CarlFK ubuntu-19.10-desktop-amd64.iso  usb stick, uefi lenovo twist ... https://photos.app.goo.gl/nmygfGvfDrxShpBZA    "error: file `/boot/' not found."03:11
CarlFKis this worth filing a bug?03:11
caylormeAny thought given to adding a customizable `root_persistence` (partition-label) parameter to casper? Would enable multiple persistence volumes on a single device... thoughts?04:31
tomreynCarlFK: btrfs? https://www.dionysopoulos.me/portable-ubuntu-on-usb-hdd/#comment-38805:54
CarlFKtomreyn: nope.   I see 3 partitions:  iso9660, vfat and ext406:00
tomreynoh installer, and you said so, sorry.06:00
CarlFKno prob06:01
CarlFKit gave me a text grub menu, I picked "install" and it did an efi install, so... buggy uefi on the thinkpad maybe?  not sure it is worth pursuing if no one is too excited about it.06:03
caylormeis anyone familiar enough with casper to know if I just add a parameter (i.e. partition-label) to override the `root_persistence` var in the main script that this will allow for custom partition labels for live persistence?18:34
ahasenackhello, these two MPs are incremental fixes to get krb5:i386 DEP8 to pass:19:01
sunweaverginggs: I have prepare a ubuntu/bionic/updates branch on salsa.debian.org. Do you think you can sponsor x2goclient from that git branch?20:16
sunweaverDLange nudged you on that the other day...20:17
sunweaverMerry X-Mas!20:17
sunweaver+ thanks!20:17
sunweaverginggs: I hope the versioning in d/changelog is ok for a bionic-updates upload.20:18
ginggssunweaver: i'll have a look in the morning20:32
ginggssunweaver: i would have used (as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UpdatePreparation#Update_the_packaging )20:41
ginggssunweaver: i think you will need to do at least for ermine, otherwise the bionic version will be higher than in a supported release20:43
ginggssunweaver: the ermine version should be identical except for the changelog, right?  if so, i can just make the change myself before i upload20:46

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