lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> wxl: You might want to say something in #lxqt ?12:13
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Also, @HMollerCl would you like to join #lxqt to comment about the issue? I am already talking with agaida, he says we should fix it. Can get you the backlog if you want.13:26
lubot<HMollerCl> @The_LoudSpeaker [Also, @HMollerCl would you like to join #lxqt to comment about the issue? I am a …], I'm a little busy now, could you save the log so I can read later?13:44
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Sure13:44
lubot<RikMills> That's what I got 🙂16:51
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Then an "arc diff" could have saved me the effort. ;)16:56
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Anyway, do you have upload rights?16:58
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @RikMills16:58
lubot<RikMills> Not at home right now16:58
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Oh. Okay. Enjoy the holiday, i will put you also as one of the reviewers from next time. If you don't mind.16:59
lubot<RikMills> 👍17:00
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> If you are not busy, someone please follow up on that guy in support of he needs any help.18:32
lubot<kc2bez> Sorry, Christmas day here still. was busy with the family.19:06

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