fkhelltry to change it to 1492, if it doesnt help you can set it back00:00
poxifideonly other thing i notice is when i start up a file transfer on filezilla, the speed goes down at first to 1MiB/s and then back up to the cable's cap (laptop cable isn't gigabit unfortunately.)00:00
poxifidedidn't work. :/ im about to just say heck with it. download is 25MB/s so idk.00:06
poxifidethanks for the help btw00:06
sarnoldare you blocking icmp anywhere?00:06
fkhellwell not much help, but you are welcome00:07
poxifidei validate for the attempt at least.00:07
poxifidesarnold: maybe idk. ill look.00:08
poxifideif i am, it'd be on the modem end00:08
poxifidefirewall is IDS Enabled and only thing blocked is http00:12
SomeThow do I install gnu compiler collection 9.2 for ubuntu?00:16
sarnoldpoxifide: "00:19
sarnoldpoxifide: "IDS enabled"?00:19
sarnoldSomeT: if you're on ubuntu eoan or ubuntu's devel release focal, 9.2 is available https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-9 -- apt install gcc-9 ought to work00:22
poxifidesarnold: wiki intrusion detection system is my only guess.00:40
sarnoldpoxifide: hmm. it's common for "security" things to just block ICMP, which breaks path mtu detection00:41
poxifideanyways i think im just going to accept it as-is. at least LAN isn't being capped. i don't really host stuff off my home network00:41
poxifideI have my settings set to custom and ICMP is unchecked00:41
poxifide*i don't host stuff for outside LAN usage that is.00:42
SomeT@sarnold: I want the entire collection though not just gcc00:43
SomeTI think00:43
SomeTin windows I have this00:43
SomeTso I was looking for something similar in ubuntu00:43
sarnoldpoxifide: you *could* try using socat's 'mss' option to try different sizes; comparing speeds of eg 512 bytes vs 1024 bytes vs 1492 bytes might be useful00:44
sarnoldSomeT: if you want the other language frontends you could also install g++-9 gccgo-9 gdc-9 gfortran-9 gnat-9 gobjc-9 gobjc++-900:46
sarnoldI think that's all of them00:46
poxifideonly other thing i can come up with is maybe comcast is doing some sort of DOS mitigation since it was getting hammered with ssh logins (grabbed a rogue aur package on arch arm... lazily ignored the golden rule of checking scripts `-` caught it tho and closed the port same night. figured since im reinstalling i might as well try armbian. tbh i don't like aur, tho i do like manjaro... sadly manjaro doesn't support odroid-xu4.)00:49
poxifideim keeping armbian bionic as long as it works tho. id rather work with ubuntu on a server than arch00:51
poxifidealso sorry if i'm breaking a rule by trying to get support here... just figured since it identifies as Ubuntu and the packages are from ports.ubuntu.com that it's ubuntu pretty much00:54
sarnoldpoxifide: no, that's perfectly fine :) it's just not an easy problem to debug, especially remotely..00:56
sarnoldpoxifide: if it were my problem, I'd try capturing tcpdumps of slow connections vs fast connections and try to see if I can spot a difference00:57
sarnoldpoxifide: I might also try fiddling with MTU on interfaces, MSS to specific connections; maybe set up iperf3 responders on different cloud providers..00:57
TelendrithHmmm morning/afternoon. Had an issue installing ubuntu server 19.10. Getting a crash from the installer. I figured it was because I tried was trying to mount md0 as /home but I'm not sure. dumped the crash report - https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ysw5fpxWBx/ | I'm assuming the issue is near line 899 - with I/O error, dev sda, sector 2458 op 0x1:(WRITE)01:00
Telendrithflags 0x0 phys_seg 16 prio class 0. Was wondering if there's a known issue with the installer/mdadm01:00
sarnoldpoxifide: awww bummer. once upon a time there was an excellent android application, icsi netalyzr, but they've pulled it :(01:01
poxifidesarnold: noted them all. tho i think i am done for the night with it. since LAN upload is fine and WAN/LAN download are also fine, those are my only real concerns.01:02
sarnoldTelendrith: I haven't heard any issues with mdraid in the installer; my guess is this is really busted hardware of some sort01:03
sarnoldTelendrith: though I'm accustomed to seeing a lot more noise in the logs when that happens01:04
sarnoldTelendrith: have you been able to recover the array? or replace the failed drive?01:04
poxifidewow: mssstest: Normalisation of disease scores for patients with Multiple Sclerosis01:04
poxifidenever know what you'll find in the repos heh01:04
nmideIs there a way to see when kernel patches will be included in the main updates? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/131945701:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1319457 in linux (Ubuntu Trusty) "usb headset causes "retire_playback_urb ... callbacks suppressed" spam in dmesg" [Medium,Fix released]01:10
nmideIt's been several kernel updates now and still the same problem persists01:11
nmidethe spam in dmesg causes performance degrading that makes the system unusable, with the only solution being to reboot and pray it doesn't come back01:11
sarnoldnmide: that bug appears to be fixed; you should file a new bug, with ubuntu-bug linux, and describe what you're seeing01:13
nmideit says "fixed" in the header of the URL but the "fix" is some guy put a link to a version of kernel 3.x that has a patch in it01:14
nmideand it never got upstreamed01:14
sarnoldnmide: you can mention this bug number in the description, but since that bug was marked fixed four years ago, it's probably a different bug01:14
nmideit's the same bug01:14
sarnoldoh, you've got a new kernel built with that patch and it worked? cool cool, that'll *really* help getting the fix integrated back into the ubuntu SAUCE patches01:15
sarnoldbe sure to point out in the new bug report what testing you did01:16
TelendrithSigh @sarnold - you where right, issue with the disk or sas connector.01:16
nmideeasy on the sarcasm there little buddy, maybe I'm not explaining - it looks like someone fixed the problem but the fix didn't get included in subsequent kernels01:17
nmideI can submit a bug report, one sec, haven't done that before may have to fire up the ol' google and see how to do it01:17
sarnoldTelendrith: let's hope it's just a connector that's not fully seated?01:17
sarnoldnmide: heh, no sarcasm, I thought you'd had success with that patch. sorry.01:18
sarnoldnmide: ubuntu-bug linux01:18
nmideI'm on kernel 5, the patch is kernel 3.something, I didn't try to apply it01:18
TelendrithHmmm - I think it's the backplane :/01:18
nmidemaybe I should look at the guy's code and see if I can test it myself but I think the last time I compiled a kernel myself was 2.001:18
sarnoldnmide: heh, it's so much more frustrating these days. I'm so happy to run distro kernels exclusively these days01:19
sarnoldTelendrith: oh no :(01:19
upgrdmanhow do i get wifi working on a raspberry pi 4? from what i'm reading, the only way to enable wifi is to first use ethernet to download packages? really?01:43
upgrdmandid ubuntu really release a pi image that couldn't use wifi out of the box?01:44
lotuspsychjeupgrdman: some wifi chipsets might need a fully updated system01:44
upgrdmanlotuspsychje, it's a pi image from ubuntu. why the fuck wouldn't it support the pi's wifi01:45
lotuspsychjeupgrdman: there's no magic red button for every system/hardware to work 100% by default01:45
upgrdmanit's an image SPECIFICALLY FOR THE PI01:45
upgrdmandon't be stupid01:45
lotuspsychjeand please mind your language in #ubuntu01:45
sarnoldupgrdman: https://ubuntu.com/blog/updated-images-of-ubuntu-for-the-raspberry-pi-2-3-and-401:45
upgrdman;) j/k, but seriously, how stupid is that.01:45
YeehawItsJakeDoes anyone know IPTables well or is this not a good channel for that?01:50
cluelesspersonYeehawItsJake, I know iptables well enough.02:16
cluelesspersonUbuntu feels really slow on this machine, and I'm not sure why.02:16
LynxxxHi, I'm having trouble installing Code::Blocks IDE on to my Ubuntu 12.04.5 32-bit system. When I try installing it through the software centre, it throws the following error:02:21
LynxxxThe following packages have unmet depencies: codeblocks: Depends: libgcc1 (>= 1:4.1.1) but 1:4.6.3-1ubuntu5 is to be installed02:23
Bashing-om!12.04 | Lynxxx02:24
ubottuLynxxx: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) was the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 28th 2017. See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2017-April/003833.html for more information02:24
Lynxxxoh right,02:24
Bashing-omLynxxx: The software repository no longer exists :(02:24
Lynxxxsorry for wasting your time. Vim will have to do for know :/   !14.0402:25
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 25th, 2019. Paid support (ESM) is available. See also !esm, !eol, !eolupgrade02:25
Bashing-omlynxis: Not a waste of our time if it helps you along the way :D02:27
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GoodTimesImmorthello room02:51
Bashing-omGoodTimesImmort: Welcome to ubuntu support - you have an issue ?02:58
grigoraHi, I have a Linode running Ubuntu 18.4 LTS. When I login I get a message about 8 packages needing an update. However, when I do "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade" it only shows me 3 packages which "have been kept back" - linux-generic, linux-headers-generic, linux-image-generic. Could someone explain what this means? Many thanks.03:02
sarnoldgrigora: how about an apt upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade?03:04
sarnold(apt upgrade is probably the better tool to be using)03:04
surrealpiedoes anyone know how to have the grub menu in grub installed from ubuntu installation. grub always skips theboot menu and goes to splash screen. i set the option GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=menu but still get the splash directly03:05
grigorasarnold: I'll check it out - wasn't familiar with apt03:07
grigorasarnold: thanks, should I always be using dist-upgrade vs just upgrade>03:08
sarnoldgrigora: apt-get dist-upgrade is necessary to bring in new package dependencies, but sadly will *remove* packages too. apt upgrade will bring in new dependencies but not delete old deps. so hooray. :)03:08
sarnoldgrigora: apt upgrade is probably what you should be using03:08
grigorasarnold tk u03:08
GoodTimesImmortNo issues, tinkering with irssi and using multiple windows but figured since I'm using ubuntu this would be a good room to keep open03:17
Bashing-omGoodTimesImmort: +10 :D03:21
GoodTimesImmortGuess I do have a question. Favorite light rss or news tickers?03:32
mattflyhi people! how do i see the last version of a package i had?03:39
mattflyI am having this issue here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1196657/x2go-connection-failed-cannot-create-remote-file/1196707#119670703:39
mattflywould like to downgrade x2gserver to try and see if it works then03:40
sarnoldmattfly: /var/log/dpkg.dpkg should include lines saying which version was upgraded over03:40
mattflyi dont have that file03:40
mattflyubuntu 18.0403:41
mattflyyou mean .log?03:41
sarnoldhah, yes, sorry. i'm apparently done thinking for the day :)03:42
mattflydoes it show a all time history or the last boot?03:43
Bashing-omGoodTimesImmort: Check out sylpheed.03:43
mattflybecause i dont see nothing old03:43
sarnoldmattfly: well, x2goclient hasn't been updated often https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/x2goclient03:48
sarnoldmattfly: same story with x2goserver https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/x2goserver03:49
h4r1I am trying to mount a ntfs drive on my ubuntu. For whatever reason, I want to set the permissions on the files so that other users don't have readwrite access. No matter how I mount it, it seems like the files are always mounted using default permissions. Can anyone help me set the permissions correctly?03:50
mattflywell i think i was using a ppa...03:51
mattflyi think i will remove it03:51
sarnoldh4r1: what are the permissions on the mountpoint?03:52
h4r1I configured it to `/dev/sdc1 /media/life_drive ntfs-3g permissions,umask=0770` on fstab but when I run `mount`, it prints03:52
h4r1`/dev/sdc1 on /media/life_drive type fuseblk (rw,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,default_permissions,allow_other,blksize=4096)`03:53
h4r1I manually ran `chmod` to see if that would work. It runs but files don't get updated.03:54
sarnoldand ls -ld /media/life_drive? does it show eg 700 h4r1 h4r1?03:55
h4r1When I don't mount, it shows 770 permissions. Once I mount, it switches to 77703:56
GoodTimesImmortBashing-om: Anything specific you like about it, if I may ask?04:01
Bashing-omGoodTimesImmort: easy to configure, good docs and ....it works :P wait ! .. rss reader ! that for me is liferea . sylpheed is my mail client.04:07
mattflyHow can start another X session? this used to work on 16.04 and 14, but not anymore04:15
mattflyi just get a black screen04:15
mattflywith startx /usr/bin/i304:15
mattflyon a new tty04:15
RadSurfer__Anyone know proper way to install Google-Earth?05:04
dzragonRadSurfer__: Does Google-Earth have something that Google maps lack? I dont remember, such a long time since i used it.05:09
RadSurfer__found this: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-google-earth-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux05:09
j1s0nanyone knows that how to compile ld.so for ubuntu 16.04?05:13
RadSurfer__Okay, that web site for Google-earth installation on Ubuntu 19.1 does WORK.05:21
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GoodTimesImmortthank you room, will try and be back later07:44
rktaIs there any way to report a bug without creating an account?08:34
ducasserkta: not really, it needs to be tied to a user for requesting further information and trying to solve the problem08:49
Lukas2Good morning. Anyone here with some further mdadm knowledge? I ran into some problems with my raid and mdadm wont accept my calculated size-command08:59
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nanthencodeneethhow to open port 42472 in ubuntu18.0409:39
Lukas2Anyone here with some knowledge about the mdadm size-parameter?09:41
oerheksnanthencodeneeth, if you have UFW enabled, sudo ufw allow 42472/tcp   or udp09:46
oerheksrrrr-really easy to find09:46
nanthencodeneethmy ufw is disabled09:49
nanthencodeneethoerheks is there any other way09:49
oerhekserr, without ufw, why would you need to open a port?09:52
oerheksno rules = open09:52
nanthencodeneethmy knowledge about ports is zero09:52
nanthencodeneethoreheks thanks for helping me09:53
oerheksnot sure what application needs that, is the port closed?09:53
oerheksthen your router might be the issue, add a rule from that port to your pc ip09:54
nanthencodeneethoerheks can you please tell me how toadd a rule from that port to your pc ip
IaMnEwHeRenanthencodeneeth, ubuntu has all ports open by defaul so unless you changed your fw-rules that port will be open09:56
oerheksdunno, check the manual of the router? there are tons of different router menus09:57
nanthencodeneethoerheks i am using a vps .So i dont have access to router09:57
oerheksvps .. then that firewall rule i gave you should work?09:58
IaMnEwHeRein that case you shouldn't even run a VPS if you have trouble witht his sort of thing09:58
nanthencodeneethbut when i checked with sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN i couldnt find anything10:00
IaMnEwHeRethat only means that no application is occupying that port10:01
oerhekswhat application needs this port?10:01
IaMnEwHeRea rat?10:04
IaMnEwHeRedude you are so far out of your depth, besides it being illegal. Here is my prediction, you will get shafted left right and center at least once10:04
IaMnEwHeReif not twice10:04
nanthencodeneethit is set as default there so what i understood from the discussion is that when i run ahmyth and check with sudo lsof -i -P -n|grep LISTEN i should be able to see .Am i correct10:05
oerheksa good vps has ufw enabled, else it is not ubuntu?10:05
IaMnEwHeReI am actually wondering: if it is your vps, why don't you know the OS running?10:05
oerheksso, " sudo ufw allow 42472/tcp" does not do the trick? restart that RAT after that?10:06
nanthencodeneethsorry when i checked now it is active10:06
oerhekshave fun!10:06
nanthencodeneeththanks oerheks10:08
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nanthencodeneethIamnewhere it is ubuntu10:13
nanthencodeneethubuntu 18.0410:14
IaMnEwHeReyou were completely missing my point here10:15
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arif-alihas anyone seen a problem with incrond, on a base install of 19.10, I get loads of defunct processes as "[bash] <defunct>". currently have 1057 processes, I guess that is the limit of how many it creates10:25
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MapManHi! I had a pretty sweet dual boot set up with ubanto and win10. Everything worked like a charm. I now had to replace MOBO and the laptop boots directly to win10. What should I do to get grub back?11:01
rud0lfMapMan: i use this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair11:03
rud0lfbut you should ask for other opinion11:03
mousesMapMan: option 2 - a live USB stick with Ubuntu on it, click the 'repair' button, done - one step, no fuss.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair11:03
mousesMapMan: Vital: you NEED to do this from a live boot.  It will not work on mounted filesystems.11:04
MapManok, sounds good. Will use boot-repair, I used it before for something else.11:04
mousesit's a great tool, saves a ton of effort and fixes the simple issues.11:04
MapManout of curiosity, why does it boot to win 10 instead of launching grub? Only mobo changed.11:05
mousesMapMan: Proabably a change from BIOS to EFI or EFI to UEFI11:05
MapMani see11:05
mousesMapMan: Or a 'windows has detected the hardware has changed!  We will now (without telling you) totally nuke the boot sector for your ease of use!' thing :P11:06
mousesWindows loves to screw up multiboot11:06
MapManit most definitely did that :P11:07
jeremy31MapMan: you could search to see how to add ubuntu to the UEFI in windows11:11
Sbur3I've been struggling with a usb stick, trying to get it to be acessible to my user. According to ls -l, it is mine.  But in Thunar and when I try to send files to it, it tells me that root is still the owner.  Any clues?11:28
Sbur3I've tried gpart, I've tried chown, and I've tried chmod11:29
Sbur3Anyone smarter than me?  I can't imagine anyone less intelligent than I am11:31
BluesKajHi folks11:34
oerheksSbur3, what filesystem is that?11:34
oerhekshi BluesKaj11:34
BluesKajhey oerheks11:34
Sbur3oerheks: fat3211:35
oerheksSbur3, oh, that is not posix, so chown and chmod has no influence11:36
oerheksif fat32 is writable as root only, i guess take a look at 'mount'.. is it read-only?11:36
oerheksthat would explain it: errors in the filesystem, only root can override that, do a filecheck?11:37
Sbur3oerheks: do you have a command line to do that?11:37
geirhayou've created an fstab entry for it?11:37
oerheksfsck.vfat -n /dev/sdXY11:37
oerheksgeirha, i guess for an usb stick one does no t add it to fstab11:38
geirharight, but if you do, you get into permission problems like this11:38
geirha*you can get11:38
Sbur3oerheks: Ok, but does the thing need to be unmounted first before fsck////11:38
geirhayes, always unmount before fsck11:39
Sbur3oerheks: Sorry for my ignorance, but to unmount sdd, what do I do, unless I do it via gpart11:40
oerheksfsck.vfat -n /dev/sdd1 # i guess11:40
geirhasudo umount /dev/sdd111:41
Sbur3oerheks: What do I do if the response is 0x41 Dirty bit is set ...?11:42
oerheksrun fsck?11:43
oerheksand it would give an option; remove dirty bit ?11:44
Sbur3oerheks: I did what you gave as command line and it came back that "dirty bit is set", "fats differ"  etc11:44
Sbur3oerheks: Yes, it said first that it corrected it, but then told me that it left it unchanged11:52
oerheksthat usb might be broken, though11:52
Sbur3oerheks: What is a "dirty bit"?11:53
oerheksan error somewhere?11:53
Sbur3oerheks: "Partition(s) 1 on /dev/sdd have been written, but we have been unable to inform the kernel of the change, probably because it/they are in use.  As a result, the old partition(s) will remain in use.  You should reboot now before making further changes."11:59
Sbur3oerheks: WT....?11:59
oerheksno clue there ..12:06
pagnolhow does one properly diagnose network issues?12:34
pagnolI have a Thinkpad running Ubuntu 18.04 which is the only device in my wireless network which sometimes has no internet connection although the wifi is stable12:35
tatertotspagnol: have you tried connecting to your smartphone, when its set to be used as a hotspot?12:37
pagnolyes, then it works perfectly12:37
jeremy31pagnol:  see https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=235432812:37
mousespagnol: https://askubuntu.com/questions/236119/how-do-i-troubleshoot-problems-with-my-wireless-connection12:38
tatertotspagnol: then the laptop and cell phone work fine...12:38
tatertotspagnol: your issue is with the in building infrastructure12:38
tatertotspagnol: which has nothing to do with ubuntu specifically12:38
pagnolI didn't blame Ubuntu, I just came to this channel because I know from past experience there are some fine folks around here ;-)12:39
tatertotspagnol: i know...i'm blaming your infrastructure since ubuntu wifi works "perfect" when using iphone as hotspot12:40
mousespagnol: the link I posted to you has some very common troubleshooting techniques you can look over12:42
tatertotspagnol: try the things in the links, remember it works perfectly when using the iphone as hotspot...that might save you some time and sanity when reading things to try12:44
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pagnolI'm so glad I found mtr12:59
pagnolI have losses of 75% on average13:00
enriois there any equivalent for microsoft office on ubuntu?13:01
pagnolenrio: do you know libreoffice?13:02
tatertotsenrio: Office 36513:02
tatertotspagnol: when using the iphone as hotspot?13:03
tatertotspagnol: seems that's been the only thing you could "successfully" connect to in the first place13:04
tatertotspagnol: right or wrong?13:04
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
pagnolno, when connecting to my tp-link access point at home initially it works and mtr shows 0% losses, but after about half a minute the losses start to increase13:06
pagnolI tried setting the wifi powersaving setting to 2 or 1, but that doesn't seem to have any impact13:07
pagnolwhen I connect to my Iphone, then there are no issues whatsoever13:07
tatertotspagnol: oh okay...that's good to have additional details...the consistent part seems tp be using the iphone as hot spot works perfectly and using in home infrastructure is less than ideal/perfect13:08
pagnolsetting REGDOMAIN doesn't seem to have any impact either13:08
tatertotspagnol: so you can concentrate your efforts on that "in home infrastructure"13:08
tatertotspagnol: the hotspot doesn't need any fidgeting or mucking with stuff for the iphone as hot spot to work perfectly13:09
tatertotspagnol: so i wouldn't expect REGDOMAIN to have any impact in your circumstance13:10
tatertotspagnol: afterall..the iphone as hotspot doesn't need any additional mucking about in ubuntu to work perfectly13:11
gst568923Hi, I installed anbox on ubuntu 19.10 and the lxc package was also installed as dependencies. The lxcbr0 interface was created automatically. I opened the network manager GUI and I removed the flag from "Automatic connection with priority" thinking that it was not connected at startup, but it was not so, then I found this guide on the internet but13:14
gst568923it totally disables the lxc service " https://www.claudiokuenzler.com/blog/637/disable-autostart-lxcbr0-ubuntu-16.04-xenial ". So I tried in the file "/etc/lxc/default.conf" to modify the parameter "lxc.net.0.flags = up" in "lxc.net.0.flags = down" but it doesn't work!13:14
arunsHi, I have not touched my Ubuntu 16.04 box, but /usr/sbin/sendmail seems to not be there anymore13:31
arunsPurging sendmail and then reinstalling does not seem to resolve.13:32
oerheksdid you reinstal sendmail, or 'mailutils'??13:39
oerhekswhich sendmail should give /usr/sbin/sendmail13:40
tatertotsaruns: were you even using sendmail to begin with?13:47
Orcs53Hi guys! I just installed Ubuntu Core 18 on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and I have some questions if anyone is available to answer? Cheers14:23
waveformOrcs53, fire away14:25
Orcs53waveform, Thanks for your speedy response!14:26
waveformOrcs53, heh - well, don't thank me yet - I'm not *that* up to speed on core 18 (yet) but it's something I'm working on14:27
Orcs53Shortly after installation the system rebooted twice in a row, about 5 minutes apart, I am not sure about the reason for the restart. Can you give any light? Also, could you point out how to view the system logs to perhaps identify system events prior to the reboot.14:28
waveformOrcs53, that's very likely snapd finding there's a newer kernel snap to install (which initiates a reboot) and possibly an upgraded core snap too14:30
waveformOrcs53, as to which logs to look ... this is where I'm not familiar enough with core; snap list and snap info will tell you what versions you've got now and which are available but there's probably something I'm missing regarding what to look at for installation history14:32
waveformOrcs53, ah - "snap changes" apparently14:32
Orcs53I did think this, and yes I have viewed snap changes, but with this information I can only account for one of the system restarts.14:33
waveformhmm, just a mo - I'll flash a card here and see what happens14:37
waveformOrcs53, oh, just out of interest - which arch did you install? armhf or arm64?14:37
Orcs53I flashed the image for linked for Raspberry Pi 3 on the following page https://ubuntu.com/download/raspberry-pi-2-3-core. It is the armhf image.14:41
waveformOrcs53, okay - I guessed it was probably that one - just booting it now14:42
Orcs53FYI here is output of "snap changes" and "uptime" https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/T4fnVgs3ch/14:44
Orcs53So, I see entry #3 refers to updates to "core18", "snapd", and "pi-kernel", so I assume these updates resulted in a reboot.14:46
waveformright, got the first reboot - looks like it's due to it upgrading the core18 snap from 1076 to 1291 - just waiting to see if there's a second reboot14:46
waveform("sudo journalctl -f" seems to produce some useful output)14:46
waveformah, there's the second reboot - that's due to the pi-kernel snap upgrading to 69 (from 45)14:46
waveformhere's the journal output I managed to grab in between the boots: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/pqhm7h8by4/14:50
Orcs53Ok, so, you see the same behavior. The system appears stable now, uptime 1 hour and 5 minutes.14:50
waveformdoes seem like snap changes doesn't list much useful until after the core18 snap refreshes14:50
waveformbut after that you can see the pi-kernel refresh14:51
Orcs53That's very helpful. So I assume it is what you suggested earlier, namely upgrading the kernel and core snaps which cause the restarts.14:56
ovrhHey everyone14:57
ovrhIm having problems installing Ubuntu. I've done this dozens of times, but for some reason this time it's not working. I'm on my third attempt today, and they all result in the same outcome: the OS installs, I restart, log in, and it hangs there, without even loading the DE. Any insights what might be happening?14:59
ovrhI tried first by just replacing the root partition, keeping /home there. And it didn't work. So I backed up and wiped the whole thing, but still nothing14:59
coz_ovrh, is the iso image corrupted?15:00
ovrhcoz_, I thoughts so too, but I verified the checksums and it was fine15:01
coz_ovrh, mm, and is it an hdd or ssd?15:01
ovrhI used etcher to put it on the USB stick, twice, so I'm starting to doubt that15:01
ovrhcoz_, it's an nvme sad15:01
coz_ovrh, last time I used etcher it didnt work, From which os have you created the install stick?15:02
ovrhcoz_, once from my old install of Ubuntu, and once from windows after I had erased that and it stopped working15:03
Orcs53waveform, I am also keen to install a firewall and alter the sshd_config. As for the firewall, I assume I can just install the ufw snap (shown here https://snapcraft.io/ufw). Do you know anything about changes the sshd settings? I've read the filesystem is immutable, and thus the typical, edit of /etc/ssh/sshd_config will not work in this case.15:04
coz_ovrh, from which system are you talking from now?15:05
ovrhcoz_, my android phone while I attempt my fourth installation15:05
ovrhThis time I'm wiping the whole disk and recreating even the swap partition from scratch15:06
coz_ovrh, ok lets see how that goes15:07
ovrhI'm also trying a full install this time instead of minimal. Though I doubt that would have been the problem15:09
waveformOrcs53, /etc/ssh does appear to be mounted from the writeable partition so I'd guess it's editable and persistent15:11
Orcs53waveform How I inspect what is writable and what is not?15:12
waveformOrcs53, I just ran "mount" and noted that /etc/ssh is from the second partition (which is the writeable ext4 part)15:12
ovrh(also, not sure if related or not, but the live USB hangs every time I try to restart after the installation finishes. And I have to force shut the laptop with the physical button)15:13
waveformOrcs53, it's not quite as simple as "mount" makes out though - the actual partition is mounted on /writable and sub-trees from it are mounted all over the place (like /etc/ssh)15:14
ovrhInstallation finished, same outcome once again :/15:15
coz_ovrh, the live usb hung again?15:15
ovrhOn the restart, yes15:15
ovrhcoz_, I'm gonna try Lili from windows this time, and ditch etcher15:16
coz_ovrh, this has happd to me before, let me try to remenber what I did hold on15:16
ovrhcoz_, at least I'm not alone, that's sort of comforting to know15:16
coz_ovrh, did you try another usb stck?15:19
ovrhcoz_, not yet actually15:20
coz_ovrh, I dont think that is the issue ,cant hurt to test it. Although that is not the solution as I recall15:20
coz_ovrh, that would be my first test nonetheless15:21
ovrhcoz_, I already made the live stick with Lili. I'm gonna test that this time and then try a different USB stick15:21
coz_ovrh, sounds reasonable15:23
Orcs53waveform The information from mount is useful, I'll have to look further into how the filesystem works though. FYI editing /etc/ssh/sshd_config and restarting the ssh service works as expected. Now I will try configure the firewall.15:26
ovrhcoz_, it hanged on restart again.15:28
EriC^^ovrh: maybe it's a graphics driver issue15:29
EriC^^what kind of card do you have and drive15:29
ovrhI have a GeForce 1060. I tried the installation both by checking the "install third party software for WiFi etc" option, and without it, but the outcome has been the same.15:30
ovrhBTW, same outcome: froze right after login on a black/orangeish screen with only the cursor visible15:31
EriC^^ovrh: did you try recovery mode/nomodeset?15:33
ovrhEriC^^, I didn't, but that kinda rings a bell. I don't remember how to do it though15:34
Orcs53@waveform FYI, I installed and configured ufw and it works as expected.15:34
waveformOrcs53, good to hear15:34
EriC^^ovrh: press "e" in grub over ubuntu, inthe linux /boot/vmlinuz line remove "quiet splash" and put "nomodeset" and press f1015:35
multifractalI have a Dell XPS13 with 18.04 which keeps dropping out wifi at home, requiring me to restart before it'll work again. Wifi seems to work fine at the office. My other Dell XPS13 has 16.04 and doesn't drop out wifi anywhere. How should I fix the 18.04 one?15:35
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Orcs53@waveform Can you suggest any web-based system management tools, such as Landscape or Cockpit. Also noting, I'd prefer to be able to manage many devices within the web interface.15:37
coz_multifractal, I am not sure, but from what you described, could it be a setting in yor home router?15:37
akkmultifractal: Are they the same wifi chip? Some newer xps13 have a special broadcom-derived wifi chip that apparently doesn't work well with linux.15:37
ovrhEriC^^, it worked! It didn't hang on login this time! What did that do exactly?15:38
ovrh(and how do I make the change permanent?)15:38
coz_ovrh, excellent news %)15:38
waveformOrcs53, landscape (currently) has no support for core / snaps so that's not going to be much use (unless you prefer the classic distro) - cockpit I'm not familiar with but it looks like it's typically apt installed (which isn't going to work on core), so again it might not be that useful15:39
EriC^^ovrh: it means the problem is with the graphics, you need to see which one is recommended for your graphics card and install it15:39
EriC^^ovrh: what does "dpkg -l | grep nvidia; sudo ubuntu-drivers devices" give?15:39
ovrhEriC^^, four lines that start with "driver" (among others), and the one recommended is "nvidia-driver-435 - distro non-free recommended"15:42
EriC^^ovrh: can you paste it in a pastebin?15:42
ovrhEriC^^, give me a second to move to hexchat, I am typing from android atm. Brb15:43
ovrhEriC^^, Here it is: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/X8m23cT2sn/15:47
EriC^^ovrh: try sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver-43515:48
ovrhEriC^^, installation finished.15:50
ovrhEriC^^, out of curiosity: shouldn't the system have defaulted to using the built in intel graphics card on first install?15:52
coz_ovrh, EriC^^ stepped away for a bit15:57
ovrhcoz_, yes, i just wrote it there so that I don't forget. I'm not in a hurry :)15:57
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coz_ovrh, okie dokie %)15:58
akkIs there a place to get debug (with symbols) versions of ubuntu packages? I have a problem with emacs dumping core, would like to get a useful stack trace.15:59
rbasakakk: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debug%20Symbol%20Packages15:59
akkThanks rbasak!16:01
ovrhI'm having another problems now: when I try to add a ppa it times out with this error "retrieving gpg key timed out.". And the store doesn't load any app, neither in the homepage, nor by searching16:07
akkThat page suggests using find-dbgsym-packages after adding the debug repos and keys, but find-dbgsym-packages isn't working: ""eu-unstrip" failed to start: "No such file or directory" at /usr/bin/find-dbgsym-packages line 218."16:12
akkThe attached list-symbols-packages-v2.1.sh doesn't work either, "../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/pselect.c: No such file or directory."16:15
akkAny other place to search to see if there are symbols available for emacs? I tried aptitude search emacs | grep -i dbg but it didn't find anything.16:15
rbasakakk: look up the source package name, then look that up at Launchpad eg. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/emacs -> View full publishing history -> the version -> Builds -> your architecture16:17
rbasakYou can see there all binary packages resulting for the build for that version16:17
rbasakeg. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/emacs/1:26.3+1-1ubuntu1/+build/1780504216:17
rbasakI see ddebs which should be published in the debug symbol repository from that wiki page16:18
akkNice! But I see emacs-gtk-dbgsym 1:26.3+1-1ubuntu1 ... why isn't that showing up in the aptitude search?16:19
rbasakIt's a ddeb16:20
rbasakDid you add the ddeb repository?16:20
akkOh, I see the likely problem, I have the wrong version in the ddebs.list, user error.16:21
akkYep! Got it now. Thanks.16:22
SomeTanyone know the deal with this and how to upgrade this package, is there two? if so how do I resolve? https://gyazo.com/63659c8881a67c18434986529283360116:23
akkfind-dbgsym-packages still doesn't work, but the apt-search finds the emacs debug packages.16:23
SomeTnot sure what you mean by emacs?16:24
coz_ovrh, all good now?16:29
ovrhco_not sure, I installed the drivers and I'm about to restart now. I'll try logging without the nomodeset and see what happens (unless the change was permanent)16:31
ovrhcoz_, Logged in without problems. Which means either the graphics work now, or the nomodeset change was permanent16:33
ovrhThe store still doesn't work though, and adding ppas keeps timing out, which I've never seen before16:34
coz_ovrh, probably the driver, but excellent news ")16:35
ovrhcoz_, Yups, that's good new. I'm gonna debug this other problem now xD16:37
coz_ov cool16:37
coz_ovrh, cool16:37
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S4renGood morning all, not sure if this is the right place to ask but does anyone know if Ubuntu supports the Nvidia GRID vGPU drivers?16:47
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ducasseS4ren: this seems to indicate yes - https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/916338/linux/nvidia-grid-1-vgpu-driver-for-ubuntu-guest-os/17:04
ovrhI've read that the timeout when adding ppas can be caused by port 11371 being closed on the firewall, but I'm not using a firewall. I'm running out of ideas17:04
Orcs53waveform, Can you detail how to add a user account to Ubuntu Core? I ran the command "sudo adduser name", but, I get back "groupadd: cannot lock /etc/group; try again later." blah, blah, "returned error code 10. Exiting.". Any ideas?17:12
S4renThank you ducasse17:16
EriC^^Orcs53: some other program has /etc/group open, maybe sudo lsof /etc/group might show it17:17
Orcs53EriC^^, I am running Ubuntu Core 18, I just ran the suggested command, and it output "lsof: command not found".17:18
EriC^^Orcs53: oh wow, try 'ps aux | grep "/etc/group"' maybe17:19
EriC^^Orcs53: any other shells open with commands you ran earlier?17:19
ovrhI just discovered that if I try to go to keyserver.ubuntu.com it simply doesn't load. Is that only a problem for me or is anybody else experiencing this?17:20
Orcs53EriC^^ Output: "me   2004  0.0  0.0   3860   536 pts/0    S+   17:20   0:00 grep --color=auto /etc/group"17:23
Orcs53EriC^^ No I don't believe I have any other shells open.17:24
EriC^^Orcs53: what does "ls -l /etc/group" give?17:25
Orcs53EriC^^ Output: "-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 707 Nov 26 18:46 /etc/group"17:26
EriC^^Orcs53: is the current filesystem mounted read-write? try creating something in /etc or maybe 'touch /etc/group'17:26
Orcs53EriC^^ The Core filesystem is rather different to Ubuntu Desktop/Server, some parts are immutable, some parts are writable.17:27
ioriaOrcs53, then : attr /etc/passwd   and attr /etc/shadow    (probably immutable  '-i')17:28
EriC^^Orcs53: i see, what's "touch /etc/group" give?17:28
EriC^^also lsattr /etc/group17:29
ioriaOrcs53, lsattr is better17:29
Orcs53Output: "lsattr: Inappropriate ioctl for device While reading flags on /etc/group"17:31
EriC^^Orcs53: what does "mount | nc termbin.com 9999" give?17:32
ovrhPinging keyserver.ubuntu.com also doesn't work. But I checked with one of those services for verifying the status of website, and it says it's up.17:33
ioriaovrh, your isp maybe17:34
EriC^^ovrh: do other sites work? ping -c1 google.com17:34
ovrhioria, I'm starting to think that. Why would my isp block that though? And is there a way to verify that?17:35
ovrhEriC^^, Yep, everything works, just that website apparently17:35
ioriaovrh, not sure (it has its reason) : http://www.portchecktool.com/17:35
ioriaovrh, you can manually import the key, btw17:36
ovrhioria, Which port should I check?17:36
ovrh"Problem!  I could not see your service on IP_ADDRESS on port (11371)."17:36
ovrhSays it timed out17:36
waveformOrcs53, I'm not sure I'm afraid (about adding users to core); my general impression is that would be an odd thing to do on the platform though: Core on the pi is more of a deployment platform for applications17:38
ioriaovrh, if  http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/ does not load in firefox , try with a freeproxy17:40
ovrhioria, It doesn't load in firefox and it doesn't work when I add ppas17:40
ovrhI just changed my dns to opennic ones, but still nothing (and that usually even unlock torrent websites :|)17:41
ioriaovrh, try with a freeproxy : https://www.free-proxy.com/17:41
ovrhioria, It loaded17:42
ioriaovrh, your ISP17:42
ioriaovrh, maybe it's temporary17:43
ovrhioria, And how do I work around that? I thought changing DNSes was the way to go in those cases17:43
ioriaovrh, as i said you can manually import the key17:44
xyz111Hello! I have ubuntu server 18.04 running in virtual box and have created a netplan config to set up a static IP for the machine: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YwC3psxSg5/ For some reason, this results in my losing access to the internet on the guest machine - any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks :)17:44
ioriaovrh, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1118175/ppas-are-completely-broken-in-18-04-1-any-possible-solutions17:44
ovrhioria, Sure, but that won't fix the Software Centre, and I'll have to do it every time I add a ppa :/17:44
ioriaovrh, software center ?17:45
ovrhioria, Yeah you know, gnome-software17:45
ioriaovrh, yes, what's the problem ?17:45
ovrhNot sure what's the official name to be honest, it's just called "Software" in the apps list.17:46
ovrhioria, That doesn't work either. Doesn't load anything in homepage and doesn't find anything when I run a search17:46
ioriaovrh, killall gnome-software    and reopen17:46
ovrhioria, Tried that already, same thing17:47
ioriaovrh, killall gnome-software    and sudo apt install --reinstall software-center17:48
ovrhioria, Looks like this: https://imgur.com/0glWCKg17:48
ovrhioria, "E: Package 'software-center' has no installation candidate" There doesn't seem to be a package with that name17:49
ioriaovrh, killall gnome-software    and sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-software17:49
ovrhioria, Oh, tried the reinstall as well. Update the icon, but still didn't work. Just reinstalled again by copy-pasting your command, same thing17:50
ioriaovrh, is it a fresh install ?17:50
ovrhioria, Yups17:51
ioriaovrh, is it running atm in background ? ps -A | grep gnome-soft17:51
ovrhioria, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZfkJcTQn9V/17:52
ioriaovrh, killall gnome-software17:52
ovrhioria, now the ps is empty17:53
ioriaovrh,   sudo rm -rf ~/.local/share/gnome-software17:53
ovrhioria, done17:53
ioriaovrh, sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-software17:53
ovrhioria, Now open it?17:55
ioriaovrh, sure17:56
ovrhioria, Same deal :/17:56
ioriaovrh, cat /var/log/syslog | nc termbin.com 999917:57
ovrhioria, Do you happen to know what server the store uses? So I can try to open it in firefox and see if they block that too :|17:57
ovrhioria, That doesn't return anything17:57
ioriaovrh, nope sorry .... you should have an url there17:58
ioriaovrh, i mean termbin.com should return an url17:59
Foxfir3ubuntu arm. added /usr/lib/erlang/bin to path. erl works now. but still getting errors when running Elixir: http://ix.io/24I718:00
ovrhioria, Ah wait, I don't have that installed. 1 sec18:00
ioriaovrh, it's not a program18:00
ovrhioria, Right, I'm stupid. Doesn't return anything tho :/18:01
ioriaovrh,   please again :    cat /var/log/syslog | nc termbin.com 999918:01
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ovrhioria, If you spam it about 8 times in a row it works :| https://termbin.com/5tjy18:02
ioriaovrh,  try to install pastebinit then; sudo apt install pastebinit18:07
ioriaovrh,  you can paste here :   cat /proc/cmdline18:09
EriC^^sounds like some internet/isp issue18:11
ovrhioria, You want the output of cat /proc/cmdline?18:11
ioriayes ...18:11
EriC^^it's in the paste18:11
EriC^^ root=UUID=6b1cbe51-defe-425b-9523-645fb8386223 ro nomodeset vt.handoff=118:11
EriC^^ovrh: did you not reboot after installing nvidia driver yet?18:12
ioriaovrh,  copy and paste18:12
ovrhioria http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/PzMrv4vsNW/18:12
ovrhEriC^^, I did a couple times18:13
EriC^^oh ok, the syslog paste must be cut off18:13
ioriaovrh,  looks ok18:13
ioriaovrh,  let's try a  :  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade18:14
ovrhioria, I'm gonna remove the ppa that didn't work and try again because it returned a number of errors due to that missing key18:15
ioriaovrh,  ok18:16
ovrhioria, alright, done. Got several warnings though18:17
ioriaovrh,  can we see them ?18:20
ovrhioria, Of course: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nytQcpg3d5/18:21
ioriaovrh,  paste /etc/apt/sources.list18:22
ovrhioria, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7NzVrDcV3p/18:23
ioriaovrh,  comment lines from 53 to 57 and apt update18:25
ovrhioria, Done, still warnings: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rpFTxrrST4/18:27
ioriaovrh,  paste /etc/apt/sources.list    again18:29
ovrhhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RRrnK4zPM6/ ioria18:30
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ioriaovrh,  comment line 5218:31
ovrhioria, No warnings this time18:31
ioriaovrh,  sudo apt autoclean18:32
ovrhioria, Done18:32
ioriaovrh,  sudo apt clean18:32
ovrhioria, Also done, but no output returned18:33
ioriaovrh, killall gnome-software18:33
ovrhioria, also done18:33
ioriaovrh,  sudo apt-get update18:33
ovrhioria, done as well18:34
ioriaovrh,  start gnome-software18:34
ovrhioria, I really don't want to disappoint, but same stuff. Looks like this: https://imgur.com/0glWCKg18:35
ioriaovrh,  close it , killall again and start it from terminal18:36
ovrhioria, I get this in the terminal: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MRT69nz7tt/18:37
ovrh(still doesn't work of course)18:37
ovrh(one more line: "18:37:30:0571 Gs  failed to get featured apps: no apps to show"18:38
ioriaovrh,  ps -A | grep snap18:40
ioriaovrh,  you can paste here18:40
ovrh7384 ?        00:00:30 snapd18:40
ovrhKillall 7384?18:41
ioriaovrh,  dpkg -l | grep gnome-software | pastebinit18:41
ovrhioria, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8MQBgP5NYM/18:42
ioriaovrh,  sudo appstreamcli refresh --force18:46
ovrhioria, "AppStream cache update completed successfully."18:46
ioriaovrh,  killall gnome-software ; gnome-software --verbose18:46
ovrhWow that's a lot of output18:47
ovrhioria, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/d6c5Sw4kd7/18:48
ovrhKeeps coming of course, if you want me to wait a minute and send it again let me know18:49
ioriaovrh, no, you can ctrl+c it18:50
ovrhioria, gotcha18:50
ioriaovrh,  killall gnome-software ; sudo rm -r /var/cache/app-info18:51
ovrhioria, done18:51
ioriaovrh,  sudo appstreamcli refresh --force --verbose18:51
ovrhhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SyXSdfFw5T/ ioria18:52
ioriaovrh,  start it from the Launcher (not from terminal)18:52
ioriaovrh,  start gnome-software i mean18:52
ovrhioria, still blank18:53
ioriaovrh,  might be a language support issue.... in what lang did yo uinstall18:55
ovrhioria, English as a language, with italian keyboard18:56
ioriaovrh, it's ok18:56
ovrhioria, This is what it looks like in the settings https://imgur.com/Dm5XiA218:58
ovrhioria, Something happened. Killed it again and reopened it from the launcher and now the "featured applications" section is showing something19:01
ovrhJust that tho19:01
ioriaovrh, a bug probably19:01
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ovrhioria, Yeah maybe. Search still doesn't work. I guess it's a lost cause19:04
ioriaovrh, can yo uretry to load the ubuntu-keyserver webpage ?19:05
ovrhioria, Still nothing, loads for a while and then times out. I opened a ticket with my ISP telling them that it's not acceptable. They said they'll contact me back.19:07
ovrhI wonder if a VPN would work around this19:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1563155 in gnome-software (Ubuntu) "No Application Data Found" [High,Confirmed]19:08
ioriaovrh,  you know synaptic ?19:09
ovrhioria, the alternative gui software thingy?19:10
ioriaovrh,  yes19:10
ovrhioria, Yups, I know as much as the next person19:10
ioriaovrh,  you can use it in alternative19:11
ovrhioria, so you think this one isn't an issue with an unreachable server blocked bu isp?19:12
ioriaovrh,  i think you have some network issue; but not sure related to gnome-software; the lastr thing we can try is to backup /usr/share/app-info/xmls/org.gnome.Software.Featured.xml19:14
ioriaovrh,  cd /usr/share/app-info/xmls/19:14
ioriaovrh,  and sudo mv org.gnome.Software.Featured.xml  org.gnome.Software.Featured.xml.back19:15
ioriaovrh,  then remove .cache/gnome-software19:17
ovrhioria, .cache is in ~?19:18
ioriaovrh,  yes,  remove  .local/share/gnome-software   too19:18
ovrhioria, done19:19
ioriaovrh,  killall gnome-software19:19
ovrhioria, done19:19
ioriaovrh,  sudo apt purge gnome-software19:19
ovrhioria, also done19:20
ioriaovrh,  sudo apt autoremove --purge19:20
ovrhioria,  "dpkg: warning: while removing gnome-software-common, directory '/usr/share/app-info/xmls' not empty so not removed"19:21
ioriaovrh,  sudo apt install gnome-software19:21
ovrhioria, I'm getting errors19:22
ovrhAnd now paste.ubuntu.com doesn't work as well :|19:22
ioriaovrh,  what errors ?19:22
ovrhioria, trying to find a pastebin to send thme to you19:23
ovrhioria, I think something is going wrong. Can't open any website in firefox now, but my connection is fine :|19:25
ovrhAnd it doesn't seem like it's disconnecting me from hexchat19:25
ioriaovrh,  copy and paste the error in a text file and pipe to termbin.com  : cat error.log | nc termbin.com 999919:26
ovrhioria, lol, I'm getting this: nc: getaddrinfo for host "termbin.com" port 9999: Name or service not known19:28
ovrhOn my phone internet works, on my gf laptop everything works. It's just my laptop o.o19:28
ioriaovrh, paste here the last line of the output you got before19:30
ovrhioria, working again! https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vjrMzV4Gqk/ I'm genuinely going insane19:30
ioriaovrh, swtch your repos to 'us'19:31
ovrhioria, in the software & updates?19:31
ovrhioria, It was on main server19:31
ioriai know19:32
ovrhioria, should have switched now19:32
ioriaovrh, sudo apt update19:32
ovrhioria, done19:33
ioriaovrh,  sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-software19:33
ovrhioria, done19:33
ioriaovrh,  no errors ?19:33
ovrhioria, nope, seems all good19:34
ioriaovrh,  open gnome-software19:34
ovrhioria, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tfdhBj2Zcf/19:34
ovrhioria, Still blank as in the screenshot19:34
ioriaovrh,  you know what; shutdown; reset the router and restart19:35
ovrhioria, lol, sounds like a plan xD19:35
ioriagood luck19:36
ovrhioria, I need to go get some food first, before the place closes, sorry about it. I'll be back after dinner, in case your still around19:36
ioriano problem19:36
ovrhIn the meantime, thank you very much for your help. Really appreciated <319:36
ovrhAnd coz_, EriC^^, thank you guys a lot as well <319:36
ioriayou're welcm19:37
hkaisanyone around who can help me with missing wifi on a hp 840 g3?19:44
hkaisafter upgrade of ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 i have lost wifi19:44
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tomreynhkais: is this an Intel Corporation Wireless 8260 [8086:24f3] ?19:46
hkaismoment let me check pciid19:46
hkaistomreyn: can you share me your lsmod output?19:47
tomreynhkais: mine? won't help you, i don't have this computer. this should tell you which drivers are available and were loaded: lspci -knn -d 8086:24f319:48
hkaislooks no driver is loaded19:50
tomreynand none was considered to match either, that's unusual.19:50
tomreynunless you missed "k"19:51
tomreyndoes lsmod list iwlwifi?19:51
tomreyndoes rfkill list anything as blocked?19:52
cariverican I somehow limit the resources for programs like browser or so? so that not all the memoray and  cpu power is taken by it?19:53
tomreynhkais: what does     modinfo -n iwlwifi     report?19:53
hkaismodule not found19:54
tomreynhkais: you'r enot running ubuntu19:54
hkaishehe ;-)19:54
hkaiscat /etc/issue19:54
hkaisUbuntu 18.04.3 LTS \n \l19:54
tomreynand you kernel is?19:55
tomreynplease post the url returned by    nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "Session: $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";echo Shell: $SHELL)19:55
sarnoldcariveri: yes, but not easily; starting firefox via 'nice firefox' will cause it to use less cpu, which is easy enough; but limiting memory requires using rlimits (which only apply per-process, so aren't very useful for massively threaded things like browsers) or cgroups (which are difficult to use) -- and NOTHING handles memory allocation failures well, so you may get crazy results when it hits the limits19:56
hkaisuname -a19:56
hkaisLinux ntb-dp 5.0.0-37-generic #40~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Nov 14 12:06:39 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:56
cariverisarnold: let me try. :)19:59
tomreynhkais: looks like an 18.04 LTSE kernel image. then i guess the module is just blackisted or not loaded.19:59
hkaiswhat is the recommended kernel version on 18.04?19:59
hkaisi can isntall a different one19:59
hkaisand what kernel modules need to be instaleld on the box to have wifi?19:59
seerehkais: iwlwifi should come from a corresponding linux-modules-extra-* package.20:00
hkaisseere: no package is installed with modules-extra20:01
hkaismoment let me install it20:01
hkaisis there a transitive package, which always install the latest version of it?20:01
seerehkais: should be linux-modules-extra-5.0.0-37-generic according to your kernel version.20:02
tomreynhkais: you must be missing package     linux-image-generic-hwe-18.04    - i need to leave for now, good luck. looks like seere put you on the right track.20:03
hkaisgetting now a error about the ehaders20:04
seerehkais: install linux-headers-generic-hwe-18.04, that will pull in the correct headers as dependency20:05
hkaisinstalled the headers and headers-generic => rebooting, will be back shortly20:06
cariverisarnold: seems to work. thanks!20:12
sarnoldcariveri: what'd you wind up doing?20:12
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cariverisarnold: wine  + browser (video) = two useful screens ;)21:22
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ramsub07Hi. Does anyone use the Dell XPS 15" laptop here with ubuntu 18.04? I'm unable to reduce the brightness. I tried the solutions on SO and askubuntu. nothing seem to work for me21:48
hkaisany hint how to simulate a middle mouse button with the hp 840 ? (which has only two buttons)?21:49
ducassehkais: press both at the same time21:49
seerehkais: press both together?21:49
hkaisseere: tried it does not work21:50
ducassehkais: there is an option you can set in xorg.conf, but it should be on by default iirc21:50
bprompthkais:  get a mouse with a middle button :)21:53
hkaisbprompt: sadly i have to use the hp, before i had a thinkpad.21:57
hkaiscould not imagine that vendors are not building 3 button mouses on laptops21:57
ducassehkais: https://askubuntu.com/questions/53856/third-mouse-button-emulation22:00
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ramsub07Hi. Does anyone use the Dell XPS 15" laptop here with ubuntu 18.04? I'm unable to reduce the brightness.22:17
jeremy31ramsub07: does it have Intel video or hybrid graphics with Intel and Nvidia/AMD?22:18
sarnoldcariveri: aha :)22:22
ovrhioria, I just thought about giving a shot to using my phone's mobile data as the connection for my laptop, and guess what? The damn gnome-software works now :| it's definitely the ISP.22:23
ovrhAny idea what urls/ips the gnome-software calls in order to work? So maybe I can open a ticket to hope and get those unlocked as well.22:23
Fuseteamhkais: yeah i wish vendors would add a third button22:28
jeremy31ovrh: If you have wifi, connect the phone to wifi and see if you can use USB tether and see what happens22:28
sarnoldovrh: iirc gnome-software shows information from apt, appstream, snapd, and (maybe?) flatpak things -- you may do better to test each of those underlying things individually to find what's not working22:28
sarnoldovrh: eg apt update and make sure you can download OS pacakges; then snap search foo to see if you can do snap searches22:29
sarnoldovrh: I don't know how to check appstream stuff nor flatpak stuff but surely there's ways to query those things without using the gui22:29
ovrhjeremy31, It's what I'm using right now. With the tethering from my phone (using my phone's mobile data), the laptop works fine, keyserver.ubuntu.com works, and the store as well. PPAs work no problem. With my "landline" connection instead, all those things either don't work or have problems.22:30
ovrhsarnold, apt update seems to work, I can install regular packages from universe apparently without problems. snapcraft.io I tested and worked, though I didn't try to install a snap (I did remove one though and it worked). Flatpack I need to test, thanks for pointing out.22:31
jeremy31ovrh: I was wondering about the phone connected by wifi to your ISP, if you just have wired access, I don't know22:32
ovrhjeremy31, Oh. Sure I can test that. I did try to access keyserver.ubuntu.com from the phone on wifi though, and it didn't work (didn't work on my gf's laptop either). I'll give it a try, I have nothing to lose22:33
NyleHi, I'm on ubuntu, and i use KDE, but I also use mysql workbench, and it doesn't save passwrod.22:49
NyleI forgot what package I need that's like a gtk package with security that enabled saving password in keyring/vault or gnome or something22:50
Nylethank you22:50
coz_Nyle, do you have gnome-keyring installed?22:52
Nyleahh that's the one22:52
coz_no problem22:52
cyberpoliceis appimage like snaps23:28
cyberpoliceand are there more things like snaps and appimage23:28
akkyes and yes23:29
sarnoldI think appimage is more like apt's lists; but with icons, too23:30
cyberpolicewhat are these things claled23:30
cyberpoliceif you were to categorize snaps, app images23:30
cyberpoliceself-contained program technologies?23:30
akkSandboxed apps?23:31
cyberpolicethe other one i was misremembering: flatpak23:33
akkThere's also brew (which I know nothing about, but it came up in a similar discussion on another channel).23:35

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