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DarkTrickIs it usual, that I have 2 pulseaudio processes, that both run high to 10% CPU if I plug in a USB mic?13:46
DarkTrick*and freeze the system for a couple of seconds after plugging in?13:47
gnrpDarkTrick: You know it'sn ot. ;)13:52
DarkTrickis this ot in xubuntu?13:52
gnrpDarkTrick: But it is rather not a *x*ubuntu issue, so you might get better help in a general channel13:52
gnrpno, I mean, it is not usual13:52
gnrp(maybe somebody here can help as well, don't know, but there are definitely more specialized channels)13:53
DarkTrickI will try at #ubuntu, thank you gnrp13:53
brainwashI would check the bug trackers13:53
gnrpDarkTrick: Btw, I also have two pulse processes running13:53
DarkTrickbrainwash, I'll d that before #ubuntu, thank you. Should've done that13:53
gnrpone under my user, one under lightdm13:53
DarkTrickgnrp, I will check up on that13:55
gnrpDarkTrick: Aaah, I just realize what I wrote. "You know it isn't ot" was supposed to be written there, hit space too early. Sorry13:55
gnrpno. "You know it is not" was supposed to be written there. I confuse myself.13:55
DarkTrickthank you for clearing up :)13:56
GridCubeDarkTrick: each device has their own stream on pulse14:00
GridCubein pavucontrol you can choose what to do with each stream14:01
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yochaigalHello! Does anyone know why xfce4-screensaver crashes on Xubuntu 19.10? I was about to ask in the XFCE forums but figured I'd ask here first in case it had come up before.20:38
diogenes_how it crashes?20:41

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