xubuntu61wAnyone aware of launchers not working when trying to execute shell script13:58
diogenes_xubuntu61w, what is the Exec=?13:59
xubuntu61wTried mate-terminal -- scriptname   also /bin/bash scriptname14:00
xubuntu61wWhen using mate-terminal get G_DBUS errors14:02
rud0lf`xfce4-terminal -e /path/to/script` maybe?14:02
xubuntu61wDoes xfce4-terminal require a sudo apt install ?14:04
rud0lfnot on default xubuntu which is xfce414:08
xubuntu61wI am using Lubuntu now. Am going to try xubuntu...14:09
xubuntu61wApparently it has something to do with GUI tie in.14:11
rud0lfmaybe `lxterminal -e /path/to/script.sh`14:12
rud0lfbut `Exec=bash script.sh` should work with no problem14:12
xubuntu61wProblem is ansi screen control codes get lost. And that14:16
xubuntu61wscrews up applications that use for example cursor position14:17
xubuntu61wAs we speak Xubuntu is installing on a VM to try..14:20
xubuntu61wBy default Lubuntu has something called  qterminal14:23
xubuntu61wI have these old languages Cobol, Focal, Bybasic and Fortran.14:28
xubuntu61wXbuntu is now adding VM guest additions.14:31
jonzenany1 have any idea how to install chromium on 19.10 without snap   cant stand snap   was nothing wrong with the old way14:32
jonzenive tried to find a deb file but cant get any of them to install14:32
jonzenxubuntu since 2011   now i guess ill have to replace it like the old gnome when they made it all funky14:35
xubuntu61wI have in some cases seen the newer versions of the OS breaks things.14:37
xubuntu61wLike between Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.0414:37
xubuntu61wLike Debian 10 doing any development work is a real pain14:39
xubuntu61wMissing libraries and applications. Not straight forward like Ubuntu & Mint14:40
xubuntu61wI like Vim I have it under Linux and Windows...14:42
xubuntu61wIt's nice to have concisity on different platforms.14:43
brainwashcan we focus on your problem with xubuntu (if there is any)?14:43
xubuntu61wI have not forgotten. It's loading the aps now.14:55
xubuntu61wIt's loading the developers aps now15:11
xubuntu61wOK this  Exec=/home/ken/bin/cal.sh  works on Xbuntu but not Lbuntu ??15:19
xubuntu61wI don't understand why one and not the other? Both based on Ubuntu.15:26
brainwashyou would have to ask in the lubuntu channel15:28
brainwashit works in xubuntu, so there is not much we can help you with15:29
xubuntu61wOn Lubuntu I need   Exec=mate-terminal -- /home/ken/bin/cal.sh15:37
xubuntu61wand that's where I get gofey results.15:37
xubuntu61wActually doing guest adins on both requires:15:42
xubuntu61wIf guest additions do not start automatically. Do the following assuming the folder did show up.References to {username} mean user you loged in with.Start a terminal session (right click on desktop and select open terminal) thencd /media/{username}ls -l  to see version.cd /media/{username}/VBox_GAs_6.1.0  (Or version displayed with ls)sudo15:42
xubuntu61w./VBoxLinuxAdditions.runEnter password for {username} when requestedIt should proceed compiling and wait for the press enter prompt. Takes some time...Reboot using  shutdown -r 0# 0 means immediate rebootLog in and  open terminal sessionthensudo adduser {username} vboxsfexit15:42
someone235Hi, for a weird reason I can't pick the option "span monitors" in my panel preferences. Someone knows what could cause it?16:52
Robert54What is the most appropriate way to run a 32-bit application on a 64-bit Xubuntu?17:02
tomreynRobert54: use a xubuntu release which still supports it, install any i386 libraries it dpeends on, run it.17:27
Robert54does "Xubuntu 19.10 amd64" support running i386 applications?17:29
tomreynsome. https://ubuntu.com/blog/statement-on-32-bit-i386-packages-for-ubuntu-19-10-and-20-04-lts17:29
tomreynxubuntu builds on the same foundations as ubuntu, this means it can only provide i386 libraries available on default ubuntu (for the same release).17:30
tomreynthis blog post may require putting into context - originally the plan was to drop i386 support entirely starting 19.10.17:32
Robert54I've heard that17:32
tomreynrelated: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2019-September/001265.html17:36
Robert54I'm trying to run FreeArc, and I've tried to install i386 libraries it depends on. Here is the output: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sNjfFNYB2g/17:36
Robert54"apt-file -a i386 search libgmp.so.3" doesn't find any package :(17:37
tomreynlibgmp is not mentioned on the package list the above mailing list post links to17:38
tomreynyou can still install an older (x)ubuntu release in chroot / container or VM and use the software there.17:39
Robert54Is that the easiest way to solve it? or, perhaps, there are some other possible ways...?17:39
Robert54I've thought of running any Windows in VM and running FreeArc there... but using VMs is not convenient17:40
tomreynhttps://sourceforge.net/projects/freearc/ states "Last Update: 2013-04-03", and the latest release seems to be https://sourceforge.net/projects/freearc/files/FreeArc/FreeArc%200.51/ from 2009. you should translate this as "do not use".17:40
tomreynsoftware which was last updated 10 years ago is most definitely full of security bugs.17:41
tomreyni suggest you find an alternative software (or maybe someone forked freearc and still maintains it).17:42
Robert54the latest release (I'm trying to use) was on May 20, 2010, but that does not change the situation, as I suppose...17:42
Robert54oh, I can't accept the fact that this software works fine on Windows :(17:43
Robert54Thank you17:43
tomreynthe same security implications will apply to windows17:44
tomreyn(or, more likely, worse)17:44
Robert54I'm also trying to install Guitar Pro (released in 2016) which is 32-bit as well... here is the output: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zcr5369Csy/17:47
Robert54What am I supposed to in this case? "apt-file -a i386 search libportaudio0" does not find anything, but "apt-file -a i386 search gksu" find lots of packages...17:49
Robert54supposed to do*17:49
Robert54oh, I'm sorry, I meant these commands: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/R6WNJJdZG7/17:52
tomreynRobert54: by pointing you to the list of available i386 packages, i think i provided a way which should generally enable you to detemrine whether a i386 software can be run on ubuntu 19.10 and later.17:54
tomreynyou probably do not require gksu, though.17:54
tomreyn(use pkexec or sudo instead)17:54
Robert54I thought you had meant to say that some 32-bit software might work and some might not17:55
tomreynRobert54: yes, that is correct17:58
tomreynRobert54: sorry, i should have written "generically", not "generally".17:58
tomreyni.e. you now have a means to tell for any given i386-only software (which you know the dpendencies of) whether it can run on 19.10 and later or not.17:59
Robert54Thank you so much! I wonder if it is possible to install required libs which are not listed on the package list. They've existed in old releases of Ubuntu's package lists I suppose18:00
Robert54Maybe I could install them myself, somehow... even if they don't work properly18:01
tomreynmixing packages from diffierent distributions (or (x)ubuntu releases) is not supported here, and has a good potential of break apt.18:11
Robert54Okay, I'll keep it in mind18:12
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bea19Hi does someone know Parcellite?21:22

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