nhainesMeeting coming up in half an hour! :)02:30
nhainesWho's around for the meeting tonight?02:57
nhainesHmm, quiet tonight.  :)03:00
nhainesAll right.  We'll keep it simple tonight.03:02
nhainesSCALE planning continues, although we've received little response for UbuCon speakers, so that is in question for this year.  Booth plans are unaffected, though!  More on that by the next meeting.03:03
nhainesUbuntu 20.04 LTS is shaping up.  It should be a nice, solid release.03:03
nhainesI worked on an instructional video for Apress describing how to install Windows Subsystem for Linux and install Ubuntu, so hopefully that will be available soon.03:04
nhainesAnd I think that's about it.03:04
nhainesOur next meeting is January 19th, 2020!03:05
nhainesSo as the year wraps up to a close, I'd like to wish everyone happy holidays, and a wonderful new year!03:05
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lynoriannahines sorry did you get my submission05:34

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