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EickmeyerIs there any way we can get 6bdced2c@107-220-237-44.lightspeed.nsvltn.sbcglobal.net banned from #ubuntustudio? Keeps coming in and complaining and harassing, basically being a jerk. They don't get any response, but it's just toxic.16:13
hggdhEickmeyer: looking16:53
Eickmeyerhggdh: To be clear, he hasn't had any interaction with anybody, but the behavior in the chat is bad.16:58
hggdhEickmeyer: I had not been at #ubuntustudio for a while, so I have to rely on the logs. But the logs only give me nicks. I am guessing you are talking about 'vet'17:00
Eickmeyerhggdh: Yes.17:00
hggdhththey are aggressive and borderline obnoxious; I will stay in the channel and monitor17:04
Eickmeyerhggdh: Ok. Looks like it has been in the mornings (when I'm not even awake yet). I appreciate it. Mind if I lurk here until this issue is figured-out?17:05

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