santa_good morning everybody11:10
santa_RikMills: just FYI I plan to do some work on kio-fuse packaging, I will start from neon pacagking and add changes on top of that, it could be interesting to merged once I'm done11:11
santa_* packaging11:11
RikMillssanta_: kool12:11
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IrcsomeBot<myfenris> @RikMills, Thanks12:38
BluesKajHiyas all14:20
santa_RikMills: just a quick question, neon's people is on duty or on vacation?20:54
santa_(because I have changes in a couple of packages to be merged, kquickcharts and kio-fuse)20:54
RikMillssanta_: their CI builders are broken, and no-one seems about to fix, so I guess awol until new year20:55
RikMillssanta_: I merged kquickcharts anyway20:56
RikMillsif they don't like it, I'll take the blame20:56
santa_RikMills: ok, in the  meantime we could upload these packages to ubuntu so they pass the "new queue" (I still need to do the copyright file of kio-fuse)20:57
santa_speaking of which...20:58
santa_↑ in case you want to test what we have already20:59
RikMillssanta_: I'll take a look in the morning, and put kquickcharts in the queue if it looks ok. I may want to tweak the changelog as the kquickcharts (0.1-1) unstable entry is simply a lie21:00
santa_RikMills: ok, if it's a lie feel free to fix XD21:00
RikMillssanta_: as most canonical staff are off until 6th Jan, I very much doubt anything can get approved before then.21:01
santa_well, almost just one week21:03
* santa_ looks at the calendar21:03
RikMillssanta_: https://i.imgur.com/9qhx9TF.png21:05
RikMillsIn the past I have persuaded any Whitcroft to do new queue reviews. he has been helpful. If I see him active, I may grab him ;)21:07
santa_I also have a bug in network-manager, and I might want to poke someone from Canonical to get the fix in21:09
santa_I even might poke you, so be prepared XD21:10

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