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xubuntu15whi people !11:09
xubuntu15wjust repaired my xubuntu install, via the grub menu...11:10
xubuntu15wi'm getting this menu because of an old HDD with an install and now a new one on SSD11:10
xubuntu15wso i managed to repair stuff, but is there a key shortcut for accessing the "repair "?11:11
xubuntu15wooops accessing Grub and choose repair11:11
xubuntu70wI bought an universal laptop battery charger for my girlfriend's laptop, more specifically a Hama 90W 15 / 19 V. I've checked the voltage on her currently battery in the terminal and it displays 12.1V and the battery is showing as charging but always stays at 0%. Is the voltage of the charger too high?15:36
Noboru55diogenes_ hey, only came to say the seahorse worked and that configuration for new box..window... that stuff works very well too18:47
Noboru55diogenes_ thank you....18:47
Noboru55seahorse has a nice name too, someday u tell me to install something like alienspacemanager lol18:48
diogenes_Noboru55, you're welcome.18:48
Noboru55coffee time now18:48
Noboru55diogenes_ i dont like icons on desktop but i will do a donation.. i think its the correct word .. i will give this xubuntu to a children18:49
Noboru55so i am setting cartoons desktop wallpaper.. the icons get a little hard to see18:50
Noboru55maybe because the colours of wallpaper i guess18:50
Noboru55diogenes_ do you think can i configure it or.. better other wallpapers ?18:50
diogenes_you can get whatever themes and icons you like.18:51
Noboru55yes,, but to read the icons name.. its a little18:51
Noboru55where can i upload18:51
diogenes_use xfce4-screenshooter18:51
diogenes_it has imgur builtin.18:52
Noboru55i need a user for zimage18:53
diogenes_use imgur18:53
Noboru55ah ok18:53
Noboru55always i choose the wrong way18:53
Noboru55liked it18:54
Noboru55diogenes_ http://i.imgur.com/HqRcjVs.png18:54
Noboru55that last icons18:54
Noboru55the trash..18:55
diogenes_ok wait i will look for an appropriate theme.18:55
Noboru55thank you18:55
diogenes_Noboru55, so would you prefer something like this: https://i.imgur.com/86fSL0h.png19:11
diogenes_or like this: https://i.imgur.com/TK35Flj.png19:11
Noboru55diogenes_ the first one, because i will give it to a children19:12
Noboru55so.. dark is ... i preffer dark.. but its not to me19:12
diogenes_Noboru55, here is the third version: https://i.imgur.com/pLzQm5g.png19:12
diogenes_so which one?19:13
diogenes_it's not only about icon set, it's about theme too.19:13
diogenes_the first uses adwaita+flatery19:14
diogenes_second adwaita-dark + flatery19:14
diogenes_third uses windows server + flatery19:14
Noboru55the first..19:14
diogenes_ok then here is where you find all flatery versions: https://www.xfce-look.org/s/XFCE/p/133240419:15
Noboru55going to download...19:15
diogenes_click on FIles(8) tab19:15
diogenes_download all of them then open the Appearence dialog in xfce settings, go to Icons tab, drag and drop all the archives into the icons window and wait a few seconds, they will install  automatically.19:16
Noboru55diogenes_ the background is out of the letters19:16
Noboru55do i need to restart the x?19:17
diogenes_wwhat do you mean out of letters?19:17
Noboru55diogenes_ http://i.imgur.com/gpgS8Ff.png19:17
Noboru55the background will change after 10 minutes, that is the reason you see other now19:18
diogenes_hmm that's weird, first do this: ls $HOME/.themes | nc termbin.com 999919:19
diogenes_share the link you gonna get interminal19:19
Noboru55ls $HOME/.themes | nc termbin.com 9999https://termbin.com/0jaja19:19
Noboru55ls $HOME/.themes | nc termbin.com 9999https://termbin.com/0jaja19:19
diogenes_now run: ls $HOME/.icons | nc termbin.com 999919:20
diogenes_ok now run: gtk-update-icon-cache $HOME/.icons/Flatery19:21
diogenes_and see if it creates the cahe successfully19:22
Noboru55gtk-update-icon-cache: Cache file created successfully.19:22
diogenes_ok now try to switch to another icon set and then back to flattery, if doesn't fix then re-log.19:23
Noboru55 ok19:23
Noboru55diogenes_ http://i.imgur.com/qqOaN5K.png19:25
diogenes_so i guess all is well?19:26
Noboru55worked.. because of you we will do a girl happy19:26
Noboru55^^ thank you very much19:26
Noboru55and i will miss my xubuntu19:26
diogenes_you're welcome.19:26
Noboru55maybe going to get a mac.. not sure19:26
Noboru55i really like this flatery.. beautiful19:27
diogenes_indeed it's nice.19:27
Noboru55diogenes_ i am late for coffe.. my wife is waiting.. thanks again!19:27
diogenes_no problem.19:28
Noboru55anyway i will use this xubuntu till 7 january when i will give the laptop, maybe i back19:28
Noboru55see u19:28
diogenes_you talk like if it's the last laptop on earth :)19:28
azHi, I still get the message of a problem that I've report a startup, then it just goes when I press report, no detail whatsoever. it's just like it was not enough that I had a problem already :|19:46
azI remember searching about that without satisfying results19:47
diogenes_az, i'd start the troubleshooting process by creating a new test user and loging in az that new user.19:50
azdiogenes_, yeah, the new user doesn't have the issue20:13
azwhat next?20:13
diogenes_az, if the new user is ok, then the isuue lies in .cache and .config20:17
azany hope to get which was the cause of the error?20:42
diogenes_az, ls $HOME/.cache/session and ls $HOME/.config/autostart20:45
diogenes_of the affected user of course.20:45
azok, I've many files named  xfwm4-2ca803213-490f-4b90-97ee-adfed5c49715.state in session and two files in autostart20:47
diogenes_rm $HOME/.cache/session/*20:48
diogenes_see if that fixes.20:48
azthanks, I'll try that20:51

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