lordievaderGood morning07:08
sarthorHI, Can I create restore point / reset point in Ubuntu 16.04 Server ? If yes, Can some one please guide me or share tutorial etc url. I searched web, but am unable to find the exact one. or may be I was not lucky to identify the accurate one. HELP Please.12:11
oerhekssarthor, there is no such option AFAIK12:21
lordievaderYou can make a disk image and restore that.12:25
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Odd_BlokeAison: Is that radvd issue persisting?15:05
coreycbsahid: aodh looks good but can you drop py2 BDs and make sure it builds on bionic?15:41
sahidcoreycb: ok15:44
sahidcoreycb: do you want me to make sure that build on bionic for all the packages?15:45
coreycbsahid: one may be enough to sanity check. for nova I switched to pybuild and debhelper = 12, which may have helped with the cloud archive backport15:47
coreycbsahid: on our spread sheet I'll note the ones that are likely merge candidates15:52
coreycbsahid: btw same py2 comment for everything in focal15:55
coreycbjamespage: I'm uploading a new version of python-pysaml and dropped dfsg from the version now that Files-Excluded have been fixed in the release tarball.16:49
AisonOdd_Bloke, no, it suddenly disappeard?!? no idea why16:51
Odd_BlokeAison: That's... good, I guess? :p17:39
AisonOdd_Bloke, yes, that's good :-) just strange that it stopped working ^^19:04

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