sdezielUssat: you probably double checked but maybe it's iptables getting in the way? I'd also verify with tcpdump to see what's going on00:11
DWSRHey all, I'm trying to figure out how to run a Bionic Minimal image on KVM (specifically `proxmox`) without the use of `uvtool`. It looks like this is published as either a rootfs tarball, a squashfs tarball, or a QCOW2 image. I've tried using the image, but I'm not having much luck and the VM is just stuck booting forever. Where can I look for02:19
DWSRmore information?02:19
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Fieldywhat's the proper way to configure networking in server 18.04.3 LTS? many examples I see talk about configuring /etc/network/interfaces , another mentions /etc/systemd/ however that's empty, another says netplan...09:42
mwhudsonFieldy: netplan is the default09:44
Fieldymwhudson: okay, thank you09:45
coreycbsahid: will networking-odl build with testresources >= 2.0.0?13:42
coreycbsahid: are you looking at networking-bgpvpn fixes?13:48
sahidcoreycb: nop i'm working in magnum and manila to merge them from Debian13:49
coreycbsahid: ok can you look at networking-bgpvpn/-odl when you get a chance since the uploads are failing builds13:50
sahidsure i will13:51
coreycbsahid: i'm going to bump babel to 2.7.0 and I think that'll fix the backport failure14:15
coreycbsahid: except i'm getting that LP "Path translation timed out" error again..14:16
coreycbsahid: apparently that isn't fixed yet ^. i thought it was working but nonetheless cjwatson can work around it if we give tell him the repo we need.14:27
sahidcoreycb: I bumped python-sqlachemy-utils if you are ok to merge it that to resolve the dep issue with masakari14:28
sahidand magnum seems to be ready14:29
roaksoaxwin 314:33
coreycbsahid: any chance we could get to 3.36.0? https://github.com/openstack/requirements/blob/master/upper-constraints.txt#L31014:33
sahidcoreycb: why?14:42
sahidah ok14:42
sahidi will try14:42
coreycbsahid: thanks. the more we can get to align with upper-constraints the better, especially with an LTS.14:43
sahidcoreycb: i think we are good with python-sqlalchemy-utils now15:35
sahidmasakari still does not want to merge, 'im on it15:36
coreycbsahid: ok. I don't think we want to merge masakari.15:39
Ussat\o/ JUst a follow up from yesterday, syslog-ng issue fixed15:41
Ussatand a big FU to syslog for having a different formnat for recieving UDP and TCP...could not just simpoly change the protocol :)15:42
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adamsmith34Hello! I'm so close: 18.04 minimal install joined to Windows Server 2012 R2 domain but domain users are not found so I'm unable to authenticate using them. What piece of the puzzle should I look at?18:43
lordcirthadamsmith34, what are you using for the join? sssd, nscd? Did you edit /etc/nssswitch?19:17
adamsmith34I've discovered that the sssd service failed to start. It appears that I don't have a keytab.19:19
adamsmith34Editing /etc/samba/smb.conf now...19:19
adamsmith34I did edit /etc/nsswitch.conf, to answer your question.19:25
adamsmith34Yep, sssd.service failing to start because of the missing keytab was part of the problem. I also found a typo in my /etc/smb.conf file. However, now when checking with 'su - domainuser' I get a return of "su: SYstem error". Any ideas?19:31
lordcirthadamsmith34, there should be something more helpful in auth.log20:38
adamsmith34Looks like it: pam_unix(lightdm:auth): authentication failure;20:46
adamsmith34And other similar messages20:49
adamsmith34It looks like the domain user authenticates but then access is denied.21:07
adamsmith34pam_sss(su:auth): authentication success...pam_sss(su:account): Access denied for user: 4 (system error)..pam_acct_mgmt: system error21:08
sikundo you have to specify the mtu on a bridge interface if the mtu is already specified on the bridge port? (jumbo frames)21:57
NwSHeya guys a noob Q. I've installed ubuntu 18.04 on my server, created lvms etc, and now after a few months I've noticed that the default partition is tiny (like 3.9GB). Is there a way to increase that size without messing up the rest of the setup?22:29
bryceNwS, did you set up the root partition with LVM?  If so see standard LVM tutorial on how to add to it.23:45
bryceNwS, if not, lots of slightly more hassle ways of redoing the partition.  If you can handle having the server down for a period of time, then backup and restore onto a new partition is fairly straightforward and low risk23:47
bryceNwS, workaround, might be to just create a new partition, copy everything from, say, /var or /usr to it, and then mount that partition on /var.23:49

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