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corshmockI've just reinstalled Ubuntu Studio, but it was crashing every time I tried to create a partition during the install13:07
corshmockSo I went for one of the automatic options with LVM13:07
corshmockInstalled Gparted13:07
corshmockBut there are only two partitions!  465Gb, and 1mb unallocated!13:09
corshmockNo swap, no boot.  Does that sound alright?13:09
studiobot<dEE001> ok. increased RAM to 24GB. kdenlive is still crashing. in the log i tracked down a possible problem with the graphics card (Geforce 660) and installed a driver. great! but the system is still crashing when I am editing videos in kdenlive.13:27
corshmockGood Lord you all sleep like Bears in here.  Are you sure you shouldn't rename this channel to Yellowstone Park? :)18:31
OerHekssorry, just touring around the world19:30
* OerHeks goes backstage19:31

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