oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:06
dufluMorning oSoMoN06:11
oSoMoNhey duflu06:14
jibelbonjour duflu and oSoMoN06:38
dufluHi jibel06:40
oSoMoNsalut jibel06:44
Laneyho de ho09:03
oSoMoNhey Laney09:05
Laneyhey oSoMoN09:06
seb128gggoood morning desktopers09:06
* Laney nods seb128 09:12
TrevinhoOne more hackfest...09:58
seb128Trevinho, hey Marco! someone was also mentioning a settings one yesterday I think, unsure if that's real though10:08
seb128nice to see a snap/flatpak on the list with Canonical suggesting it :-)10:08
TrevinhoYeah, nice indeed10:09
Trevinhoseb128: good, nice to see Hackfests coming.10:09
Laneymobile user spotted!10:12
jibeldefault desktop snap packages are reinstalled during upgrade to focal. Is it really what we want to do?10:23
jibelremoving them before the upgrade makes the upgrader crash. I'm looking for the right way to fix this.10:24
Laneylike removed and installed?10:24
jibelyeah, removed manually from eoan then upgrade to focal10:24
Laneyno wait10:24
Laneydo you mean: all of the snaps are removed and installed again10:25
Laneyor: if I remove a snap, it is put back onto my system10:25
jibelI removed them from eoan, upgraded to focal and they are reinstalled by the upgrader.10:25
Laneyindeed, sounds buggy10:25
Laneyjibel: looks like this function needs to check if the .deb was installed before installing the snap? https://git.launchpad.net/ubuntu-release-upgrader/tree/DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeQuirks.py#n51510:34
Laneyor in _prepare_snap_replacement_data10:34
Laneyneat, it does have code to refresh to the stable/ubuntu-foo channel for the new series, was expecting that to be missing10:36
jibelLaney, yes, I'll fix it with the other crash10:36
Laneywe need to make this support snap2deb too btw, not sure if that interests you at the same time :-)10:37
jibeljust fixing automated tests ATM10:37
seb128Laney, do you know offhand if SRU builds with proposed enabled?11:38
Laneyyes they do11:39
seb128Trevinho, ^ so yeah, backport that vala fix11:39
seb128ricotz isnt around to complain about the fact that the vala bionic SRU creates build issue for other components11:40
seb128I will comment on the bug though11:40
Trevinhoseb128: iirc I enabled it in my schroot as for this, probably Laney was also the one pushing me to do it11:40
Laneywhat are you on about11:40
seb128Laney, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vala/0.40.17-0ubuntu1 makes gnome-calculator trigger https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-calculator/merge_requests/1711:42
seb128rather the error fixed by that mr11:42
seb128Trevinho notices while testing a fix for a regression in his currently gnome-calculator/bionic SRU11:44
LaneyI see11:44
seb128Laney, seems like the glib update makes glib-networking autopkgtests fail (mentioning since I happened to look at the report and those don't trigger notifications, sorry for the noise if you were already aware)13:19
Laneyyeah I saw thanks, going to look into it13:22
jibelI get this when I git push to LP15:12
jibel$ git push  lp:~jibel/ubuntu-release-upgrader15:12
jibelfatal: remote error: Path translation timed out.15:12
jibelhas anyone seen this or am I doing something wrong here?15:12
Laneyjibel: think there's some kind of LP bug regarding that, perhaps try #launchpad15:39
jibelLaney, that was it, cjwatson fixed it.15:59
hellsworthgood morning folks!16:10
jibelhi hellsworth16:14
hellsworthhi jibel!16:15
Laneyhey hellsworth16:16
Laneywhat's going on g16:16
hellsworthoh not much. getting into the thick of a cold i think16:17
hellsworthjsut gotta power through today and tomorrow :)16:17
hellswortheh it could be worse16:21
hellsworthlooking forward to the break16:22
seb128kenvandine, do you think you could squeeze in backporting the commit mentioned on bug #1856927 to focal today if you have some free slot? it makes totem segfault on start on fiscal, I'm away from my main desktop until holidays and managed to screw my key on the laptop :/17:11
ubot5bug 1856927 in grilo-plugins (Ubuntu) "totem crashed with SIGSEGV in build_flavored_key() from insert_key_mapping()" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185692717:11
kenvandineseb128: i can try17:43
kenvandinegot several things scheduled for this afternoon17:43
seb128kenvandine, thx, if you don't have time don't worry that can wait for after holidays17:43
kenvandinei can probably get to it in the morning17:43
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gQuigsdoes anyone have a good description of what cursors are for X11 apps (from xrestop for example) - I'm guessing it's an allocation to do transitions of some kind with the mouse cursor..20:00
gQuigsto show up differently over different kinds of backgrounds, like over text vs other things..20:02
robert_ancellkenvandine, aday was asking about https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-control-center/issues/681 - is that something you've been involved in?20:35
robert_ancellI'm assuming willcooke is probably not going to follow that up at the moment :)20:35
kenvandinenope :)20:38
kenvandinei haven't been involved20:39
robert_ancellhellsworth, what's the simplest way to build a GTK snap these days? I want to update https://github.com/robert-ancell/multipass-gui to be able to build.21:01
hellsworthdoes the snap not currently build?21:01
hellsworthoh it's missing the desktop-gtk3 section or you can use the gnome-3-28 extension21:02
hellsworthif you'd like, i can take a go at tryig to make it build..21:02
robert_ancellhellsworth, please do :)21:03
hellsworthokey dokey21:03
robert_ancellI think it relied on the method of the day, which I'm guessing is no longer applicable.21:03
hellsworthrobert_ancell: why is it classic confinement?21:07
robert_ancellhellsworth, because it has to run the 'multipass' command21:07
hellsworthhmm ok so it needs to be classically confined21:07
hellsworthi wonder why the gnome-3-28 extension doesn't support classic confinement21:08
robert_ancellThis is not a project that is being worked on, but want it fixed because others are still using it (https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/multipass-gui/8067/14) and just don't want to leave bad examples around21:08
hellsworthfair enough21:09
robert_ancellhellsworth, I also have a not work related project that I want to snap (https://github.com/robert-ancell/microflash). I had a go back when I made it, but the need to access USB devices was tricky. I really wanted it to be strictly confined rather than classic. I ended up making a Snap like PPA, but it's not as nice. Would love some advice on if that's do-able these days.21:14
robert_ancellAh, now I remember. The big issue is registering a MIME type.21:15
robert_ancellThat's kind of essential to make it work.21:15
hellsworthi have not yet dealt with registering MIME types in snaps21:16
hellsworthkenvandine: what was the thought behind extensions only supporting strict and devmode confinement?21:16
robert_ancellhellsworth, should you be looking for a simple example to try... :) :) :)21:16
hellsworthhint taken robert_ancell :)21:17
robert_ancellWas I that subtle??21:17
hellsworthrobert_ancell: it looks like https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapd/+bug/1849094 is still open and I don't see a workaround21:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1849094 in snapd "Feature request: allow snaps to register new mime types" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:19
hellsworthrobert_ancell: https://github.com/robert-ancell/multipass-gui/pull/521:36
robert_ancellhellsworth, thanks!21:36
hellsworthmy pleasure21:36
kenvandinehellsworth: can't really work with classic21:37
hellsworthbut why not21:37
robert_ancellhellsworth, "Could not find a required package in 'build-packages': python3-distutils"21:39
hellsworthoh shoot21:39
hellsworthi have a hacked verison of snapcraft installed so let me try agian with the stable snapcraft :)21:40
hellsworthrobert_ancell: did you see that when trying to build?21:41
robert_ancellhellsworth, came out of the CI build21:41
robert_ancellhttps://travis-ci.org/robert-ancell/multipass-gui/builds/627437203 if you can see that21:42
hellsworthyep thanks21:42
hellsworthi'm building it now as in the pr, but with the stable snapcraft21:44
hellsworthif it builds and runs fine here without adding python3-distutils, then i guess that's something that docker needs?21:44
robert_ancellhellsworth, yeah, I wasn't sure where that error was coming from. Snapcraft is the only part of the source that has 'build-packages', so I would have thought it was required for that.21:46
hellsworthit built ok over here with teh stable snapcraft21:47
robert_ancellhellsworth, actually, I'm using the ubuntudesktop/gnome-3-26-1604 docker image - kenvandine is that no longer appropriate?21:47
robert_ancellI guess it should be an 18.04 image.21:47
kenvandineNot with core1821:48
hellsworthwell robert_ancell we could just add python3-distutils to the build section and see if that appeases the docker build?21:50
hellsworthit shouldn't affect the final snap anyways21:51
robert_ancellhellsworth, I'm just thinking if it's not actually required in the snap then it should be done the level above, i.e. either use a newer image of apt install it.21:52
robert_ancellI'll try switching to https://hub.docker.com/r/ubuntudesktop/gnome-3-28-180421:53
robert_ancellThe original issue was actually that it was built against a too old version of GTK for some desktop, so this is probably the right thing to do anyway.21:54
robert_ancellOh wait, snapcraft is going to build inside a VM isn't it? So the docker image is not so important. So many layers...21:56
hellsworthcan you setup travis to use multipass?21:57
robert_ancellI guess if you install multipass inside the docker image then snapcraft would use it?21:59
robert_ancellIt looks like it's being built locally, but working now.22:00
hellsworthwoo hoo! so just switching your docker did the trick?22:02
hellsworthhot dog!22:03
robert_ancellHmm, it's not showing up in snapcraft.io, but Travis said it uploaded it.22:04
hellsworthhmm. maybe check back in 5 min?22:04
robert_ancellPreviously it's been instantaneous, and haven't got an email saying it's in a queue. Yeah, hopefully will turn up soon.22:05
robert_ancellhellsworth, thanks for the fixes!22:06
hellsworthno problem :)22:07
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robert_ancellah, it was my shonky Travis config.22:19
robert_ancellLooks like I need to update SNAP_TOKEN in Travis as well.22:20
robert_ancellSNAP_TOKEN is just the macaroon, right?22:21
robert_ancellhttps://docs.travis-ci.com/user/deployment/snaps/ is pretty vague22:22
kenvandinerobert there is now an ubuntudesktop-3-28-1804 docker image22:27
kenvandinenevermind, you figured that out :)22:27
kenvandineyeah, and snapcraft using multipass is great :)22:27
hellsworthkenvandine: what would the env var be to add to the override-build section to add the built binary to the prime dir?22:30
hellsworthor maybe i just cp it22:30
hellsworthno env var necessary22:30
hellsworthok nmv22:30
kenvandineI think you want to use something like $SNAPCRAFT_PRIME22:30
* kenvandine doesn't recall the env for that22:30
kenvandinebut the most reliable way to do that22:31
hellsworthyeah my problem is that the binary built that lives in parts/cherrytree/build/cherrytree doesn't get primed: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2RzfhRk8qp/22:32
hellsworthin fact, the prime directory doesn't have a usr component at all22:32
hellsworthso i guess i need to mkdir -p ../prime/usr/bin and then cp it to there, but that seems hacky22:33
hellsworthi figured it would be better to just snap the c++ version of cherrytree since the commits show that it's actively being developed, even if the developer is not the most communicative22:34
hellsworthrather than rewriting the app22:34
hellsworthbefore i had snapped the python2 version that is no longer seeing develoopment22:34
hellsworthare you around tomorrow ken?22:35
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robert_ancellhellsworth, The store was unable to accept this snap.23:32
robert_ancell  - confinement 'classic' not allowed with plugs/slots23:32
robert_ancellI guess you can't make a classic snap that accesses the themes?23:33
hellsworthwell lemme try to remove those plugs/slots and rebuilt23:36
hellsworthit was a hunch to add them23:36
hellsworthyeah it builds and runs just fine without the plugs23:45
hellsworththere are a lot of fontconfig warnings and errors though. i mean they were there even with the plugs. but fyi..23:46
hellsworthoh it looks like you've already removed it23:48
hellsworthgood on you robert_ancell :)23:48
hellsworthi was gonna make another mr but nvm :)23:48
hellsworthok i gotta run. see some of yous tomorrow!23:49
hellsworthrobert_ancell: if you still have issues with that snap, ping me on telegram so i'll see it23:50
robert_ancellhellsworth, woohoo, it's uploaded to edge now.23:51

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