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daffy951Have run into a problem booting. Getting a white screen with a flashing dot. Unable to see any grub output (holding shift during boot also goes to white screen). Tried boot-repair with auto mode, results in same white screen. Problem started when trying to get 5.3.0-23 working (got kernel panic, VFS: Unable to mount root fs), updating initramfs.. Getting out of ideas how to attack the problem.. Any ideas how to figure out whats causing the problem?08:44
gnrpdaffy951: This white screen is already Linux, or still grub?10:52
daffy951I can't tell. I would guess grub, but not sure. It's the only thing I see after bios stuff10:53
daffy951..But the time it takes for it to pop up indicates it might be around the time for the normal login screen to show10:59
daffy951This is how it looks: https://youtu.be/qfVln6HK5b411:02
daffy951(lunch here, bbl)11:02
gnrpdaffy951: Cannot be played, private video11:04
gnrpah, ok, then you are past grub11:04
gnrpdid you try pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1?11:05
daffy951ctrl+alt+f1 no response11:14
daffy951think the video should work now (never used youtube before)11:18
daffy951managed to get into grub now by constantly hitting shift during boot instead of holding it11:31
daffy951and could boot 5.3.0-19 without problems11:32
daffy951so the question now turned to.. What's wrong with 5.3.0-23 in my computer?11:42
gnrpdaffy951: Can you check the logs from the previous boot?13:08
gnrpdid the system actually freeze or was it e.g. reacting to magic sysrq?13:08
daffy951I didn't get any response from it, don't know about "magic sysrq"13:32
daffy951Is the previous boot log available by default somewhere?13:33
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FoxBookSo, currently using a liveUSB of 18.04.3 i386 in a panasonic toughbook CF-1823:51
FoxBookthings seem to mostly be working, except fot the touch screen23:52
FoxBookIs there a calibration procedure for it, as it is only correct at a single point- and as you move from that point, it scales incorrectly23:53

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