dokocoreycb: yes, but the MIRs for the other two packages are missing08:41
dokoLaney, seb128: update-notifier now depends on sugar, pulling in Python2 to main again08:48
dokoI didn't track what changed08:48
seb128doko, is that because notification-daemon got deleted on i386 and it's finding it as an alternative stll existing?08:56
seb128doko, can we remove update-notifier/i386?08:57
dokoseb128: I'm not familar with the i386 removals, or is this somewhere documented?09:10
seb128doko, I will check with Steve if there is a reason update-notifier wasn't removed (yet)09:11
seb128but my guess is that i386 is the issue there09:11
seb128tjaalton, hey, happy monday. Did you&vorlon reach an agreement on what to do with xorg-server/i386? it's still showing on the proposed migration blockeds items09:14
Laneyseb128: doko: it looks like there's a chain from flashplugin-downloader09:15
seb128Laney, can't we delete that as well?09:16
Laneythat is in the seed09:16
seb128but I meant on i38609:16
seb128ignore that09:16
tjaaltonseb128: yes, libdmx & libxres is needed on i38609:19
tjaaltondidn't happen yet though09:20
seb128tjaalton, so what needs to happen? restoring back of libdmx1?09:20
tjaaltontoo many packages build-depend on xvfb, and i386 builds can't use nocheck09:20
tjaaltonrestoring them, yes09:21
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Laneyseb128: just looked at update-notifier, those deps already have <!s390x> so perhaps we could add i386 to that10:16
rbasakSubject:  Your December issue of Packaging Technology Today has arrived!10:18
seb128Laney, right, if we keep the i386 binaries I guess that makes sense10:27
Laneyk, feel free to pursue any other option if you like it more10:34
xnoxrbasak:  "dear editor, my name is robbie and carboard boxes and a bit of wrapping paper do not make a great .deb package!!! I know better!"10:37
rbasak"What you need are Santa's little debhelpers!"10:38
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coreycbdoko: I've updated the MIR bug for the other packages13:10
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cpaelzerthanks coreycb I was taking a look ath these MIRs but really it comes down to ask doko if this really becomes obsolte when python3.8 becomes the default14:19
cpaelzerdoko: how willt hat work in python then?14:19
cpaelzerwill src:python-importlib-metadata be removed and src:python3.8 starts to build that binary?14:19
cpaelzereven if that would be the case the same isn't true for zipp and itertools14:20
cpaelzerso will then python3.8 grow these dependencies?14:20
cpaelzerI'm wondering because I'd want to avoid doing a review and pushign it onto securities queue (which might take until 3.8 is the default) - to then throw away that work14:21
dokocpaelzer: no, my understand is that those will only be needed for Python214:21
dokoding ...14:21
cpaelzerdoko: but there is a "python3-importlib-metadata"14:21
cpaelzerwould that grow a conflicts with python3.8 then?14:22
cpaelzerdoko: I don't see it in libpython3.8-stdlib - is that were it would end up?14:24
dokocpaelzer: that's a backport to 3.7, not needed for 3.8 (hopefully)14:25
cpaelzerso the src:python-importlib-metadata would drop python3-importlib-metadata then14:25
cpaelzerbecause python3.8 libpython3.8-stdlib would contian it then?14:25
dokothat's what I remember when looking at this, yes14:25
cpaelzerok, so will then libpython3.8-stdlib get the dependency to e.g. python3-zipp that today is in python3-importlib-metadata?14:26
cpaelzeror will all of that go into python3.8 stdlib?14:26
cpaelzerlibpython3.8-minimal:amd64: /usr/lib/python3.8/importlib/metadata.py14:27
cpaelzerok at least I found it within python3.8 now14:27
cpaelzercoreycb: ^^14:27
cpaelzerok, so when python3.8 is the default kombu can drop the dependency to python3-importlib-metadata as it will be fulfilled with libpython3.8-minimal14:29
cpaelzercoreycb: even if I push through the MIR reviews from my quick view two will also need security review14:30
cpaelzerthat will probably take until the same time that we need to see python3.8 as the default14:30
cpaelzercoreycb: so could we instead of pushing all these MIRs forward wait for 3.8 and then do this change in kombu?14:30
dokoor we document that in the bug report, and only revisit that when we can't switch to 3.8, and pre-promote now14:31
cpaelzerdoko: ^^ would that work in your opinion?14:31
cpaelzerdoko: yeah that might be the best of both worlds14:31
cpaelzergetting things unblocked for now14:31
dokocould you document that in the bug report?14:31
cpaelzeryes, but I'd at least want openstack to subscribe (for the interim time) to also feel responsible to get rid of it then ... :-)14:31
cpaelzerI'll ask james about the subscription and would document that in the bug then14:32
coreycbdoko: cpaelzer: thanks sounds good14:44
cpaelzerdoko: documented in 1851393 - could you do the interim pre-promotion?14:57
cpaelzercoreycb: ^^ FYI15:00
ubottucyphermox, jbicha, micahg, rbasak, sil2100, slashd, tsimonq2: DMB ping.15:01
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tomreynwould it be ok to flag bugs which seem important enough to the general user base that they should be fixed for FF as "rls-ff-incoming"?15:45
tomreyni'm just looking at bug 1466150 specifically15:46
ubottubug 1466150 in grub-installer (Ubuntu) "grub-install breaks when ESP is on raid" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146615015:46
julianktomreyn: we already know about that one15:48
juliankyou can see it's got an id- tag, so it kind of skipped rls-ff-incoming15:48
tomreynjuliank: yes i noticed it has an id assigned since 2018, it just looks like it might have been forgotten about, and i can never tell whether or not that's the case, or whether it's assigned to a (now) ex employee etc.15:50
juliankWell, it seems it was marked as done15:50
tomreynmaybe it is, and the bug report hasn't been updated. i have not tested it on anything recent.15:51
tomreynmarked as done internally, right?15:51
juliankxnox, cyphermox what's up wit hthat bug?15:52
juliankI remember something about ESP on raid, but I don't know where15:53
cyphermoxwell, that might be perilous15:53
juliankAh I think what I remembered was bugs about raid1 support in subiquity because I played with that15:54
tomreyni think i also have a bug open about esp on raid against subiquity or curtin.15:54
juliankAFAIUI you cannot put ESP on RAID15:55
juliankwhich the last comment suggested :D15:55
cyphermoxjuliank: you certain could put ESP on RAID15:55
cyphermoxthe issue is what happens if your firmware decides it needs to write to it15:55
juliankcyphermox: I mean you could, but the firmware's allowed to write to it :D15:55
juliankI remember years ago when people asked me to implement this back when I maintained gummiboot in Debian15:56
tomreynthe clean solution is to have grub quit with an error of "it's not safe to write esp on raid", and have installers understand how to deal with this. the user friendly solution is to enable grub to install on mdadm raid-1 partitions with <=1.0 metadata, issuing a warning, and have installers handle this gracefully.15:57
juliankIn any case, the bug got fairly confused15:57
juliankI think the correct solution would be to have it mount multiple ESPs and update them all15:58
juliankbut I don't really know15:58
juliank"I'm having the same problem with a new Gentoo install, but with a twist."15:58
juliankwow, how's that relevant in an ubuntu bug?15:58
tomreynit's not, also not a configuration that could work.15:59
juliankYou partition each disk into two partitions15:59
juliankyou raid the big one, and the small ones become ESPs15:59
tomreynthe gentoo person has lvm's raid supnm across two physical disks16:00
tomreynand an esp LV on top16:00
juliankI do think the importance is weird, it should be wishlist16:00
tomreyngrub fails to handle it at all currentl,y that's abug IMO16:01
juliankIMO, it's about adding a feature to support updating multiple ESPs16:01
tomreynenabling installation of esp on top of mdadm raid-1 is a feature request IMO, as would be grub supporting updating multiple ESPs.16:02
juliankI mean sure there could be a nice error message, but that does not help anyone, just breaks your upgrades16:02
juliankRight, but I don't think ESP on raid1 is something that should be supported, as it's not safe16:02
tomreynthe latter is non tricvial. you'd not just need to update multiple ESPs, but also manage multiple boot records in nvram16:02
tomreyni like good error messages, since they tell me what i did wrong (or some software did wrong).16:04
juliankBut it doesn't work16:04
juliankIf you error out in grub update, you break the package management16:05
tomreyni agree, it won't help those who already have such a setup16:05
tomreynor are trying to install to it16:05
juliankBut it takes a lot of effort to create a setup like that16:06
juliankit's not something you can do easily in a straightforward way with the installer16:06
tomreynbtw the subiquity bug report i recalled about is bug 1817066 (and its not mine)16:08
ubottubug 1817066 in subiquity "support installing multiple ESPs" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181706616:08
tomreynso that's basically about what you had on your mind16:09
juliankah yes16:21
julianktomreyn: that's what I remember16:21
CarlFKhow can I grab the text of an installer error from the text based installer?  this one:  http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/eoan/main/installer-amd64/current/images/hd-media/boot.img.gz17:05
juliankCarlFK: Go to other tty and look at log?17:05
juliankCarlFK: please be aware that we're migrating away from d-i17:06
juliankor well, discontinuing it17:06
juliankstarting with focal17:07
CarlFKoh my17:07
CarlFKwill there be support for preeseed install ?17:07
juliankCarlFK: automated server installs are on the roadmap https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FoundationsTeam/AutomatedServerInstalls17:08
juliankubiquity, the desktop installer, I think does support preseeding to some extend, as it embeds parts of d-i17:09
CarlFKhas anyone made a d-i preseed file to yml converter?17:14
juliankI don't think so, I'm not sure that would even work reasonably17:15
CarlFKhmm.. someone would need to maintain a map to translate keys and ... structure?  something.  seems like too much work.17:17
CarlFKis there any hint that Debian will do this too?17:20
tomreynjuliank: thanks for taking the time to discuss, i posted what i think we concluded (and more) to bug 181706818:04
ubottubug 1817068 in subiquity "Guided partitioning with multiple disks" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181706818:04
juliankseb128: fyi: poppler should be fixed now in focal-proposed and eoan unapproved queue21:03
seb128juliank, great, thanks!21:03
julianksorry for breaking it!21:03
mwhudsonCarlFK: hi, i have no plans for a preseed -> yaml converter but maybe we could do something for simple cases22:46
mwhudsonCarlFK: do you have an example of what you are using?22:46
CarlFKmwhudson: https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-video-team/ansible/blob/master/roles/tftp-server/files/d-i/xenial/preseed.cfg22:51
CarlFKmwhudson: I'm skeptical it is worth the effort just for this case22:52
mwhudsonCarlFK: it's still interesting to see what people do22:53
mwhudsonCarlFK: i think most of this preseed can be replaced with an empty file :)22:54
mwhudsond-i apt-setup/enable-source-repositories boolean true <- don't have a canned equivalent to that22:54
CarlFKmwhudson: I was thinking the yml might be pretty simple22:54
mwhudsonCarlFK: certainly hope so22:54
CarlFKand it doesn't have to be exactly the same.  historically we had apps that installed cleanly on ubuntu but not debian, so some of us (me) would use ubuntu, but others would work out all the patches and what not to make things run on debian stable22:56
CarlFKnow things are much better supported on both, so I look to ubuntu for hardware drivers that are harder to get onto a debian box22:57
CarlFKit would be great if the kernel arg shortcuts were supported22:58
CarlFKhmm, I have:  debconf/priority=high auto=true netcfg/dhcp_timeout=60 fb=false  hostname?=bare hw-detect/load_firmware=false22:59
CarlFKwait.. thats not normal.  whoops.22:59
CarlFKdebconf/priority=high auto=true netcfg/dhcp_timeout=60 fb=false  hostname?=bare url=pc8.home hw-detect/load_firmware=false23:00
mwhudsonCarlFK: you mean being able to override particular settings on the kernel command line?23:12
CarlFKmwhudson: mostly the ones that need to happen in order to get to the preseed file, like network and url=23:13
CarlFKmwhudson: if you want to dig into this and wonder where to start: https://github.com/CarlFK/veyepar/wiki/System-Stack#what-to-do-first23:15
CarlFKthere is also PXE but that's more work so not a great "start here"23:16

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