lubot<plyr0> @emrekayamix [Breaking up after 1.5 gb], Lubuntu.me? Also 19.10 is latest03:09
lubot<emrekayamix> whats site lubuntu.me and lubuntu.net ?08:36
lubot<emrekayamix> why two different sites08:37
guivercLubuntu.me is the official Lubuntu site, if you're unsure about any flavor site go to ubuntu.com and look there (eg. https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours)08:37
guivercfyi: there are more than 2 sites offering Lubuntu for download if you ask google... (some only show in specific language searches)08:37
guiverc(fyi: I wasn't thinking of official mirrors in my last comment; we cannot really control what people say/offer online)08:42
lubot<emrekayamix> thanks forever lubuntu!08:43
lubot<emrekayamix> which is the latest stable version08:44
lubot<emrekayamix> 19.10 and 20.04 ?08:45
guiverc19.10; or the 2019-October release (releases are year.month in format)08:45
guiverc20.04 is the current development version, set for release in 2020-April08:45
lubot<emrekayamix> your advice08:46
guiverc19.10 is the latest stable release; so I'd suggest that.  The lubuntu manual (https://manual.lubuntu.me/) assumes you're on stable (19.10), you can use all support sites (some eg. askubu don't allow ubuntu+1 or 20.04)08:47
lubot<devikri> @guiverc [<guiverc> 19.10 is the latest stable release; so I'd suggest that.  The lubuntu …], Do Lubuntu users from all over the world only 85?09:01
lubot<devikri> @guiverc [<guiverc> 85?], are there more ?09:04
guivercsorry I don't understand your question09:05
lubot<devikri> i mean, is there more lubuntu user around the world ?09:06
lubot<devikri> in this support group only 8509:06
lubot<kc2bez> There are 85 in the Telegram channel but the Telegram channel is bridged to IRC and Matrix09:07
guivercI see only 69 users in the room connected to IRC currently; but most don't use telegram, nor do most use IRC.  Most users just download & use it ..09:07
lubot<kc2bez> Many just join the support channel when they need support, they don't necessarily stay connected.09:08
lubot<devikri> @kc2bez [Many just join the support channel when they need support, they don't necessaril …], owh okay thx, and sorry for the fool question09:09
lubot<kc2bez> No problem09:10
guivercno such thing as a fool question, asking questions is the only way we learn :)09:10
lubot<emrekayamix> (Photo, 1280x720) https://i.imgur.com/VKYRHce.jpg09:19
lubot<emrekayamix> same error09:19
lubot<emrekayamix> It doesn't go down after 1.5 Gb09:19
lubot<emrekayamix> there is a bug in the server09:45
lubot<Marcelo Pugliesi> Index of /lubuntu/releases/19.10/release … http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/19.10/release/11:39
lubot<Marcelo Pugliesi> Use torrent 👆🏽11:39
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lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @emrekayamix [It doesn't go down after 1.5 Gb], You could use wget.16:09
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> I just did a "wget http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/eoan/release/lubuntu-19.10-desktop-amd64.iso" and it works fine.16:11
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> (Photo, 606x1280) https://i.imgur.com/817wf8o.jpg16:11
bea19Hi does someone know Parcellite?21:21
bea19I have a little problem...21:21
lubot<teward001> parcellite as in the clipboard manager?  Hasn't that been unmaintained since 2017?21:23
bea19the clipboard manager21:23
bea19I dont know much21:23
bea19I have a problem because i absolutley need to recover an item in history21:24
bea19but it only keeps the last 2521:24
bea19at first I thought I was in big trouble21:24
bea19but I think it's in the local-share-parcellite-history file21:25
bea19but I don't know how to read that file21:25
bea19I tried to open it with Leafpad21:25
bea19but not working (only says Parcellite History file and shows nothing)21:26
guivercbea19, if you know where the file is; use `file /path/file` to work out what type of file it is, it may provide clues as to how you can use it21:26
bea19ok I try21:27
bea19.local/share/parcellite/history: data21:34
bea19it's a data file21:34
bea19so what next? :)21:34
tomreyn"strings" may help if its text21:35
bea19is that a command?21:35
bea19sorry, I am a beginner21:36
bea19so I type strings /path/file in terminal?21:36
tomreynstrings .local/share/parcellite/history21:37
tomreynor rather:21:37
tomreynstrings ~/.local/share/parcellite/history21:37
bea19Yes, It works!21:38
bea19But something strange...21:39
bea19It shows more than 25, but not all of them21:39
bea19Can i do something like "all strings" ?21:40
bea19I need it to show all21:41
bea19maybe "strings full" ?21:42
bea19It shows 30, so 5 more21:44
bea19Actually no sorry Im wrong, it shows the same (25)21:45
tomreynbea19: are those missing ones shorter than 4 characters?21:46
bea19they are just older21:46
tomreynchances are they're lost then21:46
bea19that's why it doesn't show then anymore21:46
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bea19there is nothing else i can try?21:47
bea19maybe a log somewhere21:47
tomreyni don't know the software, so can't tell for sure21:47
bea19who knows the software?21:48
tomreynit's probably open source. and the developers do.21:49
bea19the thing is I never cleared the history21:49
bea19so this makes me think it could be possible21:49
bea19wouldn't it be strange the items just get deleted without me having cleared the history?21:51
bea19so you say i write to the developers?21:51
tomreynit's a clipboard manager. you should never have expected it to persist data for you in the first place.21:51
bea19I thought that was the whole point of a clipboard manager...21:52
bea19to not get the copied items lost21:52
bea19looks like I was wrong21:52
tomreynanyways, i'm convinced it is gone. but you don't need to rely on me.21:53
bea19But thank you, you were helpful21:53
tomreynyou're welcome.21:53
bea19why are you convinced?21:53
tomreynthis software seems to store its data in this file you identified, ~/.local/share/parcellite/history. it probably won't keep the data elsewhere. and it's not in there.21:54
tomreynso it seems logical to assume that the missing data is gone21:54
bea19that command you said (strings) are you sure it shows everything?21:54
tomreynit will also not have been saved in a a different file, so there is probably no use in looking for the data on the raw disk21:55
tomreyni'm sure that strings does *not* show everything by default. you can read its man page and learn how to make it display more21:55
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/21:55
tomreynalso     strings --help    may already suffice.21:56
bea19Ok, looks complicated, but I will try21:57
bea19lubot: should I thank you too, or are you a bot? :)21:57
tomreynit's unlikely that the missing strings is stored in a different format than those others it found, though, and you said it's not shorter than 4 characters, so it's unlikely that "strings" will be able to get you those other missing strings.21:57
tomreynits a bot21:58
bea19aha :)21:58
tomreynand so is ubottu21:58
bea19Ok, my mistake. But it would have been REALLY NICE if developers made it clear that older items get deleted even if we do not clear history!!!22:01
bea19I bet many other people made my same wrong assumption...22:02
bea19At least us beginners...22:02
tomreyni agree, this would be good to point out, to prevent this situation. i have not studieid it's documentation to check whether that's the case, though.22:08
tomreynapparently there is a 'Persistent History' setting on its "Behavior Tab" in preferences. "Adds a list that is permanent and never goes away."22:13
bea19Yes, that should be default behavior!! :)22:43
bea19Changing subject, where can you buy online (l)ubuntu notebooks with italian-keyboard?22:45
bea19Are there official ubuntu-notebooks?22:45
bea19Where does the ubuntu community buy the hardware from?22:46
bea19"Sad news for fans of official Ubuntu merchandise: the Ubuntu Shop has closed down!"22:49
guiverci don't think there is anyplace specific; I buy second hand from a local recycler, they come with ubuntu installed too :)   A few companies do sell ubuntu (or flavors) installed on new devices22:49
bea19There is no other?22:49
bea19With italian keyboard?22:49
bea19I see some on foreign ecommerce sites, but not with italian keyboard22:51
guiverccan't help there sorry;  UK & DE suppliers I'm aware of, no clue on italian keyboards sorry22:51
bea19can you please tell me anyways22:52
bea19(the uk & de suppliers)22:52
bea19maybe I can ask them to put italian keytboard?22:52
bea19can the local recycler change the keyboard?22:53
guivercUK I was thinking of https://www.entroware.com/store/, but sorry when I said local I meant local to me (melb au) - you'd have to check your local recyclers22:54
bea19ok, that's pretty far for me, aha :)22:54
bea19It's strange they don't care about us Italians, we are many, 60 million...22:56
guiverchttps://www.tuxedocomputers.com/  is possibly who I was thinking of in DE;  I've heard better things about entroware (UK) though22:56
bea19Is it difficult to change the keyboard of a notebook?22:56
bea19Were there ever official ubuntu notebooks? (before the store closed)22:58
guiverci can't really advise sorry, i've changed a few keyboards on thinkpads (ibm/lenovo) & latitudes (dell) but I believe the ease will vary on model of device - getting replacement keyboard is I suspect largest issue22:59
bea19OK, I see...22:59
bea19Definitely better if it comes right away with the right keyboard...22:59
bea19But nobody cares about us Italians... :(23:00
guivercnot that I'm aware of .. dell, hp, lenovo & some big make sell ubuntu on devices - but locally trying to find one would be impossible, usually you need to order (IF you can find web page)23:00
bea19Yes Delll I saw had, but not for Italy...23:02
tomreynbea19: dell can usually offer them with italian keyboards, though it may not be available through the online customization utility23:02
tomreynpossibly only B2B, though23:02
bea19But I once read an article that said they didn't do them for Italy23:03
bea19I mean with Ubuntu23:03
bea19They force us on Windows23:04
tomreyn"Tastiera interna italiano (non retroilluminata)"23:04
tomreynoh this search doesn't actually work23:07
tomreynyou need to search manually for "ubuntu", then you'll find 17 models23:07
bea19Ok I take a look, hopefully they changed, thankyou23:09
bea19Grazie :)23:09
tomreynit seems to be a matter of luck whether it lists the windows ones or the ubuntu ones as a result of this search23:13
bea19When you search from the dellitalian website it gives ZERO results... :(23:46
bea19Ok maybe found some...23:51
bea19Thank you all & good night- buona notte :)23:52
tomreynunfortunately intel only23:57
bea19amd is better?23:58
tomreynamd integrated graphics are faster than intels',a dn i wouldn't want a dedicated graphics card on a laptop, it just drives up heat and price23:59
bea19also dell is expensive23:59
tomreyna dn -> and23:59

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