JuakoHello! I have some problems installing xubuntu, anybody can answer a few questions?01:17
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AliasMarloweI have a problem with Xubuntu: it randomly freezes intermittently. I have determined that it is not the driver code, itself. It seems to happen when there is a network connection (not NFS related). Is there any Xubuntu keyboard layouts which would work. I have a 4K display (a Philips BDM4037U), FWIW.09:26
AliasMarloweI have also a ROG (Republic Of Gamers) 1060 card. All Xubuntu files are up-to-date. Currently waiting for it to crash.10:09
gnrpAliasMarlowe: How freezy? I mean, do you stilll use magic sysrq?11:03
ryan-cHow do I do an expert mode install in 19.10?12:14
diogenes_what is expert mode?12:18
ryan-cThe text mode installer that asks more questions.12:18
ryan-cIs that no longer a thing?12:19
diogenes_hehe then arch and gentoo.12:20
ryan-cDebian has it.12:20
ryan-cIs there at least a way to get a root shell during install so I can partition manually?12:21
ryan-c(yes, I see the GUI option, I want GPT partition tables and I've got no idea whether it's using them)12:22
diogenes_you pick 'something else'12:22
ryan-cThat isn't good enough.12:23
diogenes_or alt+ctrl+t12:23
ryan-cthat works thanks12:24
AliasMarlowe@gnrp I don't know what "magic sysrq" is.14:08
gnrpAliasMarlowe: Press Alt+SysRq+S, then you should see the hdd led flashing14:50
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jarnosI can not eject am USB drive because /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/tumbler-1/tumblerd is keeping it busy. Why?15:25
jarnosIs it safe to eject anyway?15:26
AxzercionI don't advice that jarnos. https://askubuntu.com/questions/89826/what-is-tumblerd suggests running "killall -HUP tumblerd" before ejecting15:39
jarnosThunar is using 30% of CPU at the same time.15:53
jarnosWhy is tumblerd even running? This is local USB drive.15:55
Axzercionexplanation about tumblerd can be found on the site I just linked15:57
jarnosPretty old bug that is Bug #58250116:49
ubottubug 582501 in thunar (Ubuntu) "Thunar in xubuntu locks removable media" [Medium,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58250116:49
jarnosBug #131955416:49
ubottubug 1319554 in Tumbler "tumblerd prevents removable media from being unmounted" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131955416:49
jarnosAnd still present in eoan16:54
jarnosBut not a problem if you use pcmanfm instead of thunar. I just miss custom actions from thunar.16:56
xubuntu20wis this thing on? need quick way to copy my xubuntu server onto other hardware17:18
jarnos_Anyone knows a PPA with few dependency upgrades for eoan (for testing purpose)?18:38
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