Dexx1_Hey folks. How do I fix this when trying to 'apt update'? E: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/cybre/elementaryplus/ubuntu bionic Release' does not have a Release file. — Full output: https://pastebin.com/raw/VMJNDcsC00:02
Bashing-omDecobus: You don't. See:http://ppa.launchpad.net/cybre/elementaryplus/ubuntu/dists/ ; Talk to the PPA maintainer as last supported release shows xenial.00:04
ChiLLabiSXenial is EOL right?00:05
Dexx1_Bashing-om - how do I fix that?00:05
ChiLLabiS!eol Dexx1_00:05
ChiLLabiS!eol | Dexx1_00:06
ubottuDexx1_: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:06
ryuoChiLLabiS: no it's not, not for all flavors.00:06
Dexx1_ChiLLabiS: Right, if it's EOL, shouldn't it be removed automatically? Or do I need to do that? If so, how?00:06
ChiLLabiSSimply just wanted to help00:06
Bashing-omDexx1_: As that PPA is not supported, remove the entry from your source list.00:08
Dexx1_Bashing-om - k standby00:08
Bashing-omDexx1_: Here to help :)00:09
Dexx1_Bashing-om: On /etc/apt/sources.list, correct?00:10
ChiLLabiSOr in /etc/apt/source.list.d00:10
Bashing-omDexx1_: As 3rd party I would expect in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ directory.00:11
Dexx1_Bashing-om / ChiLLabiS: Am I doing: rm -rf /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cybre-ubuntu-elementaryplus-xenial.list ?00:12
ChiLLabiSupdate after00:12
Bashing-omDexx1_: Presently now,can not say -show us 'cat /etc/issue' .00:13
Dexx1_ChiLLabiS: To confirm, that's the correct command, right?00:13
ChiLLabiSsudo apt update00:14
ChiLLabiStest that00:14
ChiLLabiSSorry for buttin' in Bashing-om00:15
ChiLLabiSI'm a newb haha00:15
ChiLLabiSBut i like helping people00:15
Bashing-omChiLLabiS: No issue with help - there is never ever enough help :P00:16
ChiLLabiSAh okay :)00:17
Bashing-omDexx1_: ^^ show what release you are running :)00:17
Dexx1_Bashing-om: elementary OS 5.0 Juno00:17
Bashing-om!elementary | Dexx1_ Then back to ##linux for support on this network ;)00:19
ubottuDexx1_ Then back to ##linux for support on this network ;): Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.00:19
ChiLLabiSMaybe do an upgrade-release on your Elemetary. Thought i could fuck up the whole system..00:22
ChiLLabiSOr nah do it safe instead00:22
ChiLLabiS>Though IT* could00:23
Bashing-om!language | ChiLLabiS00:24
ubottuChiLLabiS: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList00:24
ChiLLabiSBad language... Sorry00:24
Bashing-omChiLLabiS: All a process of learning, It's ubuntu - be nice :P00:25
ChiLLabiSI am.. I just got bad language ofc00:26
ChiLLabiSi curse alot irl xD00:26
ChiLLabiSNot in a bad way thought00:26
ChiLLabiSElementary Juno or Hera is based on bionic00:29
ChiLLabiSMaybe that ppa works if you update your system00:29
ChiLLabiSSince xenial isn't working for you00:29
ChiLLabiSodcourse you need a bionic ppa also... idk00:31
ChiLLabiSJust a thought00:31
ChiLLabiSBeen drinking tonight lol00:31
OsmodivsHello, I have Ubuntu 18.04.3. Windows to is not showing in my GRUB menu, I can see the disk in Gnome-disks, but Grub-customizer does not see it. Anyway, in the command line I can see: hd0,msdos1 (unknown), hd1,msdos1 (my HDD), hd2,gpt2 (my music HDD) hd3,gpt4 (Windows, I guess) hd3,gpt3, hd3,gpt2, hd3,gpt1. I am assuming the hd3 is Windows because of the other 3 gpt*(partitions?) and see them like /dev/sdb1-4, So, I edited /etc/gru00:51
Osmodivsonline tutorials suggested) menuentry "Windows 10 (on /dev/sdb2)" {insmod part_msdos1 insmod ntfs setroot=`(hd3,gpt2)' chainloader +100:51
Osmodivsand i get this in the terminal:  https://pastebin.com/SKUxAQDa00:55
OsmodivsI know that if I reboot I will not be able to login, so, is there a way to fix this?00:57
tomreyn"Grub-customizer" is not a software that is supported here. to make a windows installation which is installed using the smae boot mode (uefi vs legacy bios) show up on grub menu, you just need to install os-prober.00:58
tomreynyour first message was cut off (due to irc line length limits) at "So, I edited /etc/gru".00:59
tomreynthe fact that you have an msdos partition table on hd0 and hd1 but gpt partition tables on hd2 and hd3 makes me think that you *may* have installed ubuntu in a different boot mode than windows01:01
tomreyn(but ot be able to chainload they need ot be installed in the same mode)01:01
Osmodivstomreyn: 18:51:16 - Osmodivs: […] So, I edited /etc/grub.d/40_custom and added these lines (like01:02
Osmodivs18:51:16 - Osmodivs: online tutorials suggested) menuentry "Windows 10 (on /dev/sdb2)" {insmod part_msdos1 insmod ntfs setroot=`(hd3,gpt2)' chainloader +101:02
Osmodivs18:51:16 - Osmodivs: }01:02
Osmodivstomreyn: "They need to be installed in the same mode" so, that means they both need to be UEFI?01:03
Osmodivsos-prober does not detect the Windows disk01:04
tomreynOsmodivs: so ubuntu is currently able to boot right?01:17
tomreynif so, what does this say?    echo -n 'This system booted via: '; [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS01:17
OsmodivsThis system booted via: BIOS01:18
tomreynso that's how ubuntu was installed and needs to boot in on your system currently, in bios mode,01:18
tomreynnow do you know which mode you installed windows in?01:18
tomreynafaik windows 10 can only be installed in uefi mode01:19
OsmodivsUbuntu can boot, but Windows is not showing in GRUB, and I don't remember how did I installed Windows01:19
Osmodivstomreyn: well, I guess I installed Windows in UEFI mode, is there a way to fix this?01:20
Osmodivsdo I need to reinstall Ubuntu in UEFI mode?01:20
tomreynif so, yes, this would be the easiest01:20
Osmodivshow do I install an UEFI mode in a LiveUSB?01:21
tomreynthe ubuntu installer supports either mode. you need to boot it in uefi mode, which you need to instruct your mainboard firmware to do.01:22
OsmodivsOK. But, after that I will need to reinstall, Windows, eh?01:23
tomreynusually uefi firmware provides both a way for defining in which order devices will be booted from, this would also list a usb stick which has been attached by the time the computer was powered up.01:24
tomreynyou may also have a boot (override) menu which can override the default boot order just once01:24
Osmodivstomreyn: Thats the weird part, it does not show in the BIOS menu,01:25
Osmodivslet me try and reinstall Ubuntu in UEFI mode and see what happens01:25
tomreynunless you deleted the efi system partition which the windows boot loader was installed on, or have rearranged disks or sone anything else windows cannot handle, you should be able to continue booting windows in uefi mode (assuming that it was installed in uefi mode)01:25
tomreynsome, especially older, mainboard firmwares lack support for booting from usb in uefi mode. but this is quite rare.01:26
tomreynmake sure you created a standard ubuntu installer media, so it will support uefi booting.01:27
tomreynalso, make sure you understand how uefi booting works quite differently from bios booting, and be aware of ubuntu bug 139637901:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 1396379 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "installer uses first EFI system partition found even when directed otherwise" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139637901:29
OsmodivsMy MoBo is recent, is the ASUS B350 Plus,01:30
tomreynand its firmware is, too?01:30
tomreynjournalctl -b | grep 'DMI:'01:30
Osmodivsyeah, updated a few days ago01:30
Osmodivstomreyn: dic 24 18:14:53 Djiin-Mk-IV kernel: DMI: System manufacturer System Product Name/PRIME B350-PLUS, BIOS 5220 09/12/201901:30
tomreynlatest version is Version 5220 2019/09/2401:31
tomreynlooks good01:31
tomreynso it's just a matter of proper configuration, i guess01:31
tomreynthis looks like a good guide for setting up dual boot (probably too late now if you already can't boot into windows): https://askubuntu.com/questions/1031993/how-to-install-ubuntu-18-04-alongside-windows-1001:35
tomreynhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot is outdated, but the preparatory steps are relevant.01:35
tomreynnote that you should still make the windows configuration changes discussed in the askubuntu.com article if you'll be able to regain access to windows.01:37
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whoareUhow to expand display area to full screen on external monitor under totally command-line mode05:51
whoareUi have two monitor that one is notebook itself's another is external which are using , but display size is still notebook's on external monitor05:55
tomreynand the external monitor is connected how? (to which port?)05:55
whoareUusing hdmi05:55
tomreynand you graphics card is?05:55
tomreynand X variant? xorg, xwayland?05:56
tomreyngenerally, i'd say if you can do it (at all) then using xrandr05:56
whoareUhow to view the graphics card05:56
tomreynlspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 999905:56
whoareUtomreyn: this is my graphics card information https://paste.centos.org/view/ae1bb9ff06:04
tomreynwhich centos version is it?06:05
tomreynand what's the name of the channel you're in?06:05
whoareUno one's answering in centos channel06:07
whoareUand i have a ubuntu user too in another pc06:07
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martian67merry christmas06:19
ZaZaGXho ho ho06:50
sethkushdoes anyone know how to figure out what is configuring an ethernet device? I rebooted and mnow networkmanager can't manage eno106:53
sethkushI'm using 19.10 btw06:54
ZaZaGXi have never used 19.1006:56
tomreynyour logs should say, journalctl -b07:05
tomreynon a desktopm normally what you'll see is that systemd-networkd checs whether it's supposed to manage it. if it isn't, it says so. then network-manager checks whether it is supposed to, and whether there is a legacy configuration in /etc/network/interfaces, and if there isn't it'll configure any NICs according to the existing profiles.07:08
sethkushlooks like systemd-networkd is taking it07:10
sethkushwhere do I fix that (nm had it before my last reboot)?07:10
knightwisehello everyone08:01
knightwiseand Meeeeerry Christmas ! (for those who celebrate it, for others, happy wednesday)08:05
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sethkushtomreyn: thanks for the pointers. Turns out purging netplan solved it08:18
sethkushI think there might have been some problems with configs sticking around in /var/run08:19
dionysus69can't mount windows ISOs with furious mount08:20
dionysus69says it has UDF content or something08:20
dionysus69what am I missing? I am on KDE so I dont have gnome disk utils08:20
tomreynsethkush: ah sorry didnt see your previous question there. but nice that you worked it out.08:21
dionysus69ok nevermind just install gnome dis utility08:22
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knightwiseIf i wanted to create a file based on a variable (like "date" or some other variable in a batch file) how do i do that ?08:42
tomreynuse    date +%s   (unix epoch, seconds since 01/01/1970)08:49
tomreynalternatively, if oyu just need the day:  date --rfc-3339=date08:50
tomreyn(effectively the same as    date +%Y-%m-%d    )08:51
tomreynknightwise: ^ more help on such commands is also available in channel #bash08:51
EriC^^knightwise: there's no variable for date in bash (not batch), you'd need to use a nested shell command such as     touch "/path/to/$(date +%s)" , as for variables you can do touch "/path/to/$myvariable" to create a file08:57
knightwisetomreyn: thanx !09:13
aryanhi all09:31
CoolerXwhat is the default terminal?10:30
CoolerXin 18.0410:30
TelerophonGnome Terminal, probably10:37
Telerophonassuming you're using the standard Gnome 3 distro10:38
CoolerXTelerophon, the standard what?11:30
CoolerXGnome is just a desktop if I recall11:31
CoolerXnot a distro, the distro is Ubuntu 18.0411:31
CoolerXalso didn't Ubuntu get rid of Gnome in 18.04 for some reason?11:31
nightowl1Hello , After some kind of update I have lost the ability to choose Keyboard layouts , probably because I had some error indicating something I don't remember , so I had to remove all of my layouts in order to be able to type again(even english)11:52
nightowl1but now I want to add more layouts and I can't11:52
nightowl1It's Ubuntu MATE11:53
sixwheeledbeastI assume "standard gnome 3 distro" means "vanilla ubuntu flavour"12:28
CoolerXsixwheeledbeast, ok12:34
CoolerXso what is the default terminal?12:34
CoolerXGnome terminal?12:35
Ether_ManHi. I'm running 18.04 and set up a 4 node ceph cluster. I'm trying to enable the dashboard but can't get it working. 'ceph mgr module ls' does list the module as enabled, but 'ceph mgr services' does not have any listed instances. I've googled a bit and there are some suggestions of missing dependencies (python-routes, which I've installed). I've tried disabling and reenabling the module again but still no entry in services, and ofc,13:09
Ether_Mannot listening on any port for it either. Is there anything else I need to do that's ubuntu specific for it? (as in, that differs between ubuntu repo and the official ceph instructions13:09
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coconutAny tool in default repo to export music out of movies and then make that an audio cd?13:57
BluesKajMerry Christmas!14:08
coconutThnx, you too BluesKaj!14:10
BluesKajcoconut, :-)14:12
nikolamHi I can't have autoconfig resolution on DVI->VGA analogue output of AMD 7850 with radeon driver. It keeps working at 1024X768 and doesn't recognize monitor branding, too. I have ready -monitor.conf for  /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/5-monitor.conf but wouldn't it be able to automatic set resolution or at least allow me to change it. (Xubuntu 19.10) https://pastebin.com/wcpSrkNV  I don't use 5-monitor.conf at the moment, would love it to auto-sense.,14:52
nikolambecause if set then resolution is fixed if I change monitor. Can it be auto-sensing new monitor and resolutions?14:52
* nikolam will reset and try again15:00
nikolamstill on 1024X768 on radeon 7850 on (x)Ubuntu 19.10,,15:21
shibbolethseason greetings15:28
shibbolethany update re broken bionic apt dependencies? atm libpulse0 depends on a replaced package15:29
hggdhshibboleth: on my bionic, both libpulse0 and libpulse-dev are at version 1:11.1-1ubuntu7.415:37
shibbolethyeah, try the following: apt-get update15:37
shibbolethapt-cache show libpulse-dev15:38
shibbolethnot depends on libpulse0 version15:38
shibboleththen apt-cache show libpulse015:38
shibbolethlibpulse-dev deps on libpulse0 7.4 yet libpulse 7.5 has replaced it15:39
shibbolethwhich means anyone wanting to install/compile against anything depending on pulseaudio will be in the poor house until this is fixed15:40
shibbolethi get that 'tis x-mas but this has been the case for well three days now15:41
shibbolethand, seeing how pulseaudio isn't exactly "universe" (default since... ever) i was hoping for some less-than-divine intervention at some point :)15:42
shibbolethanyone who already has ubuntu-desktop installed will get by for now but anyone installing form "live" media or installing stuff on top of "-server" won't egt very far15:44
hggdhshibboleth: just created a container at 18.04, installed libpulse0, apt update, apt install libpulse-dev. Success. Both libpulse0 and libpulse-dev are at 1:11.1-1ubuntu7.415:45
shibbolethyeah, you did it in the wrong order15:45
hggdhshibboleth: which order should I do it?15:46
shibbolethyou installed libpulse0 from non-borked indexes15:46
shibbolethclean container->apt-get update15:46
shibbolethapt-get install libpulse-dev15:46
shibbolethor, from any point in time:15:46
shibbolethapt-get update15:46
shibbolethapt-cache show libpulse015:46
shibbolethapt-cache show libpulse-dev15:47
shibbolethnote that libpulse0 will be 1:11.1-1ubuntu7.5 but libpulse-dev will depend on 1:11.1-1ubuntu7.415:47
hggdhOK. jusrt re-created the container. apt update, then apt install libpulse-dev. After install completed, both libpulse0 and libpulse-dev are at 7.415:50
hggdhshibboleth: do you have -proposed enabled?15:50
shibbolethno, i don't have privs to edit apt-sources on this dev box15:50
shibbolethworking remotely, 'tis xmas15:50
shibbolethhggdh, in any case and for the third time:15:51
shibbolethapt-cache show libpulse015:51
shibbolethapt-cache show libpulse-dev15:51
hggdhyes. For the third time as well: they are both at the correct version15:51
shibbolethwith or without -proposed?15:51
hggdhwithout, of course15:51
shibbolethcan you please paste depends:-output from apt-cache show libpulse-dev?15:52
hggdhshibboleth: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8cG8dPRr8j/15:53
shibbolethand apt-cache show libpulse0?15:55
hggdhshibboleth: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Y3Ts2TQp5m/15:56
shibbolethhere are mine:15:56
shibbolethlibpulse-dev: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3wBXHfBRMm/15:56
shibbolethlibpulse0: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RTJBFmpdmj/15:56
shibbolethany way to discern apt repo index version?15:57
shibbolethi've tried sev mirrors15:58
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cbabyhello people16:34
nikolamI am really pissed now. I managed to set 1920X1080 with cvt, xrandr and xrandr --newmode , but on reboot i am STILL at 1024X768 on DVI->VGA 23" 1920X1080 monitor on AMD 7850 graphics..16:35
nikolamYes, I I also used --addmode16:35
cbabyI have 5 not upgraded  message when I try and update from my terminal....for some strange reason it will try and install updates from updater but stops and repeat message in the terminal16:41
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corshmockHappy Christmas everyone!17:33
ukiyo-ehMerry Christmas!17:39
ukiyo-ehI just installed updates and now I'm limited to one workspace and I cannot find a way to add another. Before, there were always two.17:41
ukiyo-ehHow can I add other workspaces?17:41
corshmockJust click the start button and type work, then you can configure how many workspaces you want.  You access them by ctrl-alt + left right arrows17:48
retentiveboySelecting the "Linux Firmware Update" boot option on my DELL XPS15 is  leading to the BIOS diagnostic program, not the firmware update.  Weird.18:08
retentiveboyI'm getting notifications when I boot normally that there is a firmware update to be installed but I can't get it to actually apply.18:09
ukiyo-ehcorshmock: That doesn't seem to work. I searched and the only option is to install Cinnamon workspaces from the software shop. I did and it doesn't seem to do anything.18:14
ukiyo-ehI also have two monitors and I cannot use shortcuts to move windows from one monitor to the other.18:14
jeremy31retentiveboy: That option used to be labelled "System Settings" at one time18:16
VivitGot a real puzzler on my hands; the OS doesn't seem to want to use the driver for my wifi device18:40
VivitIn "Software & Updates" under the "Additional Drivers" tab, the entry for the device has its radio button set to "Do not use this device"18:43
Vivitand it's stuck there18:44
VivitWhen I set the radio button to the option to use the (proprietary) driver and click "Apply Changes", it says "Applying changes" for a moment while a bar fills up, and then the radio button flips back to "Do not use this device"18:45
Vivityes, Broadcom18:45
sixwheeledbeastThey can be a pain sometimes. i would check the wiki to see if your card is compatible with the driver.18:46
VivitIt was working just fine until last night18:46
sixwheeledbeastlspci -nn | grep -i network    may help work out which drivers are compatible.18:51
VivitIs there a way to manually enable the driver without using the "Software & Updates" application?18:51
sixwheeledbeastmodprobe them19:00
VivitHow do I determine the module name19:04
VivitThe apt package is called "bcmwl-kernel-source"19:05
VivitIs that also the name of the module?19:05
sixwheeledbeastThat's the closed source drivers maybe "wl" or "broadcom-sta". I'd run through the firmware-b43-installer package myself if your card is supported.19:08
dmw_hey. i'm on ubuntu 19.04 and can't upgrade for now. any animation whatsoever in firefox causes gnome-shell process CPU usage to explode, and UI is horribly laggy regardless. killing gnome-shell and starting metacity, the laptop feels like it's really from this century19:31
dmw_is there some way to make metacity the default, or any tips on dealing with whatever insanity is going on with (presumably) compositing in gnome-shell? i simply dont need it and it destroys the machine19:32
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shibbolethi was able to resolve the libpulse0 "phantom version" leading to non-existent apt dependency issues by proxying some cached apt indexes and manually installing 1:11.1-1ubuntu7.4 over 7.520:18
OsmodivsI have Ubuntu 18.04.3 and I get this message when I try to setup my printer: "Sorry! The system printing service doese't seem to be available"20:25
OsmodivsI unistalled CUPS and installe CUPS fron source, and still nothing20:25
sixwheeledbeastsystemctl status cups ?20:26
TheWildwhat's assigned to Shift+Alt+S?20:27
Vivitsixwheeledbeast: the "apt show" for that package says that it "downloads and installs the firmware needed by the b43 kernel driver".  That sounds like a problem, given that I can't connect to the internet in the first place20:28
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sixwheeledbeastVivit: no even via lan?20:28
VivitLaptop doesn't have an ethernet port20:29
Osmodivssixwheeledbeast: ● cups.service - CUPS Scheduler    Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/cups.service; enabled; vendor preset: ena   Active: active (running) since Wed 2019-12-25 14:28:19 CST; 2s ago20:29
Osmodivs     Docs: man:cupsd(8)  Main PID: 5129 (cupsd)    Tasks: 3 (limit: 4915)    CGroup: /system.slice/cups.service            ├─5129 /usr/sbin/cupsd -l            ├─5154 /usr/lib/cups/notifier/dbus dbus://            └─5155 /usr/lib/cups/notifier/dbus dbus://  dic 25 14:28:19 Djiin-Mk-IV systemd[1]: Started CUPS Scheduler.20:29
Osmodivsnow I can see some printers...20:30
VivitI think the drivers are installed and the issue is that I can't enable them20:31
sixwheeledbeastYer I have had similar issues with broadcom wifi cards in laptops, it was always down to the bcmwl20:32
sixwheeledbeastSomething must be conflicting with it20:35
VivitWhat sort of something?20:36
sixwheeledbeastI am assuming another module    "sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl"    then   " sudo modprobe wl"  do you have a wifi on/off button?20:37
SimonNLVivit: connect using you phone tether the wifi connection20:37
sixwheeledbeastYou could always download any packages and use dpkg -i20:38
sixwheeledbeastdownload on another device that is20:38
Vivit"FATAL: Module wl not found."20:41
sixwheeledbeastpretty sure wl is the bcmwl module20:42
VivitThat's in response to # modprobe -r b43 ssb wl, # sudo modprobe wl says "FATAL: Module not found in directory /lib/modules/4.15.0-72-lowlatency"20:43
VivitThat's in response to # modprobe -r b43 ssb wl, # sudo modprobe wl says "FATAL: Module not found in directory /lib/modules/4.15.0-72-lowlatency". I get the same message for "bcmwl".20:43
sixwheeledbeastmodprobe b43 ?20:44
SimonNLany of those drivers installed ?20:45
Vivitthat did something -- verbose mode prints a bunch of "insmods"20:45
jeremy31Vivit: Is it connected to internet?20:45
VivitSimonNL: I believe so; my wifi was working just fine until last night20:46
Vivitjeremy31: nope, the laptop has no ethernet port20:46
jeremy31Vivit: is anything blocked, see terminal>  rfkill list20:47
VivitDoesn't look like it20:48
jeremy31vivit just post the 14e4 number from these terminal results and tell me kernel driver in use>  lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 net20:52
VivitOkay, I think I found a clue: $ apt show bcmwl-kernel-source prints the lines "Conflicts: bcmwl-modaliases" and "Replaces: bcmwl-modaliases"20:52
Vivitjeremy31: "[14e4:43a]", "Kernel driver in use: bcma-pci-bridge"20:53
jeremy31Vivit: any result from terminal for> locate wl.ko20:55
VivitFour paths, each in the form "/lib/modules/4.15.0-$n-$suffix/kernel/drivers/pwm/pwm-twl.ko", where $n is either "70" or "72" and $suffix is either "generic" or "lowlatency"20:59
jeremy31Vivit: so no results with just wl.ko?21:01
jeremy31what does it show for> dpkg -l | grep dkms21:02
jeremy31does it show "ii  dkms " on one line21:02
Vivitwith way too much whitespace21:03
jeremy31Check>  dkms status21:03
jeremy31Vivit: copy http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/multiverse/b/broadcom-sta/broadcom-sta-dkms_6.30.223.271-8ubuntu0.1_all.deb and put it on a USB drive and put it on the desktop on Ubuntu, then double click the file21:05
VivitWhat is it that gnome does when you double-click a .deb again?21:06
jeremy31It should install it using the software center21:07
jeremy31or you can use terminal>  cd Desktop && sudo dpkg -i broadcom-sta-dkms_6.30.223.271-8ubuntu0.1_all.deb21:08
Vivitjeremy31: done. Now dkms status prints "broadcom-sta,, 4.15.0-72-lowlatency, x86_64: installed"21:35
jeremy31Vivit: do results change for> lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 net21:36
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VivitYes. "[14e4:43a]" -> "[14e4:43a0]"21:44
jeremy31Vivit: kernel driver in use?21:45
VivitIt also says "Kernel modules: bcma, wl", when I believe it just said "Kernel modules: bcma" before21:45
jeremy31Vivit: result for> mokutil --sb-state21:45
Vivit"Kernel drive in use" is unchanged21:45
Vivit"This system doesn't support Secure Boot"21:46
VivitWhat next? Reboot?21:48
jeremy31Vivit: haven't rebooted since installing that?  If not, reboot21:48
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VivitAaand on reboot, I'm connected to the wifi before even logging in21:51
VivitThanks, jeremy31!21:51
jeremy31Vivit: that is good21:52
Vivitdo you have any idea why it may have stopped working?21:58
jeremy31Vivit: not actually as nothing was in previous results for dkms status22:00
stevewhy are there no mirror links for downloading here?  https://packages.ubuntu.com/eoan/armhf/libc6/download22:10
hggdhsteve: seems packages.u.c is failing22:16
hggdhsteve: seems to work only for AMD64 and i38622:18
stevehggdh yep22:19
hggdhsteve: IIRC, there is a different archive for ARM (but I do not remember the site name)22:23
stevethanks.  I'm finding links on the debian package search\22:24
hggdhsteve: ah, got it: http://ports.ubuntu.com/pool/main/g/glibc/22:24
stevegreat, thanks hggdh22:27

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