RAOFHm. 1255MB RSS seems a little excessive for the gnome-shell process.05:45
dufluRAOF: Yeah. ubuntu-bug gnome-shell05:48
RAOFduflu: Enjoy https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/185651605:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1856516 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Excessive memory usage in Wayland session" [Undecided,New]05:56
dufluI will do so after lunch, thanks05:58
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers, happy Monday!06:41
jibelSalut oSoMoN and everyone06:52
jibellast week before holidays \o/06:52
oSoMoNsalut jibel06:58
oSoMoNyay, looking forward to some rest06:59
dufluMorning oSoMoN and jibel07:21
oSoMoNhey duflu07:28
dufluRAOF: You just reminded me how long it's been since I memory-profiled07:42
dufluSorry I have no advice right now07:42
RAOFFair enough!07:46
seb128goood morning desktopers08:30
dufluMorning seb12808:32
seb128hey duflu, how are you? had a good w.e?08:33
dufluseb128, crazy with Christmas and birthday prep. You?08:33
dufluI spent so long testing flicker-free boot last cycle that I didn't notice the plymouth theme had changed to match the noise of the gnome-shell theme. It's nice08:36
seb128I'm doing good, pre-holidays weeks are buuussssyyy here as well though!08:36
dufluJust not the grub theme yet08:36
dufluAnnoyingly in many/most cases Plymouth hardly shows. It's the grub theme (kernel booting) that uses the most time08:37
marcustomlinsonmorning duflu oSoMoN jibel RAOF and seb12808:55
dufluHi marcustomlinson08:55
seb128hey marcustomlinson, how are you? had a good w.e?08:57
Laneyhello there09:02
WimpressMorning o/09:04
marcustomlinsonhey Laney09:04
marcustomlinsonand Wimpress09:04
marcustomlinsonseb128: doing good thanks :)09:04
WimpressEveryone well?09:04
seb128hey Laney, Wimpress, how is the u.k today?09:05
WimpressGrey. Very grey today.09:05
oSoMoNgood morning seb128, marcustomlinson, Laney, Wimpress09:06
seb128lut oSoMoN, comment va ? t'as passé un bon w.e?09:06
oSoMoNtrès bien, mais on ne s’est pas posés une seule seconde, et encore plein de trucs à préparer avant les vacances09:07
Laneyhi marcustomlinson seb128 oSoMoN Wimpress09:08
dufluMorning Laney and Wimpress09:08
Laneyyo duflu09:09
seb128oSoMoN, c'est un peu pareil ici  :-)09:09
Laneyseb128: it looks ok from here just about09:09
Laneyyou well?09:09
seb128I'm good! had a nice w.e, we had dinner with friends on saturday and I played some tennis yesterday09:10
seb128and I managed to squeeze some presents shopping in between things!09:10
* seb128 is late on that09:10
LaneyI have a few of those now too09:11
Laneynot enough though, going to be next weekend /o\09:11
ricotzgood morning desktopers!09:17
oSoMoNgood morning ricotz09:18
seb128hey ricotz, how are you?09:20
ricotzoSoMoN, seb128, hey09:26
marcustomlinsonhey ricotz09:31
ricotzmarcustomlinson, hi10:51
ricotzoSoMoN, mozilla requiring -std=gnu++17 is bad news for xenial12:10
ricotzhmm, shipping a copy of a sufficient libstdc++6 in /usr/lib/firefox ?12:12
ricotzwelcome to windows' dll-hell12:12
ricotzaka having gcc-mozilla 8.3.0 and borrow it from there12:13
jameshif only we had a system to let an app to run against a different set of shared libraries to those on the host system12:15
seb128ricotz, you might want to verify the vala/19.10 SRU so it goes to updates?12:26
ricotzseb128, aah, right12:48
ricotzmdeslaur, hi, looks like your mysql-5.7 upload in bionic has a regression and libmysqlclient-dev requires a dep on libssl-dev too12:55
ricotzthis likely affects all security upload of mysql-5.7 5.7.2812:59
mdeslaurricotz: I'm aware of the missing dep, I'll add it in the next update...what's the regression?13:22
ricotzmdeslaur, libreoffice doesn't build due to underlinking without an explicit dep on libssl-dev13:23
mdeslaurricotz: oh, ok, yeah, I'm aware of that on13:24
ricotzmeaning the required libraries are missing to properly link13:24
ricotzmdeslaur, ok13:24
mdeslaurricotz: I plan on fixing that with the next mysql update13:25
ricotzmdeslaur, ack13:25
mdeslaurnext oracle security alert is in january13:27
=== cpaelzer__ is now known as cpaelzer
seb128Laney, unsure if that's on your list but the glib SRUs (bionic & eoan) seem blocked on autopkgtests problems, I retried some that looked flacky and worked but eoan/i386 is failing which looks like might be a real problem/worth investigating15:15
seb128Laney, should I create a trello card for that maybe?15:16
seb128marcustomlinson, since I saw you ping about your libreoffice SRU, is it likely to be impacted by ^ ?15:17
seb128(if so maybe add a build-depends on libssl-dev temporary as workaround)15:18
marcustomlinsonseb128: autopkgtests all passed against my ppa15:20
marcustomlinsonfor all arches15:20
seb128marcustomlinson, k, as I said I was just mentioning it in case15:21
marcustomlinsonseb128: sure thanks for the headsup :)15:21
seb128marcustomlinson, np!15:21
ricotzdisco and later should not be affected15:22
ricotzmysql-8.0 is packaged correctly15:23
Laneyseb128: I should look at eoan, the rest are for Gunnar15:25
seb128Laney, ack, thx15:25
hellsworthgood morning everyone!15:36
hellsworthhope yall had a good weekend :)15:37
marcustomlinsonhey hellsworth15:44
oSoMoNhey hellsworth15:46
seb128hey hellsworth, did you have a good w.e?15:59
hellsworthyep! it was a lot of fun! the birthday party was perfect :)15:59
seb128excellent :-)16:00
seb128Wimpress, jibel, Laney, do you know if we have any infra/tests still relying on autopilot-gtk/legacy? in context of bug #185657416:30
ubot5bug 1856574 in python-testtools (Ubuntu) "removal of various autopilot packages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185657416:30
Laneyno sorry, I don't now :(16:33
jibelseb128, ubiquity tests use python3-autopilot which requires libautopilot-gtk17:28
jibelseb128, I'm looking how to drop python2 deps from libautopilot-gtk17:28
jibelseb128, but package tests are failing ATM17:28
jibelseb128, once this is fixed I think we can completely drop the python2 version of autopilot from the archive17:29
seb128jibel, k, good to know, I've added a trello card so we don't forget about it, might be worth adding a comment on the bug as well with some details19:33

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