having the exact same issue!  Please can someone help?01:33
OerHeksmailutils 3.8 is not yet in our repos.01:35
miu5well mailutils 3.4 had that specific bug and apparently was fixed in 3.5 and i so i built and compiled it.01:36
miu5read the issue on that link, i manually updated to 3.801:36
miu5in 3.4 the body message did not appear in the header nor in the body of the email, but in 3.8 it only appears in the header. i dont know wtf im not seeing the body message when i use the attach option. i only see it if i dont attach anything.01:37
miu5i see this content of the body in the header like this:01:40
miu5Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-801:40
miu5Content-Disposition: attachment01:40
miu5Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit01:40
OerHeksoke, so, filing a bugreport is useless without that package in our repos .. i find no simular bugreport on launchpad.01:52
OerHeksfix to mailutils 3.5.x *01:52
OerHekseoan is on 3.7 https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=mailutils01:52
miu5i dont understand why ubuntu revisions need to be stuck on old version packages, for example: mailutils is 3.4 and theres bugs in that. why cant it be updated?01:54
OerHeks1:3.4-1, that -1 is a backported version01:55
pragmaticenigma!latest | miu5 - here's why01:56
ubottumiu5 - here's why: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.01:56
miu5well this bug was fixed in 3.5.  and in 3.8 im getting the same issue.01:57
OerHeksoke, file a bug to mailutils directly?01:58
pragmaticenigmamiu5: As OerHeks mentioned, the volunteers here rely on the documentation and the version as supplied in the package repos. It's really hard to support something there is no documentation for, as it applies to the installation in the Ubuntu system. That'd be like replacing the radio in your car and going to the car dealership where you bought the car and asking them to fix the radio because it doesn't work.01:59
pragmaticenigmamiu5: If you choose to install a newer/different version, you will have to seek out support from the source of that version you installed.02:00
OerHekselse a bugreport here will be rejected, ofcourse, and maybe your observation of a regression is the reason why ubuntu did not update to 3.8 ...02:00
OerHeksLTS would not get 3.8, just backported fixes, no features02:00
OerHekssame on debian https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=mailutils02:01
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unleadedHi there, is anyone having WiFi issues with Ubuntu 19.10? I'm having a problem where it won't automatically reconnect after suspend or soemtimes even reboot. This has been an issue in Fedora 31 also.02:39
unleadedMy WiFi card is an Intel AX200.02:40
unleadedOnce connected, the connection is solid and stable however only during resuming from suspend, the WiFi won't connect and I have to go in and manually click on the WiFi SSID in Network Settings (GNOME)02:40
dansanHello.  I have a server on trusty and I need to upgrade rsync to 3.1.2-something (and < 3.1.3).  However, this doesn't appear to be available for this version of the distro.  How do I find it and install it with any of its deps?02:58
Bashing-om!trusty | dansan03:00
ubottudansan: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 25th, 2019. Paid support (ESM) is available. See also !esm, !eol, !eolupgrade03:00
OerHekshow about upgrading to an supported ubuntu version?03:00
OerHeksyou have no latest kernel upgrades, and fixes. so i guess your machine should not be on the internet03:00
dansanah, EOLed.  For some reason I thought I saw somewhere it was scheduled for EOL in 202203:01
dansanOerHeks: aww, isn't that cute03:01
OerHeksget 18.04 and do a fresh install?03:02
dansanI wish they had built this VM with a separate device for data -- would be a lot easier on me :(03:02
dansanOerHeks: ty!03:02
OerHeksjups, a vm is easier to test out03:02
dansanWell, this is a VM on a cloud03:03
dansanIsn't everything a VM though?03:03
OerHeksa bunch of cpu, gpu, mem and the internet03:03
xyz111pragmaticenigma: ah got it, thank you - I've made my dns server bind to a specific IP address, which has fixed the problem03:06
pragmaticenigmaxyz111: awesome!03:06
dansanWow, I guess I'm not a Debian/Ubuntu guy.  I'm trying to read the control file ( http://dpaste.com/2WP11RD ) for rsync- to figure out the library deps to see if I can just hack-er-ate it or not :)\03:14
dansanDepends: ${shlibs:Depends}03:14
dansanhow do I resolve that? :)03:14
dansanWait, maybe I'm thinking of this wrong.  Is this one of those things where I can just say "Build-Depends: libpopt-dev,libacl1-dev,libattr1-dev" and it means the version of lilbopt, libacl1 and libattr1 in the distro?03:15
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truexfan81well wish me luck, i just typed "do-release-upgrade" and told it yes, so now its attempting to upgrade from 19.04 to 19.1004:05
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ZidgelHi, would it be appropriate or inappropriate to ask for help in making/installing an external program on Ubuntu? It's regarding something called protoc. I thought I installed it correctly, it will show the version when asked, but when I attempt to build something that uses it as a dependency, it shows im completely missing a directory. I installed04:56
Zidgelaccording to https://askubuntu.com/questions/1072683/how-can-i-install-protoc-on-ubuntu-16-04 (on 18.04)04:56
ZidgelI cannot paste the error message because I'm running on a VM04:56
Zidgelbut it says im missing a directory+file protobuf-c/protobuf-c.h04:57
argusbrubuntu 19.04 is good?05:01
ryuoargusbr: you would be better off with 19.10 at this point. 19.04 is discontinued soon.05:02
lotuspsychje!discuss | argusbr05:02
ubottuargusbr: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!05:02
ryuolotuspsychje: it seemed relevant to me to an extent.05:03
lotuspsychjeryuo: i didnt mean it that way mate, your suggest is also great05:03
truexfan81on 19.10 is there a command i can type to force an ssd trim?05:12
lotuspsychje!trim | truexfan8105:13
ubottutruexfan81: Many Solid State Drives support TRIM, which allows the drive to do garbage collection and improves performance. Ubuntu 14.04 activates it by default. For older versions, see http://askubuntu.com/a/19480 for information on activating it.05:13
truexfan81ah sudo fstrim / thank you lotuspsychje05:14
truexfan81strim: /: the discard operation is not supported05:15
truexfan81maybe i need to add the discard option to my fstab or something?05:15
lotuspsychjetruexfan81: ubuntu is already optimized to work with ssd's these days, what else are you trying to do exactly?05:16
truexfan81i just did a release upgrade to 19.10, so now its feeling a bit sluggish, i feel like doing a trim would fix that, i know trimming after windows 10 upgrades speeds it back up05:17
lotuspsychjetruexfan81: try to pin down the 'sluggy' issue first, seek the root cause of it before05:18
truexfan81well terminal which usually launches instantly, takes a few seconds to load, dolphin feels a bit slow05:19
truexfan81not sure what those have in common05:20
lotuspsychjetruexfan81: your system specs can handle kde? graphics card driver installed properly?05:22
truexfan81ryzen7 1700 with 16GB of ddr4 3k, and an rtx2060 with nvidia 440.31 driver installed and working05:23
parakovskyEriC^^: something constantly reset changes that xmodmap makes and I have yet to find out05:24
EriC^^parakovsky: without rebooting?05:25
parakovskyyes sir05:25
parakovskyEriC^^: apparently xmodmap is not fully supported any more, I am looking for ways that is not need to create new layout just for that like xkb solution mentioned05:26
truexfan81lotuspsychje: i suppose its possible the cpu isn't being forced into max performance mode which could slow things down as the program has to wait for it to clock back up?05:27
EriC^^parakovsky: yeah probably better05:28
lotuspsychjetruexfan81: if i was you, i would systematic try to rule out things, like compare your system with a liveusb 19.10 with your current upgraded one05:28
lotuspsychjetruexfan81: check your dmesg/journal logs too, see if you can catch anything for errors05:28
parakovskyEriC^^: sorry to hear that's not possible without huge effort of creating alternative layout, my other distros works just fine with xmodmap, it is apparently a gnome issue. maybe they can add this opiton to tweaks or something.05:29
EriC^^parakovsky: maybe xbindkeys can work instead?05:30
EriC^^i wonder if some program is just loading the default map up once it loads itself or something05:32
Shentinoso if I change the name of my root lv or my vg, how do I properly inform grub/etc about the update?  grub-update et all is failing saying that my old lv/vg doesn't exist anymore05:32
parakovskyIt's not a program it's a daemon or something am sure there is no clear pattern or I would figure it out already05:33
truexfan81i just rebooted back to the windows 10 ssd after 19.10 hard froze while i was watching a video in mpv05:33
EriC^^parakovsky: is the map somewhere in the pc as a file?05:34
parakovsky~/.Xmodmap if you mean what I understood05:35
parakovskythe command executed is xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap05:35
parakovskybut it has to be re-evaluated at random intervals due to this problem05:35
EriC^^parakovsky: i mean like where the os actually stores the map05:36
EriC^^looking at an strace of xmodmap -pke05:37
EriC^^maybe you could make that file immutable or something somehow, so script sets the new map, then nothing can change it during that boot05:37
lotuspsychjetruexfan81: journal logs05:37
truexfan81lotuspsychje: i'd be surprised if it had time to log the cause of the freeze, it was sudden, and froze so hard i had to walk around and hit the reset button on the front of the case05:41
pabedis there anyone who knows the package name included  "macof"?05:58
guivercpabed, maybe dsniff06:07
SE7EN`nmap and such06:07
pylerhow can i touch same file in multiple folders? something like touch */file.txt where * represents all subdirectories06:08
guivercpyler, `find` with an -exec paramater?06:09
pabedthere wasn't finally I installed kali repo on it06:12
joe_alfhi, is it possible to install vagrant and docker?06:28
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isomariI'm current on Eoan and I just updated my kernel using apt"sudo apt-get upgrade linux-image-generic" and now my system boots to busybox.08:24
isomariI now how to boot into my old kernel. What went wrong?08:24
lotuspsychjeisomari: uname -a ?08:26
isomariLinux server-ver0S 5.3.0-18-generic #19-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 8 20:14:06 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:26
isomarithat should have read "I now have to boot into my old kernel"08:27
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic eoan08:37
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (eoan), package size 2 kB, installed size 16 kB08:37
lotuspsychjeisomari: wich one is the kernel not booting?08:37
isomari5.3.0-18-generic. Only when I choose it from grub->advanced.08:38
lotuspsychjeisomari: you are suppose to boot the current kernel -2408:38
isomariit drops to busybox.08:39
isomariI purged 24 and reinstalled more than once and it continues to drop to busybox after each update.08:40
isomariIf I purge and boot, it boots normally into 18.08:40
lotuspsychjeisomari: you say -18 doesnt boot?08:40
isomariafter I purge 24 it boots.08:40
isomariafter updated to 24, I have to go to grub->advanced to choose 18.08:41
isomariin short, 24 does not boot if instelled.08:41
isomarimy current state is 24 is purged and I'm normally booting into 18.08:43
phanglesI am having an issue with my laptop running Ubuntu 19.10. Specifically, the screen keeps blacking our for 10 seconds intermittently. Possibly due to having a R4/5 or R7 dual graphics card. Any solution to this issue?09:41
ryuophangles: under active use?09:44
phanglesI believe so09:45
ryuophangles: dual GPUs laptops have always been a messy situation... has it worked correctly under any installation before?09:46
ryuonot counting windows09:46
phanglesIt worked previously under 17 and 18. I vaguely remember having a problem before but cannot for the life of me remember how I solved it last time.09:47
phanglesthis very problem before*09:47
ryuoit's likely some kind of regression in the software stack then.09:47
phanglesThis was a fresh install from a disc. Completely overwritten the last OS09:48
ryuogood to know, but my statement still stands. you may have to go back to an older LTS if you want to fix the issue.09:48
ryuoanother idea is to update your BIOS if there's any available.09:49
ryuoit may help fix weird issues.09:49
ryuootherwise i usually have had to downgrade until the issue was fixed.09:49
ryuoi've had no issues with an R5 IGP under bionic.09:50
phanglesYeah. I am 100% sure I managed to solve the problem last time and it involved additional drivers... I have spent a while trying to remember exactly and searching for the sources, but drawing blanks.09:51
ryuothe amd proprietary drivers are basically gone.09:51
ryuothere's a set of pro drivers but that's it these days.09:52
ryuoi think amd only supports those officially on ubuntu LTS releases.09:52
easyOnMeneed some help10:09
easyOnMeI am encountering this error in install phpmyadmin10:09
easyOnMeplease help: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/H9gMh5ZH8D/10:19
easyOnMeplease explain the error10:20
easyOnMeplease help me correct any errors I made thanks in advance10:23
Ben64probably best to install phpmyadmin from the website, one of the very rare circumstances where I would not suggest using the package manager10:23
phangleshas anyone else had trouble with a flickering (5 seconds of black screen) on this os?10:25
SwisscheeseAs a newbie, where can I find a lightweight alternative to CLI - maybe a simple GUI or minimal menu system.10:27
Ben64depends what you want to do10:28
phanglessometimes it seems like the screen is flipping itself to the left or right10:35
SwisscheeseBen64 - basic things like adding users, installing things, viewing files. I'm uncomfortable learning CLI.10:36
Ben64Swisscheese: well you have the system settings, the software center, and various other applications10:37
SwisscheeseAnything with a menu like A=Add user, L=List files, I=Install app...?10:41
th34lch3m1stHi all10:42
Ben64ha, no10:42
SwisscheeseMust exist something between CLI and full linux GUI.10:42
th34lch3m1sttouchpad stopped working on my 16.04 laptop installation, but it works fine  with a live usb 19.0410:43
th34lch3m1stI have tried: modprobe psmouse10:43
th34lch3m1stxinput enable/disable touchpad id10:44
th34lch3m1stNothing works10:44
Nozzzlehello, how can I sync calendar and contacts between two computers?10:44
th34lch3m1stNow apt tell me: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HdpdVZV5hr10:45
th34lch3m1st"the following packages has unresolved dependencies...." xserver-xorg-input-synaptics depends on .....see my paste10:47
Ben64th34lch3m1st: so install those10:53
th34lch3m1stBen64 If only I  knew the name of the package that contain them....10:56
Ben64well xserver-xorg-core is xserver-xorg-core10:57
th34lch3m1stBen64 and xorg-input-abi-2210:58
Ben64try one at a time10:58
th34lch3m1stBen64 synaptic doesn't find any xorg-inout-abi10:59
Ben64did you do xserver-xorg-core yet11:00
th34lch3m1stBen64 just a second11:00
th34lch3m1stBen64 synaptic has find: xserver-xorg-core-hwe-16.04 (installed version 2:1.19.6-1ubuntu4.1-16.04.2)11:03
th34lch3m1st*has found11:03
Ben64then you need the matching hwe synaptics11:04
th34lch3m1stBen64 searching for which pachage?11:05
Ben64search for synaptics and install the one that matches your xserver-xorg11:06
th34lch3m1stBen64 https://imgur.com/a/FmuqMII11:12
bartdenhi, is it possible to allow installation of packages via apt-get as a non root user in a home folder?11:26
oerheksthere is a discussion, that usually leads to nowhere .. https://askubuntu.com/questions/339/how-can-i-install-a-package-without-root-access11:29
oerhekspip/pip3 could install python packages as user11:30
rorybartden: there's not a simple, supported way. but depending on the package, you could get the .deb file, extract it, and copy various files?11:32
roryoh it's mentioned in that link, sorry.11:32
bartdenyeah i have looked at linux-brew, snappy … but all are limiting11:33
bartdenand i want it to be straight forward for the end user ...11:35
oerheksgood luck, if you find a solution, let us know11:38
easyOnMehello everyone12:25
easyOnMewhat does this mean: dpkg: error processing package phpmyadmin (--configure):12:25
easyOnMe subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 12712:25
easyOnMeI have been struggling about this for the past two days and I have been having sleepless nights because of this12:25
easyOnMeplease need your advice12:26
IaMnEwHeReeasyOnMe, it means an installation failed after post-install, why are you using dpkg in the first place, and not apt-* or apt?12:26
easyOnMeI did use apt install12:26
IaMnEwHeReat post-install not fater, sry12:26
easyOnMebut for some reason after this error keeps on popping up that it was because of dpkg error12:27
easyOnMeI have been installing and reinstalling and this error keeps on popping up12:27
easyOnMethis has driven me nuts for the past two to three days in a row12:27
IaMnEwHeReapt-get purge phpmyadmin to get rid of any residue and then try to make a clean install again12:27
IaMnEwHeReother than that care to share some logs?12:28
easyOnMethis is what I did too12:28
easyOnMemany times12:28
IaMnEwHeReeasyOnMe see /var/lib/dpkg/info/phpmyadmin.config: 88: /etc/dbconfig-common/phpmyadmin.conf: Include: not found12:29
IaMnEwHeRethere is an include that is not found12:29
easyOnMeIaMnEwHeRe: so shall I proceed12:29
BluesKajHiyas all12:30
marcoagpintohi blue112:30
easyOnMeI also strictly followed the advice from this website but to no avail: https://itsfoss.com/dpkg-returned-an-error-code-1/12:30
easyOnMeIaMnEwHeRe: I mean how shall I proceed12:30
BluesKajhi marcoagpinto12:30
IaMnEwHeRenot all error-codes are equal or their reasons12:31
IaMnEwHeReI might be wrong but this looks like a phpmyadmin-problem and not a repository/package-manager-problem to me12:31
IaMnEwHeReThe problem is that the config-file is not present, search for that particular file and you will find several entries, e.g. https://serverfault.com/questions/855565/installing-and-configuring-phpmyadmin-completely-through-a-shell-script12:34
IaMnEwHeRebesides my advice is to get rid of phpmyadmin it is a glaring security-concern and learning the cli will only have benefits12:34
UndefinedIsNotAFphp sux, right?12:35
UndefinedIsNotAFwhy PHP still exists?12:35
UndefinedIsNotAFNode.js FTW!12:36
IaMnEwHeReyeah right stop flamming,t here is no useless programming-language otherwise it would not be used12:37
UndefinedIsNotAFpeople still uses Cobol, and its a known Crap12:37
IaMnEwHeRereasons might not be obvious but they are there, and my concern is not with phpmyadmin being php, but rather having a webinterface to your DB without sufficiant protection12:37
UndefinedIsNotAFthat is not an argument ia12:37
th34lch3m1stle dipendenze non risolte è un errore fasullo, manca tutto lo stack xserver "non hwe", è ovvio che xserver-xorg-xinput-synaptic non le risolve....12:37
UndefinedIsNotAFIaMnEwHeRe: people listen Dustep, and this is crap too... you see my point?12:38
IaMnEwHeReyeah I do you are a troll :D12:38
UndefinedIsNotAFIaMnEwHeRe: im not :)12:38
UndefinedIsNotAFIaMnEwHeRe: I'll be a troll if i sayed that Fedora > Ubuntu, which is obviously false12:39
UndefinedIsNotAFdid i sayed that? no. So im not a troll :)12:39
IaMnEwHeReth34lch3m1st, not everyone speaks italian, could you rephrase it in english?12:41
th34lch3m1stIaMnEwHeRe I'm in both ubuntu channel, I just typed in the wrong one....and yes, you can use gtranslator too, like I do12:43
th34lch3m1stbecause, you know, Italian is the mother of your telegraph language, no offence12:43
IaMnEwHeRewell I cannot be bothered to translate from a language that is not supported in the channel I am in12:43
IaMnEwHeReand english is not my first language either, it has to do with etiquette and good manners12:44
th34lch3m1stso don't bother12:44
th34lch3m1stlet it be12:44
IaMnEwHeRewell, to put it nicely, you asking for help even in english I will ignore yo12:44
th34lch3m1stlike it is12:44
IaMnEwHeRejust because of the nice person you are mate12:45
th34lch3m1stI repeat, I have both channel open, I just typed in the wrong one12:45
th34lch3m1stwhy bother translate in english if the message was for the italian one?12:46
IaMnEwHeRethat is not my point, my point I also mistype, my point is goood manners and not arrogantly requiring/requesting people to translate this stuff, and then posing like you are the hottest person in town12:46
IaMnEwHeRebecause you suggested it12:46
IaMnEwHeReif you would have just said sry I mistyped, no problem12:46
th34lch3m1stman, I think you need to lay more12:47
th34lch3m1stno offence12:47
IaMnEwHeRenope, I am just fed up with people who think the world owns themm gratitude12:47
IaMnEwHeRebecause I cannot better describe how a post like this from you "IaMnEwHeRe I'm in both ubuntu channel, I just typed in the wrong one....and yes, you can use gtranslator too, like I do .... " comes about12:48
th34lch3m1stthen you will end up like Don Chisciotte12:48
IaMnEwHeRedunno who that is don't care12:48
th34lch3m1stfighting the windmill12:48
IaMnEwHeReNo I just watch the others burn, like I did with FB and the lot, and now they are all screaming and our data and I am just kicking back and laughing my ass off12:49
bindisounds like you two should fight in private instead of filling the channel with offtopic stuff12:49
th34lch3m1stI'm not on FB12:49
th34lch3m1stneither twitter12:49
th34lch3m1stno instagram12:49
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:49
th34lch3m1stbindi you are right12:50
th34lch3m1stbut there's always someone that want put the dots on everything12:52
th34lch3m1strelax people, relax12:54
th34lch3m1stthat said, have a nice day you all12:57
IaMnEwHeReIsn't there a way to ban people from ice?12:59
IaMnEwHeReirc sry, people become a nuisance lately, either they are trolls or because they have an ego to big for themselfs, or like me take offense to that.13:00
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FurretUberHi, is there a way to make snaps work on 5.5 kernel? Currently, it just says "cannot self-bind mount /run/snapd/ns: Cannot allocate memory"13:08
oerheksFurretUber, no.13:13
oerhekswait for the offical release?13:13
oerheks.. and really, RC1 .. ?   https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/13:13
FurretUberOK... :/ I'm using drm-tip due to some upstream bug reports and snapd stopping working was unexpected13:14
easyOnMe /join #phpmyadmin13:15
qwebirc95665Hello, i have 2 disks in my laptop a windows one and a ubuntu one (DUALBOOT) i wiped the windows one and now i cant boot in to ubuntu. i tried supergrub and was able to unlock the luke encryption and i am now in an emergency mode13:45
qwebirc95665what do i have to do to boot in my ubuntu and why does that no longer work after i formated the windows disk?13:46
EriC^^qwebirc95665: do you hav a live usb/environment13:53
qwebirc95665yes, it has currently supergrub on it13:53
qwebirc95665or supergrub 213:53
IaMnEwHeReqwerbirc95665 what has happened is that you proably wiped the disk with the bootloader/uefi-partition totally clean13:54
EriC^^ok boo tit and type "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999" in the live usb13:54
qwebirc95665nc getaddrinfos for host termbin.com port 9999 name or service not known. Warning not all space available to /dev/sdb appears to be ised, you can fix the GPT to use all space13:57
qwebirc95665and now it tried to boot into ubuntu13:58
qwebirc95665now i am back in emerency mode13:59
EriC^^qwebirc95665: get internet connection on th elive usb14:00
qwebirc95665does emergency mode support wifi?14:01
paolo-prhello. Sorry for the off-topic.  How do you call, in English,  something that tunes shapes?   "shapes tuner"   or "shape tuner" ?14:04
rorypaolo-pr: not appropriate here. try #ubuntu-offtopic. It's "shape tuner" though.14:53
Guest28735Got a problem on 19.10 with visudo. %sudo   ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL doesn't work.14:55
Guest28735Any tips?14:55
Guest28735( It's not proceeded by anything )14:56
coz_Guest28735, somone here does I am sure, I cant help with that issue, sorry. Just stk around ")ic14:57
roryGuest28735: I think you have to log out and in for it to work14:57
Guest28735coz_: will do. thx.14:57
coz_no problem14:57
Guest28735rory: I've rebooted.14:57
roryGuest28735: sudo usermod -a -G sudo $USER14:58
Guest28735rory: uid=1000(me) gid=1001(me) groups=1001(me),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),117(lpadmin),127(docker),1000(sambashare)14:58
Guest28735rory: I am in the sudo group from the begining.14:59
qwebirc95665i just wrote an iso image on a usb stick, now it is read only, how can i change that?  i tried remounting but:15:16
qwebirc95665root@root:~# mount --options=remount,rw /media/myros/Qubes-R4.0.1-x86_64/15:16
qwebirc95665mount: /media/root/Isoimage: cannot remount /dev/sdb1 read-write, is write-protected.15:16
Guest28735I belive I may have fixed the strange sudo issue by allowing write and adding NOPASSWD: line to 10-installer file in /etc/sudoers.d .15:20
Guest28735Xorg is eating 99 cpu %. What's wrong?16:08
Guest28735I am using 19.10. On the same version on Kubuntu this wasn't an issue so I guess it's something gnome related.16:08
Guest28735Strange thing: it drops when I stop playing youtube video.16:09
Guest28735One I play it again I am getting ~ 40% instantly on windowed and 99% on fullscreen.16:10
Guest28735+the Web Content ( thx firefox ) around 40% so the cpu is sweating like a pig in souna. Not cool.16:11
ioriaGuest28735, what's your cpu ?16:19
elias_aWhere do pigs go to sauna (not souna) asks a Finn... :)16:32
elias_aGuest28735: All cores or just one?16:32
Guest28735elias_a: ah, been in Helsinki once and one can't stand more the 1 minute after the locals get into the souna and start to cranck the heat. If it's consuming 99% I would say it sits on a single core thou not sure. Any way to check in real time ( some top-kung-fu ) ?16:53
elias_aGuest28735: Press key 1 while running top.16:56
Guest28735elias_a: I know that. It shows per cpu load but I don't think it displays if a process is ustilizing one or more core if it's > 100% . Is it even possible ( or probable ) to use > 100% on a desktop and utilize two cores simultaneously?16:58
Guest28735elias_a: ( got only 2 cores by the way )16:58
elias_aGuest28735: This might be of help: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/146085/top-command-on-multi-core-processor17:02
elias_aGuest28735: What processor is that? And are you using standard Ubuntu?17:03
Guest28735elias_a: ah, tried the "irix" mode and got only one core so I guess it doesn't use more. I am using standard 19.10 desktop and the process is Xorg ( root is owner ).17:04
elias_aGuest28735: If it is an old processor that might be the load you get using present desktop.17:16
Guest28735elias_a: it's not cutting edge - i5-2520M ( x220 connected to egpu & external display ). But I do think thats cpu usage - I can see temp spikes along the Xorg process usage peaks.17:19
torontoyeson ubuntu bionic beaver.. do I need to use snapd to instal "jq and aws-cli"17:20
ncuxoHello everybody17:27
=== Guest80028 is now known as __raven__
ncuxoDo I need something special except wine to run 3ds max and autocad17:27
elias_aGuest28735: I cannot think of any reason for that behaviour.17:28
Guest28735elias_a: k, thanks for the input nontheless.17:34
markwestonHello. On Ubuntu 18.04.3 (LTS release, fresh install), the netbeans package is completely and utterly broken. Steps to reproduce: 1. Instll netbeans. 2. Create new default package. 3. See error: "unable to locate java.lang".17:36
rfmtorontoyes, awscli is in bionic/universe as a deb.  I don't know what "jq" is, can't help there.17:37
dngray[m]is there a way to have a dark shell but also HighContrast on ie: ie https://i.imgur.com/fYSylAk.jpg high contrast is disabled HighContrastInverse set and https://i.imgur.com/L7hsyAr.png high contrast is enabled, HighContrast is set. I want the HighContrastInverted theme, but i want the Dark shell17:51
dngray[m]if i turn high contrast on, everything goes black on white, if I disable it everything goes black on white17:51
lotuspsychje!themes | dngray[m]17:52
ubottudngray[m]: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy17:52
dngray[m]if I change Applications in Gnome tweak tool to be HighContrastInverse I lose the dark theme on the shell17:52
lotuspsychjedngray[m]: im using yaru-dark17:52
lotuspsychjedngray[m]: you could try to check in dconf-editor17:54
dngray[m]yeah i think i might have to do that17:54
dngray[m]seems that inverse skin is somehow tied to the HIgh Contrast toggle17:54
dngray[m]the person I am setting this up for requires black background, or dark as possible theme17:55
dngray[m]tbh i think it would be better to have a HighContrastInverse scheme for the shell too17:55
torontoyesjq is used to parse json files17:55
dngray[m]lotuspsychje: maybe the solution would be for me to make a shell theme17:56
dngray[m]yeah for some reason i can't use Yaru-dark shell with HighContrastInverse18:06
markwestonso yeah netbeans does not work on ubuntu18:09
AngelKdemarkweston,  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1032030/netbeans-does-not-start-on-fresh-ubuntu-18-04-installation/103209618:12
dngray[m]ah seems what i want is this https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/10/how-to-get-dark-gnome-shell-menus-and.html18:19
lotuspsychjeah, the extensions, good to know18:21
truexfan81i've got a problem but i'm not sure this is the right place to ask for help with it, because it could also be a #mpv or #pulseaudio problem, so i'm not really sure where to ask for help18:21
truexfan81i'm on ubuntu 19.10, trying to get mpv to bitstream audio over hdmi to my av receiver, result is no audio and a few errors in the terminal output, which is why i say it could be mpv or pulseaudio18:23
UndefinedIsNotAFWhat is better plasma or gnome? thanks19:07
compdocgnome, but i use mate19:10
laerlingSAPGood morning. Why does 'apt-cache rdepends x' list not only packages that depend on x, but also packages that break x and so on? That doesn't make any sense.19:17
laerlingSAPE. g.: procps breaks open-vm-tools (<= (...)), but apt-cache rdepends open-vm-tools lists procps among others.19:17
alexteehi, do ubuntu xx.04 packages generally work in xx.10, or do you need to make separate packages?19:37
mahdi_jahi all19:41
mahdi_jai use ubuntu 18.04 lts19:41
mahdi_jaand i can not find nautilus preferences menu.is this option deleted form ubuntu gnome19:41
BigBrothyrhow do I undo un/decorate? is there a key combination?19:59
BigBrothyrfound it. alt-space brings up the window options menu to undo it.20:03
solsTiCehi. so Ihave my windows vbox VM that is hammering my hdd (2nd drive). and chromium is unresponsive. wtf ! I always hated snap but thit is one more reason to hate it. I naver had problem with the old way using package. why is that f*** snap is unresponsive under heavy I/O ? and my /home is a bcache ...20:47
solsTiCeis there any PPA with package for chromium ?20:48
solsTiCeI am heading to building my own chromium package. f***20:48
solsTiCeoh wait. I have a better idea. I will ditch ubuntu and get back to archlinux. bye bye ubuntu21:05
fbrierI tried adding twa to the loader.conf, but it did not work. Do I need to install the twa driver? Where would I get it? Thank you.23:48
fbrierThe boot process shows the 3Ware BIOS executing, and lspci shows the 3Ware card, but kvpm doesn't show the drives,23:50

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