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seb128vorlon, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libsemanage/3.0-1 is on the i386 whitelist but now it fails to build because it requires secilc which was added to the build-depends, what's the process to deal with those cases?13:26
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weaselhow do I reassign a bug in launchpad?  #1856895 is not a tor bug, it's most likely a torbrowser-launcher issue.15:06
weaselfound it.15:07
cjwatsonDrop-down just under "affects"15:07
weaselit was hidden behind JS15:08
cjwatsonIf you have JS entirely disabled then it should fall back to giving you a link to .../+editstatus15:09
weaselmaybe, but you have to know where to find it :)  anyway, found it, all fine.  thanks :)15:10
vorlonseb128: added build-depends should get manually added to the manual bootstrap list in lp:ubuntu-archive-tools update-i386-whitelist, then the script re-run, confirming that the resulting changes are as expected17:38
seb128vorlon, k, thx17:38
vorlonseb128: also fwiw I'm in the process of working through some more build-deps that were incorrectly pruned by germinate, so if you do commit changes to that script, please coordinate with me still for the actual application18:19
seb128vorlon, k, noted, I'm not going to do anything more today though so should be fine for now19:50

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