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rickybobi have ubuntu open and looking for the bot.py which i know the location of..  python3 <filename>01:02
Scouserthinking of using ubuntu with a duel boot. Tried it once, many years ago and found it difficult. Persuade me to try again.01:03
rickybob:~$ python3 C:\bot\bot.py01:04
rickybobpython3: can't open file 'C:botbot.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory01:04
rickybobeh im tired01:04
Bashing-omrickybob: "c:" is Windows syntax. What are you working in and what is the end goal ?01:09
rickybobmessing with bot code.. new and learning how to load it etc01:09
rickybobused to program vb many years ago, learning to code again is messy01:11
rickybobbut i had the bot in chat and responding just need to get it started01:11
rickyboblong day01:11
Bashing-omrickybob: ' sudo find /-name bot.py ' .01:12
rickybobwindows using visual studio and powershell01:14
rickybobsudo find /-name bot.py01:14
Bashing-om!wsl | rickybob Maybe better response:01:15
ubotturickybob Maybe better response:: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide01:15
rickybobBashing-om: thanks friend01:17
Bashing-omrickybob: Do what we can to help; but I have not touched Windows in OH! so many years.01:19
rickybobyea i just got back on lol01:19
rickybobwas on linux learning that last year01:19
rickybobthis year python01:20
rickybobwindows 10 is nice for gaming01:20
rickybobhas xbox quick keys01:20
rickybobtal to friends in voice chat etc01:20
CarlFK18.04 - where is the "share network" thing that let me share wifi over wire to a 2nd box?01:34
rickybobso Bashing-om ricky:~$ sudo find /-name bot.py01:35
rickybob[sudo] password for ricky:01:35
rickybobfind: ‘/-name’: No such file or directory01:35
rickybobfind: ‘bot.py’: No such file or directory01:35
rickybobran that to no avail01:35
rickybobi shall get it, just need a break i think haha01:35
Bashing-omrickybob: then the target file " bot.py " is not on the file system that your current shell can see.01:45
rickybobright.. my dilemma here01:46
rickybobdrinking tea taking break01:46
rickybobthink.. eat.. reboot brain01:47
Bashing-omrickybob: One will have to mount that Windows' partition from within the WSL shell.01:47
ducasserickybob: you're running the wrong command, try 'sudo find / -name bot.py'01:53
ducasse(note the space between / and -01:54
Bashing-omducasse: :) ouch on me !01:54
rickybobsome progress..01:56
rickyboblets see what happens here lol01:56
rickybobpermission denied every folder01:56
Bashing-om!sudo | rickybob01:57
ubotturickybob: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo01:57
rickybobah yes01:57
rickybobi have too many windows open tn01:58
Bashing-omrickybob: ( a period of re-adjustment )01:58
b3twiisefind / -name bot 2> /dev/null02:00
b3twiiselocate bot  | grep py02:01
b3twiiseneh! Hello guys02:01
rickybobhey thanks thanks!02:01
rickybobim gonna get it, the code is done02:01
rickybobheld my piss too long for this bot02:02
b3twiisewhat bot are you playing with02:02
rickybobso /usr/lib/python3.6/urllib/robotparser.py02:02
rickybobthis one here..02:02
rickybobits a starter.. i just got on python yesterday02:03
rickybobbut i learn fast, i think..02:03
rickybobi try to think i learn fast02:03
rickybobbut its only time that permits me to02:03
b3twiiseso you find the bot.py file?02:06
lastebill1what is the best and easiest way to make a copy of a bootable sd card in ubuntu?02:07
CrazyLikeAFoxlastebill1: dd if you have a card of equal or greater size02:07
lastebill1I do have that.  I tried using dd, but it has two partitions, and I think that screwed up my image02:08
b3twiiseomg greedy me had 2gb sd card. Looking to make a bootable. Most of them out there are > 2 gb02:08
lastebill1sudo dd bs=4M if=/dev/sdc2 of=raspbian.img02:09
lastebill1I did this02:09
lastebill1etcher says it's not bootable02:09
lastebill1got sdc1 and sdc202:10
lastebill1the sdc1 turned out as only 256 megabytes and the sdc2 image turned out 7186 megabyte02:11
lastebill1so I figure I need to somehow do them both?02:12
angular_mikeI want to install live ubuntu on a SATA SSD drive. Can I just do a dd like with preparing a usb stick?02:13
lastebill1could someone help me figure out the correct command to do this?  That would be greatly apprechiated02:14
pragmaticenigmaangular_mike: you could clone an existing installation, however it is not recommended that you do that unless you no longer going to use the original machine or installation anymore02:14
pragmaticenigmalastebill1: Do not try to image the partitions, image the entire device "/dev/sdc"02:15
lastebill1pragmaticenigma:  ok!02:15
lastebill1pragmaticenigma:  so just sudo dd bs=4M if=/dev/sdc of=raspbian.img02:16
pragmaticenigmalastebill1: Yes, if you're trying to copy the contents of the SD card over to an image file02:16
lastebill1ok, it says it can't find sdc...02:17
lastebill1only sdc1 and sdc202:18
pragmaticenigmalastebill1: try it without the block size02:20
lastebill1ok, now it seems to be doing something02:21
rickybobb3twiise: thank you02:22
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pragmaticenigmalastebill1: it would be a unique configuration if the block size of your SD card were 4M... would expect something more like 4K or maybe 8K02:23
rickybobbut no i had another friend who helped me run this via tv and he moved too fast so ill prob get a text from him after dinner02:23
pragmaticenigmalastebill1: that's why I think it wasn't working02:24
pragmaticenigmaangular_mike: sorry, I misread your original post. Yes, you could technically clone the live disk image to a hard drive02:25
rickybobsry shitty cam02:27
rickybobjust for reference02:28
rickybobagain havent been in windows at all this year so getting back into that was enough itself.  the software is nice though02:29
rickybobonly in doors02:30
angular_mikepragmaticenigma: i see ,thanks02:30
angular_mikemy motherboard doesn't seem to support booting from usb02:30
b3twiisewin 8 support is ending soon02:30
b3twiiseI guess vulns will be vuln foreverrr02:30
rickybobim on 10.. for now02:30
rickybobthis is only for gaming really, i have many machines here.02:31
b3twiiseAm just guessing how many are stuck on 8 for backward hackability. lol02:31
Sri19I use Win10 for gaming too. I think it is under-rated visually. I find it having a cleaner visual design than Mac OS.02:31
rickybobput this bad boy in just to play wow, new to that as well haha02:32
rickybobSri19: the beta xbox software is nice02:32
rickybobyou try it?02:32
rickybobwindows + G02:32
rickybobpulls up all friends etc02:33
rickybobi have gears5 on here02:33
b3twiiseI havent really used windows for a long time02:33
rickyboband forza02:33
rickybobwhich is amazing02:33
b3twiiseI need a ps4. Thats one thing I got to get02:34
rickybobjust impressive performance not the game really02:34
rickybobgame is fun yea02:34
b3twiiseWhat specs?02:34
lastebill1The one device I'll use windows 10 on is my notebook, and the reason is that windows 10 is easier on the battery than ubuntu02:34
b3twiiseMy current thing is a windows s bs.02:34
b3twiiseI had to wipe it02:35
b3twiisecame with 4 gb mem and 64 ssd02:35
b3twiiseWith the bloatware I could even not open 5 pages02:36
b3twiisewithout chrome sayin "aww snap"02:36
rickybobthis thing runs games while coding and irc discord no prob02:36
lastebill1btw, isn't this things to discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic perhaps?02:36
rickyboblastebill1: correct apologies02:36
b3twiisemy bad02:37
rickybobchannel added thanks02:37
Sri19rickybob: haven't tried or heard of xbox softwarebeta. got a link?02:39
rickyboblet me see..02:39
aberranthi all. This is a bit of a strange question. I did a standard install but now regret it because the installer added a whole slew of packages I don't need. Is there a way to clean this up without having to reinstall?02:40
angular_mikeHow do I get pavucontrol on latest live image? Apt seems to not recognize the package after update02:40
rickybobno worries02:41
rickybobits pretty neat02:42
rickybobi use it but my xbox is right here.. lol02:42
rickybobguess it would be useful if out of town02:42
rickyboband to offtopic now i go02:43
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timypI'm having trouble exusing a folder using the tar command I've tried /bin/tar -cvf "maildir-archiver_$(date +%m-%d-%Y).tar.gz" /var/vmail --exclude=./var/vmail/backup/maildir-archives, /bin/tar -cvf "maildir-archiver_$(date +%m-%d-%Y).tar.gz" /var/vmail --exclude=/var/vmail/backup/maildir-archives and even used qoutes around the directroy I wanted to exlude no dice. What am I missing to properly exlude this folder?05:42
timyppardon typos05:43
timypand  --exclude=./var/vmail/backup/maildir-archives is a no go05:44
lotuspsychjetimyp: perhaps a question for ##linux ?06:12
timypOkay just excluding the file extension seems to work -exclude='*.tar.gz' since its the only extension in the folder I was trying to exclude in that extension is not used for anything I need tar'd that will work, still not sure why I could not exude the folder itself, in the event I ever need to tar  a folder that had that extension in other locations that needed to be archived this work around would not work. So where am I going wrong,06:15
timyphow does one exclude a directory from tar?06:15
timypI came to ubuntu because I ran this command in a script which worked under 14.04 but stopped after upgrading to 18.0406:16
timypbut thats not a bad idea since tar is the same on all distros06:16
nikolamI moved SSD to another machine and have put 7850 in it (HP 600 G1) but when system boots it is searching for disks forever. (1 ssd, 2 drives in ZFS mirror)07:39
nikolamWhen I boot in troubleshooting mode, and activate network in menu and it mounts root, I end up in GUI session with 'nomodeset' (no driver used) and 1024X76807:40
nikolamSO question is wither to use 'amdgpu' or 'radeon' with AMD 7850 graphics and why it waits forever for disks on boot.07:41
nikolamdoing updates (19.10) and will re-install GRUB and i'll see07:43
jybuleron ubuntu 19.10, I just tried updating, but keep getting this error: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HdvSr4vY3M/07:51
jybulerhow do I fix? I can not find this kind of error in the web07:51
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lotuspsychjejybuler: did you add external ppa's to your system?07:52
lotuspsychjejybuler: what about sudo apt autoremove07:53
jybulerit tries to resetup initramfs-tools and linux-firmware but hangs at 43%, then spits out same error07:54
lotuspsychjejybuler: wich ubuntu version are you on?07:55
jybuler19.10 eoan07:55
jybulerserver installer07:55
lotuspsychjejybuler: did you try reboot yet and sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade07:56
jybulerno I didnt try reboot, since it fails to configure / write initframs, I suspect it wouldnt boot07:56
lotuspsychjejybuler: ipmi server?07:59
jybuleryes I have ipmi07:59
lotuspsychjejybuler: check if this bug suits your issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/175161307:59
jybulerfyi, if related, it's uefi booting, root is on btrfs and /boot is ext4, with esp partition as fat32 of course07:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1751613 in linux (Ubuntu) "W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/ast_dp501_fw.bin for module ast" [Medium,Expired]07:59
jybulerit's a asrock motherboard, so different motherboard maker but yea it's aspeeds ipmi08:01
ducassejybuler: does 'sudo update-initramfs -u' work?08:02
jybulerno, get same write error / failure08:05
ducassejybuler: anything in dmesg?08:13
jybulerapart from occasional "BTRFS info device fsid xxx devid 1 moved" messages, no, I dont spot anything08:18
ducasseyou could try an strace, see if you can determine why it fails08:21
gimpnixonwhich channel can i ask about 20.04 focal foosa?08:24
ubottuFocal Fossa is the codename for Ubuntu 20.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+108:25
gimpnixonthank you08:26
jybulerhmm, the errors went away after I removed some old kernels for starters, it seems it managed to write the initrfams and stuff now08:30
jybulerI did check earlier, there was space on boot so it shouldnt have been that08:31
jybulerbut maybe it was08:31
jybulerif it was, this'll be embarassing08:31
jybulergonna try reboot now08:31
Pegasusgood morning everyone. I have a laptop with a 28Gb EMMC disk that I was been using as my main laptop. the problem is that I'm running low on space. I have another laptop with a 320 Gb HDD and I would like to clone the system from the smallest laptop for that one. the current issue is that I don't have any external drive to use with Clonezilla. is there any way to do it via WiFi (on the same network)?08:52
PegasusI was searching in the internet and I've stumbled on this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/321956/cloning-ubuntu-over-network and I'd like to know how accurate it is08:55
nikolamI can only boot withthoubleshooting mode in GRUB, otherwise it just waits and seeks drives forever, without putting picture on the screen08:55
nikolamis amd 7850 actually supposed to be used with radeon driver and not amdgpu?08:56
nikolamI think I used it before with amdgpu?08:56
HabbiePegasus, 1) only dd a non-running system (i.e. start from some CD or USB stick, or boot into a rescue shell)  2) nc does no encryption or integrity checking, make sure you trust your local network  3) make sure you check dd output on both ends to see that all data has been transferred08:56
HabbiePegasus, let me clarify 1) - only dd a filesystem that is -not mounted for writing-08:57
HabbiePegasus, so, in short, this answer is not wrong, but you need to be aware of a few things08:57
HabbiePegasus, and of course, after that you'll need to add/resize partitions to benefit from all the extra space08:58
nikolamI get only 1024X768 now08:59
Pegasusoh, I see. so both laptops need to be booted from the live USB/CD09:00
HabbiePegasus, that's best, but booting the 'source' into recovery mode and checking the filesystem is not mounted for writing should be enough09:01
PegasusHabbie: actually that would be better for me, since I'm lacking another USB/CD to boot the source/destination computer in live mode09:03
HabbiePegasus, some live images can be removed (unplugged) after booting, but i can't advise you on which ones09:03
EriC^supposedly "toram" in the kernel parameters puts it all into ram09:04
HabbiePegasus, one last thing, the second answer mentions a big blocksize, and it really makes a difference in the wait09:04
Habbiethe article is very old, don't trust it blindly09:05
Habbieor, just read the very first sentence (Casper now includes a functioning toram option) and then close it again09:05
EriC^Pegasus: are you trying to clone an install?09:06
Habbieor, move, perhaps09:07
PegasusEriC^: yes. I want to clone my install from one laptop to another (keeping files, SSH keys, etc)09:07
HabbiePegasus, your actual goal is to replace the disk in the first laptop, right?09:08
HabbiePegasus, oh no, i misread that, sorry09:08
EriC^Pegasus: just use clonezilla09:08
EriC^unless the hdd's are perfectly equal? you could use dd alone09:08
Habbiethe second one is way bigger09:08
Habbiebut Pegasus says there's no way to connect both disks to the same machine at the same time09:09
PegasusEriC^: actually, I don't have any external hard drive available to use with Clonezilla. also laptop A has a 28Gb EMMC disk and computer B has a 320Gb HDD disk09:10
Pegasusand computer B (destination) has dual boot09:11
EriC^you'd have to dd the hdd, take note of starting sectors of partitions, dd it to big hdd, erase partition table and create a fresh one, put the same starting sectors but bigger ending sector, use resize2fs to enlarge fs09:12
EriC^Pegasus: ah you want to keep the destination dualboot? in that case it's different09:12
Habbiethat changes everything, yes09:12
Descriptionedgoodmoring to all, i cant login to my ubuntu everytime i put my password it reload login session... any fixes?09:13
ducassePegasus: you haven't got a big enough usb stick?09:13
HabbieEriC^, instead of 'noting' anything about partitions i would strongly recommend parted09:13
Pegasussorry, but I forgot to mention it earlier09:13
nikolamI removed amdgpu and reinstalled radeon driver and did a bit update and grub-update again and will see if I can get picture on the screen now. I used Intel driver before and intel graphics is still present in CPU09:13
EriC^Habbie: well yeah, i use sudo parted /dev/sdX unit s print09:13
Pegasusducasse: currently, my biggest USB stick is of 16Gb09:13
EriC^(to get the starting sectors)09:13
EriC^actually i think i have that uploaded in a pastebin somewhere as a backup as well09:14
HabbieEriC^, but why not let parted handle the whole resizing?09:14
ducassePegasus: it's probably easier to just get a bigger flash drive09:14
Habbiedd'ing just one partition is doable, but it's very easy to make windows-destroying mistakes with dd09:15
EriC^Habbie: i've never used parted in this situation tbh, i kind of doubt it would know to recreate the partition table (to encompass the whole disk size), i think it would know how to make a partition + filesystem bigger but i doubt it would know to delete the partition table and stuff09:17
Pegasuscurrently, my main 'issue' is to keep my SSH keys and some configuration files from some apps. probably I can just copy-paste them using SSH? or are there any problems of copying SSH keys from one laptop to another?09:17
HabbieEriC^, i've used it to do plenty of resizes and moves, i would be surprised if it couldn't grow a partition to the size of its new host09:18
HabbiePegasus, you can just copy those09:18
HabbiePegasus, they're almost small enough to type over ;) (don't do that)09:18
EriC^Habbie: yeah i dont doubt that, but i mean the partition table itelf needs to be deleted and recreated or it'll have discrepancies about partitions and disk end etc09:19
HabbieEriC^, an MBR partition table does not note the 'disk end' - i don't know about GPT09:19
HabbieEriC^, perhaps we can agree on 'try letting parted do it all and take it from there' :)09:19
DescriptionedHELP: i can't login to my Ubuntu on login session i put my password but it takes me back to login session ????!!!09:20
EriC^well it's kinda moot now since he won't be cloning the whole thing so yeah sure by all means :)09:21
EriC^Descriptioned: start with the basics, do you own "~/.Xauthority" and "~/.ICEauthority" ?09:23
HabbieEriC^, indeed09:24
DescriptionedEriC^: i already did this..09:24
Descriptionedi did a research before i come and ask here..09:24
EriC^Descriptioned: anything in ~/.xsession-errors ?09:24
Descriptionednothing no errors09:25
EriC^Descriptioned: ok, did you try a different account to see if its user-related or system-wide?09:25
Descriptionedyeap i did added new account from ctrl+alt+f1 but same thing09:26
EriC^Descriptioned: ok, try from ctrl+alt+f1 typing "DISPLAY=:1 startx xterm" see what error it gives you or if it works with just using xorg09:27
EriC^take note of where it will be logging to, ~/.local/share/......log09:28
Descriptionedcan reinstall ubuntu keeping my files and programs installed i got timeshift snapshots09:29
Descriptionedgot them on my hdd wheres ubuntu installed09:29
EriC^that's pretty overkill, plus it still might not work09:29
EriC^Descriptioned: next step in your troubleshooting journey is the xorg logs and testing xorg alone without a desktop manager/window compositor etc09:30
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BluesKajHey folks11:23
aeplushi BluesKaj11:24
BluesKajhi aeplus11:26
jpmhI have a crontab line: sleep 60;jban.pl start > /tmp/jban.log - to start jban, it leaves an additional process, /bin/sh -c sleep 60;jban.pl start > /tmp/jban.log as well as the expected  /usr/bin/perl /usr/local/bin/jban.pl start - how do I avoid this additional process?12:24
gst568923>> Hi, how can I disable the lxcbr0 interface when starting the operating system without totally disabling the "lxc" service?13:22
DarkTrickIs it ok to post enhancement requests on launchpad with `ubuntu-bug`?14:06
lotuspsychjeyou mean a wish(list) DarkTrick ?14:06
DarkTricklotuspsychje, yes14:07
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: yes thats allowed, and after you will need an admin that can change your bug into a wishlist14:07
DarkTricklotuspsychje, I guess that will happen "automatically"? (I prefix the title with "Enhancement:" (?))14:08
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: no, you need someone with access that changes it to a wish14:09
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: create the bug, then we will find you someone that can :p14:09
DarkTricklotuspsychje, ah, yeh, that's what I meant with "automatically"14:10
DarkTricklotuspsychje, thank you14:10
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: what kind of wish will this be about?14:10
DarkTricklotuspsychje, when a version upgrade (e.g. 18.04 to 19.04 ) is done, you get a list of packages, that would be removed14:11
DarkTricklotuspsychje, Enhancement: make them selectable instead of "all or nothing"14:11
Matildahi all really need help please id like to know the easiest way (succinct method) to rename a bunch of mp4 files inside one folder to file1,2,2 but same format. please help getting so confused reading all the different ways and failing so far14:11
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: and why would you ignore the removes?14:12
DarkTricklotuspsychje, sometimes it seems to remove hand-installed programs14:13
Matildaalso would like to do it in terminal14:13
DarkTricklotuspsychje, It's already a while ago, but I think it uninstalled my KolourPaint and Dolphin once14:14
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: but did you install those from the repos or from a ppa?14:14
DarkTricklotuspsychje, uuuh.... I dont remember14:15
DarkTricklotuspsychje, the installation was already about a year ago14:15
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: cause the ubuntu way, would be installing packages from the official repos, wich after an upgrade, apt should be smart enough knowing what to do14:16
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: if your idea is about blocking the removes of manual installed programs, i think your wish might get rejected14:17
DarkTricklotuspsychje, from personal experience I can't say the mechanism was too trustworthy until now.14:17
DarkTricklotuspsychje, but... that's maybe not of matter now. Forget about the last message14:18
DarkTricklotuspsychje, why do you think so?14:18
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: you also say you upgraded 18.04 to 19.04 wich needs first 18.04 to 18.1014:18
DarkTricklotuspsychje, because the system should know them?14:18
DarkTricklotuspsychje, sorry, I skipped the details? ... :p14:19
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: the cleanup of an upgrade should already be intuitive by apt14:20
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: so your idea, you want to force apt doing things it shouldnt do?14:20
DarkTricklotuspsychje, ok more detailed: from 16 (LTS?!) to 18 (LTS?!) I had a big trouble with 3GB or so of apps removed. Among them dolphin, I think nautilus, mousepad and a few other14:21
DarkTricklotuspsychje, from 18.04 to 18.10 I had just one or two programs, that shouln't have been in that list. apt-get autoremove after the upgrade did a clean job14:22
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: well we dont know details enough for what exactly happened there14:22
DarkTricklotuspsychje,  "so your idea, you want to force apt doing things it shouldnt do?"14:22
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: did you mix ubuntu desktop with kde a bit?14:23
DarkTricklotuspsychje, no. I'd like to allow the user to decide what to do14:23
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: the user can do what he likes already, and apt is there to help the user14:23
DarkTricklotuspsychje, I'm running xubuntu, if that answers your question (?)14:24
DarkTricklotuspsychje, just to be clear14:24
DarkTricklotuspsychje, I'm talking about the GUI version for the upgrade14:24
DarkTricklotuspsychje, if that matters14:24
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: maybe we should take this to #ubuntu-discuss14:25
DarkTrickMatilda, sorry, I hope you get your chance now14:25
Matildaall good im deep in manual pages14:31
Matildaits gotta pay off eventually problem is ima bit slow on the uptake n impatient14:32
* Matilda walks away for a smoke break14:35
IarlaI remember once my window manager crashed (Unity) and I wasn't able to ALT-TAB between windows or raise others to the front. Now I'm setting up a kiosk system and I'd like the same behaviour. How do I kill the window manager in Unity? I just want the browser fullscreen.14:50
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FreeBDSMhello, where to report bugs about `python3-xdo` package? I have hard time finding the sources / issue tracker.14:52
FreeBDSMapt lists the package as `python3-xdo/bionic,bionic,now 0.4-1 all [installed]`14:52
FreeBDSMpypi search for 'xdo' finds only this as the most related (the rest seems not related): https://pypi.org/project/python-libxdo/14:52
FreeBDSMbut that package has version 0.1.2a1 and the package looks abandoned14:53
FreeBDSMis that actually the right package I'm looking at?14:54
MWMI was just going through my logs and noticed a ton of failed attempts at root access from a certain IP (whois on the IP leads to a server in china) How common is this?15:03
FreeBDSMMWM: this is normal.15:03
DarkTrickMatilda, I don't have a non-GUI native solution at hand, but if you find nothing else you can try this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0ozICgf1tQ15:03
MWMI mean its obviously some bot or other, but Im kinda feeling WTF15:03
FreeBDSMMWM: you'll get bruted many times a minute with public IP with a publicly exposed port. No point in reacting.15:04
FreeBDSMI mean, you have root access over ssh forbidden, right?15:04
DarkTrickIarla, can you go to another tty with CTRL+ALT+F2 or CTRL+ALT+F3 or so? (CTRL+F7 for going back to gui mode)15:05
DarkTrickIarla, from there you could login and kill Xorg for example15:05
MWMyeah and I have a limit placed on how many times you can try as well.  It is still reassuring to hear that this is "normal"15:05
FreeBDSMMWM: well, welcome to the interwebs.15:06
DarkTrickIarla, ... sorry, not necessarily Xorg, but whatever you use15:06
MWMKind of the internet equivalent of someone trying to doors of every car on the street huh?15:07
rud0lfMWM: or texting "it's landlord here, open the door"15:10
MWMis there a version of the internet that isnt like living in the worst parts of the inner city with the biggest thugs and scammers? :D15:12
FreeBDSMluckily, there isn't15:13
moceanGreetings. Does anyone know the 32 bit driver path in ubuntu for mesa oopengl drivers?15:14
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MWMxorg logs are booooring15:18
moceanI don't have access to an ubuntu system atm but need to know this info15:21
MWMhttps://hypernews.slac.stanford.edu/HyperNews/geant4/get/visualization/636.html?inline=-1 <--this page suggests /usr/lib or /usr/lib32 and a few others.  But I really have no clue15:22
moceanI see. So two possibilities15:22
moceanI'm interested in the intel drivers i965_dri.so15:23
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c0nkerI've been having a lot of trouble with an USB, I tried making a boot USB and it didnt work, and after all the steps I must have broken something, and it says its read-only (actually right now it doesnt even find it)16:41
tomreync0nker: why do you thnk it's sdb? the output you posted does not say so.16:48
tomreyndmesg should tell which device name was assigned, or you could refer to it by its product / human readable name.16:50
c0nkerdmesg says so16:50
tomreynso if you use    sudo fdisk -l    against the particular /dev/disk/by-id/usb-* you also get "No medium found"?16:52
c0nker~$ sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb16:53
c0nkerfdisk: cannot open /dev/sdb: No medium found16:53
tomreyni mean the /dev/disk/by-id/usb-* path16:54
tomreynls /dev/disk/by-id/usb-*16:54
c0nkerah, sorry, I didnt know about that, let me check16:54
tomreynthen pick the right device (the one without the *-part* ending)16:54
c0nkerhttps://pastebin.com/DTjUF4ec tomreyn16:56
tomreyncan you please use the ubuntu pastebin or one not hosted at cloudflare?16:57
tomreyn"Connection timed out"16:57
c0nkeroh, sure16:57
tomreynokay, so that's the same error, i see.16:58
tomreynchances are the partition table is just broken16:59
tomreynyou can just overwrite it.16:59
c0nkeri tried with dd, cant find the medium or it says its read only17:00
tomreynsudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/disk/by-id/usb-General_USB_Flash_Disk_04K6N08TMCNO6RVI-0\:0 bs=512 count=117:00
c0nkerno medium found, but i pull it out and again, and it automounts17:01
tomreynso you're saying it's usable again after doing dd and replugging?17:02
c0nkeri dont know if its read only again, or not17:02
tomreyndid the dd command fail, though?17:02
OerHeks'mount' will tell if it is read-only now17:03
tomreynor did you not run it just now, just replugged the device?17:03
tomreynsudo hdparm -r /dev/disk/by-id/usb-General_USB_Flash_Disk_04K6N08TMCNO6RVI-0\:0      will tell whether the device is read-only.17:03
c0nkerreplugged, havent run dd17:04
tomreynflash storage usually becomes read-only when it physically breaks and turns into trash.17:04
tomreynbut an uninterpretable (or misinterpreted) partition table can also cause this17:05
c0nkermy guess is that, cause ive tried to repeatedly format it with gpt and mpt17:05
tomreynthe dd command above would overwrite the partition table (and thus make any data stored on it unusable, but make the storage repartitionable)+17:05
c0nker readonly      =  1 (on)17:06
ScarletMarauderhey so I have a harddrive that is full of hardlinks and copies of files, I want to view the size of the directory ignoring all the hardlinked files. any advice?17:06
OerHeks"what is the size of a soft/hardlink?" 0 bytes..17:07
tomreync0nker: sudo hdparm -r 0 /dev/disk/by-id/usb-General_USB_Flash_Disk_04K6N08TMCNO6RVI-0\:017:07
ScarletMarauderi mean when doing du on the directory17:07
tomreync0nker: chances are it wont work, though, and the flash storage has reached its end of life17:08
c0nkerok readonly is now 0, lets try dd17:08
c0nkertomreyn, this is a relatively new usb, hell this is the second one Ive had f*ck up in 24 hours trying to make a usb bootable17:09
OerHeksdu skips soft/hard links or better symlinks17:09
tomreync0nker: maybe you're just using a bad tool then. what's the utility you'r eusing, and what's the data you're writing to it?17:10
tomreynalso which ubuntu version are you using?17:10
c0nkerUbuntu 18.04.3 LTS17:11
ScarletMarauderOerheks, what is the best way to view the size of just the directories and not sub directiroes?17:11
tomreync0nker: do you remember whether this was always called "General USB Flash Disk" or used to have some branding previously?17:11
OerHeksdu -sh *17:11
OerHekswithour r recursive17:12
tomreync0nker: and what does    sudo hdparm -r /dev/disk/by-id/usb-General_USB_Flash_Disk_04K6N08TMCNO6RVI-0\:0   say now?17:12
tomreynstill off?17:12
c0nkerand, no, I dont remember17:13
tomreync0nker: sudo hdparm -I /dev/disk/by-id/usb-General_USB_Flash_Disk_04K6N08TMCNO6RVI-0\:0 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999917:14
tomreync0nker: so this appears to have no capacity. can you remove any non necessary usb devices, then replug it to a different usb port?17:18
tomreync0nker: just to confirm, you did run hdparm with upper case -I, not lower case -i, right?17:20
ScarletMarauderOerheks, well it looks like sonarr decided to copy things instead of download17:21
c0nkercant find the /dev/disk/by-id/usb*17:23
tomreynwhat does   dmesg -w   (or    journalctl -f)   say when you replug it?17:24
c0nkerif i try on the same usb port it says this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8BJM5KCFZr/17:30
tomreync0nker: so it says "[sdb] Write Protect is on" again. i see the following possibilities: usb version mismatch (some usb 2.x devices do not work well on a usb 3.0 port, and if i recall correctly, vice versa, too), insufficient power supply on usb bus, usb device hardware failure, usb controller hardware failure. the best thing you can do is to cross test this device on a different computer.17:39
ScarletMarauderso for some reason du is listing a directory and says it had 4.1 tb in it, but most of the files are hardlinked. so they shouldn't be that large17:48
tomreynwhy would hard linked files be substantially smaller than non hardlinked ones?17:50
Habbieif du encounters the same inode multiple times in one run, it will only count it once17:56
Habbiebut that doesn't explain ScarletMarauder's question17:56
ScarletMarauderthank you habbie17:57
Habbieor perhaps it does :)17:57
ScarletMarauderso I have a directory, that has a few other directories in it. now one of them should have all my videos hardlinked from the other directories.17:57
ScarletMarauderif i wanted to get an idea of how large that directory is, not counting the hardlinks, how would i do it17:58
Habbieso, let me try to guess what's going wrong in your head17:58
tomreynso you don't want to count hard linked files at all, or just once?17:58
Habbiesay i have a file MYBIGFILE which is one gigabyte17:58
Habbieand then i ln MYBIGFILE MYBIGOTHERFILE17:58
Habbienow i have two files of one gigabyte, that are hardlinked, so they still only take up one gigabyte together, yes?17:59
Habbieif you ls them, they will look like 1 + 1 gigabyte18:00
Habbiebut if you du them, du will notice that they share that gigabyte18:00
ScarletMarauderokay that makes sense18:00
Habbieso what you could do is du your source dirs and your target dirs together, in that order18:00
Habbiethen du will count the 'hardlinked' files in their source, and not in this destination tree18:00
ScarletMarauderbasically my issue is that my drive seems to be full, when there should be 1 or 2 tb free.18:00
Habbiei like ncdu for figuring out why that is18:01
Habbieit is also possible some process has big open deleted files18:01
Habbiewhich you can 'fix' with a reboot or find with some lsof magic that you'll have to google18:01
OerHeksncdu is more advanced indeed18:01
ScarletMarauderit is a mounted drive18:01
Habbieyes, ncdu18:01
Habbieinstall ncdu18:01
Habbiethen run ncdu -x /my/mount/point18:01
OerHeksbut i told; you du skips symlinks18:01
Habbiewait a few minutes18:01
Habbieand see what's up18:01
HabbieOerHeks, that's either inaccurate or just wrong18:02
tomreyndu(1) states: -P, --no-dereference: don't follow any symbolic links (this is the default)18:04
tomreynit does not ignore hard links, though, counts their size once.18:04
tomreynunless -l is used18:05
tomreynin the end it just boils down to: when you use   du    against directories continaing hard links, it does the sensible thing, counts the inodes they point to once only.18:08
tomreynso in terms of du you can basically just ignore whether or not you have hard links there18:08
tomreynthat's unless you intend to sum up the totals reported by "du" runs across different directories (on the same file system) containing hard links to the same inodes, doing so will return misleading results.18:11
tomreynsee the image at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19951883/du-counting-hardlinks-towards-filesize to form a better understanding18:11
Habbiethat's a good explanation!18:12
GeneralStupidHi i have a strange issue here, cups stopped working after an upgrade i keep getting IPP server-error-internal-error for CUPS-Add-Modify-Printer while adding a new printer18:17
tomreynGeneralStupid: what did you upgrade, what's the output of    lsb_release -ds    ?18:19
ScarletMarauderhabbie so dcnu says that tv folder had 5.7tib in it.18:21
GeneralStupidtomreyn: Ubuntu 19.1018:24
tomreynScarletMarauder: "ncdu", nc stands for "ncurses" which is a toolkit for building "text graphics" UIs.18:25
ScarletMaraudersorry typo18:25
tomreynGeneralStupid: thanks for answering one of two questions.18:25
GeneralStupidtomreyn: thank you for being really helpful.18:32
* tomreyn should have added "so far" :-/18:34
UndefinedIsNotAFUbuntu Rox !!18:56
UndefinedIsNotAFFedora Sux18:56
UndefinedIsNotAFHi all19:01
conrwhy is it so hard to get a wired connection to use a different network group in the CK?19:08
conrdevice is needs to be with the fixed ip and network vlan group but it keeps falling back to 1.1019:10
conrsorry wrong group19:16
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kaoronHi there! Can someone please help with a Xorg/synaptics configuration problem ? I'm trying to have the "TapButton3 = 2" option persisted in xorg.conf, but my attempts are not working. See https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/df37f520229c4cebb500d965a21dd07419:56
pragmaticenigmakaoron, What version of Ubuntu?20:00
kaoronpragmaticenigma, 19.0420:00
pragmaticenigmakaoron, I'm not 100% but I do know that the xorg.conf is really used anymore (hence why it's not installed by default) There might be another configuration file elsewhere that is overriding your settings (which is the newer approach to configuring xserver)20:02
pragmaticenigmaugh... I can't type: kaoron meant to say that the xorg.conf is *not* really used anymore20:02
kaoronpragmaticenigma, I tried /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/, /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d conf directories too, didn't work either. According to the xorg manpage and logs, those are still valid configuration locations20:03
akkI set things like TapButtons in my autostart, but that's not with the standard ubuntu desktop.20:04
ducassekaoron: you can set that with synclient, i think20:04
kaoronducasse, I know and it works, but it's a shame to have to configure the display server with runtime commands instead of a proper configuration file :/20:06
ducassekaoron: just run synclient from ~/.xsessionrc20:06
ioriakaoron, what DE is in use ?20:08
kaoronducasse, thank you but I know that. I mean no offense but I'm not looking for a workaround, I'm looking for "xorg gospel" solution :)20:08
kaoronioria, gnome20:08
ioriakaoron, then i read somewhere might be a gnome/mate problem20:09
ducassekaoron: ok, pastebin the snippet you put in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d20:09
ioriakaoron, to confirm this you can try xfce4 or use the gnome shell extension : https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/131/touchpad-indicator/20:12
kaoronducasse, it's the same as mentioned in https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/df37f520229c4cebb500d965a21dd07420:12
kaoronioria, thanks, I'll check that. With your comment I could refine my search and find this : https://askubuntu.com/questions/140489/how-to-edit-synaptics-configuration-xorg-conf-way-doesent-work20:14
pragmaticenigmakaoron, I personally believe that the enabling at run time is better than in the xorg.conf. easier to troubleshoot, and makes your installation more portable (buying new laptop and installing a snapshot of the current machine is more flexible.)20:15
pragmaticenigmakaoron, something else to consider... it might be the runtime option that is undoing your xorg.conf setting20:18
ioriakaoron, and ?20:27
FurretUberIs there a way to get the current resolution in grub? I tried using echo $gfxmode but got auto instead20:28
kinghatif i want to try and reinstall grub, do i use just the disk and not the partition #? my OS drive, sdb, has sdb1 -> /boot/efi and sbd2 -> /20:34
OerHeksremove the auto and set like this ? https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GRUB/Tips_and_tricks#Setting_the_framebuffer_resolution20:34
pragmaticenigmaFurretUber, The variable you inspected only holds the set value, in this case "auto." Install hwinfo and then run "sudo hwinfo --framebuffer" to see what supported modes can be used with GRUB. Note that you should always end the configuration line with ,auto to make sure grub will automatically fall back if you were to change displays or other display related hardware20:34
OerHekspragmaticenigma +120:35
pragmaticenigmakinghat, this article should help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub20:36
kinghatthis isnt from windows just two linux installs. one is totally borked.20:40
kinghati installed the second linux to get a working grub but would like to properly fix the first one20:41
kinghatboot-repair never is able to fix it. would just like to wipe it and start over with fresh grub.20:41
IaMnEwHeRekinghat, you will have to get a live-cd mount it and the run grub-install on the boot-partition, also note that there is a difference between UEFI and BIOS20:42
FurretUberpragmaticenigma: I see. I wanted to make an if...elif...fi to set the best background_image for each resolution20:43
kinghatIaMnEwHeRe: im able to boot into the main OS because the second OS provided the working grub. both are uefi.20:43
kinghatim on and using the OS i want to wipe and install grub to.20:44
OerHeksjust wipe the bad linux partition(s) and run update-grub20:44
OerHeks.." im on and using the OS i want to wipe "....20:44
OerHekschange to the one you want to keep, first.,20:44
OerHeksone cannot wipe partitions that are in use.20:45
IaMnEwHeRenono he said he boots into the main OS because of the installation of the second os, os just wipe the second one, also note that under UEFI you can just remote the partitions you don't need20:46
kinghat"Reinstalling GRUB 2 from a Working System" - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing20:46
IaMnEwHeReand you can resize ext3/4 to extend the partitions but for that yuo will need to unmount them20:47
pragmaticenigmaFurretUber, That might be a question better suited for a community more focused on GRUB21:00
corshmockHello everyone.  Has anyone ever had this issue?  I'm trying to install Red Hat 8, then Centos, but I'm getting the same error after several reboots.  I hope someone can help me with this.22:04
jeremy31corshmock: This is not Red Hat or Centos support, how is this related to Ubuntu?22:05
Bashing-omcorshmock: Non-ubuntu there - maybe best in the ##linux channel :)22:05
annocentI use Arch, by the way.22:07
corshmockjeremy31: the only reason is that it is an install on Ubuntu as a vm22:07
corshmockMaybe someone has seen it before.22:08
corshmockLinux requires an invitation apparently22:11
tatertotscorshmock: looks like you're using virtualbox..22:13
corshmocktatertots: correct22:14
tatertotscorshmock: if you're not familiar with the terms HostOS / GuestOS you might go chat up #vbox which is the virtualbox chat room22:14
tatertotscorshmock: i'd ask what your hostos/guestos was..but if you're not familiar with the lingo i don't want to risk a headache on a nice saturday evening22:14
corshmockThat's seems like good advice tatertots.22:14
corshmockThe host is Ubuntu 18.0422:15
tatertotscorshmock: ah nice...you didn't make that as painful as i thought22:15
tatertotscorshmock: now i kinda understand why you wound up in this place...since Ubuntu is your hostOS22:16
corshmockBelieve me tatertots Friend, I'm a newbie :)22:16
tatertotscorshmock: have you looked at the supported HostOS/GuestOS documentation for virtualbox? to ensure you are operating within those guidelines?22:17
tatertotscorshmock: let's get the simple stuff out of the way and ruled out22:17
Bashing-omcorshmock: But - we know of your uncertainity; we were all new at one time. Ubuntu, we are here to help.22:18
tatertotscorshmock: i'm not a big virtualbox guy so i'm trusting you to look at the supported GuestOS/HostOS documentation22:18
corshmockI haven't looked at that tatertots, but Centos was working on this very machine until today when I nuked all partitions and installed Ubuntu again22:18
kaoronpragmaticenigma, ducasse, ioria : follow-up, according to some more research my settings are considered somewhete in xorg's init, but there seems to be something overriding them afterwards. synclient seems to be the only reliable solution with synaptics. OTOH I tried switching back to libinput, and it seems to work better now than last time I tried on this computer. Three fingers middle click worked out of the box at least... I'll22:19
kaorongive it a try ! Anyway, thanks for your help!22:19
tatertotscorshmock: i'd like you to restate/repeat that statement but clean it up and add more detail22:19
tatertotscorshmock: so you reinstalled your HostOS and virtualbox and now it's like this? yes or no22:19
corshmocktatertots: have you never had the issue of all those pools taking up disk and not being able to delete them?  Even after uninstall?22:19
corshmockLong story22:20
corshmockI followed the ways of this Gentleman who said he installed different on different partitions22:20
tatertotscorshmock: well something is obviously different in your configuration than prior to reinstalling HostOS, virtualbox and subsequently a VM/guestOS22:20
corshmockA long nightmare22:20
corshmockThat makes sense22:21
corshmockMaybe some config in VirtualBox?22:21
corshmock*different OSs22:21
tatertotscorshmock: so do you have any vm's that display normally at all?22:21
corshmockNot one22:21
corshmockIt's only been reinstalled since today22:22
tatertotscorshmock: hmm at this point you'll probably be better off in #vbox chat room...the majority of the analysis will have little to do with your HostOS....guys around here can get pretty upset and antsy if you go on at length about something not directly ubuntu related22:23
annocentarch btw22:24
corshmocktatertots: I get you22:24
corshmockThanks very much for your help22:24
annocentwith all the snap packages lately I wonder why anyone uses ubuntu. The snap bs was the last straw, for me22:25
annocentno offense22:25
tatertotscorshmock: you're very welcome22:25
corshmocktatertots:  Do you mind me asking what other alternatives I have to set up a lab with Centos machines?22:27
annocent12.04 and 14.04 were great releases, though22:27
tomreyn!discuss | annocent22:28
ubottuannocent: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!22:28
annocentright, sorry22:28
annocentforgot what type of channel this was, so, thanks22:28
tomreynyou'Re welcome. see /topic if you're ever unsure22:30
annocentright, thanks22:30
BlueProtomanI'm trying to upgrade some packages on Ubuntu 19.10, but I get this error preventing me from upgrading my graphics drivers. https://pastebin.com/uym3sCLb Any thoughts?23:07
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Bashing-omBlueProtoman: "nvidia-driver-430 - nvidia-driver-418". Driver conflict ? What shows ' pkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' ?23:10
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BlueProtomanBashing-om: This https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gjrFjv75Gs23:11
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: Yup - that do say a conflict - ok, ..and why the depreciated "bumblebee" ?23:13
BlueProtomanBashing-om: I have no idea.23:13
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: Any heartburn if Bumblebee were removed ?23:14
BlueProtomanBashing-om: Not to my knowledge. I'm terrified to do do so without guidance, but if you think it should be removed then I'll do it23:15
BlueProtomanBashing-om: Oh, but before I do I should clarify that this is a laptop with Optimus-muxed GPUs23:15
Bashing-om!bumblebee | disco23:15
ubottudisco: The Bumblebee Project aims to support NVIDIA Optimus technology under Linux. The Bumblebee website can be found at http://bumblebee-project.org/23:15
BlueProtomanBashing-om: You mean eoan?  I'm on 19.1023:15
BlueProtomanBashing-om: So are you still suggesting I remove Bumblebee?23:16
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: Just checking that bumblebee is still maimintained even though depreciated in favor of nvidia-prime.23:17
corshmockWhat's that website again where you can paste bin pictures?23:18
Bashing-om!paste | corshmock23:19
ubottucorshmock: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:19
BlueProtomanBashing-om: Okay, I will remove bumblebee in favor of nvidia-prime23:19
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: Ido propose to purge bumblebee and the current installed graphic's drivers, then have the system install what it thinks best.23:20
BlueProtomanBashing-om: Well, I do want the official nVidia drivers23:20
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: A bit of work to do, yes ?23:20
BlueProtomanBashing-om: I don't understand what you're suggesting23:21
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: Nvidia now fully supports ubuntu. The proproetary driver installation is offered upon initial install :)23:21
BlueProtomanBashing-om: Okay, is there a PPA or something I need? I don't want to re-install my entire operating system23:22
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: All in the repository ..no fuss == no muss :D 3 commands as I await your go-ahead.23:23
BlueProtomanBashing-om: Oh, sure, let's do it. I just want to make sure I'm not leaving out important info23:24
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: Always good to be prudent. Check ' ls-al /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d '. Is there a nvidia config file preseent ?23:26
BlueProtomanBashing-om: More than one. Wanna see?  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rNy6X2STYK23:26
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: Ho-kay and how about ' ls -al /etc/X11/Xorg.conf ' ?23:28
BlueProtomanBashing-om: That exact file doesn't exist, but are one of these interesting? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XDn3fNVK7D23:29
guivercBlueProtoman, please don't ask the same question on multiple channels23:29
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: /etc/X11/Xorg.conf is too depreciatd for /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d :)23:30
BlueProtomanBashing-om: So what are you implying?23:31
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: Let's run ' sudo apt purge bumble* ; sudo rm /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-nvidia.conf ; sudo rm /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/11-nvidia-prime.conf '. If these complete with no errors we remove the Nvidia drivers and re-install the driver.23:34
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: While on my mind - is this a EFI system where "secure boot" will be an issue ?23:37
BlueProtomanBashing-om: No such luck https://pastebin.com/zB61rzUs23:37
BlueProtomanBashing-om: Not sure, how can I check?23:37
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: mokutil --sb-state23:42
BlueProtomanBashing-om: "EFI variables are not supported on this system"23:42
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: Great -- so far so good on all fronts :) Let's now run ' sudo apt purge nvidia-* ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall '. Reboot to seethe effect.23:45
kinghatcrap I'm stuck at the grub command prompt and none of my BIOS boot options from the mobo allow me past23:46
BlueProtomanBashing-om: Ok, so far so good. Purge was successful, re-installing now23:48
kinghatlooks like (hd1,1) idea the fat partition and (hd1,2) is the system partition23:48
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: :D23:50
BlueProtomanBashing-om: Ok, went well. Rebooting, gimme a sec23:50
kinghatno idea why it says my system partition is ext223:51
BlueProtomanBashing-om: All good! Thanks for the help!23:53
tomreynkinghat: utilities which have no understanding of journalling will report ext2 for any extN (N in {2..4}) file system23:53
kinghatthat makes sense23:54
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: Outstanding !23:54
kinghatnot sure how to navigate my way out of this23:55
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: You now have nvidia-prime to control the graphics - might be good now to explore that GUI app.23:56
BlueProtomanBashing-om: Is that what the program is literally called? Because I don't have anything by that name installed23:57
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: BlueProtoman see ' nvidia-smi ' output and also what ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia 'shows.23:59

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