lubot<mitya57> Santa Should be fixed now with qtbase in proposed.07:32
lubot<RikMills> :)07:33
lubot<RikMills> @mitya57 It was the qtbase brokenness that causing this to FTBFS? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cmake/3.15.4-1ubuntu108:31
lubot<RikMills> That was deleted from proposed, but if so maybe can be re-instated now.08:32
lubot<mitya57> Yes, looks like that.09:00
lubot<Santa> @mitya57 [Santa Should be fixed now with qtbase in proposed.], Thank you very much, as soon as I arrive home I will restart the test rebuilds if the fixed package reached my mirror15:21
lubot<RikMills> @mitya57 plasma-framework now FTBFS15:40
lubot<mitya57> That is plasma-framework's own include so I guess it should build-dep on libx11-xcb-dev explicitly.15:41
lubot<RikMills> right. that is what I was going to ask next. if anything more needed your end. if not, I'm happy to update the build dep this end :)15:42
lubot<Santa> frameworks test rebuilds good so far: http://tritemio-groomlake.duckdns.org/build-status/buildstatus_ubuntu-exp2/ubuntu-exp2_status_frameworks.html19:07
lubot<Santa> @RikMills kwindowsystem also fails to build so I'm testing adding libxfixes-dev as build depend20:43
lubot<Santa> @RikMills fix for kwindowsystem pushed to the _staging branch21:58
lubot<Santa> everything else built fine btw21:59
lubot<Santa> going to build plasma now so I will check the results tomorrow in the morning21:59

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