BlueProtomanBashing-om: I have the `nvidia-prime` package, I just don't know what the actual program name is00:00
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: And my communications skills can realy reek :P00:01
BlueProtomanBashing-om: To answer your question, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VpDSkGDcxj00:03
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: As there is "ii  mate-optimus" -we may be at the extent of what I can help with. I have no mate experience.00:09
BlueProtomanBashing-om: I think that's just an applet indicator00:10
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: Beats me - but we can clean the system up a bit more:  dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' | xargs sudo dpkg -P .00:14
BlueProtomanBashing-om: What does that do?00:14
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: While there is no built in way to remove all of your configuration information from your removed packages you can remove all configuration data from every removed package. To purge all removed but not yet purged packages, where The state is rc, the package is removed, but the config files are not removed.00:15
BlueProtomanBashing-om: So that won't uninstall any software?00:17
kinghatwhat is the difference between regular and single here? https://irc.kinghat.info/uploads/4022634ff29542e7/IMG_20191221_181727.jpg00:17
Habbiekinghat, 'single' boots into single user mode00:18
kinghatsingle must be rescue mode00:18
Habbiekinghat, pretty much yes!00:18
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: You are most advised to *KNOW* what a command does. Google away :). As stated removes the configfiles of removed programs.00:18
BlueProtomanBashing-om: Noted. Thank you.00:22
kinghatugh my system is jacked. at least grub super disk got me back in00:22
kinghati really dont want to wipe everything and start fresh just to fix grub00:23
kinghati just tried boot-repair and it said: "00:29
kinghatYou can now reboot your computer.00:29
kinghatPlease do not forget to make your BIOS boot on sdb1/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi file!"00:29
kinghathow do i know which that is in bios as i have a few entries in there that im sure are just borked/old/unused00:30
OerHeksinteresting, normally one would have 1 efi partition on the sda drive.00:32
kinghati have many drives. this OS probably wasnt the first.00:33
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kinghatnone of my BIOS options work00:36
kinghatso now my super grub USB won't load00:39
kinghatincredible obstacles00:39
kinghatcan't I just remove grub and whatever and just boot to the OS directly?00:46
kinghatthen I can wipe and reinstall the OS later when I have time?00:47
nikolamEver since I have put my SSD with Xubuntu 19.10 into machine with AMD 7850 graphics card, I can't make it work after normal booting, but only after going into recovery and mounting root and setting network.00:49
nikolamThen I only get 1024X768 and no radeon nor amdgpu driver working00:49
nikolamI were previously using same card, then for some time used intel integrated cards and would like to get back using amd card again.00:50
ALi3naTEd0I need some help with XRDP... I'm trying to connect with Windows 10 RDP into a fresh Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS installation/machine... been trying this for months now without success, have tried like more than 20 guides on the internet without success... I'll really appreciate some help since I'm kinda new to Linux, Thanks!!!00:53
dzragoni remember back in 2001 when i ran an nvidia 2 gts and had 100fps in cs 1.3, then i bought amd equiv because my gts died on me after electric outtage, bought new parts, and got myself an amd, equiv of geforce 2 gts, according to sites like Sweclockers and Tomshardware. Well, booted into a fresh install of windows, installed drivers for amd, and started Counter-Strike. Had below 10 fps, up to00:53
dzragon15, game could hardly run. No driver fixes came out fast enough. That was my first and last ever try with AMD.00:53
dzragonunless NVIDIA would show similar problems in some future card ofc00:53
dzragonto me putting anything called AMD in a PC is like buying a Fiat vs an Ferrari00:55
dzragoncould ofc enjoy both rides00:55
dzragondepending on what you want out of it00:55
nikolamI AMD has open drivers. That should end AMD vs Nvidia.00:57
nikolamI have now found about switcheroo-control that uses environmental variables to run only certainf apps with faster 3D capablke card and resto of the show by default with integrated graphics. Sounds like wnat I need, except the need to tincle with variables per APP00:58
dzragonnikolam yes in most cases it would, to me, this is just me and my personal oppinion of amd, nothing to do with anyone elses oppinion, but to me, that amd has open drivers is like a Vazz Lada or Fiat having open free service or something and Ferrari having an expensive service. Id still take a Ferrari over a Vaz Lada any day.....its not a good comparison, but the best i can muster. You go with AMD, i stick with NVIDIA, some like01:04
dzragonapples another a pear, whos to say which is the best for someone else. Im convinced NVIDIA is best for me. And for those reasons.01:04
nikolamit's not about opinions, it's about technical support for ubuntu users.01:05
nikolamAnd this user is not using your card.01:06
dzragonhehe sorry nikolam, nvm me01:06
dzragonmerry xmas btw01:07
ALi3naTEd0help with xrdp please?01:09
tomreyndzragon: see if you have something amd-like (radeon, amdgpu, fglrx) blacklisted in /etc/mod*01:09
tomreynoh this actually was for nikolam ^ sorry01:10
nikolamALi3naTEd0, I haven't been using XRDP for some time.. after I discovered ssh -X Sorry that didn't answer your question yet.01:10
ALi3naTEd0thanks anyway nikolam01:11
matlockALi3naTEd0 There are several guides available. Is there a specific step you are having a problem with?01:11
nikolamtomreyn, tomreyn could be, let me take a look01:11
ALi3naTEd0I have tried more than 20 guides without success01:12
OerHeksALi3naTEd0, some tips 'troubleshooting'. https://websiteforstudents.com/connect-from-windows-10-to-ubuntu-18-10-18-04-16-04-with-xrdp-rremote-desktop-protocol-rdp/01:12
ALi3naTEd0I've tried that01:13
OerHeksthen i guess it is a windows issue, some antivirus something?01:13
ALi3naTEd0the blue windows hangs in there01:13
pragmaticenigmaALi3naTEd0, what would help, is you told us what the problem is... I know that I'm not capable of telepathy yet01:13
nikolamtomreyn, Threre's blacklist radeonfb in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer.conf , don't know if it is related01:14
ALi3naTEd0no antivirus01:14
pragmaticenigmaALi3naTEd0, details of what you have tried, what commands you are using, etc... all of that would help us to help you figure out what might not be working01:14
ALi3naTEd0when I try to connect on windows via RDP to the machine, RDP gets stuck at a bluescreen pragmaticenigma01:14
matlockALi3naTEd0: Xrdp is properly pre-configured on the Ubuntu images in the Hyper-V Quick Create gallery, you could take a look at those01:15
tomreynnikolam: radeonfb blacklisting is by default, should be fine01:15
pragmaticenigmamatlock, This is XRDP client, not server01:15
ALi3naTEd0don't understand matlock01:15
nikolamI'll try rebooting and put display over Intel graphics, to see if switcheroo package helps01:15
tomreynnikolam: show a complete    journalctl -b   from when you boot normally and it falls back to vesa (low resolution / performance)01:16
tomreynnikolam: you'd want to use DRI_PRIME and / or xrandr --set-provider for switching, not vga switcheroo, i'd think01:17
nikolamtomreyn, it starts booting and display distribution logo, but then only displays.. scanning disks and that's it.01:20
nikolamtomreyn, ok uninstalled switcheroo01:20
tomreynnikolam: so show a log for a default boot where it's failing. when it stops booting, try ctrl-alt-del, or if this doesn'T work, sysrq-SUB. then, after rebooting to graphical mode,  post     journalctl -b -1 | nc termbin.com 999901:21
ALi3naTEd0here pragmaticenigma https://pastebin.com/6s42GQMs01:24
ALi3naTEd0I just did that, rebooting01:24
ALi3naTEd0and trying again01:24
nikolam[drm:radeon_init [radeon]] *ERROR* No UMS support in radeon module and [drm:amdgpu_init [amdgpu]] *ERROR* VGACON disables amdgpu kernel modesetting. https://pastebin.com/cL46Zshv01:25
ALi3naTEd0holy cow, it connected but got stuck asking me my password on linux machine don't know why01:26
ALi3naTEd0now I get this message like most of the times I have tired.... https://i.imgur.com/HOC9Wms.png01:27
ALi3naTEd0so it's not working....01:27
tomreynnikolam: this is not a log of a standard boot. it's a recovery boot01:27
pragmaticenigmaALi3naTEd0, why aren't you using the already included Remote Desktop viewer app?01:28
nikolamALi3naTEd0, maybe local X server is set to accept only connections from local host? (me just guessing)01:28
nikolamtomreyn, yes, let me reboot and see if I get picture on intel graphics instead, if there no one on amd side01:29
ALi3naTEd0ok I noticed the problem is I have to put the username in lowercase01:29
ALi3naTEd0now I'm stuck here: https://i.imgur.com/t3z0wPW.png pragmaticenigma01:30
ALi3naTEd0remote desktop viewer?01:30
ALi3naTEd0remote desktop viewer is to see windows on linux, I'm trying the other way around....01:32
annocentso there are RDP daemons for linux now?01:33
ALi3naTEd0or do you mean this? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/microsoft-remote-desktop/9wzdncrfj3ps?activetab=pivot:overviewtab01:33
tomreynnow and for the past 10 or so years01:34
annocentso you can access your whole X11 session, over RDP, really?01:35
tomreyn* 15 years01:36
nikolamtomreyn, thanks for suggestions, I managed now to boot regularly, system were putting output only to Intel graphics.01:38
nikolamDid not put lightdm on console 7, but I logged in on intel graphics on console 1 and did startx01:39
nikolamI bet other graphics is disabled somewhere in the system..01:40
pragmaticenigmaALi3naTEd0, since you haven't told me or this channel what exactly you're trying to do... I'm giving up. you need to provide all the details about what you are trying to do, what are all the parts that are involved, configurations that you have setup, etc...01:40
tomreynnikolam: can you boot without vt.handoff=7, too?01:40
ALi3naTEd0sorry if I wasn't clear....01:41
tomreynnikolam: i'd really like to know whether a default boot works01:41
nikolamtomreyn, great, let me.01:41
ALi3naTEd0my current machine is a windows 10, but I have an old machine where I'm trying to use linux and connect via RDP with my windows machine to that machine with ubuntu pragmaticenigma01:42
annocentwhy not use vnc over ssh, ALi3naTEd001:43
ALi3naTEd0idk what's that01:43
ALi3naTEd0in fact after "connecting" with rdp, ubuntu installation breaks... uh!01:45
ALi3naTEd0have to re-install...01:46
tomreyndoubt it01:47
pragmaticenigmaannocent, if they're on the same network, there is no reason to tunnel01:47
pragmaticenigmaALi3naTEd0, While RDP is possible. It's not as well implemented as other alternatives such as VNC. VNC is simply an alternative to RDP. Ubuntu Desktop comes preset to allow VNC remote desktop sessions01:49
annocentassuming everyone with access to that network are friends, yes. That's not always the case. Might be spies on the line, and on his local network01:49
ALi3naTEd0what do I use to connect to a linux machine via VNC? virtualbox or something like that?01:50
pragmaticenigmaALi3naTEd0, there are a bunch of different clients. TightVNC is a popular choice, RealVNC, UltraVNC are also alternative VNC vieweres01:51
nikolamtomreyn, https://pastebin.com/WdvxYsAE01:56
tomreynnikolam: ah, you made it. i'll check the log shortly and get back to you. in the meantime have a look at your bios version: "Hewlett-Packard HP ProDesk 600 G1 TWR/18E7, BIOS L01 v02.05 06/10/2013" (taken from your log) and the latest available one: https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-prodesk-600-g1-tower-pc/538743801:58
tomreynbetter link: https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/swdetails/hp-prodesk-600-g1-tower-pc/5387438/swItemId/vc-229760-101:58
tomreynyou're on the oldest one there is01:59
tomreynnikolam: there's no X initialization on your log. which systemd target doyou boot to by default?02:06
tomreynnikolam: looks like you're no longer around. if you want to diagnose this further later, i'd still like to see the log of a default boot (2nd reminder ;-) ), i.e. to graphical desktop if you use this as a desktop. so set the systemd default target to its default value, consider using gdm unless you're on a different ubuntu flavor which defaults to lightdm, and re-post the log. starting X using startx is not necessarily the same, so this may just02:15
tomreynnot work for you.02:15
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hexandoqq all03:06
chamarHowdy.  Anyone using the Vanilla Gnome? I was wondering if it gets updated the same way the "Ubuntu" gnome does or if the packaged a lagging a bit behind?04:58
raziel_Hello, anyone here?05:17
ryuoraziel_: nope.05:17
Bashing-omraziel_: Just Us chickens05:18
raziel_lol, I'm trying to install nvidia drivers in linux mint 19.3. What would be the best server for help05:18
Bashing-om!mint | raziel_05:18
ubotturaziel_: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)05:18
ryuoraziel_: unofficial derivatives are not supported here. they're over on spotchat.05:18
ryuoraziel_: hexchat on LM is preconfigured to connect to their support.05:19
raziel_Sorry, I'm a bit of a noob.05:19
Bashing-omraziel_: All in that process of learning :)05:20
raziel_Thanks guys. See ya later ;)05:20
Vooloosnap is a failure. Why do I need to copy config files to /etc manually. Ugh.06:40
martian67telnet postcard.sfconservancy.org 233307:05
foofighteranyone know how to get past: "It is not possible to reset this account's password." on Ubuntu login SSO?08:29
ducassefoofighter: we don't support the websites, only the os08:33
foofighterok, do you know who to ask for the SSO?08:33
ducassei think there is a channel, but can't recall the name. you can search with alis08:34
ducassethere we arem #ubuntu-website08:35
ducassefoofighter: ^^08:35
coder486Can i install Ubuntu on my windows laptop ?08:50
b3twiise_you might wanna tryubunto?08:53
corshmockWhat vm software is everyone using?  I need to create two or three vms. Virtualbox is not working for me and kvm has also given me issues.  Is there anything else I can use for this?  Host is Ubuntu 18.0410:11
elias_acorshmock: I use Virtualbox. :/10:25
aienaforgive me - this is offtopic but where do I ask snap related questions?10:26
corshmockThanks elias_a, but Virtualbox is giving me major problems10:27
aienacorshmock: what isues do you have with virtualbox?10:28
sixwheeledbeast^aiena: #snapcraft10:29
aienathanks sixwheeledbeast^10:29
sixwheeledbeast^or #snappy10:29
CoolerZis 7zip available for ubuntu 18.04?10:33
corshmockaiena: I think the install of Red Hat and Centos are having gpu issues10:33
sixwheeledbeast^Why would you need 7zip?10:33
CoolerZbecause I have a .7z file10:34
aienaoh hmm corshmock yeah virtualbox especially if compiled by you can be a pain when there are proprietary GPU drivers involved like nvidia etc.10:34
CoolerZI installed p7zip-full and now the archive manager can open it10:35
corshmockThe strange thing is Centos was working perfectly on this same machine as host yesterday.  I installed Ubuntu and tried to create vms and that was when the issues started10:35
IaMnEwHeRecorshmock, may I ask what the problems are VB is causing you?10:36
corshmockHi IaMnEwHeRe10:36
corshmockCan you see the pastebin I just posted?10:36
aienacorshmock: hmm so this happens when the VM is started10:37
corshmockIt happens on about the last fifth of the installation10:37
aienadoes this happen for all VMs even with ubuntu ISO's10:37
corshmockI've only tried Red Hat and Centos because I need them for a course10:37
corshmockHas anyone used Xen Project?10:38
aienacorshmock: you could try using KVM then instead of virtualbox10:38
aienai.e. the linux's kernel built in virtualisation.10:38
IaMnEwHeRecorshmock, have you restart ubuntu after installing VirtualBox?10:38
IaMnEwHeRealso try to install guest-extensions10:39
corshmockI was using KVM last week, but it started creating these 'pools' which I could not delete, and they were taking up a lot of diskspace.  Even when I uninstalled KVM, the pools and the program were still there10:39
IaMnEwHeRe do you really need a GUI , if a terminal is all you need, vagrant might be a viable alternative10:39
aienaIaMnEwHeRe: usually guest-additions are installed into the guest it seems he can't get the gurst os to fully install without encountering this bug10:39
corshmockIaMnEwHeRe: I'm not sure now.10:39
IaMnEwHeReaiena, I assume the GuestOS is fully installed, otherwise he would see a boot-error, terminal output10:40
corshmockvagrant?  I can check it out.  Has anyone used Xen Project?10:40
corshmockGuest OS seems to be working fine10:41
aienacorshmock: hmm try to resolve the KVM problems if you can and use that if the OSs booted fine then10:41
IaMnEwHeRebtw vagrant usually uses VBox, but it also be a front for Xen, docker, podman(?), and KVM10:41
aienacorshmock: hmm so you can get to the terminal of the guest OS but in gui mode you get those green bars?10:42
corshmockYeah aiena I think there might be a command to get rid of the pools so maybe that's the way to go.10:42
aienacorshmock: did you read https://www.tecmint.com/manage-kvm-storage-volumes-and-pools/10:42
corshmockaiena: no it won't fully install10:42
corshmockNo aiena but I'll read it now thanks10:44
aienathis may help you to clear your pools10:44
aienaand better manage the vm storage space allocated10:44
aienatry to work with kvm if you can10:44
corshmockaiena: will do.  I think someone said there is an actual command to get rid of pools?  Just reading your doc now.10:46
aienacorshmock: commands abound but usually GUIs are a bit easier10:46
aienacommands are good when the gui is not capable of doing what you want or you are an advanced user willing to mess up10:47
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nikolamtomreyn, thank you for your follow-op. That was regular boot, with monitor attached to Intel graphics and there is lightdm running on VT7, but no picture , and i can switch consoles, and yes, start startx. Seems like truly additional AMD graphics is somewhere turned off. I'll see with BIOS update on dual-boot and see if that helps.10:48
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Cooleranyone here?11:04
QuarxSiO2just ask11:04
Coolerif I am using openvpn do I still need to use the system vpn config11:05
IaMnEwHeRewhat is system vpn config?11:05
Coolerif you go into settings > network > VPN11:05
IaMnEwHeReusually you can put your vpn-configuration into /etc/openvpn/client and start/manage it via systemd11:05
Cooleryou can configure a vpn using a config file11:05
IaMnEwHeReit all depends on how you manage your connection11:05
IaMnEwHeReNM i don't know, I use the cli, either systemd or openvpn --config ...path...11:06
Cooleryeah me too11:06
Coolersudo openvpn --config foo.ovpn11:06
IaMnEwHeRethen stay on the cli and switch over to  systemd11:06
IaMnEwHeReat least that is what I ddi11:07
Coolerwhat is systemd?11:07
IaMnEwHeReman systemd11:07
Cooleris that for running stuff on boot?11:07
IaMnEwHeRedepends on how you define "on boot"11:07
IaMnEwHeReit is an improved init-system, lots of flamewars around that one, almost religious11:08
Coolerso what is the point of the settings > network > VPN11:08
IaMnEwHeRedifferent path to achiving your goal, boils down to workflows and taste11:09
Coolerbut openvpn has its own protocol11:09
CoolerI don't think giving the foo.ovpn file to ubuntu will work11:09
IaMnEwHeReread up on systemd and you will understand, it is basically managing other programs11:10
Coolerdo you get this warning? Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in client-do.ovpn:13: block-outside-dns (2.4.4)11:10
IaMnEwHeRenope, my configuration-files have no formatting-problem, that sounds like s.th. you want to ask over at #openvpn11:11
corshmockWhen I try to su - I get authentication failure.  I installed Ubuntu yesterday and went for erase disk, but it never asked me to enter a root password?11:11
CoolerIaMnEwHeRe, formatting problem?11:12
IaMnEwHeRecorshmock on ubuntu you want to use sudo11:12
IaMnEwHeRefor su to work root needs to have a password set11:12
Coolerthere are these 2 lines in the .ovpn file11:12
Coolerignore-unknown-option block-outside-dns11:12
IaMnEwHeReCooler go over to #openvpn11:13
CoolerIaMnEwHeRe, how are you blocking DNS?11:13
Coolerscript-security 211:14
Coolerup /etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf11:14
Coolerdown /etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf11:14
Coolerlike that?11:14
corshmockThanks IaMnEwHeRe, how do I get to /etc/network/interfaces11:14
* IaMnEwHeRe ignores Cooler11:14
Coolerthere aren't that many people around now that it's almost christmas11:14
IaMnEwHeRecorshmock what do you mean?11:14
corshmockIt's okay IaMnEwHeRe, I got it.  I'm following instructions to install kvm11:17
ramsub07hello, i'm trying to install some packages and i receive these unmet dependencies errror, https://pastebin.com/Csheqagv11:43
ramsub07how do I fix them?11:43
IaMnEwHeReramsub07, apt update before the install?11:49
ramsub07IaMnEwHeRe i tried it. didn't work11:49
IaMnEwHeRehave you explicitely intalled/locked certain packages?11:52
ramsub07IaMnEwHeRe https://pastebin.com/0cUcQuzC this is the chain of outputs11:52
ramsub07IaMnEwHeRe what do you mean by explicit installation? I don't remember locking any packages11:53
IaMnEwHeRePPA or explicit version(dunno about the last one but it mightbe that apt does not update it then) however see here https://askubuntu.com/questions/671791/lib32stdc6-package-depends-on-gcc-base-but-my-installed-version-is-newer11:54
ramsub07i think it's the case of a deleted PPA IaMnEwHeRe11:58
EriC^^ramsub07: try apt-cache policy gcc-8-base12:11
EriC^^it shoudl show from where it's wanting to install 8.3 version12:11
ramsub07EriC^^ : http://dpaste.com/0VTK3B412:12
EriC^^!info gcc-8-base bionic12:13
ubottugcc-8-base (source: gcc-8): GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection (base package). In component main, is required. Version 8.3.0-6ubuntu1~18.04.1 (bionic), package size 18 kB, installed size 113 kB12:13
EriC^^ramsub07: it seems like you're supposed to have 8.3, wonder why it wants 8.212:14
BluesKajHowdy all12:15
EriC^^ramsub07: what's apt-cache policy lib32stdc++6 give?12:15
IaMnEwHeReBluesKaj, hi there, reading your name I also feel blue , -.-' :D12:17
ramsub07EriC^^ http://dpaste.com/0H6PQ0Z12:19
corshmockDoes anyone know anything about bridging for KVM?  I followed a tutorial but after reboot, I couldn't access the internet12:24
corshmockMaybe someone could tell me where I've gone wrong?12:24
corshmockauto lo br0 (br0 added as per the link above12:25
corshmockiface lo inet loopback (no change here)12:25
corshmockiface enp12s0 inet manual (at least I think enp12s0 is my interface - I could be wrong)12:26
corshmockiface br0 inet dhcp (added as per link above)12:26
corshmockbridge_ports enp12s0 ( added as per link above)12:27
corshmockThat's it12:27
imihi. I have an usb c to ethernet adapter, plugged into an usbc to usb3 adapter, plugged into an usb3 hub, plugged into my computer :) now into this usb hub there are several other things plugged in (usb 1 HID, and usb 3 as well). however somethimes when I boot up this machine the ethernet port does not work. my solution to this is to unplug and reattach the usbc to usb3 adapter to the hub. is there a software workaround? for instance is12:31
imithere a "detach and reattach this device" shell command?12:31
cariveriHi. how to tell if a third party repo is trusworthy? for instance, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cubic-wizard/release12:44
corshmocktwice I've tried to edit /etc/network/interfaces and twice after reboot, I couldn't get back on the internet.12:45
corshmockCan anyone recommend a good document?12:45
corshmockTo create a bridge for KVM?12:46
ioriacariveri, idk really, but if well updated and wide used, you can think it is12:49
ioriacorshmock, https://www.linuxtechi.com/install-configure-kvm-ubuntu-18-04-server/12:50
corshmockThanks ioria12:50
ioriacorshmock, ok12:51
ramsub07IaMnEwHeRe thanks a lot that error doesn't occur anymore12:52
ramsub07further, in the process, i have installed new kernels by running apt-get upgrade . I use dell XPS where the wifi modules aren't compaitable with ubuntu drivers and every time i had a new kernel, I'd have to do this : https://support.killernetworking.com/knowledge-base/killer-ax1650-in-debian-ubuntu-16-04/12:56
ramsub07I explicitly use older kernels now having grown tired of installing everyime ubuntu upgrades the kernel. how do i permanantly fix it?12:57
IaMnEwHeReramsub07 you lock the package?12:58
ramsub07IaMnEwHeRe not sure what you mean by it, but maybe i'd have done it ignorantly ?12:59
jeremy31ramsub07: in terminal>  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-hwe-team/backport-iwlwifi12:59
IaMnEwHeReramsub07 apt-mark hold12:59
jeremy31ramsub07: the update on the ax1650 page doesn't work?13:00
corshmockWahey!  I think I've got me bridge working!13:00
ramsub07jeremy31 http://dpaste.com/2RQZ5ZC13:01
tatertotscorshmock: good deal13:01
jeremy31ramsub07: > dkms status | nc termbin.com 999913:01
ramsub07i'm on and the wifi module seems to be working. but ubuntu has installed a few more kernels on top of this, for which the wifi module doesn't work13:01
corshmockThanks tatertots.  I'll get this lab set up if it kills me!13:02
ramsub07jeremy31 was that supposed to return something ?\\13:02
jeremy31ramsub07: try just> dkms status13:02
ramsub07jeremy31 http://dpaste.com/1TEFT6013:03
jeremy31ramsub07: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-hwe-team/backport-iwlwifi13:03
ramsub07IaMnEwHeRe i have nothing locked (from apt-mark hold output)13:04
ramsub07jeremy31 done and also did apt-get update13:04
jeremy31ramsub07: then> sudo apt-get install backport-iwlwifi-dkms13:05
jeremy31ramsub07: that command might take some time13:06
proneon267How do I set a partition name?13:12
proneon267Not a partition label13:13
proneon267But a partition name13:13
EriC^^proneon267: https://superuser.com/questions/1099232/what-is-the-difference-between-a-partition-name-and-a-partition-label13:16
proneon267EriC^^: but how do I name a partition like what is the command for it?13:17
EriC^^proneon267: do you have gpt or msdos?13:18
proneon267I am currently on a live Linux image13:19
corshmockUnable to complete install: 'Cannot get interface MTU on 'br0': No such device'13:19
corshmockWhat do I have to do to just create a simple VM13:20
EriC^^proneon267: an easy way is to run the program disks and click on the partition -> cog gear and change the filesystem label or if you're using gpt you can click on edit partition and change the label/name13:20
proneon267File system label doesn't change the partition name13:21
proneon267I have tried it13:21
EriC^^proneon267: type "sudo blkid /dev/sdx" replacing sdx with your disk13:21
EriC^^is PTTYPE gpt or msdos?13:22
EriC^^proneon267: then you don't have partition labels only fs labels13:22
jeremy31ramsub07: has the command finished?13:22
corshmockKVM is horrible13:23
proneon267EriC^^:  https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/HqAvujXw/irccloudcapture895823182975443281.jpg13:23
proneon267EriC^^: see partition name is blank but partition label is present13:24
proneon267EriC^^: I want to set the partition name13:25
tomreynproneon267: As EriC already explained, there is no way to store a partition label on an "(ms)dos" (AKA "mbr") partition table. you would need to destroy the partition table, thus all data on the disk, and create a gpt partition table, to be able to set partition labels.13:27
EriC^^proneon267: read the first link i posted, it explains labels and partition tables13:28
proneon267Ok but then why is there the partition label?13:29
EriC^^proneon267: bad gui programming?13:30
proneon267Anyway thanks for helping13:30
EriC^^no problem13:30
tomreynproneon267: (Only) if you're going to destroy your partition table (and thus all data stored on the disk), replacing it by a GPT one then this becomes possible: On a gpt partitioned storage device named DISK you can assign the name NAME to the existing partition PARTITION using    sudo parted /dev/disk/by-id/DISK -s -- name PARTITION NAME13:30
proneon267Should I try it anyway?13:31
corshmockHas anyone had this horrible issue on KVM?  Unable to complete install: 'Cannot get interface MTU on 'br0': No such device'13:32
proneon267Possible data loss?13:32
corshmockPlease help13:33
tomreynproneon267: there's no way it could work, so there's no use in trying, and in risking data loss.13:33
EriC^^proneon267: it's literally impossible13:34
aienacorshmock: hmm13:34
corshmockaiena: I think Linux hates me :)13:34
proneon267Thanks EriC^^ tomreyn13:34
aienacorshmock: linux hates and loves everyone its loving and compassionate to those who are patient and loving and compassionate to it only.13:35
aienacorshmock:  try restarting the libvirtd daemon13:35
aienaservice libvirtd restart13:35
corshmockservice libvirtd restart aiena, yeah I've done that twice13:36
aienau know I only use virtualbox because I struggle with KVM myself haha (:13:36
aienaeven though the linux guru's say virtualbox is responsible for a majority of linux kernel bugs ....13:36
aienacorshmock: googling will eventually help you I think13:37
corshmockYeah kvm is really horrible13:37
corshmockYou're making me feel better that you have issues with it too13:38
aienaI have had my fair share of spending 20 hours trying to troubleshoot certain problems and then sleeping over it to find out rest makes you a genius13:38
corshmockWell last nights sleep didn't do anything for me.13:38
aienakvm needs root priviledges for certain things and that is frustrating13:38
aienaI dont like living in root land for very long and you know why13:38
corshmockIn case you do damage?13:39
aienawell that is one reason13:39
aienathe other reason is setting up the whole distro after a goof up13:39
aienabuild deps etc etc etc.13:39
aienaserious damage is very rare but in root anything can happen with a small typo13:40
corshmockI get you13:40
corshmockI have to rebuild on a regular basis :)13:40
aienacorshmock: I always keep root and home on separate partitions so rescue is very easy13:40
corshmockPlease don't mention partitions :)13:41
aienacorshmock: linux is beautiful and terrifying because it gives you ultimate power13:41
aienaI love it because its so easy to cobble together custom tools for whatever I need.13:42
corshmockI need to get some vm software working.  Vmware won't do it because I think you can only run one vm at a time13:42
aienai think vmware has a baremetal hypervisor too but that time you need 2 machines13:43
corshmockNo use.  Have you ever used xen project?13:43
aienaone machine to control the baremetal one as all oses run ontop of it13:43
aienacorshmock: virtualbox has always worked excellently for me so I never had the need to switch13:44
aienacorshmock: another option for running vm's is by using docker and creating docker containers13:44
aienaall options are so different though that you need some blood sweat and tears to learn each13:45
aienavirtualbox is very easy to adopt, kvm and docker work very differently13:45
aienayou already have done the blood and sweat part with kvm you will eventually succeed I think13:46
ikoniakvm is an amazing hypervisor, why would you not use it ?13:46
aienaikonia: he is using it13:46
aienahe has just experienced a heavy curtain he is trying to open with it13:47
aienaperhaps you can help him13:47
ikoniano idea,13:47
aienahis query was `Has anyone had this horrible issue on KVM?  Unable to complete install: 'Cannot get interface MTU on 'br0': No such device'`13:47
corshmockunable to complete install 'cannot get interface mtu on 'br0' no such device'13:47
aienait looks like something to do with networking and kvm13:47
ikoniaso the obvious question, is the bridge device there ?13:47
corshmockikonia: if you only knew how funny that is13:48
corshmockKVM has me killed13:48
aienarelax i think ikonia can help13:48
corshmockYes bridged13:48
corshmockI think he's onto something.  Kill the bridge?13:49
ikoniakvm is not a bridge13:49
aienacorshmock: https://wiki.libvirt.org/page/Unable_to_add_bridge_br0_port_vnet0:_No_such_device may help13:49
ikoniathat's nothing to do with kvm13:49
ikoniais the bridge interface a.) available b.) up13:49
corshmockSorry ikonia I dont' now how to check that13:50
corshmockip a ?13:50
aienayes that can work13:50
ikoniaok - so lets take one more step back here13:50
ikoniawhat are you trying to virtualise and why ?13:51
ikoniaas this could be overkill13:51
corshmockI'm trying to build a lab for RHCSA13:51
ikoniaok - so  you don't need a lab yet13:51
corshmockWell I want to practice13:51
ikoniaif you're not confident doing basic things like checking an interface status a lab is 5 steps away from that13:51
ikoniayou need to get confident with just basic linux operations13:51
corshmockShould I take the bridge out?13:52
ikoniaI would not be building a lab and looking at an rhca if you're not able to handle basic networking yet13:52
aienahmm hold on13:52
ikonia(just my opinion)13:52
corshmockI appreciate your opinion ikonia but I've held CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCDP, WLANSE not blowing my trumpet but I think Linux / KVM are more the issue than networking13:53
ikoniayou're wrong13:53
ikoniaand if you're confident with ccna/ccnp/ccda you should be more than happy with the concept of network bridging and how to configure it13:54
aienacorshmock: https://wiki.libvirt.org/page/Unable_to_add_bridge_br0_port_vnet0:_No_such_device please read this13:55
qwebirc95665hello, i am in the emergency terminal, i disabled secureboot in the bios, can that be the reason why my ubuntu cant boot?13:55
corshmockI am not familiar with virbr0 enp12s0 etc13:55
aienaas for the ifconfig thing just use "ip addr"13:55
aienaubuntu removed the ifconfig command in favour of that but otherwise you can get it back with the respective package13:56
corshmockThat's what I'm using.  I have that page you sent open and I will read it13:56
aienacorshmock: lol the interface names will vary from system to system13:56
aienaand wether you are using a wired, wireless connection13:56
corshmockI've never seen any of those before13:56
aienaenp is usually an ethernet wire interface13:57
corshmockWell enp was the one I used first which took me off the internet13:57
corshmockWhat's virbr0?13:57
ikoniaa virtual interface13:57
aienayes but virtual interfaces can have anyname13:57
aienaeven br0 can be a virtual bridge13:58
corshmockSuppose I take out the bridge and put it back after I (hopefully) created a VM13:58
aienaif the error is "br0" missing that very page shows you how to create a virtual interface which connects to the real ethernet interface13:58
ikoniaagain - you're running well before walking13:58
aienacorshmock: you have a physical bridge13:59
ikoniaa.) is the bridge interface available b.) is it up13:59
corshmockI'm only trying to create a VM13:59
ikoniaright, but you need to meet the requirements of your setup13:59
aienayes and while creating the vm the software cannot find a networking interface13:59
aienaso you make the networking interface and KVM will be happy13:59
ikoniabaa6::1009] has joined #centos14:00
ikonia15:20 < mguy> Assuming everyone thatbaa6::1009] has joined #centos14:00
corshmockWell I don't see br0 in ip a14:00
aienathat is good14:00
ikoniathis is the problem14:00
aienacan you please dump the output of ip a14:00
ikoniayou're not confident with the basic14:00
corshmockAlso it's been over 15 years since I held CC*****14:00
ikoniayou're trying to create a vm using a network interface that doesn't exist14:00
aiena^^ is exaclty the thing14:01
ikoniacorshmock: you're the one who rolled out your qualifications to say how good you where after I said you where going to run before walk14:01
corshmockIt's okay ikonia, it doesn't matter14:02
aienacorshmock: can you dump the output of "ip addr" in some pastebin14:02
ikoniayou're missing the bridge14:03
corshmockI know that14:03
ikoniaok ? so what are you actually asking then ?14:03
aienayes now enp12s0 is the network interface there to your router14:03
ikoniaas a minute ago you didn't know how to check14:04
ikonianow you know ?14:04
corshmockenp12s0 was the one I used first that took networking out14:04
aienaso follow the article I linked to earlier and create a virtual br0 interface linked to it14:04
corshmockfirst line is auto lo br014:04
ikoniacorshmock: yeah, you can't use an interface that's in use14:04
corshmockThis is the config I followed14:04
corshmockiface lo inet loopback14:04
ikoniacorshmock: there is no br014:05
ikonia(in your paste)14:05
nikolamtomreyn, it seems the problem was with default resolution with Lightdm https://pastebin.com/7TmiKnzc , https://pastebin.com/0z7TwiFW  When I logged in blindly, I got desktop session. So maybe that 5-monitor.conf is both forcing resolution AND graphics card used and was the problem ...14:05
aienacorshmock: so now run  "virsh iface-bridge enp12s0  br0"14:05
aienathis will create a virtual br0 interface14:06
ikoniaI wouldn't run that yet14:06
ikoniaas there is no bridge interface slaved14:06
corshmockauto lo br0 - is the first line14:06
nikolamI remember with previous monitor I had to add resolutions to get 1920X1080 and now it is temporarily 1280X102414:06
corshmockof the config14:06
aienaikonia: what is the correct way?14:06
ikoniacorshmock: first line in what?14:06
ikoniaaiena: depends14:06
ikoniawhat config14:06
corshmockof the config in /etc/network/interfaces - I followed it from a link on the web14:07
nikolamI am thinking of deleting /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/5-monitor.conf14:07
ikoniacorshmock: pastebin the file please14:07
aienacorshmock: can you share this link on the web you are referring to14:07
ikoniait won't take long14:09
ikoniacorshmock: honestly - you need to step back and get a few fundementals under your belt,14:09
ikoniacorshmock: that config isn't going to do anything14:09
ikoniacorshmock:  but it does mean aiena approach will work14:10
corshmockikonia: I am reading basic Linux stuff14:10
corshmockWhat is aiena approach?14:10
aienacorshmock: you could reset that config bacl to default14:10
aienacorshmock: so now run  "virsh iface-bridge enp12s0  br0"14:10
aiena^^ that14:11
corshmockSo reset first and then run virsh iface-bridge enp12s0  br0 ?14:11
aienawell the reset is just to avoid conflicts14:12
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tomreynnikolam: you probably don't need this configuration file really.14:12
corshmockYeah there are only two lines14:12
aienayes reset it to default. Then create the virtual interface br0 and try to recreate the vm with the same steps as before and see if the error dissapeared14:14
* nikolam rebooting14:14
corshmockThanks very much, I'll give that a shot!14:15
aienaikonia: should networkmanager be restarted afted editing that?14:15
aienanot sure what daemons need a restart14:15
ikoniaaiena: if that's what's governing the network config14:17
aienahmm yeah I think asking him to reboot the whole system maybe better14:18
aienabut he left14:18
ikoniaaiena: at least it's a known state in relation to the config files14:18
aienathat's why I told him to reset it14:18
aienaI need to learn more about linux networking too14:19
aienaI know the very basics but not sure how to properly learn14:19
aienausually I undo all my manual changes to be on the safe side if they don't work14:19
aienaand then try a fresh approach14:20
aienawell the documentation os very clear though14:21
qwebirc95665hello, i am in the emergency terminal, i disabled secureboot in the bios, can that be the reason why my ubuntu cant boot?14:25
tomreynqwebirc95665: *dis*abling secure boot should not cause this, i don't think so, no. maybe you changed something else, too?14:28
qwebirc95665yes i installed an other os on the other sdd14:28
tomreyni guess it's mor elikely related to that14:29
qwebirc95665there were an windows and now a Qubes OS14:29
tomreynso you now have ubuntu, windows and qubes os installed side by side (or this was the plan)?14:29
qwebirc95665how can i get ubuntu to boot out of this emergency terminal?14:29
qwebirc95665i have now an ubuntu and a qubesos installed, and a windows image somewhere14:30
qwebirc95665but starting ubuntu resulting in an emergency mode14:31
tomreynis there any message suggesting why you end up in the terminal when booting ubuntu?14:31
qwebirc95665ehm i'm restarting14:32
tomreyndo you get dropped to the grub console, the busybox shell, or the recovery menu?14:33
qwebirc95665error: file /boot/grub .... not found14:33
qwebirc95665was away to fast14:33
qwebirc95665then i get to the password part14:34
qwebirc95665i enter my password14:34
qwebirc95665cryptsetup sucsessfully14:34
qwebirc95665Problem loading UEFI:db X.509 certificate (-65)14:35
qwebirc95665Problem loading UEFI:db X.509 certificate (-65)14:36
tomreynthat's not an issue as long as secure boot is disabled14:36
qwebirc95665Couldnt get size 0x80000000000000000000000e14:36
tomreynnvidia graphics?14:36
qwebirc95665PKCS #7 signature not signed with a trusted key14:36
qwebirc95665and then " you are in emergency mode"14:37
qwebirc95665the laptop has only wifi btw14:37
tomreynthis doesn't sound like secure boot is disabled.14:38
qwebirc95665qubes doesnt start with secureboot, thats why i had to disable it14:39
qwebirc95665oh i forgot a keyinformation14:40
qwebirc95665i start this via a supergrub14:40
tomreyni can't help with this, have no experience with it.14:40
qwebirc95665ok, thanks anyways14:41
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FurretUberHi, is there a timeframe for fixing the Intel GPUs power management and stability? I'm trying 5.3.0-26 and it still has power management disabled (100% Powered on GPU)15:00
UndefinedIsNotAFanyone know a webservice who answer the service name for a given port ?15:00
HabbieUndefinedIsNotAF, might be a better question for ##networking15:05
FurretUberAnd things like resizing virtio QEMU guests causes a few GPU hangs until it is completely resized15:10
tatertotsUndefinedIsNotAF: why would a person need such a thing?15:34
tatertotsUndefinedIsNotAF: a "service" may have a "default" port httpd/apache and port 80 for example, but the system administrator is well within their right to use any OTHER port they want to, such as 8080 or 9090 or anything they want..15:37
qwebirc95665hello, i used dd to make an image of a disk, i now wanted to restore that disk but ubuntu's gui programm disks says the image is 1,4 MB bigger than the taget device15:37
UndefinedIsNotAFtatertots: yes, and?15:38
UndefinedIsNotAFtatertots: i need a such thing15:38
tatertotsUndefinedIsNotAF: lol..come to #networking and repeat it15:38
tatertotsthis will be fun15:38
UndefinedIsNotAFfor a statistical study of opened port on a network15:38
UndefinedIsNotAFtatertots: ok thanks15:39
tatertotsUndefinedIsNotAF: ah for "academia" ...now it makes sense15:39
UndefinedIsNotAFtatertots: there is way to find who is hiding a specific port, but ill not talk about this here.15:40
tatertotsmove to #networking...these guys are finicky15:40
UndefinedIsNotAFtatertots: we have a bunch of telnet/nmap/nc... commands to help on this point.15:41
UndefinedIsNotAFok im on it15:41
jeromelanterihi, i'm running OS ubuntu-18.04 on odroid-xu4 (arm arch)15:47
jeromelanteriand my rclone version is 1.36-3 (to old), but at update time it said it is the last one there15:48
jeromelanteriand this is my source list: https://gist.github.com/jerome-diver/4b0c569218c43adac3daff3238a74b4b15:48
jeromelanterii'm usualy an archlinux user and i felle myself loose with apt and dpkg package manager15:49
jeromelanterihow to update rclone to latest ubuntu version ?15:49
jellyjeromelanteri: what does "apt-cache policy rclone" say?15:50
jeromelanterijelly, https://gist.github.com/jerome-diver/e91a2ea99a4fcb5f503544f29cf132eb15:52
jeromelanterijelly, is it a good idea to remove binary version and install a github clone or from source ?15:53
jeromelanterior package manager need to be updated or something around ?15:53
jeromelanterii just upgrade and have a new kernel to boot from also...15:53
jeromelanterijelly, or maybe a docker version of rclone ? good idea or not ?15:58
trwwwHi I just got a Dell G5 with an NVIDIA GTX 1650 and I have no sound through the graphics card. Sound settings just list a dummy output.16:12
trwwwI followed https://www.linuxuprising.com/2018/06/fix-no-sound-dummy-output-issue-in.html (options snd-hda-intel model=generic/auto at the end of /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf) but no luck.16:12
trwwwA suggestion in there to 'pactl load-module module-detect' did change the dummy output to a sound device, but I'm assuming thats the onboard sound device, and I don't have any speakers to test, and still no HDMI sound output device.16:12
trwwwAny advice?16:12
jeromelanteritrwww, look at pusleaudio devices if can see it, then check module loaded16:18
trwwwIf I run 'alsamixer' and press F6, I can select "HDA Nvidia" but when I hit escape nothing happens.16:18
trwwwwhere can I look at pulseaudio devices?16:18
jeromelanteritrwww, you should first install pulseaudio and maybe its gui apps to be able to see through a gui application for pulsaudio.16:19
jeromelanterii think it can be the easy way... maybe16:19
trwwwtheres a '/usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog' I see in the ps output. I'll look for a gui frontend.16:23
jellyjeromelanteri: I have no idea what's the optimal option for ubuntu.  If it were me I'd add a deb-src sources.list line for  "focal" or "eoan" and try to build a newer binary package version from sources (a "backport")16:25
jeromelanterijelly i'm on github clone option actually... thank you jelly16:25
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rhokscan anyone play x265 video files on ubuntu 18 with either VLC or MPV?17:28
tatertotsI haven't had any trouble with h265 in vlc or mplayer17:32
tatertotsrhoks: if you're unable to play them, have you tried other source files instead of the same problematic files you've attempted to play unsuccessfully17:33
Nylelife is like a tree17:44
Nylels -R17:45
aberrantis there a standard/safe way to reimage a hypervisor without having to reconfigure everything? I think I selected the wrong "server type" on install and I have all these unnecessary pacakges.17:58
Habbieyou could remove the packages17:58
aberrantbut I don't really know which ones to remove, and the metapackages all say, "don't remove me"17:58
aberrantI have ubuntu-minimal, ubuntu-server, and ubuntu-standard.17:59
aberrantthis is a headless hypervisor.17:59
aberrantno GUI, just kvm and ssh.18:00
aberrantand it's got 752 packages installed!18:00
OerHeks'reimage a hypervisor " what does that mean, reinstall and confgure?18:00
aberrantOerHeks: yeah, essentially. I have a server acting as a hypervisor and it's got more packages installed than any of the guest VMs that are doing real work.18:01
aberrantI'd like to trim down what's installed on the hypervisor to just what's needed.18:01
aberrantbut these meta-packages all recommend against removal.18:01
aberrantis it possible to go through the initial setup again and make a different selection that will remove the packages that were originally installed?18:02
OerHekswhat do you want to do, remnove ubuntu-minimal/desktop from that headless hypervisor server?18:03
aberrantI don't know which packages are safe to remove. I can post my install list if that will help but I have multiple meta-packages18:04
aberrantare the ubuntu ones18:04
aberrantI just really need kvm and ssh, and then I can selectively install other stuff that I need, but there are 752 packages installed right now.18:05
aberrantOerHeks: I didn't install desktop. I don't recall installing server, but perhaps kvm did it.18:06
aberrantlet me post the entire installed list. Perhaps someone can help out.18:09
EriC^^aberrant: you can use the /var/log/apt/history.log to see which were pulled in by desktop or whatever and auto remove them18:10
tomreynor. if you have /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz , you can list manually installed packages using: comm -23 <(apt-mark showmanual | sort -u) <(gzip -dc /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz | sed -n 's/^Package: //p' | sort -u)18:13
FurretUberWhat is the proper way to upgrade a 18.04 install to 20.04 daily? I have backups18:13
aberranthuh, ok.18:13
aberrantlet me see if I have history.log18:13
OerHeksFurretUber, not sure the apt install -d development option brings you straight to 20.04 beta ..18:14
OerHekselse 17.04 > 19.04 > 19.10 > 20.0418:14
OerHeksor 18.0418:14
aberrantI'm not sure the history.log helps me. I see the massive blob of files at the initial install.18:15
OerHekssudo apt install update-manager-core &&  sudo do-release-upgrade -d18:15
aberranttomreyn: I don't have initial-status.gz, unfortunately.18:16
EriC^^aberrant: oh so you installed the extra stuff during the install?18:16
EriC^^it's a mini.iso?18:17
tomreyndo you have /var/log/installer/media-info ?18:18
FurretUberI did a check and 20.04 is available: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HRgcFYKmS6/18:19
OerHeksgood, have fun!18:19
OerHekssupport in #ubuntu+118:19
aberranttomreyn: yes - it has one line: Ubuntu-Server 19.10 "Eoan Ermine" - Release amd64 (20191017)18:24
aberrantEriC^^: I think it was installed during the initial installation. I used a bootable usb image to install18:25
FurretUberdo-release-upgrade uses screen now, nice18:27
EriC^^i think you could use the manifest online for the initial packages list, but why dont you reinstall wouldnt it be easier?18:27
aberrantI remember it presented me with a list of things to install, and I *thought* I picked a minimal set.18:27
aberrantIf I reinstall I'll have to restore the guest VMs and all my configuration.18:28
aberrantso I'd really rather avoid that.18:28
aberrantI guess I could do that, but ... man. It'd take forever.18:28
tomreynthe tasks ubuntu server installer presents for installation are mostly snaps, i think18:29
tds^^ was this using the new curtin/whatever based installer, or the old d-i one?18:29
tdsiirc the old d-i one is just some wrapping around tasksel18:30
tomreyn"Ubuntu-Server 19.10" suggests subiquity / curtin, i'd say18:30
EriC^^aberrant: this should be the initial packages i think http://releases.ubuntu.com/19.10/ubuntu-19.10-live-server-amd64.manifest18:30
tdsoh yes, sorry, missed that18:31
EriC^^that list seems odd though, kinda short plus there's no kernel i think18:31
EriC^^aberrant: ^18:31
aberrantEriC^^: what is that list?18:31
aberranttomreyn / tds : I don't know. I downloaded the bootable image, burned to usb, and booted into it.18:32
aberrantgotta transfer 200GB of guest images18:33
tomreyndid it look like this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=tasksel.jpg18:34
aberrantit was the same format, but those selections don't look right18:34
aberrantit had "ssh server", "dns server", and some other things, and it scrolled (long list).18:35
aberranti don't recall seeing any "live cd" options18:35
tomreynmore like this? https://news-cdn.softpedia.com/images/news2/canonical-wants-the-ubuntu-20-04-lts-server-installer-to-be-faster-comfortable-528618-5.jpg18:35
aberrantno. the format was the blue checkboxes18:35
aberrantand there were no mentions of snaps.18:35
tomreynoka,y you installe dusing either using the alternative server installer or mini.iso18:36
aberrantI still have the usb image here.18:36
aberrantthat's what it was called18:37
tomreynthis contradicts what you just said about what the menu looked like, i doubt the color scheme changed18:37
aberrantthe menu definitely looked like the blue list, but the entries were different.18:38
tomreynanyways, it's either snaps or apt tasks / tasksel. you can use "tasksel --list-tasks" to see which tasks are setup18:38
tomreynthose starting with "i" ar einstalled18:38
aberrantCommand 'tasksel' not found, but can be installed with:18:38
aberrantsudo apt install tasksel18:38
tomreynonly use it to run the above command, not to apply changes.18:39
aberrantso install it?18:39
tomreynthat should be fine18:39
aberrant"basic ubuntu server"18:40
aberrantI must have mistakenly selected that?18:40
aberrantseth@elemental:~$ tasksel --list-task | grep "^i"18:41
aberranti cloud-image   Ubuntu Cloud Image (instance)18:41
aberranti openssh-server        OpenSSH server18:41
aberranti server        Basic Ubuntu server18:41
tomreynit's what the server installer installs by default. since you'Re installign a server using the server installer.18:41
aberrantso perhaps there's nothing here that isn't needed?18:41
aberrantit just seems crazy that there are 752 packages installed.18:41
aberrantI don't recall selecting cloud-image, but I definitely selected ssh server18:42
tomreynmy desktop has 2755 packages installed, i guess you're good.18:43
aberrantmy guest images only have like 40018:43
aberrantand they're the ones doing real work.18:43
aberrantI guess I'm just being neurotic about this.18:43
tomreynme, too ;)18:43
tomreyni mean i also guessyou are.18:44
aberrantso your opinion is that this isn't a big deal and I should stop worrying about it? :)18:44
aberrantif so, I accept that18:44
tomreynyes, i think its fine.18:44
aberrantok. thanks.18:44
aberrantI see all these fonts installed, which is crazy because it's headless.18:44
tomreynfonts would be installed as a side effect of installing X, i guess18:45
aberrantthe fonts are console fonts, not X fonts.18:45
tomreynthat's fonts which aren't console fonts18:46
aberrantX was installed because of the vnc server that virsh supports18:46
aberrant(for VNCing into guests)18:46
tomreynso did your disk run full?18:46
aberrantno, I have plenty of space18:46
aberrant /dev/nvme0n1p2  916G  159G  711G  19% /18:47
tomreynthen you'll better spend your and everyones' time on worrying about something relevant. ;-)18:47
aberrantHAHAH. I accept that. Thank you.18:47
aberrantso my next complaint is these damn apparmor logs for my virtual machiens18:47
aberrantthey're not blocking anything, but they're verbose.18:48
aberrantI'd love to silence them without disabling apparmor18:49
aberrant[141416.797057] audit: type=1400 audit(1577039412.557:37): apparmor="STATUS" operation="profile_replace" info="same as current profile, skipp18:51
aberranting" profile="unconfined" name="libvirt-56eaafde-ee1a-4024-ad7c-d3816a6739a6" pid=3889 comm="apparmor_parser"18:51
aberrantas an example.18:51
tomreynaberrant: see the ERRORS section in apparmor(7)18:59
albechAnyone know of a CLI interface to the Signal message system?19:05
tomreynalbech: that's not in ubuntu, but there is https://github.com/AsamK/signal-cli/wiki/HowToUbuntu19:08
albechtomreyn: wow thanks.. will look at that. cheers19:09
aberranttomreyn: yes, I've used aa-complain but it's still logging these.19:09
aberrantthese are not DENIED errors, they're just STATUS.19:10
tomreynaberrant: i was rather hinting at "If the userland auditd is not running, the kernel will send audit events to klogd; klogd will send the messages to syslog, which will [..]"19:10
tomreyni.e. if you want better control on how the (kernel orginated) audit messages are (not) logged, you may want to install and configure auditd19:11
tomreynalternatively you could use rsyslogd and create rules there.19:13
aberrantoh, auditd. OK.19:17
tomreyni guess apparmor profile replacement is a relevant event, though (could have security impact), which will be why this (rather rare, only during boot / start of services, i would think) event it is logged by default.19:17
aberrantbut is there a way to tell apparmor that things are OK?19:17
aberrantyeah, this happens whenever a virtual machine comes online or goes offline.19:17
aberrantor when a snapshot is taken19:17
aberrantwhich happens at least once a day.19:17
tomreyndo you also strip system login events off your logs then?19:18
tomreynbecause they occur too often?19:18
aberrantno, but those aren't logged to the kernel buffer.19:19
aberrantI want dmesg to output things that are really important.19:19
aberrant(drive failures, kernel panics, etc.)19:19
tomreynuse journalctl -p instead19:19
aberrantif they just went to syslog I wouldn't have a problem19:19
aberrantI'm oldschool. I use the raw log files, not this new-fangled journalctl :)19:20
rhokswhat the application name for the windows manager19:31
rhoksI need to kill it and restart it because its stuck19:31
chrispshi, I'm trying to switch from 4.15.0-72-generic to a build of 4.0.1 that i compiled, but when I boot into it I get stuck at "loading initial ramdisk"19:32
rhoksprecisely I tried to make the window smaller and now its not responding unfortunately when i opened my usb stick19:32
chrispsi did sudo make install and sudo make install_modules, is there something else i need to do in order to use my kernel?19:32
akkchrisps: Maybe mkinitrd? I never build a kernel that needed one, but distro kernels definitely do.19:34
aberrantok, let's see if aa-disable does things.19:34
aberrantthanks for all the guidance, tomreyn19:34
tomreynyou're welcome, aberrant19:39
MadLambMy mouse wheel broke and apparently it is always scrolling. I am trying to disable the scroll, and I was able to do that with "xinput" and the events no longer appear on "xev". but somehow chrome still recognizes it. Any idea?20:52
MadLambnevermind the mouse decided to work again :l20:54
Ben64time to buy a new mouse maybe20:54
corshmockI've had mouse issues which I never got to the bottom of, so I would love to see some trouble shooting20:55
bpromptnew mouse should be between $5US - $10US20:56
OerHeksnot an ubuntu issue20:56
OerHeks€1 on the fleamarket20:56
dionysus69how do I check if GPU driver is properly installed?21:02
dionysus69I just installed RX 580 on the motherboard, didn't install anything special21:03
MadLamblike I spent one half an hour tying to disable the wheel button and just after asking the question it works again21:03
imihi. I have an usb c to ethernet adapter, plugged into an usbc to usb3 adapter, plugged into an usb3 hub, plugged into my computer :) now into this usb hub there are several other things plugged in (usb 1 HID, and usb 3 as well). however somethimes when I boot up this machine the ethernet port does not work. my solution to this is to unplug and reattach the usbc to usb3 adapter to the hub. is there a software workaround? for instance is21:04
imithere a "detach and reattach this device" shell command?21:04
sixwheeledbeast^dionysus69: it should just work21:05
dionysus69ok :) also is there a something like a night mode? to minimize fan noise and disable GPU or something at night? if i leave PC running 24/7?21:05
dionysus69not sure how to search for ready solution21:06
sixwheeledbeast^dionysus69: I don't believe fans can be off on linux21:06
dionysus69no I mean not off21:06
dionysus69but on minimum required rpm21:06
sixwheeledbeast^I just use the CPU governor it's not fan control but it works21:07
sixwheeledbeast^just keeps the heat down in the machine21:07
dionysus69ok :) sounds legit21:07
sixwheeledbeast^I don't believe there is support for fan speed on the GPU, but if you find anything let me know.21:08
tomreynyes there is fan rotation speed control for amdgpu via sysfs. but why would you want to manually manage it? the graphics crd firmware should already be doing it in a sensible way.21:14
dionysus69yea there's not21:14
tomreynif chassis or cpu fans run at constant speed, check your bios and see what options it provides for controlling fan speed. you may also want to look for a firmware upgrade.21:16
compdocI set my fans to quiet mode in the bos21:18
sixwheeledbeast^dionysus69: just found this, maybe helpful https://github.com/grmat/amdgpu-fancontrol/blob/master/amdgpu-fancontrol21:23
dionysus69thanks  :)21:23
OerHeksalso interesting, https://github.com/marazmista/radeon-profile21:25
OerHeksscreenshots https://imgur.com/a/DMRr921:25
sixwheeledbeast^dionysus69: cat /sys/class/drm/card0/device/hwmon/hwmon0/pwm1_enable   (2 would be auto)21:27
tomreyn"sensors amdgpu-pci-0c00" (after "sensors-detect") for a higher level utility.21:31
ApachezMerry Christmas! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmzdWlc5GLg21:34
KaitoDaumotoYouTube Title: Christmas Songs 2020 πŸŽ…24/7 Live Radio πŸŽ… Top Christmas Songs Playlist 2020 πŸŽ„ Best Christmas Songs Views: 528,140 Length: Uploaded: 2019-12-21 User: The Christmas Song Likes: 1,873 Dislikes: 178 Description: Christmas Songs 2020 πŸŽ… Top Christmas Songs Playlist...21:34
OerHeksKaitoDaumoto, no bots here, thanks21:36
hggdhKaitoDaumoto: please do not post bot answers here.21:36
vigilantI have some vps's21:42
vigilantI want to track their uptime on one page21:42
vigilantIs that possible?21:42
vigilantI want to see uptimes for the vps's at one place... is this easy to do?21:42
akkvigilant: That doesn't really seem like an ubuntu-specific question; it seems more about whatever mechanism/host you're using for the vpses, what your website is like, etc.21:48
OerHeksvigilant, maybe more a question for #ubuntu-server, depends what admin tools you use i guess21:48
compdocvigilant, Ive never used it, but a name that I hear a lot for monitoring is Nagios21:50
vigilantI got it21:53
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epsilonKNOThey guys small issue: how do i get apt to isntall a package but ignore file conflicts? the package i want to isntall sees a file that is already present and is not able to install this new package22:04
OerHeksepsilonKNOT, what is the exact error? sounds like you added other sources that conflict22:07
epsilonKNOTmy friend has messed up the install22:07
epsilonKNOTand apt says broken state22:07
epsilonKNOTeasiest way to fix is to force install the replacement22:07
epsilonKNOTfound it: apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-overwrite" install <package-name>22:08
Descriptionedhow to can create a shortcut that runs a command on terminal but keeps the terminal open after the command?22:13
tomreynDescriptioned: add       read -p 'Press Enter to exit…' x      to the end of your script22:19
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dreamonHello β†’ Theme parsing error: gtk.css:44:4: Junk at end of value for background-color23:01
dreamonwhere do I find this gtk.css?23:01
dreamonI dont know name of choosen theme..23:02
cluelesspersonI'm running into an issue that keeps occurring, where kswapd is using up 100% cpu23:38
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