mupPR pc-amd64-gadget#31 closed: grub.cfg: switch to new style kernel_status failover handling <Created by anonymouse64> <Merged by xnox> <https://github.com/snapcore/pc-amd64-gadget/pull/31>01:21
aienaWHo maintains the Krita snap is it safe to use?10:27
jameshaiena: it is published by the Krita project  themselves.10:35
aienahmm the krita projects say's only appimages are official10:35
aienaso I'm confused lol10:35
aienaor at least when I asked the devs at #krita10:35
jamesh"snap info krita" says "publisher: Stichting Krita Foundation (krita✓)"10:37
jameshthe tick means that Canonical has verified that the "krita" publisher account is actually controlled by the Krita Foundation10:38
jameshIf the Krita folks say that the snap is not yet at a stage where they recommend it, then I guess  you should trust them10:40
pokk*hurray* my rsync over ssh with ssh-keys are working13:57
pokknow to figure out how to publish it :D13:58
pokkwell... honestly I don't know if it actually works :| it might just be to good permissions14:00
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pokkTrying to do a remote-build but get an error "Failed to pull source, command" followed by a git command and "exited with code 128." any ideas on what this might be caused by?20:03
cjp256Pokk: do you have a gitconfig with gpg signing enabled by chance ?20:45
pokkcjp256: shouldn't have, it's a clean install of ubuntu with no git configured really. But, installed20:48
cjp256Try running the command manually and see if you get an error? There is an open PR I put up to improve the error and messaging there, but hasn’t been merged yet, unfortunately.20:48
pokkcjp256: no, it doesn't run, it complains about \n's I'm guessing that's not the case when actually run20:49
pokkoh, it might because it's such a clean git install20:51
pokkyepp, that was it :| I had no user.name / user.email20:52
pokkwhen setting that it runs20:52
cjp256Ah thanks for the feedback, I’ll have to address that21:02
pokkthe build targets seem a bit borken as well :( Only able to build one arch21:36
pokkcjp256: it's in no way unreasonable to need a user.email / user.name but it wasn't obvious from the error message )21:40
pokknice, it did work. But apperantly you can't access it in the way I thought, back to debuging21:52
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