sdhd-saschaIt would be nice, if snapd could overlay mount directories. At least read-only.09:56
zygasdhd-sascha: as in overlayfs?09:57
zygasdhd-sascha: hey :)09:57
sdhd-saschaE.g. mount /usr/share/fonts from snap A on snap B09:57
sdhd-saschazyga: :)09:57
zygasdhd-sascha: unfortunately we cannot use overlayfs because it doesn't support apparmor (or vice versa)09:58
sdhd-saschazyga: What does apparmor do or not do?09:58
sdhd-saschazyga: can't find any bug-report about overlayfs and apparmor. What's not working?10:01
zygaThere are no LSM hooks in overlayfs that would make it work correctly with apparmor10:02
zygaI don’t know if there is a bug report about it but this is my understanding after discussing this topic with apparmor kernel developers10:02
zygaI just realized I am off today as well10:03
zygaI’ll make coffee and clean the kitchen a little10:03
zygaThis end of year holiday is an excellent way to rest and reset10:03
zygaApparmor is almost entirely path based10:05
sdhd-saschaI patched the last bug in sway-source in my repo. Now Xwayland starts inside strict sway :) The problem was, that sway want access to /dev/shm/wlroots-...10:05
zygaAnd overlayfs has some hooks that make it work with inode based LSMs like SELinux10:05
sdhd-saschazyga: thank you.10:06
sdhd-saschaoh, didn't upload the current sway snapcraft.yaml, yet.10:08
mupBug #1857358 opened: Not yet operational on Fedora systems <fedora> <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1857358>16:36

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