mortok, I just learned that the reason I don't have a calculator in the gnome search screen isn't that GNOME doesn't have a calculator in the gnome search screen; it's that Canonical has for some reason decided to ship the calculator as a snap, and the snap doesn't have a search provider.00:00
mortthat's actually ridiculous.00:00
mortwhat's the advantages of having the calculator as a snap?00:00
peter22222hey folks... sorry, anybody familiar with kdenlive? or is this the wrong place?00:01
Bashing-ompeter22222: You are welcome to ask here, however, a better response might be in the #kubuntu channel.00:06
ducassepeter22222: there is also #kdenlive00:22
aberranthi all00:53
aberrantanother set of silly questions: can someone please step me through setting up vlans on this server? I'd like the server itself (a hypervisor) to be in VLAN 1, and the guests to be in vlan 2.00:54
aberrantRight now the switch port is assigned to vlan 2, so the hypervisor + guests are there. But I can enable .1q trunking.00:55
aberrantwhat's confusing to me is that the manpages reference /etc/network/interfaces, but I've got /etc/netplan.00:57
aberrantand I don't quite know why.00:58
tdsubuntu moved to netplan by default a little while ago - you can still use /etc/network/interfaces if you like, just install the ifupdown package00:59
aberrantI'd rather use netplan, I think01:00
tdsand what are you using for managing VMs? can it cope with a bridge with vlan_filtering set, or do you need a bridge for just vlan 2?01:00
aberrantI've found an example page: https://netplan.io/examples01:00
aberranttds: I'm using libvirt/virsh01:00
aberrantI just need a bridge for vlan 201:00
tdsok yeah, you probably just want a bridge with eth0.2 or whatever as its only member interface then01:01
aberrantI want the hypervisor to be the only thing using vlan 1.01:01
tdsmaybe one day libvirt will get better at vlans :)01:01
aberrantcurrent netplan config: http://dpaste.com/2KWTC1G01:03
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pjsis there a ppa to get updated openssh-server packages for 18.04?02:16
pjsI'd like to update to 8.1.x02:16
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SakaraI'm overwriting the disks in a DELL Optiplex 9010 using dd(1) with status=progress. Curiously one drive is taking zero's at about 330MB/s the other at 180MB/s. Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening at different rates?02:35
javashinwatch my vid  https://youtu.be/dd89p9jzYs4 , very cool for ubuntu people02:37
KaitoDaumotoYouTube Title: NEW: Linux Kernel Pre-Patched "REALTIME-X" By Carlos Jimenez (JavaShin-X). Ubuntu/Compilation/Way. Views: 0 Length: 43:47 Uploaded: 2019-12-23 User: Carlos Jimenez Likes: 1 Dislikes: 0 Description: How-TO : Metodo de Compilacion De El Kernel...02:37
annocentSakara, you should overwrite with /dev/urandom02:41
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mguySakara: What kind of drives? HDD, SDD, what models...03:10
Sakaramguy: Liteon rubbish SSD's03:14
Sakarastrangely enough I've reboot the machine and performed the test again and the second time through the drives both appear to be behaving similarly.03:15
Sakaraannocent: Does using urandom make a difference?03:15
annocentnot in terms of speed, no03:16
annocenturandom is slower than zero, or it should be03:17
SakaraI'd say the kernel/CPU will be faster than the disk :) /dev/zero or /dev/urandom should come out the same speed I'd think.03:17
SakaraGoing to put this one into the too hard basket. The machine vaguely appears to work. I really can't explain why one SSD of the same model attached to the same controller is showing such different through puts.03:19
ryuoSakara: bus saturation? You are pushing them at their maximums.03:20
ryuoI'd wonder if the issue can be observed if you're only doing heavy IO to one at a time.03:20
mguyDrives filling up etc. Cheap SSD's are inconsistant, especially with write speeds03:28
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Sakaramguy: I'd say cheap SSD's is the cause. Thanks all for your suggestions.03:29
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tripelbHelp. I have 18.04 with vlc. VLC open; I insert disk; I see image with language choices; i click onnenglish; it makes a noise and goes to dark woth thw ogange cone. Rinse. Repeat. Change disk. Same story bro.05:11
tripelbOrange Cone.05:11
tripelbBlond heart! (Bl*** he**) I also cant get internet. At all. I went thru every step of new raytheon drivers but it glitched on the last so (elapsed weeks) I reaet tje keychain password. (It matches the login but I still have to entwr it separately to my surprise) abd I cant find my paper (with the commands list) or the site whose instructions In following. Full stop. Seea no hotspots.05:16
annocentyou on drugs?05:16
annocentmeth alert05:16
tripelbNo drugs. Typingnon a phone Mr. QuicktoJudgeNegatively.05:17
annocentno worries05:17
tripelbI xan type accurately at half or 1/3 the speed05:18
tripelbSince you kan unnerstan mee then plz hlep.05:18
tripelbI have vlc that fails. I cant download anything else. Is there anything I can do to the vlc to watch the library dvda? Thanks. 18.0405:19
tripelbI will just go back to reading this.  https://i.imgur.com/U6UKaWh.jpg05:22
tripelbOopsn> offtopic05:23
AbhijitHi. when i mount external hdd which has ubuntu home partition encrypted, does it create /tmp/<ecrypt_name_here> with same name each time or different name?05:32
cluelesspersonAbhijit, I don't think so?05:47
cluelesspersonAbhijit, /dev/mapper/<crypt_name>  which is then mounted wherever it needs to be.05:47
Napk1nhello I installed php as an apache mod using "sudo apt-get install php libapache2-mod-php"06:07
Napk1nbut mysqli class seems to be either not installed or disabled in php.ini06:08
Napk1nI cant seem to find either how to enable it or install it06:08
FevixTrying to boot Ubuntu off of a freshly 'burned' USB after following https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-create-a-usb-stick-on-windows. After "Try ubuntu without installing" I get a whole load of errors. (Typed line for line as best as I could) https://pastebin.com/K7FY2cZR06:51
FevixThere's a text entry marker below so I do have control of the machine06:51
Fevixnvm found out it's cause I had persistence selected in Rufus06:58
Abhijit_cluelessperson, ecryptfs-recover-private .Private/ this command created a /tmp/<ecryptsfs07:15
cluelesspersonwhat is that command07:15
cluelesspersonAbhijit_, I don't know what that is, what is ecryptfs?07:15
cluelesspersonAbhijit_, I suggest using luks. :)07:16
Abhijit_ /tmp/<random_name_generated_by_that_command>07:16
Abhijit_cluelessperson, encrppted /home inside LUKs.07:16
cluelesspersonAbhijit_, huh?07:17
Abhijit_you suggested to use lucks instead. i am replying that this disk has encrypted home inside encrypted luks.07:25
whoareUwhat reader in linux can open djvu format file07:40
nikolamI have interesting situation.. I started some (webm from phone) video in VLC and now VLC is in tray, frozen07:40
nikolamI am on Xubuntu 19.1007:40
cluelesspersonnikolam, kill it07:40
nikolamWonder, what is the best way to gather debug data in theis case07:40
cluelesspersonnikolam,   terminal  `pkill vlc`07:40
nikolamcluelessperson, it doees not reply on normal kill command..07:40
cluelesspersonnikolam, oh, probably syslog, and if enabled, vlc logs.07:41
cluelesspersonnikolam,     `ps aux | grep vlc`   then `kill -9 <process_id>`07:41
nikolamI know that, but how to gather debug data form the process.. to see why that happened. Not sure if I can reproduce, but will try07:41
cluelesspersonI'm not sure how but I'd be interested to learn how too07:42
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ramsub07Hello, i'm using a multi monitor setup and i'd like to see the clock on both the screens. how do i go about?08:55
nikolamramsub07, use Xfce desktop environment and create another panel and put whatever yu want on it :)09:14
philm88Hey all. I'd like to set up my homeserver so that any system emails sent are sent to my gmail account. Eg, mailing root or any other user on the system would fwd or cc to my gmail address. Anybody know of tools/terms I should be googling?09:40
ilviperoPhilm88, I would use postfix relay10:01
ilviperoplenty of tutorials on digitalocean and around the web10:01
g105bYesterday I tried installing a music app using Wine. It needed jack audio, which I installed and gave it "realtime" priority. The other thing I did was add my user to the "audio" group. Now I reboot, unlock my LUKS encryption password, and when X boots I see the gnome desktop but my keyboard and mouse are not responding. Any ideas of how I can fix10:06
kris7ianI have to run this comman on every start to mount a shared folder (using vmware) /usr/bin/vmhgfs-fuse .host:/ /mnt/hgfs -o subtype=vmhgfs-fuse,allow_other I tried putting: .host:/    /mnt/hgfs/    fuse.vmhgfs-fuse    defaults,allow_other,uid=1000     0    0 into fstab which was suggested somewhere but that didn’t work10:08
kris7ianany suggestions?10:08
rahulchHi, I seem to have messed up some permissions and now am not able to sudo - https://pastebin.com/NJnygjkg . Is it possible to fix it?10:10
g105brahulch: Any chance you have a Live USB installation to hand?10:11
rahulchg105b: nope10:13
g105brahulch: You could boot into a root shell by using the grub menu at boot.10:14
g105bChoose the advanced boot option, choose to boot into recovery mode.10:15
g105bThen a menu will appear with the option of dropping to a root shell, where you can fix your permissions.10:15
rahulchyeah, but I am not sure what permissions to set to which files10:15
EriC^^rahulch: use the recovery from grub10:16
EriC^^rahulch: what did you run to change permissions?10:16
EriC^^looks like /usr/lib/sudo/sudoers.so isnt owned by root anymore which makes me think you ran a more general command on many files?10:17
rahulchEriC^^: I had run a chown on /bin/* and /lib/*10:17
EriC^^rahulch: why?10:17
rahulchI was getting some python-pip issues where it needed permissions on those folders10:18
rahulchand screwed up the entire system10:18
EriC^^rahulch: yeah that's a bad idea10:18
EriC^^rahulch: use the recovery shell, press on "drop to root shell" then remount readwrite "mount -o remount,rw /"10:19
rahulchEriC^^: okay, will try it, thanks10:19
EriC^^then chown root: -R /bin /usr10:19
EriC^^then chown root: -R /bin /usr/lib10:19
philm88ilvipero: cheers - I'll do some googling10:21
EriC^^rahulch: actually did you only run chown with user or only with group?10:21
EriC^^rahulch: it seems some file have different group than root10:21
EriC^^rahulch: what was the exact chown command you ran?10:21
rahulchEriC^^: with group, I ran sudo chown -R rahul:rahul /bin/*10:22
rahulchsame for /lib/*10:22
rahulchafter doing a sudo chown rahul:rahul /bin and same for /lib10:23
EriC^^rahulch: are you sure also not /usr/lib ?10:24
g105bI can't use my keyboard or mouse - they are completely unresponsive in Ubuntu. I can use the keyboard to boot into recovery from grub, I can type into the root shell there, but as soon as it boots the GUI, the keyboard and mouse are not working. Any ideas of how I can fix this?10:24
rahulch /lib is a symlink to /usr/lib10:24
EriC^^i see10:24
EriC^^rahulch: for me all files in /usr/lib are owned by root, but 4 files have different groups10:25
rahulchI have sudoers.so owned by rahul, but the parent folder and others are owned by root it seems10:26
rahulchah no, sorry, everything inside /usr/lib is owned by rahul:rahul10:26
EriC^^rahulch: for me for instance this is owned by utmp as group, let me paste10:26
EriC^^there are 3 other files owned by different groups, coming up10:27
EriC^^i wanna see something though, if you chown a file, does it loose any "s" bits set on the permissions10:27
rahulchhow do I check that?10:28
EriC^^i am10:28
EriC^^it does10:28
EriC^^i chown user: the file, now the access is10:28
EriC^^Access: (0755/-rwxr-xr-x)10:28
EriC^^instead of Access: (2755/-rwxr-sr-x)10:29
EriC^^it makes sense, the owner changed so it lost the setuid10:29
rahulchI can't chown it back to root10:30
EriC^^i think it would be a mess, let me see how many files for me have setuid and other bits in /bin /usr/lib10:30
EriC^^you can, but you'll lose the setuid, which might be needed10:30
rahulchyeah right10:30
rahulchbut I tried to chown to root, it says permission denied10:30
rahulch"operation not permitted" rather10:30
EriC^^rahulch: did you remount rw?10:30
rahulchno not yet, I did not go into the recovery shell10:31
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EriC^^oh ok10:32
EriC^^for me around 15 files have s bits set in /usr/lib and in /bin 6 files10:33
rahulchthat might be a mess, setting them by hand10:33
EriC^^if you want, i can upload a list of them, using getfacl, you can use setfacl to auto set them10:33
EriC^^setfacl --restore it'll do them for you10:34
rahulchokay that's superb, can you upload the list?10:34
EriC^^of coruse though there still might be stuff cause it depends on your system and which packages you have installed, so it's up to you if it's worth the risk vs reinstalling10:35
rahulchyeah I am actually considering a reinstallation10:35
EriC^^might be for the best if you want 100% reliability10:35
g105bsad times10:35
rahulchit's alright, I better format and reinstall :)10:35
rahulchthanks for your help10:35
EriC^^alright, no problem :)10:35
tgnbHello. I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 19.10 and on my home network i have ipv4 and ipv6 enabled. on my ubuntu machine i went into the Settings app then Network and from there change the settings of my wired connection to disable ipv611:36
tgnbbut this does not seem to work. i am still getting an ipv6 address from my router. is this a bug or am i disabling ipv6 incorrectly?11:37
jeremy31tgnb: how do you know you have an IPv6 address?11:40
tgnbbecause i can see the address in the "details" pane, and because when i go to https://ifconfig.co/ it shows that ipv6 address and when i go to https://ipv6-test.com/ it shows ipv6 connectivity supported11:42
jeremy31tgnb: search for disable IPv6 grub as it can be disabled that way also11:43
jeremy31have to go now11:43
qqzhow can I configure pbuilder under Debian to allow me to install ermine 19.10?11:47
ws2k3OerHeks: ur around?12:09
ws2k3im trying to install kde plasma on ubuntu(currently gnome) so i run tasksel install kubuntu-desktop but it returns taskel: apt-get failed (100)12:10
qqzwhat is the correct channel for ubuntu packaging?12:13
imihi. I have an usb c to ethernet adapter, plugged into an usbc to usb3 adapter, plugged into an usb3 hub, plugged into my computer :) now into this usb hub there are several other things plugged in (usb 1 HID, and usb 3 as well). however somethimes when I boot up this machine the ethernet port does not work. my solution to this is to unplug and reattach the usbc to usb3 adapter to the hub. is there a software workaround? for instance is12:43
imithere a "detach and reattach this device" shell command?12:43
qqzif I wanna upload a package built under xenial to the launchpad PPA what do I need to do?13:03
qqzI get an email like this: Rejected: Unable to find distroseries: stable13:03
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BluesKajHiyas all13:11
infandumI was upgrading from 14.04 to 19.10 and got as far as 19.04 when something broke13:34
corshmockWhy not just go for 18.04?13:36
infandumWhen update / upgrade (before release upgrading), I got held back packages including gcc, build-essential, etc. Internet said to remove them and reinstall, but they removed and won't reinstall, with the issue of: https://pastebin.com/QYR67pzq13:36
infandumTrying to install all of those dependencies recursively until I reached this point:13:36
lotuspsychjeclean install infandum13:37
lotuspsychjeinfandum: 14.04 is end of life13:37
BluesKajupgrade hopping is always risky, backup the /home dir with a clean install is best in my experience13:38
infandumre already too deep in haha13:43
infandumI wanted to preserve the system though13:43
infandumThe home and data are on separate partitions, but there are a bunch of configurations and programs I don't really want to redo13:44
infandumI mean, we made it 19.04 so far, I just need to iron this out13:44
ioriainfandum, if you wanted to preserve  the system you should not have added the toolchain ppa13:45
corshmockHas anyone had a black screen issue with KVM?13:50
infandumioria: Can that be removed?13:51
EriC^^!ppa-purge | infandum14:00
ubottuinfandum: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html14:00
infandumI can't install ppa-purge14:03
EriC^^why not14:03
infandumI can do the normal add-apt-repository --remove though14:03
infandumI get the unmet dependencies error14:03
infandumfrom above14:03
EriC^^can you paste the error in a pastebin14:03
infandumEriC^^: https://pastebin.com/QYR67pzq14:05
infandumWhen installing those dependencies: https://pastebin.com/wKjf6eHK14:05
infandumI think it's because a gcc ppa was added14:05
infandumI downloaded gcc-9-base from the official repositories, did dpkg -i gcc-etc.deb, then sudo apt install -f, but now it's asking to remove 2567 packages14:06
infandumIt's pretty borked, but I want to save it14:06
EriC^^infandum: paste the output of this14:07
EriC^^tail -v -n+1 /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*}14:07
EriC^^also run only "sudo apt-get -f install" and paste    dpkg -l | grep -vE "^ii|^rc"14:08
EriC^^and please see what "cat /etc/issue" gives14:08
infandumEriC^^: https://pastebin.com/543cxMJD14:08
infandumI removed the sources.list.d/* to get rid of all ppas14:08
infandumEriC^^: sudo apt-get -f install: https://pastebin.com/0U2Uex4C14:10
infandumEriC^^: dpkg -l | grep -vE "^ii|^rc": https://pastebin.com/crQAAu5A14:11
corshmockAt last I got my VM working in KVM!!!14:11
infandum/etc/issue: Ubuntu 19.04 \n \l14:11
EriC^^infandum: ok so apparently no packages are unconfigured or something, but apt wants to remove a ton of packages for some reason14:12
infandumEriC^^: I wish I could give you more information, but I'm not sure everything we did to fix it so far14:13
infandumHere's what I remember:14:14
infandum1. Super old system, so instead of upgrading, new gcc was need so a ppa was used14:14
infandum2. Wanted to update to 19.10 years later, everything was find until I think 18.04, where there was a libstdc++ (or something like that) error. Fixed by downloading that from ubuntu's repositories online and forcing installation of the "correct" version14:15
infandumerr it was 16.04, not 18.0414:15
infandumgoing to 18.04 was fine14:15
infandumthen 18.04 to 19.04 was fine14:15
infandumthen wanted to get to 19.10, but it wouldn't open14:15
infandumran sudo apt update / sudo apt upgrade, got gcc, build-essential, etc. being held back14:16
infandumFollowing the internet, we removed those packages and wanted to reinstall, but here we are with these errors14:16
regisHi. Where can I find strongswan's configuration when it's being set up from GUI? I have a strongSwan server that works with Windows 7-10, iOS, macOS, Android 7-9, and seems like Ubuntu is the only flavor of linux where it does not work from the get go.14:19
EriC^^infandum: i guess there are some essential packages ubuntu needs that's causing it to want to remove the rest of the packages14:19
regisI can see that my server sends Sectigo's CA certificate, clients requests other certificates. strongSwan seems to be weirdly configured because after connecting to hostname it tries to validate IP address' public key14:20
infandumEriC^^: Yeah. Would this work (for disco)? https://askubuntu.com/questions/986413/accidentally-removed-cpp-and-some-important-softwares14:20
EriC^^infandum: the tough thing about it is that we cant use apt much, cause it wants to remove all those packages, so i guess we need to feed it all the right pacakges it wants, to keep the rest14:20
EriC^^infandum: yeah that would work, if we wanted to feed it them chump by chump14:22
EriC^^if we get the exact list it's missing, i think it would work unless if for some reason there's a ppa package that's newer, but i think if we give it the version number it would downgrade14:23
EriC^^infandum: i'm thinking we could use the manifest file of the install to get a standard install system going14:23
EriC^^infandum: which one is it right now? 19.04 with which de?14:23
infandumdefault de14:24
infandumI'm on ssh though14:24
EriC^^infandum: also, there is a way to get apt to be more verbose, i dont know it off hand, but it should show what's going on behind the scenes (like why it's deciding i have to remove this package)14:24
EriC^^i think it's some -o config::something you use with apt-get14:25
EriC^^infandum: ok so 19.04 gnome i guess14:25
regisCan anyone point me to where I'd find strongswan configuration on Ubuntu when it's added as network-manager-strongswan?14:25
EriC^^64bit right infandum ?14:25
EriC^^infandum: this should be the system it installs in a fresh install http://releases.ubuntu.com/19.04/ubuntu-19.04-desktop-amd64.manifest14:26
EriC^^we could parse that file into something to feed apt so it does apt-get install <package>=<version> etc... it might work14:27
infandumEriC^^: Yes, 64 bit14:27
EriC^^basically we want to remove the space and put a "=" in the middle of the columns, then remove the newlines and use a "," instead, to get package=version,package=version, then i think "sudo xargs -a /path/to/file apt-get install -y " should do it14:28
infandumI started downloading individual gcc-9-base and the like and using dpkg -i deb and it is installing14:28
EriC^^or actually sorry, a space instead of the newline to get package=version package=version etc14:28
infandumbut it still has the  libstdc++6 : Depends: gcc-8-base (= 8.3.0-6ubuntu1~18.04.1) but 8.3.0-6ubuntu1 is to be installed   issue14:28
infandumliblsan0 : Depends: gcc-9-base (= 9.2.1-17ubuntu1~14.01) but 9.1.0-2ubuntu2~19.04 is to be installed14:29
infandumIt seems like they are depending on the older version14:29
infandumI assume from a ppa, but I removed the ppas!14:29
EriC^^the packages are still there though14:30
OerHeksdid you upgrade properly?14:30
infandumEriC^^: But if I try to remove them, it breaks other dependencies14:30
infandum libatomic1 : Depends: gcc-9-base (= 9.2.1-17ubuntu1~14.01) but it is not going to be installed14:30
infandumfor example14:30
infandumWhat about update-alternatives?14:31
EriC^^infandum: which gcc-9-base is installed now14:31
EriC^^infandum: pastebin a 'dpkg -l' for reference, itll be handy14:31
infandumEriC^^: ii  gcc-9-base:amd64                              9.1.0-2ubuntu2~19.04                                                amd64        GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection (base package)14:32
EriC^^infandum: you can also use apt-get's <package>- feature, so lets say theres a newer ppa version of the system of bla, you do sudo apt-get bla bla- , i think it should remove bla (older one) and install bla from current repos14:32
EriC^^so hopefully if apt runs its dependency checks it sees that everything will check out14:33
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: <infandum> I was upgrading from 14.04 to 19.10 and got as far as 19.04 when something broke14:33
EriC^^!info gcc-9-base disco14:33
ubottugcc-9-base (source: gcc-9): GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection (base package). In component main, is required. Version 9.1.0-2ubuntu2~19.04 (disco), package size 17 kB, installed size 246 kB14:33
EriC^^infandum: gcc-9-base is the correct version currently14:34
regisWhere would I find some master CA list on Ubuntu?14:34
compdoclotuspsychje, going beyond 18.04 was a bad idea14:34
EriC^^!info libatomic1 disco14:34
ubottulibatomic1 (source: gcc-9): support library providing __atomic built-in functions. In component main, is optional. Version 9.1.0-2ubuntu2~19.04 (disco), package size 8 kB, installed size 45 kB14:34
infandumI think it's the one I downloaded from https://packages.ubuntu.com/disco/amd64/14:34
infandumThe gcc14:34
compdochope you made backuos along the way14:34
infandumcompdoc: This is the root, all data is safe14:35
infandumEriC^^: It's the correct version I hope, but the depends are on the old version14:35
infandumShould I remove everything that depends on the old one? I'm a little worried about that14:36
OerHeksrandomly installing deb's with dpkg ..14:36
infandumcompdoc: I needed to upgrade the packages were just too old, even 18.04's14:36
infandumOerHeks: Because apt isn't working14:37
compdocinfandum, the libraries are changing drastically lately. have you looked through the logs? you might spot the problem14:37
EriC^^infandum: i parsed the manifest https://termbin.com/e8ml14:38
EriC^^infandum: try wget -O /tmp/packages.list https://termbin.com/e8ml14:38
EriC^^then "sudo xargs -a /tmp/packages apt-get -f install"14:39
EriC^^see what it says14:39
EriC^^*xargs -a /tmp/packages.list14:39
infandumWait, I think I fixed it14:40
infandumnot sure14:40
infandumBut installing gcc-9-base from the website, then running sudo aptitude install gcc-9-base, it found issues and wanted to "downgrade" those problematic programs from 14.04 to 19.04 ("downgrade"), and things...seems to be ok now?14:41
infandumI don't know how to check if rebooting will not work14:41
EriC^^is apt in a good state currently?14:42
EriC^^"sudo apt-get -f install" checks out?14:42
infandumIt seems to be14:42
infandum0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.14:42
infandumI think...I think it worked!?14:42
EriC^^seems so14:42
infandumstupid ppas14:42
infandumwell, stupid US really, for using them14:43
EriC^^you could do a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to make sure it's all up to date per repos14:43
infandumIs there a test benchmark to make sure libraries are all correct?14:43
EriC^^infandum: not sure about that, there's a program that checksums all the package files to see if package list and files are there and intact (debsums)14:44
infandumWell apt is installing new packages too...14:45
infandumI'm very excited14:45
EriC^^cool, btw iirc the partner repo for disco isn't enabled, in case you need that14:45
infandumWhat is that?14:45
EriC^^i think it provides some packages from partner repos, not sure which exactly14:46
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »14:46
infandumOh, I don't think I need proprietary stuff14:46
infandumnot yet14:46
infandumdebsums returned everything ok14:47
infandumDoes it check for missing packages?14:47
EriC^^no, it just checks the list of files a package should have14:47
EriC^^the manifest i uploaded earlier is the 'base' install, the packages that come in a fresh install14:48
infandumah, I can check that14:48
infandumthank you so much for your help!14:49
EriC^^infandum: you could use the program comm to compare which are added or removed vs your dpkg list14:49
EriC^^no problem14:49
imisometimes some of my CPU cores end up in a softlock/deaclock/whatever14:53
iminow I'm unable to use ubuntu sidebar but no mechanism detects this lockup14:54
imialt+tab works though14:54
infandumEriC^^: In dpkg -l, there are a bunch of programs that have a version including "14.04" in their name. Should I replace or remove all of these14:56
infandumFor instance, nvidia-35214:56
infandumand openjdk-9-jre-headless:amd6414:56
infandumand a bunch of linux headers and images14:56
OerHeksopenjdk-8 or -11 is current?15:00
ramsub07Hello, i've installed matlab by downloading it manually to /usr/local/MATLAB/R2019/ . Each time i'd like to run matlab, i've to go to that directory. How can I add an executable of this program to the dock? (like firefox, thunderbird etc.. )15:48
tomreyn!info matlab-support15:53
ubottumatlab-support (source: matlab-support): distro integration for local MATLAB installations. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.0.21 (eoan), package size 29 kB, installed size 96 kB15:53
ramsub07tomreyn sorry didn't understand that one15:54
tomreynramsub07: i don't know whether it'll work, but it's worth a try. other than that you could create a .desktop file15:54
tomreynramsub07: matlab-support is a package you can install using apt15:54
ramsub07oh. it's a package ?15:54
ramsub07ah right15:54
tomreynrun     apt show matlab-support    and read the description15:55
ramsub07perfect! thanks15:56
ramsub07got it working15:56
AngsI use Ubuntu 18.04 on two cloud VM. Including my PC, one of them, I can see all the printfs, program outputs (OpenVPN etc.) on the syslog on the fresh Ubuntu 18.04. However, one of them doesn't output those syslogs. Can anyone guide me if it is something that I can enable on the syslogs or something else on ubuntu? Here is terminal output from two VM instances https://pastebin.com/zYkUP35e  the above one doesn't log everything, but the bottom one logs everything16:01
tomreyni'm not sure i get your question correctly, but     /opt/digitalocean/bin/do-agent --syslog    is not a standard process on ubuntu16:03
pragmaticenigmaAngs: It isn't clear which instance you are referring to. By your message, it appears you have three systems that your comparing with, and you do not specify which machines have the issues and which ones don't. Please be more specific.16:03
pragmaticenigmaAngs: In addition, if you have a hosting provider managing or installing these instances for you, you should be contacting their support. Many providers customize their VMs for their environment. Which may significantly differ from the documentation volunteers in this channel use to provide support16:04
tomreynon 18.04 and newer, the system logs are available using journalctl, rsyslogd is still available but not strictly needed unless you want syslog.16:05
AngsI use one VM on Digital Ocean, all logs works fine. I also use Ubuntu on my PC, it works the same, I assume it is the default behavior of the logs. But the Ubuntu VM instance on Microsoft Azure, it doesn't log everything. I assume it is due to control the size of the VM instance. I would like Azure VM instance to log every outputs, because I am having a problem on the openVPN process. When I look the syslogs, I can see everything on the syslog on other VM16:06
Angsinstances, but the instance on Azure doesn't output much, just "daemon started and stop"16:06
mfoolbhello.. I want to update drivers for a GPU rx 580 on Ubuntu 19.1.. it seems there are not drivers from AMD.. is it right?16:06
AngsI thought syslog configurations would work the same on the VMs16:06
pragmaticenigmaAngs: You will need to contact Microsoft Azure for support. Their image is customized to their platform.16:07
AngsI would do it. But I wonder if you would think it is due to their configuration on syslog or would it be due to a different component on Ubuntu?16:07
tomreynmfoolb: there's no "ubuntu 19.1",     lsb_release -ds     to get your version16:07
hggdhAngs: in general, everything that happens is logged, at the minimum, by systemd. It may be you are using only volatile logs (and will lose them on reboot) but, at least, 'journalctl -b0' will give you everything for the current boot16:08
tomreynmfoolb: most of the time you just want to use the drivers which come preinstalled with ubuntu, namely "amdgpu".16:08
mfoolbtomreyn: Ubuntu 19.1016:08
pragmaticenigmaAngs: We are volunteers here, and again, only have the documentation available for the Ubuntu images that Canonical releases. Microsoft Azure is running a customized varients that we do not have access to the documenation for. Please seek their support for help16:09
tomreynhggdh: IMO 18.04 switches to persistent journal (may not be the case fror upgrades, good point)16:09
Angspragmaticenigma, thanks. I can at least see the outputs on journalctl -b0, thank you.16:10
tomreyn...and may not be the case for custom images, either16:10
mfoolbtomreyn: I have a problem.. I downloaded the one for 18.04 from amd website.. while installing they gave me errors for version mismatch and now I have a 'dirty' situation that I'd like to solve.. what can I do?16:12
tomreynmfoolb: undo what the software you downloaded from amd's website did.16:12
tomreyn(that's if you can find out what it is that you had it do)16:13
tomreynmost of the time, you want to use software from ubuntu's repositories (sometimes from third party software repositories, almost never unpackaged software).16:14
tomreynin case you're more used to windows, you'll need to familiarize yourself with this change of culture' of how you install software first of all.16:14
mfoolbtomreyn: to sum it up for you 19.1 is not 19.10, I'm a window user and if I have a problem I should solve it.. ok thanks.16:15
tomreynmfoolb: those weren't my main points, but you're welcome.16:17
mfoolbtomreyn: I probably missed something. I asked if I can receive help cleaning a 'mess' I did trying to install wrong version of official AMD gpu drivers16:17
tomreynwe don't really support software which isn't in ubuntu here, because it'd be difficult to do so (you can't support all third party software). so i could really only recommend a freh installation now, or that you refer to the documentation and support amd provides for the software you chose to download from their website and to run on your computer granting root permissions.16:20
tomreynchances are the amd drivers you downloaded provide some form of uninstallation mechanism, but i can only guess16:21
tomreynmfoolb: ^16:21
mfoolbtomreyn: installation instructions show a uninstall script that is not present in the package downloaded16:21
mfoolbtomreyn: it seems like this script would have been installed at the end of the installation that stopped for the error about the version16:22
tomreynmfoolb: that's unfortunate. i'm afraid we can't really help here with these amd drivers, just with ubuntu and what it provides. the amdgpu driver ubuntu provides (which is actually developed by amd) works pretty well for almost all applications.16:25
mfoolbtomreyn: ok that I get it.. but I'm talking 'Ubuntu' here.. If I run sudo apt remove amdgpu I receive some failed dependencies and this: You might want to run 'apt --fix-broken install' to correct these16:27
mfoolbtomreyn: but if I run apt --fix-broken install16:27
mfoolbtomreyn: I receive: Preparing to unpack .../amdgpu-core_19.30-934563_all.deb ...16:28
mfoolbtomreyn: ERROR: This package can only be installed on Ubuntu 18.04.16:28
tomreyn!paste | mfoolb16:28
ubottumfoolb: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:28
tomreynif you can share the full command you ran and the output it produced, on a pastebin, we can ry to help you there.16:29
mfoolbtomreyn: I wrote that a part the one line texts..16:29
pragmaticenigmamfoolb: Let's simplify here... You installed a .deb file that you obtained from the manufactuers website. Your first steps should be to use the tools available from where you downloaded that driver to get help in uninstalling it. Once you have uninstalled the module, then you can come here for assisntance in installing the supported AMD drivers that are supplied through the official Ubuntu respositories. Make sense?16:31
tomreynmfoolb: yes, i realize you posted the command oyu ran and (some of?) the output it produced. it's just easier to read it all in context on a pastebin, this chat is not well suited for this purpose.16:31
mfoolbtomreyn: sure, ok.16:32
tomreynmfoolb: basically pragmaticenigma summed it up nicely. the easiest thing you can probably do is to reinstall. unless you customized your system a lot already?16:33
mfoolbtomreyn: system working from at least two years..16:33
tomreynoh, so you could already have been aware installing a software from a third party website could cause problems, especially if it wasn't made to work with your ubuntu release?16:35
mfoolbtomreyn: anyway if there's now way of working from the apt side of the thing of course I will have to find other ways.. I was pretty sure something could have been done..16:35
mfoolbtomreyn: is it a rethoric question right>?16:35
pragmaticenigmamfoolb: apt cannot work with software you installed via a .deb file.16:36
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tomreynmfoolb: not really rhetoric, i don't know you personally nor how much you've worked with this system so far, so cannot reasonably tell whether you intentionally ignored the warnings you were given.16:37
mfoolbok thanks.16:41
cmdaltescapeWhat's the preferred way to install apps on Ubuntu in 2019?16:42
cmdaltescape(I haven't used ubuntu in the last 5 years on the Desktop, only for servers)16:42
cmdaltescapeapt-get install xyz, is still the preferred way?16:42
pragmaticenigmacmdaltescape: You can shorten it to just "apt"16:43
cmdaltescapethanks pragmaticenigma16:43
tomreyncmdaltescape: Canonical also introduced snap "recently", and likes you using this.16:43
tomreynbut apt still works for the most part16:44
cmdaltescapesnap! interesting, thanks tomreyn16:44
pragmaticenigmacmdaltescape: For GUI, you can install via Software Center (or if you prefer you can install synaptic.) From the command line, the recommended way is via "apt" though you can continue using "apt-get". And as tomreyn mentioned, if you prefer apps to receive updates to remain insync with the developer releases you can use "snap install X" to install self contained applications available as a snap16:44
BluesKajdpkg -r 'nameofdebfile' or does it need purging?16:47
cmdaltescapesnap install vlc, it just works. very nice16:48
BluesKajanyway, gotta go...stuff to do16:49
tatertotssnaps almost seem cute and convenient until you find out all the crumbs and residual crap they can leave behind16:51
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akkI thought the whole point of snaps was that they were compartmentalized? They leave crumbs elsewhere?16:52
* akk hasn't used snaps much yet16:52
Habbiei've used snap once and it interfered a lot with other software on my system16:53
Habbieit was some snap that depended on the docker snap i think16:53
tomreyncmdaltescape: please don't mistake my mention of "snap" as a recommendation because (for the most part, there are exceptions) it isn't.16:53
Habbie(this was on debian buster, in case it matters)16:53
tomreynnow for any snap discussion, let's move to #ubuntu-discuss, please.16:54
ncuxoHello everybody17:09
ncuxoI have problem with my ubuntu 19.1017:09
ncuxotoday I connected a new display and all my settings are gone17:10
ncuxowhenever I right click on the desktop and try to go into settings or display setting it doesn't open them17:10
ncuxoI've tried by the account setting also and still no luck17:10
Fevix17On a USB stick prepared by following the guide at https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-create-a-usb-stick-on-windows , is there a way to (while booted off of said USB) set up persistence?17:12
OerHeksFevix17, no, all i know is this tutor to make a persistence part on ubuntu https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/03/create-persistent-storage-live-usb-with.html17:14
Fevix17Is there a way to extend the partition that this USB Ubuntu is on?17:39
OerHeksno, the iso is read-only17:39
OerHeksthe only valid way is to make that persistence part17:40
mfoolbtomreyn: just to let you know.. as expected after reboot I was no more able to login.. to solve all the issue it was sufficient to remove the amdgpu-local dir (where all the .deb amd files were) present in /var/opt and run apt with fix.. after that everything is working good17:54
tomreynmfoolb: thanks for letting me know. please note that while this may seem to have solved any problems, it *may* later turn out not to be so (so please keep this in mind in case you'll run into any possibly related problems in the future)17:57
mfoolbtomreyn: well, I'll surely take that in consideration17:57
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H3dn1ngmy htop shows cpu-thread-usage correcly but not really the actual processes18:11
H3dn1ngtop shows the processes usage better but obviously not threads18:11
H3dn1nganyone know how  to get htop to display processlist like top?18:12
tomreynH3dn1ng: htop shows both the process ID (PID) and process location for me. it doesn't do that for you?18:14
H3dn1ngtomreyn: I can configure that,  htop just don't show me all processes in the sense that usage really don't add upp18:17
H3dn1ngtomreyn: tops processlist adds up MUCH better cpu-usage-wise that my htop-list18:18
tomreynH3dn1ng: the purpose of top and htop is to get you a rough idea of which processes are consuming the highest share of your (potentially limiting) resources such as CPU, RAM, I/O, at fixed time intervals. however, the values reported per process / per thread are what they are for each process / thread by the time this utility inspected it, they are not meant to *exactly* add up to the grand total thich these utilities also report.18:25
tomreynthere's a race condition there, as well as appropriation.18:25
tomreynsorry, s/appropriation/approximation/18:26
tomreynH3dn1ng: can you explain what you are trying to get / see / understand / examine, maybe then we can provide a better tool (or use of these tools).18:28
OerHekscheck out howto customize htop https://haydenjames.io/htop-heres-how-to-customize-it/18:29
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FevixIs there a way to disable edge snapping, EG when you drag a wingow to the top/side edges and it automatically resizes to fill the screen (or the left/right half in case of the sides)?18:46
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corshmockCan anyone recommend a stable Kodi install for Ubuntu 18.04 please?18:49
corshmockA link I mean18:50
=== ^I is now known as Agent
coz_Fevix, take a look here    https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/436114/disable-auto-resizing-of-windows-when-dragged-to-the-top-and-or-screen-edges18:53
OerHekspart of gnome-tweak-tool iirc18:54
OerHeks!info gnome-tweak-tool18:55
ubottugnome-tweak-tool (source: gnome-tweaks): adjust advanced settings for GNOME - transitional package. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.34.0-2 (eoan), package size 1 kB, installed size 12 kB18:55
Fevixcoz_ That worked, thanks!18:55
coz_corshmock, you can try this   http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2019/01/kodi-18-0-released-install-ubuntu-18-04-16-04/   unless the version in the repository is 18.018:56
coz_Fevix, excellent18:56
corshmockThanks very much Fevix, I've just installed one.  Hopefully it will be stable :)18:57
FevixI'm not the one that helped, corshmock, that was coz_18:59
corshmockOh my apologies to both of you!  Fevix and coz_ !  I'm going off looking for a good repo :)19:00
coz_corshmock, no problem  good luck19:01
pragmaticenigmacorshmock: I use and would recommend the PPA provided by the KODI developement team19:08
pragmaticenigmacorshmock: https://launchpad.net/~team-xbmc/+archive/ubuntu/ppa - Something to note, this channel is unable to support software provided through PPAs that are not managed by Canonical or Ubuntu. While rare, it is possible that a PPA repo amay overwrite or change system libraries causing other programs to malfunction.19:10
tripelbI cant get wifi with 18.04 (hp with raytheon wifi, bad drivers) Advice please. Upgrade my ubuntu or the drivers? If drivers which of aeveral methods do you recommend?19:20
tomreyncan you post    lspci -knn | grep -EA3 '(Network|Ethernet) controller' | nc termbin.com 999919:21
tomreynthat's if you can still get online19:23
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tomreyntripelb: so, which is it?19:39
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heap_hi i have machine with eth0 iface, and i added br0 interface into /etc/network/interfaces20:07
heap_how can i now restart networking? to have br0 instead of eth020:07
heap_basicaly i created br0 with exactly same ip as eth0 have.. but later on i want to add into it tap0 (vpn iface)20:07
heap_does it make a sense? or is it valid conf?20:08
OerHeks18.04 uses netplan to set such routing20:08
tomreynbut then you didnt say what you're using.20:09
heap_headless no gu20:13
heap_ok i executed networking restart20:17
heap_now i have br0 with same ip as eth020:17
heap_it should remove eth0 ip addr right?20:17
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heap_ie on that machine is running some NetworkManager on eth020:20
OerHekseth0 is the old naming, .. networkmanager?20:22
heap_sbin/dhclient -d -q -sf  /usr/lib/NetworkManager/...20:22
tomreyni don't think anyone will be able to support you unless you'll state what exactly it is that you're trying to do generally (not just describing some steps you have taken towards this goal).20:22
heap_so once i set on br0 then dhclient should run on br0 not eth0 ?20:23
OerHekswith netplan20:23
ubottuNetplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/20:23
heap_i said i have VM ubuntu 18.04 with eth0 ... i want to install on that box openvpn server... so i need br0 iface on top of eth0 tap020:24
OerHeksoh, now it is a VM ..20:24
OerHeksi am off20:24
pizzaiolobye off20:25
heap_asking for nano details, once provided ... no answer.20:25
heap_the most nonsense helpers.20:25
heap_OerHeks: i dont need netplan.20:26
ioriaheap_, i have never done that, but i think this should work : https://serverfault.com/questions/246592/how-to-stop-ethernet-interface-in-bridge-configuration-from-obtaining-ip-address20:29
heap_ioria: doesnt work20:35
heap_i dont wanna restart it20:35
heap_but eth0 has still ip addr assigned20:35
ioriaheap_, is NM running ?20:36
heap_whats nm20:36
heap_now its not running ;/20:36
heap_but it was20:36
ioriaheap_, ps -a | grep Network20:37
ioriaheap_, ps -A | grep Network20:37
heap_yes its runnin20:37
wahyu_shbHow to delete all preinstalled snap packages?20:37
ioriawahyu_shb, you just remove them20:38
ioriawahyu_shb, not the core, i'd say20:38
heap_ioria: why20:38
ioriaheap_, why , what ?20:38
heap_you asked if its running20:39
heap_without any answer... or why20:39
heap_you are asking...20:39
ioriaheap_, well, /e/n/i should overrides NM, but i prefer to disable it20:39
ioriaheap_, and check also the content of /etc/netplan20:40
heap_ioria: didnt get you point... end /etc/netplan is empty20:41
ioriaheap_, why don't you paste /e/n/i ?20:42
heap_ whats /e/n/i/ ?20:42
niko1990hello everyone20:43
niko1990I have a understanding issue... I have a root-server that i need to configure a static IP. My IP is a /32. Do I need a gateway for this too?20:45
compdoconly if you want it to access the internet20:46
compdocwhich is needed for updates20:47
niko1990compdoc: But with a Subnet of /32 everything is not in my subnet... And so my port should be able to talk to every ip directly, or not?20:49
compdocoh, that could be possible. I never work with that range. might be best to ask in ##networking20:50
niko1990compdoc: ok, i will do that. Thank you very much for your help :)20:51
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noudledoes anyone know what the "Authentication failure" error means or what can cause this?21:53
noudlehappens when i boot up and want to login over console21:53
noudleover ssh it seems to accept the password but immediately resets the connection21:54
noudlekinda odd21:54
noudlestarted to happen on my pi after i removed uboot21:54
noudlecould login as usual before that, did not change anything regarding the users21:55
noudlenever seen that behavior before21:58
c0feI installed the minimal version of Ubuntu 18.04 desktop but for some reason my settings panel wasn't installed. How can I install it?22:01
pragmaticenigmac0fe: I believe it called "gnome-control-center" or something very similiar22:16
c0fegot thanks22:16
cluelesspersonHey there, I'm helping a user that botched their python install22:26
cluelesspersonDo you know I can basically remove all python packages that aren't base packages?22:26
cluelesspersonor how I can just get the list of base packages?22:26
tomreyncluelessperson: those are listed in the .manifest file next to where oyu downloaded the .iso file from22:34
tomreynexample: http://releases.ubuntu.com/18.04/ubuntu-18.04.3-desktop-amd64.manifest22:34
tomreynseveral python packages are critically important to have and keep to not break basic OS tools, so be careful there (apt will warn you about removing those)22:35
cluelesspersontomreyn, exactly. :)22:35
qwertuttytyAfter the publication, text wrapping does not work, i have scrolling to the right. firefox 70 https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JKKtHWjSjw/22:40
tomreynfirefox 70? which ubuntu release is this?22:41
OerHekssnaps give 7122:45
tomreyndebs, too22:46
OerHekscorrect :-)22:46
OerHeksfirefox 70 .. time to do the update dance ... apt update && apt dist-upgrade22:47
TomyLoboI'm trying to make ufw on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS forward UDP traffic to a certain port to a machine in a different network. is there any command for this or do i have to write iptables rules?23:02
qwertuttytyit doesn't matter 70 or 71, Scrolling into the right for text 100000 characters.scrolling for five minutes? Are you are serious?23:04
yatesi'm trying to load 8.04lts onto an older dell laptop but i'm getting "Initramfs unpacking failed: LZMA data is corrupt"23:04
yatesany ideas why?23:04
yates18.04lts, i.e.23:05
qwertuttytyreading is inconvenient.23:07
compdocI say we burn all books23:08
qwertuttytyall text in one line23:08
qwertuttytyFirefox 68.3esr the same all text in one line23:11
cluelesspersonDoes anyone know why kswapd on ubuntu keeping nailing 100% cpu?23:14
cluelesspersonit's making life hell23:14
hggdhcluelessperson: kswapd only gets called if memory is needed23:14
cluelesspersonMem:          7.6Gi       5.8Gi       152Mi       1.0Gi       1.7Gi       593Mi23:15
cluelesspersonSwap:          11Gi       2.0Gi        10Gi23:15
tomreynmaybe you need to disable some browser add-ons23:16
tomreynyates: your iso download is probably corrupt23:18
tomreynTomyLobo: better do it with iptables directly, or some iptables based firewall software which is meant for more than just a (single) host based firewall scenario (as UFW clearly is, and it even doesn't do that particularly well).23:20
tomreynmaybe firewalld is any better, i haven't looked at it, yet.23:22
qwertuttytyif the memory ends, or no swap file, or the memory in the paging file ends, the operating system will freeze. And only reset or power off will help. Checked by many people and me. And if the swap file or the partition on the HDD and not the SSD, system will freeze. The speed 7200 rpm of the HDD is not enough for the swap to work normally. A Linux swap file or swap partiton is a weak point. I have OS on hdd, swap partion in SSD.23:27
qwertuttyty if the memory ends and no swap file, or the memory in the paging file ends ...23:28
TomyLobotomreyn, i guess i'll just use socat in a systemd service, then23:37
cluelesspersontomreyn,   It looks like Pycharm + Slack + Discord are using >8GB ram23:41
jemarkcluelessperson: wow, that's a lot :-)23:43
cluelesspersonjemark, well I only have 8 so23:44
GoodTimesImmorthello room23:44
qwertuttytyfor hdd maybe not enough ipos or speed 4k blocks, or ipos 4k blocks for normal operation of a swap file or swap partition. In Windows no problem with swap in the HDD23:44
jemarkcluelessperson: using nvim + tmux + ssh to a shell in a 4 split screen, using 135 MB RAM ;-)23:47
cluelesspersonSo, it looks like my UI sluggishness is caused by kswapd going 100% because I keep hitting ram limits.23:47
cluelesspersonqwertuttyty, my swap is on an encrypted partition of an NVME with 500,000 IOPs23:48
jemarkcluelessperson: forgot to mention: it's in a lxd container23:48
jemarkcluelessperson: on the host I use zram23:52
qwertuttytyHumor: my rocket has a speed of 11 km / sec. Ahaha you have a ferari and at a speed of 350 - 400 km / hour  11km=6.84 Miles 350km=217.48 Miles. Tru not humor rocket has a speed of 11 km / sec23:56
jemarkqwertuttyty: the ferrari is like a snail compared to the rocket.23:58
qwertuttyty"cluelessperson: my swap is on an encrypted partition of an NVME with 500,000 IOPsNVME with 500,000 IOPs" the NVMEi is like a snail compared to the HDD23:59

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