lubot<teward001> @The_LoudSpeaker the bug i filed for that is what you're going to want to comment on.  But `su` and `sudo` do different things.02:28
lubot<teward001> soo02:28
dystopiantub35hi yall, anyone have experience installing lubuntu on older macbooks% (sorry my questionmark key doesn't work)03:29
dystopiantub35specifically i'm currently struggling with how to get it to boot. it's been a long journey so far. i'm trying to set it up with MBR instead of GPT right now to see if that works03:31
dystopiantub35time to restart03:32
The_LoudSpeakerYeah I thought of writing it on the bug but even after not getting that error while logging in, I anyway get it for next sudo commands. Infact every sudo command.08:34
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lubot<emrekayamix> Fwd from emrekayamix: lubuntu it gets stuck when you download it from the site14:58
lubot<emrekayamix> Fwd from emrekayamix: official site 19.0414:58
lubot<emrekayamix> Fwd from emrekayamix: Breaking up after 1.5 gb14:58

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