xubuntu26whey guys my windows install is stuck on #1 in partion of loop back(loopback2)01:41
xubuntu26wdid i miss something01:41
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xubuntu99wI am currently running ubuntu 19.10 witch was upgraded via software updates from Xubuntu 16.04 lts i am wondering, can i switch to Xubuntu 19.10 stable without losing anything?05:56
gnrpxubuntu99w: Hu? From 19.10 to 19.10?09:23
xubuntu99wUbuntu to Xubuntu10:54
gnrpaaha, sorry, didn't read that11:07
gnrpyou would just install the according xfce packages11:08
gnrpthen you can try it out11:08
gnrpand if you like it, remove the gnome packages (although I guess that will break something)11:08
gnrpbut installing xfce on top of a regular ubuntu is common11:09

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