OvenWerksHappy Chirstmas... merry new year...00:26
OvenWerksHuh, Although our kernel seems to have (and load) the correct module(s) for some "off brand" (non-wacom) drawing tablets, the xorg config file does not include the config options for them.04:33
OvenWerksthere is a file in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ called 70-wacom.conf which works for wacom tablets I would guess.04:35
OvenWerksOn one of our computers (more than one perhaps) I had to manually load the extra kernel modules from digimend to make things work and in that process a file called: /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-digimend.conf showed up.04:37
OvenWerksit sort of has some of the extra bits in the same format as the wacom.conf file.04:37
OvenWerksMy son just got a new computer and wanted the tablet to work with that which it did sort of out of the box so the kernel supports it fine... but it does not show up with:xsetwacom list devices04:38
OvenWerksso it is not possible to set up the switches along the side of the tablet using the xsetwacom set commands04:39
OvenWerksI fund that by pulling out the right set of lines from the digimend.conf file and adding that to the end of the wacom.conf file I was then able to use the tablet normally.04:41
OvenWerksso @teward001, Eickmeyer: either we need to install the digimend.conf file by default or this is a bug with the ubuntu install that installs the wacom.conf file and should also install the digimend file.04:43
OvenWerksNo need to answer today...04:43
OvenWerksjust jotting my thought down before I forget04:43
OvenWerksI am not sure which package should have a bug attached to it. (how do I find out which package installed a file?) And if they are not interested in fixing it (I will provide a patch) is this the right directory to install it in or should it be put in /etc/X11/xorg.config.d/ ?04:45
OvenWerksIt appears to be xserver-xorg-input-wacom, I will drop a bug in there04:54
OvenWerkshmm, I will have to wait and maybe undo my file change till my son is not using his computer I think. He has 19.10.04:55
OvenWerksBug #185750905:45
ubottubug 1857509 in xf86-input-wacom (Ubuntu) "Missing digimend config file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185750905:45
OvenWerksEickmeyer: I think I will make a list of the devices the digimend kernel modules support and have -controls search for them in the output of lsusb if xsetwacom list devices comes up blank.05:48
OvenWerksthen have an error box pop up maybe offering to add this file to their setup or a 70-ubuntustudio-tablet.conf with just their device in it. They would, of course, have to restart xorg for it to take effect. I do not know if logout/in will do that.05:50

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