ubuntu__Hello, I noticed a discrepancy recently regarding my HDD partitions. According to Gparted, it shows that the partition that Ubuntu Studio is installed on reads 652.71 GB compared to what it shows on the Desktop.03:24
ubuntu__On the Desktop, it reads 701 GB. Which one is right?03:24
ubuntu__*reading right?03:25
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Penguin_Revoluti@ubuntu I would run the command df -m in the terminal, that should be the most accurate. At least in my experience04:03
Penguin_Revoluti@ubuntu_ or you could run df -h to display in GB04:05
EickmeyerIt's really simple, actually: It's a difference between GB being reported by the desktop as opposed to GiB being reported by Gparted. Or vice-versa.04:14
AppAraat[m]hi, how can I see what ALSA clients are connected to ALSA currently?13:31
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