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studiobot<dEE001> ok. thanks a lot to everyone for your replies.11:51
studiobot<dEE001> How much RAM is recommended for video editing?11:51
vetOK when I reset the computer all of the settings I made aren't saved, when I minimize a windows it just disappears anything I want to do is difficult to find.  I have no idea how anyone uses this desktop and on top of it all it's uglier than sin!!!!14:12
vetIf I didn't have $1000 speakers want real-time low latency this is just terrible, seriously stupid..14:14
vethaha ok I see what happens to one that uses this thing for more than a day....DUhhh14:15
vethey you with the drool..14:16
tomreyndEE001: https://www.reddit.com/r/VideoEditing/comments/82y8qm/how_much_ram_do_i_need/14:54
tomreynthere are many articles discussing the smae question, too.14:55
studiobot<msopt> How about i7-9750H? It's faster or slower than i7-870014:58
tomreynwindows vs linux should not matter too much there. generally, with linux, i'd expect better use of multi core (though this is still highly application specific / dependant), faster disk I/O and faster process switching14:58
tomreyndEE001: ^ this was in response to you as well14:59
studiobot<dEE001> tomrey> i got it. thankx.14:59
tomreynmsopt: that's more of a ##hardware question really14:59
tomreynmsopt: looks like you're comparing apples + oranges (laptop vs desktop cpu), too: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-i7-9750H-vs-Intel-i7-8700/3425vs309915:01
tomreyn(and why would you buy intel for such performance ranges in 2019?)15:03
* OvenWerks thinks laptop i7 is an i3 in a pretty dress...16:18

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