WaVI think smart phones auto detect phone numbers and allow you to click the number prompting you to either "dial" or "cancel"00:01
bpromptdennington:   dunno a pdf editor for *nix myself, I do have FoxPDF editor for windows though, works well in windows1000:01
denningtonbprompt: thank you excellent alernative to installing adobe  )00:02
bpromptWaV:   right, just read,  you can make a simple link in a PDF editor and format it tel:64646767 to be dialable00:02
bpromptdennington:  Foxit pdf editor that is, is up to version 3 I think00:03
bpromptand is just around 140mbs of installation00:04
tomreynlibreoffice draw can also edit pdfs00:15
DarkTrickRegarding 100%CPU@Xorg after mic plugged in: After a cold start the CPU stays max only for 10 seconds (also weird, though). 2 pulseaudio processes with 10% CPU are not in sight. The behaviour I described before seems to be related to hibernation wake up. Are hibernation problems00:41
DarkTrickAre hibernation problems tracked and debugged?00:41
arooni_team_banyway to switch output port between speakers & headphones via command line (ubuntu 18.04) ?00:48
tomreynDarkTrick: sure, you can report bugs on it. most of the time those are bios / ACPI table bugs, though. do a bios upgrade, see f it helps. if you multi-boot with other OSes make sure you have those shut down properly and release all resources (can be important with some windows drivers). as a last resort you can make linux pretend it was windows (or whatever your bios was made for / tested against) using http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Window00:56
tomreynnon-broken link: http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html00:57
DarkTricktomreyn, I indeed remember a message at every hibernation wakeup that said something like "ERROR: blabla ACPI, please report this to [some website]"00:59
DarkTricktomreyn: I indeed have a hibernating windows in parallel01:00
DarkTricktomreyn: what you write sounds like "could be a config problem"01:00
DarkTricktomreyn: how come windows does not have problems with hibernation?01:01
tomreynDarkTrick: the bios / uefi / mainboard firmware of computers which are sold with windows pre-installed (but are not declared to support linux) are usually not developed to work with linux. in fact, most computers (even many of those stating to work with Linux) ignore it when Linux reports that it is being used for ACPI table access.01:08
tomreynLinux does still work on many of these systems (if not always as well as it could if the mainboard firmware would not restrict itself to a single OS), and there are workarounds to gain access to the 'optimized ACPI' which a systems' firmware usually 'reserves' for the OS it was tested with (usually Windows), as discussed on the link above.01:10
tomreynDarkTrick: it's usually a good idea to look at 8or share, if you can't interpret it yourself) your logs when trying to get a better idea of what is going wrong.01:12
DarkTricktomreyn: (without reading your link, yet) I guess the only solution for linux users/developer is to build a specific solution to the specific problem accured, because the manufactures don't bother too much?01:13
DarkTricktomreyn, "8or share"?01:14
tomreyn"(or share", sorry01:15
DarkTricktomreyn: summarizing what I understand:01:16
DarkTrick- I can report it01:16
tomreynHardware (or even firmware) specific workarounds for specific systems (or groups of systems) in Linux can help, and Linux does this (has to do this) a lot more than it'd need to if firmware developers would develop systems to work not just with the primary target OS. what you can do is to buy hardware which is sold with Linux support.01:16
DarkTrick- however, it's probably a machine specific problem01:16
DarkTrick- Even if I report, noone *might* be able to reproduce it01:17
DarkTrick- It's probably best to dig a little deeper myself01:17
DarkTrick- @digging: If I then have things I don't understand I should rather ask about them01:17
DarkTrick... is this correct?01:17
tomreyni don't know which hardware you have there (you did not tell), so i'm just guessing here. the common bottom line is: you acquired hardware which was not sold as being Linux compatible, so no man power went into supporting anything but the actually targetted OS, and so you will need to see for yourself how you can make it work well with Linux (see above4 for suggestions).01:19
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tomreynDarkTrick: roughly spoken, ACPI is used to have the system firmware (BIOS / UEFI) and the OS come to terms and announce power saving mode switches / events (including shutting down / powering up) and "plug and play" (for some devices only). if the firmware does not tell Linux how it is to initiate those events properly, then Linux has no means to properly announce such events it initiates or properly learn about how to handle those intiated by01:25
tomreynthe firmware.01:25
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tomreynso, yes, what you're seeing is probably a hardware model (maybe firmware version) specific issue, and logs may help you (and us) come up with solutions.01:26
DarkTricktomreyn: Thank you very much, so far!01:29
DarkTrickatm, there are quite a few terms, that I'm not familiar with. I will try to use your information to get closer to a solution or a more detailed bug description.01:30
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: you cannot predict other users dont suffer the same bug as you, so please follow the advice of the volunteers, sharing info and/or file a !bug01:31
tomreynjournalctl -b 0   and a   journalctl -b 0 -p3    to review your system logs. decrease 0 for earlier boots.01:31
DarkTrickbtw: My model is a Japan-only laptop. I bet 99% no official linux support :)01:31
tomreynjournalctl -b | grep 'DMI:'     to get your hardware model / system firmware version01:32
DarkTrickDMI: FUJITSU FMVWB3U27/FJNB2BB, BIOS Version 1.07 01/23/201801:33
kk4ewtDarkTrick; so have you checked for an updated bios01:34
DarkTrickkk4ewt: no, not yet (will take me about 30 - 50 minutes).01:35
DarkTrickas I g2g to work now, I want to thank everyone who helped! I will look closer to this stuff after work and understanding more of the matter01:36
tomreyngood luck!01:40
DarkTrickthank you :)01:52
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pagnolsomehow dns resolution isn't working on my box running Ubuntu 18.04... I can do `dig @ example.com` but `dig example.com` fails05:00
pagnolI have no clue how dns resolution works and how network manager, systemd-resolve, netplan... work together05:00
pagnol`systemd-resolve example.com` works, though05:09
pagnolI can't make any sense of this at all05:09
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cocomohello can i use snap to install a .deb file?06:08
lotuspsychje!snap | cocomo06:09
ubottucocomo: Snaps are containerised software packages similar to flatpaks or appimage. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io06:09
lotuspsychjecocomo: snaps & debs are 2 different things06:09
cocomoi am on arch linux i thought i might to able to install ubuntu packages with snap.06:10
lotuspsychjecocomo: we only support ubuntu here, not arch06:10
lotuspsychjecocomo: i see you already found #archlinux ...so you know this already06:12
cocomowell i thought u lot would know lots more abt snap06:13
cocomothank you anyways06:13
doug16kcocomo, don't use snap to install a deb, use dpkg -i06:14
lotuspsychjedoug16k: please dont support users with another Os here06:15
doug16ktrivially answerable. nobody else talking06:15
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zambajust by using .format() alone, is it possible to set the size of a string field?07:42
zambait's like string[:15], for instance07:42
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ramsub07Hi, I have previously connected to the network from my ubuntu 18.04 using a static IP address. It was approx a week ago. Is it possible to retrieve that static IP now?09:02
ramsub07Hello, is there a way to find the list of IP address my system was assigned to?09:10
sixwheeledbeast^I have no idea where that would be logged. I imagine it's all in journald now.09:17
sixwheeledbeast^journalctl | grep "string"09:17
sixwheeledbeast^maybe date or partial ip address.09:17
sixwheeledbeast^Yes i have no idea how to use journalctl "properly" so maybe read the man pages for better search queries.09:21
ws2k3is it possible to have kde and gnome installed? so they both are useable as desktop?10:04
OerHeksws2k3, sure, adding a desktop is no problem, choose desktop at login. removing one, can be interesting...10:05
ws2k3OerHeks: what about profiles. will it be the same firefox and thunderbird and stuff? or is that all different10:06
OerHeksthose will be shared, it is still the same user(id)10:06
ws2k3OerHeks: thats pretty interesting10:07
ws2k3OerHeks: for many years i run production servers on debian/ubuntu. but i never used it as a desktop. so i have no idea about this kinda stuff :D10:08
OerHekspersonally i would install side-by-side, no cross use of programms10:09
ws2k3OerHeks:  hmmm what do you mean exacly with that10:09
OerHeks2 pdf readers, 2 calculators, and so on10:10
ws2k3aah i see but also 2 firefox or?10:13
OerHeksno, i think not10:15
OerHeksunless one is installed via snap, and other one via apt10:15
ws2k3i see okay10:16
ws2k3another question you might know this. im used to working on a mac. how can i use cmd + c cmd + v etc in ubuntu? i cant just map ctrl to cmd cause then ctrl + c(to cancel) wont work anymore in the cli10:17
OerHeksdoes "cmd + c cmd + v"  copy and paste?10:18
OerHeksctrl + c = copy in linux10:18
ws2k3yes on a mac cmd + c and cmd + v are copy and paste10:19
boktanhi all please help me to fix this problem : https://imgur.com/a/ysVGyqs10:19
EriC^^ws2k3: ctrl+c in a terminal doesn't copy, ctrl+shift+c copies, so you can map ctrl+cmd10:19
ws2k3yes so on my linux machine i would like to move that function from ctrl + c to cmd + v10:19
ws2k3EriC^^:  ctlr+c in terminal does cancel of a running task10:19
OerHeksoke,. so ctrl + c - copy / ctrl + v - paste / ctrl + x - delete10:19
OerHeksboktan, describe our problem please?10:20
boktanyeah as i post the image the bluetooth service have this problem :/  https://imgur.com/a/ysVGyqs10:20
EriC^^ws2k3: right, you can map ctrl to cmd, then cmd+shift+c copies cmd+c cancels10:20
ws2k3OerHeks: yes. but i would like to move All functions so only copy paste10:20
ws2k3EriC^^: i wanne use cmd+c for copy and ctrl+ c for cansel10:21
EriC^^ws2k3: unless you map cmd to ctrl+shift i guess, then cmd+c copies10:21
boktani tryed everything mentioned in google did not help10:21
EriC^^ws2k3: then you have to see how to map cmd to ctrl+shift, i think xbindkeys can do that or maybe xkb can too10:21
OerHeksi think we need more information, boktan , what ubuntu version, what bt adapter? lspci or lsusb should tell10:33
boktanis it okay if i upload to pastebin? OerHeks10:34
ws2k3i see. so its hard :p10:35
boktanhere is the output from lspci: https://pastebin.com/kR1GqMy1 and this is from lsusb: https://pastebin.com/MM9mkmpW OerHeks10:36
OerHeksso it is the Intel Corporation Wireless-AC 9560, wifi + bt10:38
boktanon gnome desktop i was not having this problem but started with xfce+lightdm10:39
boktandisconnected :/10:40
boktananyways on gnome desktop i was not having this problem but started with xfce+lightdm10:40
OerHeksno idea there, is there something hardblocked? rfkill list all10:45
boktanno hard block i already checked it10:46
OerHeksand ubuntu version might help too...10:46
ufkubuntu 19.10 doesn't have a package for android sdkmanager and avdmanager ?11:05
OerHeksufk, no, tons of guides show you haow to install the 3rd party binairy blob11:09
ufkyeah i just wanted to confirm there isn't a premade package. thanks11:10
OerHeksi find no snap/flatpak too11:10
crsHi there, I have run passwd -dl <user> and now can't use sudo. Is there a way to recover that system?11:16
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TimmyUse single mode, enter sh and reset the passwd11:17
sonOfRaAlternatively, boot into a live system, chroot into your system, run passwd for that user11:20
sonOfRaBoth should work just fine11:20
HounddogHey maybee someone can help me with some understanding problem of nfs. We  have a hard mount but the clients are mounting via a dns address. When the server however fails and a new Server comes back online with the same data is the handle resolved again?11:21
florinskihello. how do I install my printer in cups? it's connected to my dsl modem via usb, I want to print wireless.12:46
bittin_Listening too the last of the year Ubuntu Security podcast13:01
OerHeksflorinski, maybe this page is any help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu#Printing_from_Ubuntu13:15
JonelethIrenicusIt would be very cool if the software center told us when the package was updated last and the version of the software that is currently available13:44
JonelethIrenicuseven cooler if it did it when in the list view13:44
JonelethIrenicusi always have to click on the flatpak and then the deb version to see if a difference exists13:44
lotuspsychjeJonelethIrenicus: you can influence the community as user, by filing a !bug wishlist13:45
JonelethIrenicuslotuspsychje, thanks, I think if I did anything I would just hack on software center myself13:46
JonelethIrenicusit is such an obvious feature13:46
JonelethIrenicusand so simple to add maybe take an hour13:46
lotuspsychjeJonelethIrenicus: if nobody ever wishes it, the developers wont change things13:47
JonelethIrenicusthey dont think for themselves?13:47
JonelethIrenicuswho decides what is allowed?13:47
JonelethIrenicusif I change it will they even accept it?13:47
lotuspsychjeJonelethIrenicus: the developers & the ubuntu community go hand by hand13:47
lotuspsychjewhen users file bugs, it reaches the devs13:48
JonelethIrenicusyeah but i am talking as a dev13:48
JonelethIrenicusnot user13:49
BluesKajHi folks13:49
lotuspsychjeJonelethIrenicus: there's currently also a 20.04 opinion vote going on13:49
JonelethIrenicusthe survey?13:49
JonelethIrenicusyeah i did that13:50
lotuspsychjeJonelethIrenicus: and did you mention it?13:50
JonelethIrenicusno i mentioned other bigger items13:50
rbasakJonelethIrenicus: most projects are very happy when wishlist requests come with patches that implement them13:57
rbasakThough there is always a design complexity/UX complexity/maintenance burden question13:58
rbasakSo "will they even accept it?" is a very good question13:58
rbasakUnfortunately it's not at all clear for a project to be able to answer such a question without seeing a patch, and so that can result in wasted effort13:59
rbasakI suggest the best thing to do is to start with a small change and an unpolished patch, file a pull request, and ask if it's acceptable that way with an offer to polish if they are positive about the change.14:00
rbasakIn the case of the software center, I think that would have to be against upstream (GNOME?)14:00
rana_ansIm getting an error after sudo apt-get upgrade, error: E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?14:10
rana_anshelp :))14:10
rana_ansI get that error after a long list of not found errors14:11
lotuspsychjerana_ans: can you pastebin the whole output please?14:11
JonelethIrenicusthe text editor's scrollbars make it so you cannot click on the last line of a file14:12
JonelethIrenicusso many small issues14:12
rana_anslotuspsychje: could you send me ink for pastebin, the one on google isnt opening14:12
lotuspsychje!paste | rana_ans14:12
ubotturana_ans: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:12
lotuspsychjeJonelethIrenicus: help the community and file bugs14:13
rana_anslotuspsychje: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Y7cyGVGpnB/14:14
lotuspsychjerana_ans: seems like that ROS repo giving alot of 404's14:16
rana_ansyea Im trying to install a package14:17
lotuspsychjerana_ans: we can only support the official ubuntu repos, for external ppa issues contact their maintainer14:17
rana_ansno one replies in #ros :/14:17
lotuspsychjerana_ans: we reccomend to fallback on the official ubuntu repos to get it straight again14:18
lotuspsychje!sources | rana_ans14:18
ubotturana_ans: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.14:18
CoolerXhow do I get this? https://old.reddit.com/r/unixporn/comments/a900p7/awesome_mechanical_love/14:40
CoolerXI am on ubuntu 18.0414:40
lastebill1does ubuntu support miracast?14:41
lotuspsychje!info awesome | CoolerX14:41
ubottuCoolerX: awesome (source: awesome): highly configurable X window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.3-4 (eoan), package size 922 kB, installed size 2915 kB14:41
leftyfblastebill1: not officially. There's at least 1 github project and a ppa.14:43
lastebill1leftyfb: ok, ty.14:43
CoolerXlotuspsychje, thanks14:47
CoolerXlotuspsychje, uh can you give more detailed instructions?15:10
CoolerXhow do I get this exact look? https://i.redd.it/glzrkk83f4621.png15:11
lotuspsychjeCoolerX: im not the awesome expert myself, but i think after installing awesome you will need a theme15:11
lotuspsychjeCoolerX: you could contact the user posting that reddit pic, and ask him/her where they got the theme15:13
CoolerXthey made it15:13
CoolerXoh I see https://github.com/elenapan/dotfiles15:16
CoolerXI am confused https://old.reddit.com/r/unixporn/comments/a900p7/awesome_mechanical_love/ecfdc1a/15:17
CoolerXso there is no theme?15:17
CoolerXseems you have to manually configure a bunch of stuff15:18
CoolerXseems complicated15:18
rapidwaveHow come there are no screen recorders available in repositories?15:19
rapidwaveI can only find "peek" and there are non-resolvable dependencies.15:19
MWMa while ago I had a problem with opening a tilix and other GUI based apps.  /var/log/syslog shows --> "tilix [23521]: cannot open display: :1001"15:21
MWMI solved it somehow but when I rebooted I lot the fix and now I cant figure it out again15:22
MWM:1001 is GUID/UID right? But I cant find any user or process using that Uid/guid on my system15:22
MWMconnectng with nomachine if that makes a difference15:30
CoolerXrapidwave, use OBS https://obsproject.com/15:32
aberrantmorning all15:32
aberrantapparmor is really verbose. Is there a way to quiet it down a bit?15:32
aberrant[141330.126057] audit: type=1400 audit(1576746178.060:102): apparmor="STATUS" operation="profile_replace" info="same as current profile, skip│15:33
aberrantping" profile="unconfined" name="libvirt-56eaafde-ee1a-4024-ad7c-d3816a6739a6" pid=22389 comm="apparmor_parser"15:33
sixwheeledbeast^It should only be verbose when it has to be.  From what I understand "profile_replace" means it is asking apparmor to change to "unconfined" profile so disabling apparmor for that task. Probably something you want to know about I suppose16:03
aberrantsixwheeledbeast^: I don't think it's a security issue. This is a brand-new install that wasn't attached to any network.16:04
aberrantI did a complain on it; let's see if that suppresses those messages.16:05
sixwheeledbeast^I am not saying it's a security issue, just that something is asking to use a lower security profile it may not have a good profile for it.16:06
aberrantah, I see. What do you suggest?16:06
sixwheeledbeast^You could make a profile I suppose.16:07
belcherim trying to run `sudo apt update` but it results in a key expired error, i cant find any keyserver which has the updated keys, the keys themselves are `B98321F9 2010-08-07 [expired: 2017-08-05] Squeeze Stable Release Key` and `65FFB764 2012-05-08 [expired: 2019-05-07] Wheezy Stable Release Key`16:48
leftyfbbelcher: cat /etc/issue16:51
leftyfbbelcher: what version of ubuntu does it say you are running?16:51
belcherUbuntu 16.04 LTS \n \l16:51
leftyfbbelcher: why do you have debian repo's added to it?16:51
belcheri dont know, perhaps i added them by running command lines i found on the internet with no understanding16:52
leftyfbbelcher: remove them and you won't have the issue16:52
belcherhow do i remove them?16:53
leftyfbbelcher: look in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/16:57
belcherthat directory is empty16:57
leftyfbugh, did you add them to the bottom of /etc/apt/sources.list ?16:57
belcherah yes looks like it16:59
belcherand theres a comment #for tor, so looks like past me added them to install tor?16:59
belcherill remove them i guess, and see if i can update tor17:00
belcherthanks for the help leftyfb17:08
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arooniquestion; every 3-4 times i resume my lenovo t420 from suspend (ubuntu 18.04) it seems like gnome-shell gets jammed up; so i try killall gnome-shell -9 which works every once in awhile but in general doesnt seem to work that well; any other ideas for things i could try?18:25
aroonimany thanks in advance18:25
njd001whats the default desktop for 19.10 gnome?18:25
pragmaticenigmaarooni: Recommend not using standby (suspend-to-ram) repeatedly. Reboot regularly.18:27
arooniwhats wrong with using suspend to ram?18:27
pragmaticenigmanjd001: Since Ubuntu 17.10, the default desktop has been Gnome-Shell18:27
arooniits a pain to have to reboot each time i move my laptop18:27
njd001where do you want me to begin whats wrong with suspending to RAM18:27
njd001thanks pragmaticenigma :) xrdp is being crappy18:28
pragmaticenigmaarooni: From a technical aspect, support in Linux for Standby modes is low priority. So much focus has been placed on improving boot times, and session saving that it's often better to just power down18:29
njd001as for RAM Suspension from a security stand point theres a few problems with that... but setting that aside for a moment primarily apps can be 'leaky' and have run away processes on resume that consume large quantities of memory block18:29
rbasakI have a Dell XPS 13 (9360). Suspend works perfectly. I use it all the time. It's really convenient to be able to just shut the lid and carry on later.18:31
aroonipragmaticenigma: thats sad news;  i wonder if hibernate would work any better18:31
arooniany thing to do when gnome-shell seems to hang other than try to kill it?18:31
njd001arooni it also consumes your batteries life. if its a modern laptop it puts undue wear on the lifespan of lithum. I used to suspend mine but now i just hibernate everytime because the disk is encrypted to the TPM18:31
aroonithat sounds so aggressive lol18:31
aroonihibernate writes to the hard drive?  i'm using a 500gb ssd and have 12gb of ram18:32
ioriaarooni, you restart it  :  ' Alt+F2 +r '18:32
pragmaticenigmaarooni: It's better to reboot regularly (full power down) Things get caught up in memory and it's the best way to make sure left over processes get fully cleared out.18:32
pragmaticenigmaarooni: With an SSD, there is no need for hibernate or standby18:32
pragmaticenigmaarooni: Also, hibernate isn't recommended with Solid State drives18:32
arooniwell booting isn't instanteous18:32
njd001hibernate is always a better option. heres a good reason not to... assume you are on a train and you suspend all apps are running in ram i put a tiny button usb device into a port hanging out of your laptop it wakes and my program is now cruising your laptop when you get home and connect it dumps 1 file zipped of critical date18:33
arooninever thought of that security concern18:33
njd001pragmaticenigma really? i have solid state and i hibernate it all the time18:33
aroonibut yes its obvious18:33
arooniit racks up extra writes18:33
rbasakReally, suspend to RAM is absolutely fine for most users.18:34
njd001nah modern m.2 an NVMe have auto trim18:34
pragmaticenigmahibernate builds a large file on the disk, some controllers don't wear level with large files and instead continue to use the same memory cells repeatedly, shortening the life of the drive18:36
MikeWorthBit of a strange one - I recently stuck an M2 SSD in my machine, and it seems to have caused major problems with then accessing any USB mass storage devices. Everything plugged in reports in syslog that it wasn't unmounted properly, I get all sorts of IO errors, things disappear and reappear as different devices (i.e. /dev/sdX). I've pulled the SSD out and I'm all working fine. Anyone got any suggestions?18:37
pragmaticenigmaMikeWorth: Possible it's a bad controller on the M2 module. Do you have another unit to test with?18:38
arooniso any suggestions on what to do if i can't seem to get gnome-shell  respond?  reboot?  or does killing/restarting processes ever work18:38
MikeWorthanother M2 SSD? Unfortunately not18:38
MikeWorthThe SSD was previously verified working in the machine it was pulled from18:39
pragmaticenigmaarooni: Reboot... non-responsive can be indicative of out-of-memory issues, best to reboot... killing gnome-shell kills all the applications that were running within gnome-shell. removing the memory requirements. but other applications and services running in the background can continue to cause issues.18:39
OerHeksmore an issue for ##hardware18:39
njd001MikeWorth thats because the bandwidth required for m.2 however the OS should be in control of the device via driver18:40
njd001the driver in the OS should gate what its trying to do.18:40
OerHeksthat m2 is EOL18:40
njd001the current architecture rate you can flash FPGA with ubuntu baseline and just use Octane to run everything. Ubuntu is a bad ascii little OS18:41
pragmaticenigmaMikeWorth: If adding a device causes problems, and then removing the device resolves issues, then the issue is with the device. It sounds like the M2 drive is dead.18:41
MikeWorthnjd001 So the M2 drive is taking all the bus bandwidth and pushing the usb access out of the way leading to errors?18:41
OerHeksnjd001, 'Ubuntu is a bad ascii little OS'?18:42
njd001well i didnt wanna say bad ass <<18:42
adamsmith34I'm so close: 18.04 minimal install joined to Windows Server 2012 R2 domain but domain users are not found so I'm unable to authenticate using them. What piece of the puzzle should I look at?18:42
njd001wasnt sure that word was allowed.18:42
MikeWorthAny pointers on how to get the appropriate drivers to stop this happening? It's an Intel 660p18:42
pragmaticenigmaadamsmith34: Start by using #ubuntu-server for server related issues18:42
njd001i would imagine keeping your OS up to date and the hardware bios up to date18:43
pragmaticenigmaMikeWorth: Did you see my previous comment?18:43
njd001so back to my xrdp issue ....18:43
njd001how do i get it to do something than a black screen?18:43
njd001it worked once then i rebooted then it was gone18:43
MikeWorthpragmaticenigma yes, although I'm not conviced that the SSD is dead - it worked fine in the previous machine and I haven't seen any errors reading data from it18:43
MikeWorthnjd001 I've done apt update/grade, I assume that covers off the OS up to date and I need to check my MoBo manufacturers website for any BIOS update?18:44
pragmaticenigmaMikeWorth: Solid state rarely will show issues with reads. It's the write that shows up sooner. And my comment was nothing to do with reading or writing. Adding a piece of hardward, seeing issues, then removing the hardware and having the issues clear up is indicative that the device is the problem. Not the software18:45
pragmaticenigmaMikeWorth: Start with the hardware side of it, if you don't have another m2 to test with, then find another machine that you can test that m2 in (not the one it came from)18:46
pragmaticenigmaMikeWorth: baring that, boot a live instance of Ubuntu with the M2 drive installed, see if you see the same output in the log files18:47
MikeWorthpragmaticenigma why not the one it came from? surely that's an independent test of the SSD? And surely even a wonky SSD shouldn't bring down all other USB devices in a well configured OS?18:47
adamsmith34@njd001 I've seen black screen when remoting in with VNC as well. I dont' think I got that one solved. I just reinstalled. I've seen related information in search.18:48
pragmaticenigmaMikeWorth: I don't think you're understanding the root of what I'm trying to say18:49
njd001brb need to go sit in the SOC for a demo :)18:50
pragmaticenigmaMikeWorth: Based on the information you have provided, I'm starting with the lowest, and least intensive troubleshooting. Trying to load up your machine full of drivers and configuration changes is going to leave you with a machine you can't be sure what's what anymore.18:50
pragmaticenigmaThat is why I'm recommending finding another machine, or booting a live instance and see if you still encounter the problem. If it persists then one of two outcomes are possible, either the M2 drive is dead, or it is not compatible with your motherboard. It is possible what you think is an M2 slot isn't.18:52
pragmaticenigmaMikeWorth: The point is, use a process of elimination first. Before throwing more things at the problem and potentially creating new problems and exponentially increase the number of possible reasons why you're having problems with your computer.18:55
njd001so why does xrdp connect but no data output19:02
pragmaticenigmanjd001: This thread mentions something about not passing in the domain to log into as having resolved their issue. https://sourceforge.net/p/xrdp/discussion/389417/thread/64949bc2/19:18
pragmaticenigmanjd001: So if your login looks like "localdomain\username" try switching it to just having "username"19:19
rbohey, I am having one of the weirdest but annoying issues. whenever I run sudo apt-get update or any apt commands, it takes like 20 - 40 seconds for the command to launch.19:52
rboanyone experienced this before or might have any tip on fixing them? several google searches didn't really pop anything up19:52
rboit seemed to have started after installing 'vundle' for vim.19:53
rboor maybe a recent software update19:53
rboooh nevermind19:56
rboI think I just found the problem. seems like 'sudo' anything is what causes the delay19:56
rbofixed it20:00
rbosomehow hostname changed - ` <hostname>` was incorrect, I set the proper hostname in /etc/hosts and it worked just fine.20:01
njd001do you absolutely need netplan to join to an AD?20:09
mallenjordananyone around that can help me try something from another network location?20:24
mallenjordanI just need someone to nslookup a hostname and see what they get also20:24
kxslhow do you report spam on launchpad? unless pushing drugs is ubuntu's side hustle? https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hydrocodone-online20:28
EriC^^mallenjordan: what do you need?20:29
njd001finally on the side of the split of the living20:29
* SimonNL looks around. where ????20:49
rana_anshey can anyone help me with a cmake error: Invoking "make -j4 -l4" failed21:05
rana_anspastebin: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QJW6zY4fZZ/21:06
rana_anshello? anyone who could help please21:09
bprompt!ask @ rana_ans21:10
ubottubprompt: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:10
bprompt`ask @ rana_ans21:10
rana_anscmake error: Invoking "make -j4 -l4" failed21:11
rana_answhole output of catkin_make is at pastebin: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QJW6zY4fZZ/21:11
rana_ansbprompt ^21:12
rana_ansumm any human being here? :D21:12
guntbert_rana_ans: plenty, but don't expect that everyone is an expert with your problem :-))21:13
rana_ansguntbert_: yea someone fixed this problem once before and I have totally forgotten helpers name or how did I solve it :/21:14
kxslrana_ans, you got a permission denied error on 329, look at that21:15
rana_anskxsl: lemme check for it21:15
rana_anskxsl: yea I searched for it and seems like after git cloning, .cfg file required chmod +x, although now after running catkin_make again, it didnt give any error but it is stuck at 2% and dong nothing else21:21
rana_anskxsl: nvm it working and continued, thank you for pointing out the error <321:21
kxslrana_ans, you're welcome21:22
guntbert_bprompt: btw, what you likely were looking for (in talking with ubottu) was21:26
guntbert_!bot > bprompt21:26
ubottubprompt, please see my private message21:26
paleblueskyIs possible to setup a ftp server on a ubuntu machine and have some download a file on ftp server via browser/http?21:27
bpromptguntbert_:  well, I was looking for an alias for "ask" :)21:27
paleblueskySo instead of using dropbox or similar to share a file, I wanted to setup something of my own and secure.21:27
kxslpalebluesky, i would use owncloud. much more modern and has more features21:28
guntbert_bprompt: that would be "help" :-)), but I got the impression that you wanted to direct a message to another user21:29
bpromptguntbert_:  right21:29
kxslpalebluesky, sorry, that should be nextcloud. owncloud is the old thing and no one uses that anymore21:30
palebluesky@kxsl I am looking at nextcloud now. Thanks. Is it easy to setup?21:31
kxsli found it moderately easy to do on amazon. getting some extra features, performance, and security takes some extra work, but it does 90-95% of what it's supposed to out of the box21:32
rana_anskxsl: hey could you look into this too, some header file or something is missing and I dont understand it: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MfdZFg2Bkg/21:32
paleblueskyThanks kxsl.21:34
kxslrana_ans, there's a lot more going on in that one, but it looks like there's a problem at 78 with a python script not finding a module called SensorLevels. also at 103, there appears to be a missing header file SDL.h. not sure what to do about that, it looks like it should be part of that source package, but try to fix the python part first and see if it goes away21:38
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akiki installed autofs on ubuntu 18.04 but "automount: files" or similar wasn't added to /etc/nsswitch.conf. i had to add it there myself22:01
akikwhy is gnome's file manager so.. neutered?22:09
kxslit's for 'humans'22:10
kxslit's a file manager that really takes a fifth of whiskey to appreciate22:11
akikthe same way as the new star wars is for new fans22:11
PazoozaYou mean Gnome Commander?22:12
akiknautilus, i think it is22:14
PazoozaWell try commander, it's not neutered.22:15
PazoozaCareful you don't wreak your system.22:16
akikthat's a bit too much, like mc22:17
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akiknemo looks better22:29
akiki can even make a bookmark to my automounted directory22:30
feohI liked the KDE one, but mostly if I have to use a graphical file manager I get annoyed and look for a CLI way to do the thing I want :)22:35
akikdolphin is good22:35
akiki have no wish to use nautilus again22:36
feohI'm running Gnome right now and have yet to tango with Nautilus, because see above. I'll let you know how annoyed I get once I get there :)22:38
akiktrust me..22:39
akikit's like it's made for simple tasks22:39
feohHas Nautilus gotten any development love along with the rest of Gnome? I hear 3.34 is hugely improved and that's what I'm running now.22:40
akikthe root directory is behind two clicks, "+ Other Locations -> Computer"22:40
PazoozaThunar is another file manager that might work for you.22:43
ducasseor spacefm if you want something that's easy to extend22:44
feohStrikes me that all file managers are trying to map one abstract representation (filesystems and files) into another abstract representation (icons and folders) and that the mapping from A to B isn't always clear or intuitive, especially for OS like UNIX where files and directories can have additional attributes and behaviors.22:50
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rodney77Hi there, is there any good solution for integrating general contacts with messenger?23:22
mustmodifyI have over 100 files that contain "---". I want to replace the 3rd through nth instance of that with ```. </sigh>23:23
mustmodifyany suggesions of what tool I should use?23:23
rodney77I use a CardDav server which is connected to gnome contacts and thunderbird. Empathy identifies which of my google contacts are also in my addressbook, and it will give me the option of calling them via Voip. But I would like to be able to see all my contacts, and have the option to call any of them -- not just the ones in my gTalk list23:24
mustmodifyI'm happy to figure it out. Just don't know where to even start.23:24
someone235I need to delete my swap file on LVM and recreate it bigger. Someone knows how to do it?23:43
FKHellmustmodify is this a homework? anyway you can just ls -1 the files you need and feed them to xargs, then use sed -i. do a trial run before you do it23:47
FKHellor you can use find, but i hardly use that23:48
FKHelli forgot the crucial part of using head or tail on ls -1 to skip the first 3 files. also if it is fixed text you don't need sed23:50

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