lufiok got it. thanks. so its the DHCP server that gives these things automatically then.00:00
tomreynthat's a common scenario in such an environment, yes.00:01
tomreynand usually the gateway will receive configurations from the internet service provider, including resolvers, which it just passes on to systems on the LAN then.00:03
lufiooh. didn't know that one. thanks tomreyn.00:06
tomreynlufi: related (and a good reason to run your own local caching resolver - not just a dns proxy as most cheap routers do): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNS_hijacking#Manipulation_by_ISPs00:11
tomreynthis is more of a topic for ##networking , though00:12
lufitomreyn: yeah that's on my todo list. Im currently setting up proxmox in my spare unit here00:12
lufiand it got me wondering why the node can resolve stuff on LAN while the ct/vms cannot00:13
lufithey are bridged though00:13
tdslufi: as a heads up, pve will copy resolv.conf from the host to containers by default00:14
lufiyeah it does. I wanted them to use what the node uses00:15
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Phruisanyone know if ubuntu has this package?01:11
Phruisconfigure: error: Package requirements (icu-uc >= 50.1 icu-io icu-i18n) were not met:01:11
Phruistomreyn, ahh thanks for some reason ac isn't finding the .pc files01:18
Phruisdo you need to rebuild pkgconfig files?01:23
oerhekslooks like you try to build an old sourcecode, before xenial01:39
squarecircleohai, I need some advice on an OpenMP problem, where should I look? Any ideas?01:56
Phruisoerheks, i see thanks i will look into it01:58
squarecircleok, I found ##c, thank you :)02:05
squarecircleFuseteam: yeah, its the C programmers channel02:17
FuseteamCool did not know of that one, thanks02:19
squarecircleFuseteam: you're welcome02:21
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kiiwiibiirbHow might I go about making my own ubuntu distro?03:55
secsonthebeachI’ve been working through this to make my own distro03:58
kiiwiibiirbAh seems interesting, thank you03:59
donofriohelp I just applied 1809 on w10 and now the resolution is huge....and this is though rdp.... also my wsl will no longer allow resolve.conf to be updated?  says "cp: not writing through dangling symlink '/etc/resolv.conf'" and I cannot ping yahoo.com nore does hexchat connect to espers.net (cannot resolve it) anything I can do?04:06
Bashing-om!wsl | donofrio04:13
ubottudonofrio: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide04:13
donofriothat is a channel with 14 people in it vs here with over 1k04:21
donofrioi was able as root to touch resolv.conf and then I could cp the file like normal then ping returned and so did hexchat being able to get to espers.net but now I'm wondering what other symlinks maybe broken by "Performing one-time upgrade of the Windows Subsystem for Linux file system for this distribution..." process?04:21
gendarmeHow can I participate in bug reports if not on the flagship distribution?05:17
maxzorHey, I have a longstanding issue, happened after release-upgrade months ago. When I close the lid of the laptop and it goes to sleep mode, I cannot login again, the login screen is frozen every other wake up. I am now on ubu 19.10. journalctl https://framabin.org/p/?37f896caae962430#h5JkpgACWwD5vfr5IJraOHOLkXGWavgYzVu1Asqr9hQ=05:23
maxzorbios up to date as I was suggested last time i asked here05:24
gigi__who is on?06:29
gigi__wget --no-clobber --convert-links --random-wait -p -E -e robots=off -U mozilla -P /home/jousr/Desktop/eeee www.qqqq.com06:30
gigi__why when i run this command a new folder is created?06:30
gigi__i dont want it to be created06:30
gigi__i want everything to be downladed in the eeee folder06:31
CarlFK19.04 - is there an adobe acrobat that runs natively and not under wine?06:44
gigi__wget --no-clobber --convert-links --random-wait -p -E -e robots=off -U mozilla -P /home/jousr/Desktop/eeee www.qqqq.com06:46
gigi__why when i run this command a new folder is created?06:46
gigi__i want everything to be downladed in the eeee folder06:46
CarlFKgigi__: best to ask once (maybe again in a day) and then wait06:46
gigi__what if i lose the connection to the internet?06:47
CarlFKwe still all saw your question06:49
gigi__the chat is somewhere logged?06:49
gigi__i lost the connection, that is why i srote my question again06:50
CarlFKyes.  but the url isn't in the topic... trying to dig it up06:50
CarlFKubuntulog: !logs06:53
CarlFKubottu: !logs06:53
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/06:53
CarlFKso many logs... try this https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/latest/%23ubuntu.html06:54
gigi__CarlFK, figured it out, added the : -nH -nd06:55
CarlFKhuh seems there is some lag between here and there06:55
CarlFKgigi__: is that --no-directories and  --directory-prefix ?06:56
CarlFKI have used both of those, but not together06:56
gigi__well, i want to download all content from a webpage to a single folder06:57
gigi__well, i just tried and it worlked06:57
gigi__where u see: --no-directories ?06:57
CarlFK--no-host-directories will give you dirs under the host.  like if there is www.qqqq.com/foo/bar.html, you will get a foo/ dir06:58
CarlFKman wget - first option under Directory Options06:59
gigi__ah, yes, i already used the options -nH and -nd and it solved my issue07:02
gigi__thanks, anyway07:03
gigi__you are awesome07:03
CarlFKyer welcome!07:04
gigi__smb knows some program that grabs all images in subfolders too and shows me them?07:36
gigi__something like google picassa07:36
gigi__for linux07:37
t-killaI'm confused why is nobody chatting in an irc channel?07:59
oerhekshow do you tell, after 5 seconds..08:00
dan101Hi, if I buy a CPU that natively decodes codec X on hardware, does Ubuntu still need the right drivers to access this hardware acceleration?08:02
oerheksdan101, sure linux needs lib's to access that feature08:03
dan101oerheks: thx ^_^08:03
ryuot-killa: most IRC channels are slow these days. usually only respond if you ask something.08:14
ryuodan101: yes, but it doesn't end there. hardware accelerated video decoding also required application support which tends to be lacking on Linux.08:15
dan101ryuo: I see, so you first need to kernel to take advantage of the hardware then the applications to take advantage of the kernel?08:16
dan101ryuo: I wonder if Firefox via ffmpeg or gstreamer does video decoding via hardware acceleration08:17
ryuodan101: first you need hardware that can even utilize it. then you need driver support which is primarily provided by mesa through VDPAU and VAAPI drivers.08:17
ryuodan101: VAAPI is the key one these days.08:18
ryuodan101: most standalone video players support these acceleration APIs.08:18
ryuothat i can tell.08:18
ryuothe main issue is browsers don't really support it.08:18
ryuoFirefox doesn't at all, even after all these years.08:18
oerheksonly chrome does HW acceleration, no?08:18
ryuooerheks: chromium/chrome don't enable it on Linux OOB. it's only available by patching afaik.08:19
ryuoi've also heard reports that webkit gtk based browsers can also accelerate video if setup correctly.08:19
ryuobut here's the thing... good luck finding a decent one of those. i've never found one that worked well.08:20
ryuomidori, crashes a lot. epiphany... never seemed to work very well.08:20
ryuodan101: just stating it's a bit of a mess still. it's one critical feature I think firefox really lacks.08:21
dan101ryuo: but AFAIK firefox uses underlying gstreamer or ffmpeg witch do support hw acceleration. What am I missing?08:26
ryuodan101: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=121072708:27
ubottuMozilla bug 1210727 in Audio/Video: Playback "Add VA-API hardware decoding support on Linux" [Normal,New]08:27
dan101lol, I never thought rendering and decoding are two different things ^_^08:27
WoodpeckerIm a developer. Whats a good way to store file metadata on ubuntu? I want to track which video files have been opened and watched.08:28
dan101Woodpecker: I'm also a developer, how do you do that? Is there a way to hook on the file system?08:29
dan101I mean how can you get notified when a file opens?08:29
ryuoThis is offtopic. I can answer it in #ubuntu-offtopic.08:29
dan101correct, sorry08:29
Woodpeckerdan101: well that is easy. If you are using Qt, you can use a filesystemwatcher08:30
dan101Any reason why Ubuntu doesn't include anymore commercial apps on it's software center? It used to that back in... 2014 idk08:32
ducasseWoodpecker: see the xattr man page08:32
Woodpeckerducasse: okay08:32
WoodpeckerOh wow, that is pretty low level.08:34
ryuoand not necessarily portable. your own database is more reliable.08:34
Woodpeckerryuo: Considering I am dealing exclusively with mp4 containers, does it contain maleable data? Could I theoretically just append my own metadata to the end of the file?08:42
ryuoWoodpecker: not necessarily. consider read-only media.08:42
ryuoWoodpecker: you can use xattrs, but it limits your portability and it also requires the user to be using a filesystem supporting it.08:43
WoodpeckerHummmm...  As to databasing, does ubuntu have anything setup for this kind of thing, or do I have to run my own postgresql thing?08:44
Woodpeckerryuo: oh I don't care about portability08:44
WoodpeckerI guess I'll use that08:44
ryuoWoodpecker: depends. though your question makes me think you're a bit inexperienced... postgresql is a relational database. you don't usually use these for desktop applications though you could.08:46
ryuoWoodpecker: sqlite though is commonly found in desktop applications.08:46
ryuoWoodpecker: if you're developing for one particular DE in mind, you can use gsettings or dconf to store basic information in a simple database.08:47
Woodpeckerryuo: I am a 5 year qt developer, it is just that I have not settled on the proper way to keep state between sessions.08:48
ryuothose come for free with GTK+ or so.08:48
ryuooh. QT...08:48
ryuook, no idea what QT would provide for data storage.08:48
ryuoWoodpecker: i have experience in a lot of subareas. mostly C topics.08:49
WoodpeckerDatabasing just seems overkill, and prone to errors, say if I just manually delete a file. I am thinking what I will do is create a JSON or similar file, stick it in the folder, and track changes there. What do you think?08:50
ryuoWoodpecker: if you use xattr, the extra data is gone when the file is deleted afaik.08:51
Woodpeckerryuo: Okay, what about `mv` ?08:52
ducassethat should keep xattrs08:52
ryuoWoodpecker: that uses the rename system call. only issue might be moving across filesystems.08:52
WoodpeckerDoes it work in wayland? I am looking at the "x" part of xattrs08:53
ryuoit has nothing to do with X11.08:53
Woodpeckeroh okay, good.08:53
ducassex = extra08:54
ryuoextended in this case08:54
ducasseor that08:54
Woodpeckeroh unix, with your cryptic and misleading names.08:54
Woodpecker"usr" != "user"08:54
Woodpecker"dev" != "development"08:55
ryuoit was designed for system administration. why would /dev be about development there?08:55
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elias_aAFAIK /dev stands for device...09:07
geirhaAnd /usr was where the users' homedirs were09:09
dan101geirha: really? historically user's home dir was in /usr? Hmnn... guess it makes sense why they've separated it09:25
geirhaYeah, iirc they ran out of space on the main filesystem, so as a hack they started putting new programs and stuff under /usr which still had more space available09:26
Woodpeckerusr means "unix system resources"09:30
ossesince /usr used to hold home dirs that sounds like a backronym09:40
ryuo/usr/home is still used on FreeBSD.09:42
Cheez/usr/ explicitly does mean user in freebsd. just read man heir10:32
maxzorHelp enjoyed, I have a longstanding issue, happened after release-upgrade months ago. When I close the lid of the laptop and it goes to sleep mode, I cannot login again, the login screen is frozen every other wake up. I am now on ubu 19.10. journalctl https://framabin.org/p/?37f896caae962430#h5JkpgACWwD5vfr5IJraOHOLkXGWavgYzVu1Asqr9hQ=10:44
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SezzaHi all, I have window tiling enabled in window preferences, but I am still unable to control snapping of windows in ubuntu-mate, is there another setting somewhere? Thanks. Sorry I know this is not technically vanilla ubuntu...11:29
BluesKajHowdy folks12:28
notimeforthis123Most of my files in the user folder was just wiped during a normal apt upgrade on 18.0413:30
notimeforthis123So my question is - am I the only one?13:33
rypervenchenotimeforthis123: You mean in your home directory?13:35
notimeforthis123all files that where not standard config. And the standard config looks to be replaced. There was a couple of exceptions though. E.g. the Desktop folder13:37
rbasakAre you sure you don't have some weird situation like /home failing to mount after a reboot?13:37
notimeforthis123there was no reboot13:37
rypervencheAn upgrade would not have done that. It's likely something else that happened around the same time. Or possibly something that the upgrade triggered.13:38
rypervenchenotimeforthis123: Do you do your upgrades from the command line?13:39
notimeforthis123I just ran apt upgrade. I was using pycharm at the moment. 1 minute later pycharms crashes. A 200 gb encrypted container in my user root was dumped along with all the contents of Videos, Pictures, Documents etc.13:39
notimeforthis123Normally yes - this time it was the gui though.13:39
rbasakFilesystem corruption maybe?13:41
rbasakHow do you have an "encrypted container in my user root"? That sounds like something non-standard. Could some problem with that be the source of your problem?13:42
notimeforthis123it was a veracrypt container mounted to a folder in the user home13:42
notimeforthis123been using that setup for years with no issues.13:42
rbasakUbuntu doesn't ship veracrypt.13:43
rbasakMaybe it was an unfortunate interaction with something it does.13:44
notimeforthis123I know. But veracrypt failures means corruption of the file and/or some mess at the mount mount.13:44
florinskihello, I've just manually installed texlive on xenial and have problems with my paths13:45
florinskiI've added a file to /etc/profile.d named "texlive.sh". It contains only the following: export PATH=/opt/texbin:${PATH}13:46
florinskiafter restart, "which tex" doesn't yield anything.13:47
florinskiAnd, /opt/texbin links to where texlive is installed13:47
notimeforthis123alright - I will call it a loss. fresh install, recover what I can from backup.13:55
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florinskisolved the issue myself, copy/paste error. thank you.14:05
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Malgorathokay I accidently removed my grub boot partition on sda.  I have my drives setup in LVM and can't mount /dev/sdc1 to /mnt to chroot and reinstall grub-install15:02
Malgorathany helps?15:02
CarlFKMalgorath: sec... I dont think that is it...15:07
MalgorathI have 2 8TB drives also in mdadm softraid(raid 0) but my OS is on /dev/sdc(1,2) SSD and I have /dev/sda which is a 1TB drive with nothing on it yet15:09
someone235Hi, did someone use xte? the command "xte key 'Home'" doesn't seem to do anything for me15:10
xsjado_0rbHey all15:16
CarlFKMalgorath: I'm trying http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/eoan/main/installer-amd64/current/images/hd-media/boot.img.gz  with APPEND rescue=true ... or whatever to get a rescue thing that has a "fix grub" option15:17
elias_aI have a partly corrupted .mbox file. What program should I try to open it locally in order to rescue as much as possible?15:18
xsjado_0rblooking for help on a sound issue. Sometimes, not all the time, I get scratchy, slightly slower sound when starting a new youtube video or watching twitch (firefox). Is there something like a sound driver I can update or rather how would I check if my driver is up to date, or a different version is available?15:18
xsjado_0rbrunning ubuntu 19.1015:18
elias_aI am not so tech savvy when it comes to different mbox formats...15:18
CarlFKelias_a: what's an mbox?15:25
xsjado_0rbmbox file is a file, certain mail programs save their mailboxes into15:27
CarlFKoh easy: text editor.  "rescue as much as possible"  is not "easy way" ;)15:29
MalgorathCarlFK, figured it out actually, you have to lvscan and mount /dev/lvm_ name not /dev/sdc215:29
CarlFKMalgorath: yay.  good.  I was not getting the rescue thing right.15:30
nanthencodeneethhow to check whether a port is open or not in ubuntu15:42
CarlFKnatten: if network port, nmap -p 22 host/ip15:46
xsjado_0rbyou can also run ss -tulpe from terminal15:48
elias_aCarlFK: Text editor is definately not the easy way. ;-)15:52
xsjado_0rbwhat application is the mbox file from?15:54
KhakiIbex28Is Ubuntu available in Windows 1015:57
xsjado_0rbyou can find ubuntu in the microsoft store15:58
elias_axsjado_0rb: Linux server.15:58
lalitmeeHey Guys, I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and I am facing some performace issue after I suspend and resume my laptop. It works slow. Any idea what could be the reason? I have 32 GB memory.15:58
KhakiIbex28Is it fast?15:58
xsjado_0rbI mean, which application uses the mbox file, like mozilla thunderbird, or the macOS mail or geary or similar.15:59
xsjado_0rbubuntu does not need much resources, but the windows 10 version will not be as fast as a dual boot, I'm sure.16:00
KhakiIbex28Does it run Linux applications16:00
xsjado_0rbhmm that depends on the application I'd say. I would recommend creating a VM with virtualbox or vmware instead of using ubuntu for windows on win1016:02
KhakiIbex28Cam i be able to use high resource apps like Gimp?16:04
k0mmoin unbuntu? yes16:05
xsjado_0rbdepending on your host machine, yes it can16:05
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KhakiIbex28That's amazing16:05
ryuoWSL is best used for testing non-GUI software.16:05
KhakiIbex28Ubuntu inbuilt in Windows16:06
ryuothough to get the full experience, it's better to run it natively.16:07
KhakiIbex28Will it have drag and drop function16:09
elias_axsjado_0rb: That is the question I am asking: which program to use? Now I am trying to open the .mbox file with Evolution.16:09
xsjado_0rbmozilla thunderbird can mbox files16:10
xsjado_0rbwhat happens if you import the file with evolution?16:11
xsjado_0rbany usable errors?16:11
elias_axsjado_0rb: Yes. I am trying Evolution first as while the .mbox was on the server Thunderbird claimed there were 2000+ damaged messages whereas Evolution handled the mailbox correctly.16:12
elias_axsjado_0rb: Evolution crashed the firs time. :P16:12
xsjado_0rbHow do you know evolution handels the mbox file correctly?16:13
Woodpeckerevolution is still around? I remember when it was the default mail on ubuntu 6.04 or whatever16:15
compdocwow, long time ago16:16
elias_axsjado_0rb: While the mbox file was on the server I read it through IMAP with both TB and Evolution and Evolution did not show any errors.16:16
xsjado_0rbok and what's your goal right now?16:16
elias_axsjado_0rb: I have done a mbox -> Maildir conversion to avoid mbox corruption and bumped into some problems. :P16:17
elias_axsjado_0rb: I am trying to save the 2000+ emails Thunderbird thinks are corrupted. TB shows them without sender, subject and correct timestamp information.16:18
xsjado_0rbAnd evolution does show all infos?16:19
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elias_axsjado_0rb: Yes it did. Never seen anything like this before.16:22
xsjado_0rbbut you cannot export the mails from evolution ?16:25
oerheksall mail clients can export emails16:25
elias_axsjado_0rb: The file is not on the server anymore as I had switched to Maildir on the server. Therefore I need to open the mbox file I downloaded locally on my laptop.16:40
elias_axsjado_0rb: I apologise slow replying. Opening a 6 gb file is a bit of a resource hog. :)16:41
xsjado_0rball fine, so you can open the mbox file locally with evolution on your laptop without errors? If so, can you export the file afterwards, as in creating a new mbox file? Or are you looking to get the data of the mbox file into a different format? If so, do you have terminal access to that server and is the mbox file on that server?16:44
iffraffHi, I'm on 18.04, all of a sudden , my system has been just going black screens.  I have a laptop with 2 external monitors and and egpu, the laptop monitor still shows the dock, but it is inactive, and the other two are black16:44
iffraffI tried to alt-f2 (and f1-4) and eventually something showed up said it couln't find luemo or something close to that and was reverting to default,16:45
terra_artHello! I was wondering if somebody could help me get my computer back on the internet, I describe my problem here https://askubuntu.com/questions/1196446/18-04-total-loss-of-connectivity-wifieth-after-update16:46
iffraffthen it said some process was unresponsive for 120 seconds, it showed that line about 8 times. then nothing, no response16:46
terra_artbasically after an update on the 14th my computer can't connect to the internet anymore, even in cabled mode16:46
xsjado_0rbiffraff: Can you restart your laptop with no peripherals connected?16:46
iffraffseems to happen anywhere between successful bootup and about 10 minutes of use. the egpu temp is well within range16:47
lotuspsychjeterra_art: did you try booting a previous kernel yet?16:47
terra_artlotuspsychje, I did, I tried 4.15.0-70-generic16:47
iffraffxsjado_0rb: yes, I can, I mean I suspect this has something to do with the gpu.  I just got back from a trip where I was just using laptop screen.  Now, I'm getting this behaviour16:48
iffraffpardon my spelling16:48
terra_artlotuspsychje: I did, I tried 4.15.0-70-generic but no luck, i couldnt go back any further, apt removed older kernels16:48
lotuspsychjeterra_art: so, -70 and -72 have internet issues correct? wich cifi chipset are you on?16:49
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iffraffperhaps there is an ubuntu channel more for gpus?16:50
terra_artlotuspsychje: wlp2s0:"Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter'16:50
lotuspsychjeterra_art: allrighty, another option could be trying the HWE kernel as a test16:51
lotuspsychje!info linux-generic-hwe-18.04 | terra_art16:53
ubottuterra_art: Package linux-generic-hwe-18.04 does not exist in eoan16:53
lotuspsychje!info linux-generic-hwe-18.04 bionic | terra_art16:53
ubottuterra_art: linux-generic-hwe-18.04 (source: linux-meta-hwe): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 1 kB, installed size 12 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf; arm64; ppc64el; s390x)16:53
spiceytjeHey guys, I have a strange problem. Been using ubuntu for a couple of years now, never needed virus scanners or whatsoever. But recently, every time i post on a forum I've been a member from for years the sentence "What do you want to do? Copy" appears. It only happens with my account and noone gets it. I have no other problems using my computer , no weird things , nothing. Is someone pulling my leg or is this16:53
spiceytjesome kind of virus?16:53
xsjado_0rbiffraff: difficult to troubleshoot via chat tbh. good luck with that16:54
terra_artlotuspsychje, ubottu: I'm not following guys, should I download an older kernel and install it?16:54
terra_artlotuspsychje, oh I see what you did there16:55
lotuspsychjeterra_art: no, the HWE kernel for bionic is a newer kernel16:55
terra_artlotuspsychje, so I should try reboot switching to the HWE kernel?16:56
lotuspsychjeterra_art: first you need to install the hwe kernel, then reboot into it yeah16:57
elias_axsjado_0rb: I have not been able to open the file yet locally. Apparently would require more memory. I have terminal access to the server and am able to upload the mbox file back to the server.16:57
xsjado_0rbas no-root you can convert mbox files to maildir format with the command mb2md16:58
xsjado_0rbcheck the man page, from reading that, it seems not too hard.16:58
xsjado_0rbThat would be my best guess right now16:58
xsjado_0rbseems to be easiest done on the server if your local machine has limited memory16:59
elias_axsjado_0rb: I already did that and after that I am missing those corrupted mails.16:59
terra_artlotuspsychje, looking into it! I'm going to have to download it using this computer, not sure how to install it without using apt on the other one16:59
xsjado_0rbis that mbox file the original file you tried to convert from?17:00
lotuspsychjeterra_art: can you still connect internet with a cable?17:01
terra_artlotuspsychje, nope, no connectivity at all, I tried through bluetooth tethering, ethernet, usb tethering, no luck17:01
xsjado_0rbelias_a: that might help http://dmc1961.id.au/howto_17101101.php17:02
lotuspsychjeterra_art: wich chipset is your eth card?17:02
spiceytje Hey guys, I have a strange problem. Been using ubuntu for a couple of years now, never needed virus scanners or whatsoever. But recently, every time i post on a forum I've been a member from for years the sentence "What do you want to do? Copy" appears. It only happens with my account and noone gets it. I have no other problems using my computer , no weird things , nothing. Is someone pulling my leg or is this17:02
spiceytjesome kind of virus? Should i really re-install the whole thing? Not really looking forward to emptying my pc. I find it so strange, my pc doesn't behave like it's infected with a virus. Only on that forum only when I post something, this strange sentence appears in my post.17:02
lotuspsychjeplease dont repeat spiceytje17:03
spiceytjesorry for reposting it, pm is possible too17:03
terra_artlotuspsychje, enp1s0fi: unavailable17:03
terra_art"Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller"17:03
terra_artethernet (r8169), F8:A9:63:72:7C:82, hw, mtu150017:03
lotuspsychjeterra_art: wich laptop brand is that?17:04
xsjado_0rbelias_a: got to go, good luck17:05
lotuspsychjeterra_art: journalctl -f and disable/enable wifi and plug out/back in ethernetcable and see what errors you are getting17:05
terra_artlotuspsychje, acer aspire E5-571G17:06
terra_artlotuspsychje, sounds good! I figured out how to install kernel manually, now I'm browsing through https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ , just not sure which one I have to download17:06
lotuspsychjeterra_art: you can search apt cache for the hwe kernel if you like17:07
lotuspsychjeterra_art: apt-cache search hwe 18.04, for example17:07
terra_artlotuspsychje, cool! should I do the journalctl experiment of try with the kernel first?17:08
lotuspsychjeterra_art: didnt you say you couldnt connect internet to download the hwe kernel?17:09
terra_artlotuspsychje, oh okay, so that will work on this other computer, I see17:09
aberrantmorning all17:11
aberrantcan someone step me through building a (patched) kernel for 19.10?17:11
aberrantall the guides I've found seem to be outdated.17:11
aberranthttps://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=202665 is the problem I'm running into17:12
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 202665 in Block Layer "NVMe AMD-Vi IO_PAGE_FAULT only with hardware IOMMU and fstrim/discard" [Normal,New]17:12
lotuspsychjeaberrant: we dont support compiling own kernels, instead use the !mainline kernels17:12
oerheksaberrant, did you check for a biosupdate first?17:12
aberrantlotuspsychje: I need to apply a patch to fix a specific problem, though. :(17:12
aberrantoerheks: there are no firmware updates for the nvme17:12
aberrantI checked directly w/ Sabrent17:12
aberrantI did open a support ticket there as well17:13
oerheksbiosupdate for the pc, not nvme ....17:13
lotuspsychjeaberrant: did you file a !bug yet?17:13
terra_artlotuspsychje, here is the logs from journalctl https://pastebin.com/VmWkK2NX17:13
oerheksthat patch is for 4.20 .. not sure you can do that for 5.x17:13
me_How to setup sar to collect temperture info?17:13
aberrantoerheks: there's an updated patch.17:13
terra_artlotuspsychje, trying to deactivate the wifi, I can make another one connecting and disconnecting eth cable, if you need17:14
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.17:15
lotuspsychjeterra_art: lets try to install the HWE kernel17:16
terra_artlotuspsychje, sounds good! i inputed apt-cache but i'm not sure how to go from there..17:17
lotuspsychjeterra_art: apt-cache search hwe 18.0417:18
terra_artlotuspsychje, okay, should I post the output?17:19
lotuspsychjeterra_art: no, sudo apt install (hwe-kernel-here)17:19
oerheksterra_art, how about booting in an previous kernel to fix things?17:21
terra_artoerheks, I did, still no luck...apt removed older kernels...17:21
terra_artlotuspsychje, I'm sorry Lotus, think I'm getting confused a bit, trying to find the name17:22
spiceytjelotuspsychje, am I überhaupt in the right room for my question? I see you're very busy but don't know if I should wait now or what to do. Does every question in here gets an answer?17:22
lotuspsychjeterra_art: sudo apt install linux-generic-hwe-18.04 should do the trick17:23
lotuspsychjespiceytje: an issue arises in a forum...not sure how thats related to ubuntu?17:23
oerheksno, you *always* have a previous kernel17:23
spiceytjeNeither me, but the onwer of the forum rests in silence and every member now thinks I am juts someone with a virus on the system :s17:24
lotuspsychjeoerheks: he said both -70 and -72 has both eth and wifi issues17:24
terra_artlotuspsychje, E: Unable to locate package linux-generic-hwe-18.0417:25
terra_art, maybe it's cause this second computer is on ubuntu 19.1017:25
lotuspsychjespiceytje: if you really think your system is compromized, rkhunter, clamav and lynis your system17:25
lotuspsychjeterra_art: hwe-18.04 is for 18.0417:26
terra_artlotuspsychje, the computer that is down is on 18.04, the one I'm writing from is on 19.1017:27
spiceytjeok thx a lot I'm going to check it out17:27
terra_artlotuspsychje, I figure I could download it from here and then install manually from a usb stick? https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic-updates/linux-generic-hwe-18.0417:30
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD17:31
oerheks..oh wait, from 19.10 this will not work17:32
terra_artoerheks, ops17:32
terra_artoerheks, too bad! cool to know anyways17:32
terra_artoerheks, lotuspsychje : I feel I'm a little bit at a stalemate, I've been trying too fix this for the past two days, might just make a fresh install, even if I'd rather not too..17:33
lotuspsychjeterra_art: reccomended to trace down the issue first, before clean installing17:34
terra_artlotuspsychje, that's what I was thinking too!17:34
terra_artlotuspsychje, oerheks should I use AptonCd to install the hwe kernel?17:37
lotuspsychjethink aptoncd method doesnt work anymore17:37
terra_artlotuspsychje, okay! what i find weird is that -70 doesnt work, wasn'I using that before update to -72? and if so why doesn't it work anymore? :puzzled:17:39
lotuspsychjeterra_art: you could try to look in your dpkg logs what happened there lately17:40
lotuspsychjeterra_art: these days ubuntu can also pull firmware updates in the background17:41
aberrantok, bug filed17:41
lotuspsychjeaberrant: you can also talk to the #ubuntu-kernel crew about your new bug #185660317:42
ubottubug 1856603 in fstrim (Ubuntu) "fstrim on nvme / AMD CPU fails and produces kernel error messages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185660317:42
aberrantoh, neat. ok17:42
lotuspsychjeaberrant: also, AMD ryzen issues, you can test kernel 4.1917:42
terra_artlotuspsychje, log coming, pastebin is having some cloudflare issues17:48
terra_artlotuspsychje, here is the log! https://controlc.com/a5ae032e17:53
elfatherbrownHi. So i had a digitalocean droplet ubuntu xenial and wanted to do-release-upgrade. Um... it did not work. I got an error from python stating at the bottom of the stack: UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0x8b in position 1: invalid start byte. At the top: KeyError: 'ubuntu-minimal'... and exited17:56
elfatherbrownIf i try to do-release-upgrade again i get: # do-release-upgrade17:57
elfatherbrownChecking for a new Ubuntu release17:57
elfatherbrownPlease install all available updates for your release before upgrading.17:57
EriC^elfatherbrown: what does "sudo apt update" give?17:57
spiceytjefuck this im going to reinstall ubuntu i will never know what was wrong17:57
spiceytjebut it frustrates me17:58
spiceytjenone of the things I tried worked17:58
spiceytjeit's like someone has been fucking with my rights17:58
EriC^spiceytje: it sounds like something to do with the options of your account on the forum itself, possibly some 'template' or something18:00
elfatherbrown@EriC^, https://pastebin.com/W1zRb1cH18:00
elfatherbrown@EriC^, Like that18:00
EriC^spiceytje: that's easy to test, try posting from your phone, same problem then it's forum-account related18:00
spiceytjeno i tried that EriC^, on my smartphone no problems18:00
EriC^spiceytje: ok, what about doing it from a different user on ubuntu?18:02
spiceytjeLemme check that EriC^18:02
elfatherbrown@EriC^, (appstreamcli:8336): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_strchomp: assertion 'string != NULL' failed18:03
elfatherbrownAppStream cache update completed, but some metadata was ignored due to errors.18:03
elfatherbrown(sorry. i dont know if policy is to paste or to send pastebins... :/ ... long time no #ubuntu)18:03
EriC^elfatherbrown: pastebins, what about "sudo apt full-upgrade" ?18:04
elfatherbrown@EriC^, https://pastebin.com/Nb6Hk8wT18:05
elfatherbrown@EriC^, its very angry. Its like I did something terrible to it.18:05
EriC^!info libpython3.5-minimal bionic18:06
elfatherbrown@EriC^, Good thing ive time to fix this now. Its one of those servers that are never touched because its "only for temporal development". Nothing as permanent as temporal servers... but we can be better during the holidays, givem love.18:06
ubottuPackage libpython3.5-minimal does not exist in bionic18:06
EriC^elfatherbrown: i see18:07
EriC^elfatherbrown: what's "apt-cache policy libpython3.5-minimal" give?18:07
Xardhuh, I don't know what updated but all of sudden ubuntu 18.04 LTS gnome animations are really smooth including the activities expose18:09
elfatherbrownIts stuck between versions. I did have plenty of third party stuff. Well not "plenty", just what was needed at the time: some R packages and other stuff18:09
elfatherbrown@EriC^, https://pastebin.com/Hx88vVnx18:10
EriC^elfatherbrown: it's whining about libpython3.5-minimal, but it seems installed ( same 3.5.2.... version)18:10
EriC^that's ... odd18:11
elfatherbrownYeah. Im reluctant to just try and push for upgrading everything. It happened during do-release-upgrade so i dont think im getting off that easy18:11
elfatherbrownAnd Id really like to not have to reinstall... there is two DNS zones, Apache servers, certificates and stuff that id rather not have to do all over again.18:12
terra_artlotuspsychje, oerheks : here is dpkg log, realized previous link didnt work https://hastebin.com/apiloqisug.css18:12
EriC^elfatherbrown: what's the status of packages right now, try 'dpkg -l | grep -vE "^ii|^rc" '18:12
spiceytjeEriC tried it form  another user account that i just added, posted on the forum , problem gone.18:13
spiceytjeWhat does this mean? That my main accopunt is corrupted?18:13
spiceytjeI just can't believe this 0.018:14
EriC^spiceytje: yeah, it seems it's not system-wide, i'm curious if you use another browser from your account, like google chrome instead of firefox what happens?18:14
EriC^it might be some feature of the browser to add that text to that specific box, like an auto-complete or something18:15
elfatherbrown@EriC^, https://hastebin.com/kiqahategu.rb18:15
terra_artlotuspsychje, oerheks : from the logs I can see there was some firware updates18:16
EriC^elfatherbrown: try "sudo apt-get -f install"18:17
elfatherbrown@EriC^, so. It has come to that... :O18:17
elfatherbrown@EriC^, https://hastebin.com/uzaxurowed.pl18:18
elfatherbrown@EriC^, huh: nothing... thought it was going to go upgrade all 748 pkgs18:18
EriC^something's definitely weird with it18:18
EriC^nah the apt -f install only tries to resolve conflicts existing18:19
EriC^but what has me kinda curious is why it has so many 16.04 packages, and 748 waiting for upgrading18:19
ioriaelfatherbrown, probably because your sources.list is already set to bionic and not xenial :    please paste   cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999918:20
EriC^elfatherbrown: what's the output of "tail -v -n+1 /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*}"18:21
spiceytjeok thanx EriC18:21
EriC^elfatherbrown: also, "cat /etc/issue"18:21
spiceytjeI use firefox btw18:21
EriC^spiceytje: aha, give chrome a shot18:21
EriC^to see what happens18:21
spiceytjegoing to install chrome now thank you for helping me how to eliminate :D18:21
sparrIs there somewhere I can find a list of laptops on which I can expect full support for the hardware, including battery life comparable to Windows on the same laptop, from Ubuntu or some other linux distro(s)?18:22
EriC^spiceytje: also running 'grep -Ri "What do you want to do? Copy" ~'  might help find more info about it18:22
EriC^no problem18:22
elfatherbrownI am so old i didnt know termbin.com existed. https://termbin.com/vyzm18:23
elfatherbrown@EriC^, https://termbin.com/vyzm18:23
EriC^elfatherbrown: try "tail -v -n+1 /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*} | nc termbin.com 9999"18:24
EriC^also what's "cat /etc/issue" give you?18:24
ioriaelfatherbrown, you miss the -updates repo18:24
raidghostIs there ANY chance that microsoft office (like word and other) will run in wine?18:24
elfatherbrown@EriC^, Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS \n \l18:25
elfatherbrown@EriC^, thsi is the output of the tail command: https://termbin.com/p74518:26
ioriaelfatherbrown, let's see if you have already bionic packages installed :  apt list --installed | grep -i bionic  | nc termbin.com 999918:26
EriC^elfatherbrown: you're trying to upgrade to 18.04 right?18:28
elfatherbrownTo the latest I can. Mind you, no package asked me that. I just do-release-upgrade18:28
sparrraidghost: older versions work fine. newest versions usually have problems18:29
elfatherbrown@ioria, https://termbin.com/pcn2 this is the output for the apt command18:29
ioriaelfatherbrown, yes, we have a brutal mix there; i suggest to change your sources.list18:30
elfatherbrownioria, it mustve been backed up18:30
elfatherbrownI did have a bunch of third party stuff there. gis libraries, opencpu R packages, certbot, elastic repo... too much...18:31
EriC^elfatherbrown: there are a number of ppa's related to xenial, might want to comment them out, then add the remaining bionic repos that are missing bionic-updates and bionic main etc18:32
elfatherbrown@EriC^, yes. trying to update to latest from xenial. Or thats what i thought18:32
ioriaelfatherbrown, that would be a problem for sure; some ppa will be disabled but other sources might not18:32
elfatherbrownok ok ... going forward then.18:33
ioriaelfatherbrown, ok,  backup your current sources.list and replace with this :    https://termbin.com/5ufrp18:33
EriC^the system is such a mess tbh18:33
ioriaelfatherbrown, then run  sudo apt update18:34
spiceytjedammit no problems from google chrome, no weird messages. It's firefox then :D18:34
EriC^i'd just fresh install especially since the upgrade path is going to be 'weird' (aka replacing sources vs do-release-upgrade) which btw does anyone really know exactly why that's bad on ubuntu?18:34
EriC^spiceytje: aha :D18:34
EriC^spiceytje: try the grep command18:34
spiceytjeThe relief! No weird hocus pocus yay18:34
EriC^spiceytje: or look for some autocomplete options in google18:35
elfatherbrownI know its horrible. Its old.18:36
elfatherbrownioria, EriC^  okay ready to roll: https://termbin.com/1tcc18:39
elfatherbrownapt-get upgrade and start praying?18:40
ioriaelfatherbrown, sorry forgot a line :  add this at the end and run again apt update  : deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-backports main restricted universe multiverse18:40
EriC^elfatherbrown: what's the sources.list look like atm?18:41
elfatherbrownioria, okay done. Current sources.list: https://termbin.com/yetz18:41
spiceytjenope EriC^  the grep command only refers to the line in the log of irc18:41
ioriaelfatherbrown, ok, sudo apt update18:41
EriC^spiceytje: ah i see, it's probably encrypted or something in google's settings18:41
elfatherbrownioria, https://hastebin.com/ejejevetaj.rb18:42
elfatherbrownThats the output. Has some warnings though18:42
ioriaelfatherbrown, sudo apt-get purge libappstream318:43
elfatherbrownhuh... well18:44
ioriaelfatherbrown, sudo apt update  again18:45
elfatherbrownioria, yes. It installed and upgraded:  libappstream4 libegl-mesa0 libegl1 libglvnd0 libpng16-16 libstemmer0d libwayland-egl1 libzstd1 plus all dependencies18:45
elfatherbrownapt update now has output clean of warnings18:45
ioriaelfatherbrown, sudo apt update18:45
ioriaelfatherbrown, ok18:45
ioriaelfatherbrown,  sudo apt full-upgrade18:45
elfatherbrownioria, roger that18:46
aberrantoops. sorry.18:46
rfmspiceytje, if it18:47
rfmspiceytje, if it's the firefox form filling, you could try clearing the form history,  https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/control-whether-firefox-automatically-fills-forms18:48
elfatherbrownioria, it will take a while. And then ill have to see what broke, but i dont think too much.18:52
spiceytjerfm i just deleted firefox, reinstalled it and the problem is still there lmao wtf is going on.18:53
spiceytjebut i will certainly check that link now18:53
ioriaelfatherbrown,  good luck18:54
EriC^spiceytje: the configs aren't deleted when you remove firefox from apt, they stay in your home dir, apt never touches that18:54
spiceytjeha ok18:54
EriC^(even with apt purge)18:54
jaybeersis there a package for Firefox' unbranded builds?  I'm looking for the best way to preserve my current "Firefox experience" while also being able to run locally-developed extensions.  Seems like unbranded and ESR are the two best options that don't sacrifice stability, but I'm open to other options I haven't thought of19:11
pragmaticenigmajaybeers: This channel is focused on support issues (e.g. My ubuntu installation does do X, I can't launch program Y) ... For software recommendations and/or discussions, please see the #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss channels19:13
pragmaticenigmajaybeers: For a more developer centric channel, see #ubuntu-app-devel19:14
jaybeersok, thanks, I'll take it to -discuss19:15
=== rangergord_ is now known as rangergord
elfatherbrownioria, EriC^ okay. finished upgrading. Had an error at some tex package. Removed it and upgraded now clean. Rebooting now to see if this worked thus far.19:18
EriC^great elfatherbrown19:19
spiceytjeI don't exactly know what I did in firefox to make it stop, but phew it's gone. A whole forum is relieved now lol.19:20
elfatherbrownIt booted and the DNS works!19:21
elfatherbrownEriC^, ioria i missed this. I missed linux. Thank you.19:22
EriC^elfatherbrown: :D np19:22
xormorevery electrical (digital) interactive device needs an interface - a user interface. there are also programming interfaces.19:37
akikabout yesterday's question about imac dual boot with ubuntu, i decided to fix it by running "efibootmgr -o 0080,0000" after booting ubunt,u so that the next restart would start macos again19:39
cluelesspersonSo, I've recently upgraded from Ubuntu 19.04 to 19.1019:43
cluelesspersonand now, VLC cannot play video full screen19:43
cluelesspersonThe screen seems to glitch out back and forth. :(19:43
cluelesspersonwait, it's working fine now19:44
pragmaticenigmacluelessperson: Please mind your acronyms and language. Keep it family friendly here19:45
pragmaticenigmacluelessperson: Also, check your VLC settings... it might be set to autodetect video decoders. and it might have taken a few tries to figure out hardware acceleration for better video playback performance19:46
cluelesspersonpragmaticenigma, are you a mod here?19:54
pragmaticenigmacluelessperson: This is a volunteer run channel. There is a code of conduct and community guidelines to read up on if you're curious about the channel's rules.19:56
pragmaticenigma!coc | cluelessperson19:56
ubottucluelessperson: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv19:56
pragmaticenigma!guidelines | cluelessperson19:56
ubottucluelessperson: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines19:56
cluelesspersonpragmaticenigma, I dislike censorship.19:58
CarlFKcluelessperson: then this may not be the #channel for you19:59
cluelesspersonCarlFK, I'm confused.19:59
pragmaticenigmacluelessperson: you're being asked to mind what you type. there are plenty of ways to articulate an idea that does not require the usage of cussing or derogatory language.19:59
cluelesspersonpragmaticenigma, I very much dislike that you imply that I don't mind what I type, and that you conflate "derogatory" which means to disrespect, with that of expressing emotion.20:02
pragmaticenigmacluelessperson: This isn't the place for this debate. Please join #ubuntu-ops if you wish to discuss this further20:03
cluelesspersonpragmaticenigma, I don't see you in there, are you a mod?20:04
CarlFKcluelessperson: If you are not going to follow the rules, please leave the channel.20:05
ioriacluelessperson, there might be under age people in here, that's all20:05
cluelesspersonCarlFK, I didn't say I wouldn't follow the rules.  I'm just seeking to engage with this person that thought it necessary to call me out. :)20:08
cluelesspersonpragmaticenigma, in spite of enjoying debating the ethics, I am sorry for being a bit callous. :P  I agree that wasn't particularly productive and I'll try to be better.20:14
cluelesspersonI'm not sure how to troubleshoot the things I run into properly.  It's a little frustrating.20:47
Sbur3I’m using Ubuntu 19.10. Trying to format a USB drive in Fat32. Been unable to change its owner from root to my user.20:48
bpromptcluelessperson:   that as always, depends on the specifics20:49
bpromptSbur3:   come again?  you can just do it in Gparted, no?20:49
Sbur3I’ve used gpart to set up the partition (/dev/sdd) and tried chown and chmod to change the owner20:50
leftyfbSbur3: fat32 doesn't support linux permissions. What exactly is the issue you're running into?20:50
akem__Sbur3, Maybe you want the mount option uid=,gid=?20:51
bpromptSbur3:  the owner? check what leftyfb ^ said20:51
sarnoldSbur3: man 8 mount, search for "Mount options for fat"20:51
bpromptwell, it doesn't have to be mounted to be formatted20:52
Sbur3leftyfb try to transfer music (mp3) onto the usb stick to use it on my car’s sound system. permissions denied20:52
sarnoldit only has 'owner' once it is mounted20:52
sarnoldwhen it is unmounted it has no concept of owner20:52
leftyfbSbur3: ok, were you able to successfully format it as fat32?20:53
Sbur3leftyfb I formatted it fat32 via gpart20:53
lordcirth__Sbur3, you formatted /dev/sdd, or /dev/sdd1?20:53
TobbiCan anyone using ubuntu 18.04 please try to reproduce this? https://github.com/SuperTux/supertux/issues/128020:54
Sbur3lordcirth_ I believe it was sdd, but I’m not certain20:54
leftyfbSbur3: use gparted, setup a new partition table on the device, create a new DOS partition and format it as fat3220:55
cluelesspersonSbur3,   I imagine there are several layers to this.   Permissions which may be applied to the contents of the disk itself.   "Mapping" possibly done when mounting the drive, and "overriding" which might be performed by an application .20:56
cluelesspersonSo, file attributes, mounting translation, and gatekeeping by application.20:56
sarnoldTobbi: https://github.com/SuperTux/supertux/blob/32263950d315b0d7dbf1d70dedc8b7cd98cf57db/mk/cmake/ConfigureChecks.cmake20:57
sarnoldTobbi: looksl ike things are working as intended, no?20:58
Tobbisarnold: Actually, you might be right.20:58
TobbiI don't know enough about what to do in this case.20:58
sarnoldme neither.. IO've got to run, but chances are good this test is workiung as designed to detect that iconv's return value is size_t20:59
TobbiThanks anyway :)21:00
TobbiI'll have to find out why we're doing this.21:00
Sbur3ok. thx21:08
dreamonBashing-om, Good evening. Do you remember me. I found a solution of my hdmi no audio issue21:24
SomeTanyone know as per https://gyazo.com/d1b68d1f5e3f73bd345bd02d58f6c4b4 if this vim in apt-get is 64 bit or 32 bit pls?21:30
fkhellHi. I am running 18.04 on a dell xeon system and it always had an issue that it could not reboot (this leads to the ubuntu start screen halting at 2 lit dots) but since one of the recent kernel upgrades I also cannot use suspend any longer, it blanks the screen then shuts down. 'last' shows crash as a reason for shutdown. problem 2 since one of the last apt upgrades is that the keyboard seems to send21:32
fkhellmultiple keys for some keys like down also sends keycode 234 and starts VLC and in addition I cannot use ALT GR any longer (right alt key), it seems to send keycode 15621:32
fkhellI have tried dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration but it didn't change anything21:33
fkhellsorry, this is actually on 16.0421:33
stan_man_canI have a service that generates a TON of logs and it's filling up my VPS really quickly21:34
Bashing-omdreamon: Yup remember - Yeah ! What solution - (Been waiting on you to try the Wayland protocal :D21:34
stan_man_canIs there a way in my app.service file to customize where the logs go so I can send them to a volume instead of /var/log/syslog ?21:34
ducassestan_man_can: /etc/rsyslog.conf, but journald does it's own thing21:36
stan_man_canducasse is there any way to just move all logging to the volume ?21:37
stan_man_canmy VPS is only 25GB and I added a 50GB volume at /mnt/{name} so if I could just move the syslog's to go there instead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯21:37
ducassestan_man_can: move /var/log and symlink?21:39
stan_man_canoh hold on, it looks like in the /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf i can set the log files by facility, then in systemd i can set the facility for the logs, so i wonder if that would work21:40
SomeTanyone know as per https://gyazo.com/d1b68d1f5e3f73bd345bd02d58f6c4b4 if this vim in apt-get is 64 bit or 32 bit pls?21:41
ducasseSomeT: if you mean the default repos, then that depends on your install21:46
SomeTmy install supports both 32 bit and 64 bit21:48
SomeTits ubuntu server droplet21:48
SomeTon digital ocean21:48
dreamonBashing-om, I can switch between nvidia and intel .. made a script that copys the right configs into /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ ..21:49
dreamonBashing-om, Fixing hdmi audio issue. I had to modify /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf21:50
dreamonInstead of → options snd-hda-intel model=generic → options snd-hda-intel model=lenovo21:50
dreamonBashing-om, Now it works..21:51
dreamonBashing-om, Thank you very much. Without your help, I never could fix it by myself.21:51
Bashing-omdreamon: Well ain't you something :D care to share that script ?21:52
dreamonBashing-om, my script only copies a xorg.conf with intel parameter in it or otherwise a nvida xorg.conf. 10-nvidia.conf or 20-intel.conf. I think there is a better way. but for me its ok.21:54
dreamonBashing-om, by switching → sudo prime-select nvidia → he used still this intel xorg..21:55
Bashing-omdreamon: Hokay - I forget where that switching is supposed to take place - so there is a config failure That you gave worked around !21:57
dreamonor maybe I could insert all in one file and X Server startup should automatic use correct parameter.. but I dont know. therefore I simply copy it.21:58
dreamonBashing-om, I simply want to say thanks. you made me a lucky man.22:00
Bashing-omdreamon: Well, you did all the heavy lifting - I do appreciate that pat on the back however :)22:04
Bashing-omdreamon: For your thoughts - I worked a similar issue with another; and lo-and-behold Wayland worked with no issues !22:05
ramsub07hello. i'm trying a solution to be able to fix the static brightness issue on my ubuntu 18.04.  : https://askubuntu.com/questions/762764/cant-change-brightness-since-ubuntu-16-04-lts22:15
ramsub07however, i face the same error mentioned in this comment , https://askubuntu.com/questions/762764/cant-change-brightness-since-ubuntu-16-04-lts#comment1883517_85948022:15
dreamonramsub07, Today I fixed my backlight issue by removing most of it, only "quiet splash" left. so I could mdify it normally on my lenovo notebook22:20
akikhe left22:21
akiki can write directly to /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness and control it like that22:22
akikin some earlier distro i needed to set acpi_backlight=vendor22:23
dreamonakik, that worked for me too. but using keystrokes is much easier22:23
akikdreamon: i bound them in plasma shortcuts22:23
dreamonthis part I had to remove. vendor option was my problem22:24
fkhellevtest gives me code 148 for r_alt while xev gives me 156 - where could the cause of this be? (in 16.04, see above)22:29
fkhelli think both codes are wrong as well, it should be 92 i think22:29
Bashing-omfkhell: My result ( US keyboard): "keycode 108 (keysym 0xffea, Alt_R),".22:34
fkhellthanks, my result on my working 18.04 computer is 108 as well, then the line below says XKeysymToKeycode returns keycode: 9222:35
fkhelli just don't know where to fix it (and why it is broken)22:35
fkhellincidentally the 18.04 computer also gave some (different) wrong keys, like END sending comma as well, but that was fixed with dpkg-reconfigure22:36
Bashing-omfkhell: Yup - seems something is intercepting - my advisory also has " XFilterEvent returns: False " .22:37
fkhellyes it has the same for me on both computers. i am trying to locate a keymap now, the old place in lib udev seems obsolete22:41
fkhellor maybe i just have to create it myself22:43
ramsub07hello, sorry i was trying some solution but didn't work. how do I fix constant high brightness on dell xps 15? and ubuntu 18.04?22:43
Bashing-omfkhell: EFI system ? on a BIOS boot GRUB can directly read the I/O port where the keyboard status bits for Shift/Alt/Ctrl are stored to get their state, but EFI services don't provide that access.22:44
Bashing-omfkhell: Looked at /usr/share/X11/xkb/keycodes/evdev ?22:48
fkhellit's not EFI, as far as i can tell (no /sys/firmware/efi) and i have looked at the evdev keycodes and they specify ralt as 10822:56
fkhellI plugged in a 2nd keyboard and it shows the correct keycodes / it works22:59
fkhellunfortunately I would like to use the original keyboard if possible, so I probably have to remap the keys somehow23:00
fkhellthe keyboard that works is USB, the one that doesnt work correctly is PS/223:03
fkhellis there a way to see which of the /lib/udev/hwdb.d/60-keyboard.hwdb are actually applied?23:11
leaftypefkhell, a bit of duckduckgo leads me to this command: udevadm info /dev/input/by-path/*-usb-*-kbd23:23
leaftypeI don't know if it's what you're looking for though, so I'm still poking around23:24
Greenfrogkubuntu 18.04 discover wont open all other apps work23:33
fkhellthanks leaftype, i found that one as well, only the path is not usb, but i got the right path and it shows some keys being bound, but not actually the relevant ones23:33
leaftypefkhell, were you rebinding some keys?23:35
poxifideso i can't figure out why my ethernet upload is being capped at 0.39MB/s23:36
leaftypepoxifide, ouch. My first thought is always "WTF ISP, I pay you money for this"23:37
poxifideit doesn't seem to be the ISP. i'm using an odroid-xu4 w/ armbian (their unofficial channel is dead it seems..). i have two devices and both return the same results, so i don't think it's hardware related. tried getting rid of networkmanager (disabling) and using systemd-networkd (download is faster, upload same). tried on other machines using the same speedtest server 1778 and the upload isn't capped.23:40
poxifide(i have two odroids cause i was using one for Android for a while heh)23:40
poxifidei should test lan upload, haven't done that23:41
fkhellleaftype: i was not rebinding anything before the problem occured. now i tried to rebind the 2 scancodes i get to rightalt, but it didnt seem to work23:42
poxifideok... lan is uncapped. yet laptop and odroid are returning different results from speedtest still... maybe i should just give the modem a reboot.23:44
fkhellyou could be using a wrong MTU23:49
jeremy31fkhell: what is normal MTU, 1500?23:50
fkhell1500, but for DSL connections it's better to use 1492 if i remember correctly23:51
fkhellmy ps2 keyboard works after a reboot now. it took my hwdb remappings and my xorg conf changes, but i think it just works without the remappings anyway since xev and evtest now show the correct scancode (and pressing the arrow keys does not start vlc now)23:54
fkhellthanks to anyone who helped :)23:55
poxifidehow do you check mtu i forgot23:55
poxifidealso im on comcast23:55
fkhellit should show up in ifconfig23:55
poxifiderebooted and getting 1.50MB/s upload on my laptop, still 0.39MB/s on odroid23:56
poxifide*rebooted modem23:56
fkhellifconfig | grep -i mtu23:57
poxifidemtu is 1500. modem is an xfinity modem/router. only other thing in between is a netgeear 8port ethernet switch.23:58

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