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sandeI am facing issues with Bluetooth on my Xubuntu 18.04 where it shows no adapters found!10:34
sandeAny assistance would be appreciated10:34
Sasha2All hello!14:00
rud0lfwhat sort of greeting is "all hello"?14:08
rud0lfforeach nickname say "hi $nickname"14:08
Kumooljust no14:20
Kumoolleave me alone14:20
Kumoolbut hi rud0lf14:20
nikolamI can't get resolution automatically to 1920X1080, when I put new monitor on DVI->VGA port of AMD 7850 on Xubuntu 19.1014:39
nikolamI get only resolution 1024X76814:39
nikolamPhilips 23" is only recognized ad "Digital Display", while at the same time, on integrated Intel graphics, 17" CRT on VGA port form motherboard (i5 4570 intel graphics) recognizes it's 1280X102414:40
santanawhat does mean the xubuntu symbol?14:41
nikolamsantana, what do you mean? Logo? Xfce Logo is a mouse.14:42
nikolamyou can change it on properties14:43
nikolamI bet Xubuntu uses variant/themed xfce mouse so different logo is used for Xubuntu14:44
Kumoolnikolam: what does xrandr output?14:46
Kumoolwait, I can't solve this!14:46
Kumoolgo to #Ubuntu14:46
santanaa xfce symbol in xubuntu.... But why a mouse?14:46
Kumoolsantana: ask in #xfce14:47
Kumoolwho even knows that answer?14:47
Kumoolbecause mouse is small and fast?14:47
Kumoolunlike gnome14:47
Kumoolwhich is an rhino14:47
Kumoolkde is probably a sloth14:47
nikolamBack on monitor issues, I have ready 5-monitor.conf  /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/5-monitor.conf , but it prooved being a problem if I change monitor and put it on 7850 output, it keeps pushing 1920X1080 no matter what monitor is. https://pastebin.com/wcpSrkNV14:47
santanathanks guys14:48
Kumoolgo to #ubuntu14:49
nikolamsantana, you can maybe ask on /j #xfce :P  Every project have some symbol. You can always recompile it with different name/branding and call it something like "Cowfce" and put cow there :D14:49
Kumoolfriggin hate xorg issues14:49
nikolamHe didin't hear that.14:49
KumoolI have a xorg issue with my raspberry pi14:50
Kumooldamn thing is on 800x60014:50
Kumoolstill haven't solved it14:50
nikolamKumool, you can fix it with 5-monitor.conf like I did, but resolution is then forced like that14:53
xubuntu60wHello, I was installing Xubuntu on my laptop and it cannot ext4 partition not created15:46
xubuntu60wIt failed to create file system on the disk15:46
diogenes_xubuntu60w, you dual boot?15:48
fabibzHappy days, installing a clean xubuntu 18.04, my former unbuntu 16.04 was messed up when upgrading to 18.0416:37
fabibzdone, rebooting now...16:38
jdwwattsMerry Christmas18:29
diogenes_Merry Christmas18:31
rud0lfVery Christmas18:35
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