aberranthi all01:35
aberrantDoes `make bindeb-pkg` make the modules? I don't have any .deb that has the word "modules" in it.01:38
connor_kSorry I’m not at my computer right now to confirm but I think maybe the bindeb-pkg target might just roll them all up into the *images*.deb01:40
connor_kIf you run “dpkg -x | grep nvme” the modules might be listed01:40
aberrantok, thanks. let me check01:40
aberrantsorry for being so high-maintenance01:41
connor_kWanting to learn something new is hardly high maintenance :-) if anyone tells you that then they’re wrong01:41
connor_kEr sorry “dpkg -x *image*.deb | grep nvme”01:42
sarnoldI don't see anything else in the make help output that looks like it'd generate modules debs01:42
aberrantseth@hydrogen:~/kernel$ dpkg -c linux-image-5.3.10+_5.3.10+-1_amd64.deb | grep -i nvme01:42
aberrantdrwxr-xr-x root/root         0 2019-12-16 15:39 ./lib/modules/5.3.10+/kernel/drivers/nvme/01:42
aberrantdrwxr-xr-x root/root         0 2019-12-16 15:39 ./lib/modules/5.3.10+/kernel/drivers/nvme/host/01:42
aberrant-rw-r--r-- root/root    163713 2019-12-16 15:39 ./lib/modules/5.3.10+/kernel/drivers/nvme/host/nvme-core.ko01:42
aberrantthat's dpkg -c01:42
connor_kOkay cool, looks like they’re all rolled up into *image*.deb01:42
aberrantdoes that mean the modules are loaded?01:42
aberrantis that the right image deb?01:43
aberrantI don't want dbg, right?01:43
connor_kI think the *modules*.deb is purely an ubuntu artifact with how the scripts are set up01:43
connor_kYes that’s the right deb01:43
aberrantlinux-headers-5.3.10+_5.3.10+-1_amd64.deb    linux-image-5.3.10+_5.3.10+-1_amd64.deb01:43
aberrantlinux-image-5.3.10+-dbg_5.3.10+-1_amd64.deb  linux-libc-dev_5.3.10+-1_amd64.deb01:43
connor_kDbg will only be helpful if you want to run that kernel under a debugger 01:43
aberrantthose are my choices01:43
aberrantsecond one, I guess.01:43
aberrantok, now a dpkg -i on the HV, right?01:44
aberrantwish me luck.01:44
connor_kGood luck!01:44
aberrantW: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/vega20_ta.bin for module amdgpu01:45
aberrantW: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/navi10_mes.bin for module amdgpu01:45
aberrantI seem to recall having that earlier too01:45
aberrantso I'm going from 5.3.0 to
aberrantwill be back after reboot, hopefully. :)01:45
* aberrant waves01:45
aberrantseth@elemental:~$ sudo fstrim -v /01:50
aberrant seth@elemental:~$ sudo fstrim -v /01:50
aberrantdamnit, that's not pasting01:50
aberrantsuffice to say it works01:50
aberrantwe need to get this patch into the kernel :)01:51
sarnoldTIL there's a -v to fstrim :)01:51
aberrant /: 758.3 GiB (814159003648 bytes) trimmed01:51
aberrantI'll update the bug report.01:52
sarnoldhmm which irc client do you have? I thuoght most? all? had paste detection to handle a leading / in a paste correctly01:52
sarnoldthat might be worth a bug report for your irc client, heh01:53
connor_kNice job aberrant!! 01:53
aberrantsarnold: I'm using irssi01:55
aberrantconnor_k: I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks so much!01:55
sarnoldhm. now I've got to try.. :)01:55
connor_kWhat’s the bug number, aberrant?01:55
sarnold# fstrim -v /01:56
sarnold/: 6.7 GiB (7215800320 bytes) trimmed01:56
sarnoldirssi 0.8.19-1ubuntu1.9 on this machine01:57
aberrantsarnold: from what I understand the fstrim issue only manifests in certain nvme drives that don't follow the spec precisely.01:58
aberrant758.3 GiB trimmed seems like an awful lot though.01:58
sarnoldaberrant: heh, I was more just interested in the / leading char thing, the actual issue you and connor_k are discussing I haven't followed at all, hehe01:59
aberrantI don't think I've gone past 20% utilization on the drive.01:59
connor_kCool! I wrote it down and can look at it tomorrow for SRU’ing the patch into the kernel 01:59
sarnoldaberrant: how long has it been since you've done an fstrim on this system? what kind of write churn does it have? do you have the weekly fstrim timers running correctly?01:59
aberrantCTCP VERSION reply from aberrant: irssi v1.2.1-1ubuntu201:59
aberrantsarnold: the machine is less than a week old. I've never done an fstrim on it.02:00
sarnold700G trimmed *does* feel like a huge trim if you're getting it done weekly already..02:00
aberrantI set up some vms on it, and transferred a bunch of data.02:00
aberrantbut currently I'm at 19% utilization02:00
aberrantI wonder if the first fstrim on a brand new disk is somehow large. The subsequent one I did was 0 GiB.02:01
aberrantoh, look02:01
aberrantthat's roughly the size of the total free space02:03
sarnoldyeah, any more and I'd have been very worried :)02:03
aberrantso maybe it had to do a complete fstrim on the entire free list.02:03
sarnoldit's possible that the 'first' fstrim on the filesystem does have to start from scratch and trim it all, whether or not it'd been used02:03
sarnold250ish gigs, though, the average data would only need to be overwritten three times.. between write amplifications on small writes, OS updates on host and guests.. maybe 700-ish gigs of dirtied but no longer needed data isn't crazy for a 250-ish gig used system02:05
sarnoldI shudder to think about eg atime updates on all those bloody files. relatime is a good thing, but even then..02:05
aberrantI'm mounting relatime02:06
aberrantlet's see what happens next sunday :)02:07
aberrantthis channel is fantastic. Thanks for all the support here.02:07
sarnoldhmm does the timer use fstrim -v? or fstrim? or .. just run the ioctls raw?02:07
aberrantas it turns out I have to RMA my motherboard.02:07
aberrantit won't take a BIOS update. It's stuck on the penultimate version.02:07
sarnoldhere's the logs from three of my machines http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GGJHQKFDJj/02:10
sarnoldthat's frustrating :(02:11
aberrantyeah, so I confirmed: if I add the trimmed GiB to the used GiB I get exactly the capacity of the disk02:15
aberrantso the first trim probably trims the entire free space02:15
aberrant758.3 + 15802:16
aberrantwell, not *exactly* but close enough for government work02:17
aberrantok. That's enough stress for one day. thanks again. Have a great evening, all.02:20
* aberrant waves.02:20
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aberrantmorning all :)18:23
aberrantafter that patch everything is wonderful.18:24
tharrrkhi there. may i have a question regd. mainline kernels here or is there a better channel to ask?20:34
sarnoldthis may be fine, but there's also a #kernelnewbies on irc.oftc.net that's more about kernel programming. maybe ask and see what happens :)20:36
tharrrkcool thanks20:37
tharrrkso, all builds on kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ from v5.3.7 failed for i386. Is that intentional? I mean, i386 is kind of dead these days but if there is a build recipe i think it should either build successfully or it should go away... If there's something i could help with..?20:42
sarnoldheh that's indeed one that wouldn't be useful for #kernelnewbies :)20:49

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