Eickmeyerherrherrmann: Are you talking about for the website? If so, we have an entirely new website pretty much done and pending publication.00:37
studiobot<Eickmeyer> @teward001 New lsp-plugins ready at https://launchpad.net/lsp-plugins, got this sucker lintian-clean, had to do some overriding for manpage stuff, but that's not out of the ordinary. Also, upstream thought it would be a good idea to make html-based documentation with iframes to youtube-videos, so I promptly removed them via debian/rules00:41
studiobot<Eickmeyer> Already in archive, so no AA approval needed.00:51
studiobot<teward001> add it to my list of crap02:29
studiobot<teward001> @Eickmeyer been busy with holiday things02:29
studiobot<Eickmeyer> @teward001 [@Eickmeyer been busy with holiday things], No worries. Just whenever you have a chance.02:34
studiobot<teward001> did AAs ever move the other package in/around?02:37
studiobot<teward001> or is it still in NEW?02:38
studiobot<Eickmeyer> It's still in NEW. *sigh*02:38
studiobot<Eickmeyer> It's the only sourceNEW in there.02:39
studiobot<teward001> well it's holidays so02:40
studiobot<Eickmeyer> Yeah, it is what it is.02:41
studiobot<teward001> @Eickmeyer so, FYI, whenever XubuntuYor -ubuntuX is in the version string it needs to have update-maintainers run on it02:47
studiobot<teward001> otherwise dpkg barfs on the builds02:47
studiobot<teward001> at least, locally.  Running a test build now02:48
studiobot<Eickmeyer> Yeah, that happened last time.02:49
studiobot<teward001> yep02:51
studiobot<Eickmeyer> Just ran and pushed, and retagged.02:51
studiobot<Eickmeyer> Just a step I need to get in the habit of doing.02:51
studiobot<teward001> yep :P02:55
studiobot<teward001> upload in progress02:55
studiobot<Eickmeyer> Schweeet.02:56
studiobot<Eickmeyer> Knew that would be a quick one.02:56
studiobot<Eickmeyer> I worked my ARSE off getting the lint cleaned out of that.02:56
studiobot<teward001> lol03:00
studiobot<teward001> there's still some strings typos I think03:00
studiobot<teward001> but those're minor comparatively03:00
studiobot<teward001> and DAMN this upload is taking a while03:00
studiobot<Eickmeyer> It's 91 audio plugins, so yeah.03:00
studiobot<Eickmeyer> Actually, might be more now.03:01
studiobot<teward001> @Eickmeyer accepted to -proposed03:18
studiobot<Eickmeyer> @teward001 Thanks!03:39
herrherrmannEickmeyer: Yes, I'm referring to the website! Great to hear there's something new coming up. I was also about to complain about the "2011" in the footer. :P 14:57

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