ArttoDear contributors! I went to Ubuntu Studio homepage to propose an idea to implement into Ubuntu Studio. May I write it here or do I need to send it via another channel/way?12:39
ArttoHello? :)14:04
ArttoOK, if someone can answer, please send the answer to v6itja@protonmail.com - I am closing this window now :)  Thanks!14:53
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Playing around with the latest autobuild of -controls: CPU governor setting still not being remembered (was fine with repo version, not autobuild version), a2jmidid is not starting, pulse bridges don't start, USB bridges are not starting. Only Jack itself starts. I suspect a change to how it handles zita?19:05
OvenWerksEickmeyer: which OS (version)19:05
OvenWerkswhich python version?19:06
EickmeyerWhatever is in 19.10, so guessing 3.19:06
EickmeyerAre you developing this in/for 18.04 or 19.10?19:07
OvenWerksit sh9ould work either way.... it does here. I have not changed the way the governor is set19:08
EickmeyerPython in 19.10 is 3.7.519:08
EickmeyerWhere is the config saved again?19:08
OvenWerkscontrols config is now ~/.config/autojack/autojackrc19:09
OvenWerksbut it should read the old one ~/.config/autojackrc as well19:09
EickmeyerI deleted the entire ~/.config/autojack directory, no changes.19:10
OvenWerksgovernor setting is kept in /etc/default/ubuntustudio19:11
EickmeyerI'm rebooting.19:13
OvenWerksThere should be no difference in the cpu governor chain of operation since last release.19:16
EickmeyerThen -controls isn't properly parsing /etc/defaut/ubuntustudio or the governor.19:16
OvenWerksdoes here19:17
EickmeyerInteresting. Might be my AMD processor.19:17
EickmeyerDo you remember how to read the CPU governor?19:18
OvenWerksare you using 19.10 or 20.04 alpha?19:18
EickmeyerThat doesn't exist past cpu* on my system.19:19
EickmeyerAha! Something changed between kernels: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/CPU_frequency_scaling19:22
EickmeyerOvenWerks: ^19:22
EickmeyerLooks like we might need to requrie something and add linux-tools-common as a dependency.19:25
OvenWerkswhich kernel I don't see anything beyond 3.419:25
OvenWerksand we are even 18.04 at 4.1519:25
EickmeyerHmmm... something changed then. Setting the CPU governor used to be possible in controls, but isn't any longer. I don't know what changed. I guess I'll have to review the commits.19:28
OvenWerkstry /usr/bin/pkexec /usr/sbin/ubuntustudio-system performance19:29
OvenWerksand the same with ondemand19:29
EickmeyerNo response from either.19:31
OvenWerksSo no errors then19:31
OvenWerksdo you have a cpu speed monitor?19:31
EickmeyerI don't have one open, but I could...19:31
OvenWerksCause if that doesn't work, the gui can't help as it just calls that.19:32
OvenWerksthere are two files that set cpu speed, /usr/sbin/ubuntustudio-system and /lib/systemd/ubuntustudio19:33
EickmeyerI'm looking at it.19:34
OvenWerksThe systemd one is for boot and the other is on the fly changes19:34
OvenWerksthey both seem to change frequency the same way.19:35
EickmeyerGot this when removing a pulse input bridge: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WfFWVbxVYc/19:35
EickmeyerIf removing the only input bridge, it will not add it back.19:35
EickmeyerIn fact, the entre interface has no response at that point.19:36
OvenWerkswhich is sort of reasonable19:36
EickmeyerActually, it adds it, but apparently the entire interface just fails to respond at that error.19:37
EickmeyerThe "Auto Connect Port" needs to be more intuitive. Manually typing-in a port doesn't work since most people won't know what to type there.19:38
Eickmeyerwonko: You around?19:39
OvenWerksEickmeyer: I have thought a lot about that... I had thought to have a drop down with possible ports.19:39
OvenWerkshowever, if something like Ardour is running with any sized session the list is very long19:40
OvenWerksI will fix the index problem though19:40
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Pulse should only be set to automatically connect to hardware, never software unless the user manually goes into a patchbay to do that themselves.19:41
EickmeyerSo, let's leave software ports out of it and only keep hardware ports.19:41
Eickmeyerwonko: Just wanted you involved in this conversation since you've been helping with -controls a lot.19:42
wonkoOk, let me see if I can find the time to read scrollback19:42
Eickmeyerwonko: No worries.19:43
EickmeyerI'm just seeing a lot of bugs that, unless we squash them, I'm not comfortable with releasing into an LTS.19:43
EickmeyerI'll help with the AMD governor issues as much as I can.19:44
OvenWerksEickmeyer:  no worries it is not ready... but the cpu part does worry me.19:44
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Agreed.19:44
OvenWerksEickmeyer:  I would take a look at /lib/systemd/set-cpufreq19:45
OvenWerks on your system and see if it loooks in more than one place19:45
EickmeyerOvenWerks: It doesn't exist.19:46
OvenWerksoh my19:46
EickmeyerOops.. typo. Hold on...19:47
EickmeyerOvenWerks: It's there, I just typo'd and it gave me a "not found" error.19:48
OvenWerksThat looks identical to mine19:48
OvenWerksI am going to reboot19:50
OvenWerksinstalling 19.1019:56
OvenWerksSo far cpu governor works... but I have not installed latest controls yet... Install not finished20:01
OvenWerksAfter installing I will have to update so this may take a while20:01
EickmeyerOk. No worries.20:01
OvenWerksin the new year there will be an AMD system in the house which I will be able to play with during school hours...20:05
EickmeyerHahahaha! Sounds like a plan. :D20:06
OvenWerksI have so far had no success whatsoever with firewire stuff20:07
OvenWerksI even tried studio 14.0420:08
OvenWerks(I think thats the oldest I have)20:08
EickmeyerMaybe, for the sake of LTS, we might have to depricate firewire. Most of those devices are 10+ years old. While I understand the high monetary investment, but we can't keep supporting ancient hardware.20:08
OvenWerksSome people have had it run.20:09
EickmeyerYeah, but it's hit/miss. We can't guarantee it.20:09
EickmeyerAnd, likely, for those that can't get their firewire to run, it's a kernel issue.20:10
OvenWerksI will continue to work on it (later) but ya, we should probably take it out of controls for now20:10
EickmeyerFeature Freeze is February 27th, FYI.20:11
OvenWerksmake a mention that if the FW alsa drivers work it should just show up otherwise it will take more work on the user's part20:11
EickmeyerYep. I'll stick that on my list.20:12
OvenWerksI have tried three fw cards so far. And they show up but do not show that anything is connected to them20:13
EickmeyerEven after reboot?20:13
OvenWerks I will order another cable just in case... 20:13
EickmeyerYeah, best to rule-out hardware issues.20:13
OvenWerksI have booted with it pluged and powered, with out20:13
OvenWerksevery combo I could think of. I should try the generic kernel too (I have tried both lolat and liquorix20:14
EickmeyerThat says a lot.20:15
OvenWerksWell this unit would personally double my inputs and leave no longer dependent on having PCI slots20:16
EickmeyerOk, gotta go.20:21
OvenWerksI will leave various grunts as I go...20:21
OvenWerksGa!, thunar no longer has a delete option... we are stuck with the trashcan :P20:43
OvenWerkssafer but anoying20:57
OvenWerksEickmeyer: installed "new controls" on 19.10. cpo governor works.21:27
OvenWerksincluding reboot21:29
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Wonderful. Perhaps it's time for me to wipe my install.22:42
OvenWerksEickmeyer: The only thing I can't tell is if AMD has those values somewhere else22:45
OvenWerksbut that web page you gave doesn't say anything about AMD being different22:46
EickmeyerMight be my install then.22:48
OvenWerks(and arch is normally pretty good)22:48
OvenWerksI would almost say that with ondemand, performance is better (is on intel for sure)22:53
OvenWerksThere were some tests done where it was found that performance used less power/battery than ondemand whenthings are almost idle22:53
EickmeyerMakes sense, even though weird.22:54
OvenWerksperomance can put the cpu in idle with no monitoring of cpu use but ondemand has to wake the processor up frequently to see if it needs to speed up for more load22:55
OvenWerksThe extra wake ups use more power22:55
OvenWerksThen when the cpu is being used, ondemand increases cpu speed anyway22:56
EickmeyerI mean, it makes sense, but just seems as though ondemand is counterproductive for whatever is being accomplished.22:56
OvenWerksThats why intel doesn't use it anymore :)22:57
EickmeyerAnd it22:57
Eickmeyer's possible that AMD doesn't anymore, which would make sense why I'm having difficulty.22:57
EickmeyerTo be honest, I haven't even tested to see what the governor is set-at when I make the change.22:57
OvenWerkscpu speed monitors do that pretty good. I use the xfce panel plugin: cpufreq22:59
EickmeyerAha. Figured it out. AMD doesn't even have a CPU governor anymore. I speculate that the reason is exactly what we discussed.23:00
OvenWerksso it always shows performance or ondemand?23:00
OvenWerksOr does it allow setting highest lowest speed?23:01
OvenWerkswe need to test for that then and disable the dropdown.23:01
EickmeyerIt always shows ondemand in -controls, but there is now governor showing in any utility I've tried, meaning the governor may not exist, which means -controls just can't parse it and defaults.23:02
Eickmeyer*no governor23:02
Eickmeyercpufreq-info -g gives no response.23:05
OvenWerkslots to read23:06
OvenWerksAMD does have boost: Turbo-Core23:06
EickmeyerThat depends on the processor. Mine does not.23:07
OvenWerksgotta run23:08
EickmeyerK, see ya.23:08
EickmeyerOvenWerks: When you get back, the mystery deepens: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/S7XMR4Zcck/23:55

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