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IrcsomeBot<Barika> Using Latte Bar and for some reason I cannot move the icons around anyone have any ideas what I am missing. I have tried right clicking an configuring and anything I can think of.. I got this bar this way 1 yr and half ago now trying to add a new icon and move it but either I am stupid or I have forgoten how to even do something simple.19:03
IrcsomeBot<Barika> (Document) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/jstYa8Fn/file_21304.png19:03
IrcsomeBot<Barika> (Document) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/7s0ju7J9/file_21305.png19:03
IrcsomeBot<Barika> i put the monitor icon that is there but cannot move the other one over for some reason.19:04
viewer|19Hi, I just wanted to give some feedback, I did an install of kubuntu-19.10-desktop-amd64.iso in virtualbox but there is a clipping error in showing info when I did the installation. I can send a jpg of what the situation looks like if needed. I don't know if this error is only on my machine but I didn't get this type of thing when installing other21:35
viewer|19Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/2a1da2b4bad239159144616ab9d0fc65/clippingError.jpg21:40
viewer|19anyway, hope this info gets to whoever is responsible for making the install disk21:42
Undefin4I have a problem22:27
Undefin4I installed Ubuntu, then used taskel to installl KDE plasma22:27
Undefin4now i have a screen blanking setted at 10mn22:27
Undefin4and i cannot disable it by going thru the KDE setting :/22:28
Undefin4I disabled everything, and this fracki22:28
Undefin4ng  screen locker is still there22:28
Undefin4where i need to look forward ? thanks22:28
bpromptUndefin4:  what do you mean you can't disable it by using settings?  the screensaver timeout is there and you can change it or disable, nno?22:30
Undefin4no i dont see it22:37
Undefin4i suppose its a remain of the Gnome+Unity setting, is it possible?22:37
bpromptis possible, yes22:42
bpromptassuming you're using the SDDM, check the system settings under the session settings or "startup and shutdown" settings, I"m assuming there's a daemon/service running doing the screensaving22:46
bpromptand you can disable that there, usually the service will have a checkbox  you can just uncheck22:46
bpromptanother way to poke around, will be using something like QPS, QT process manager, sorta like HTOP, but shows more info and does process filtering and you can check the command line of who is running under what process tree, and kill it or check for the service to stop it from systemctl22:48
bpromptyou can install qps with -> sudo apt-get install qps <-, is a tiny package, there's also ksysguard, which is KDE's process manager, and you can try running that22:49
Undefin4bprompt: i found the guilty22:57
Undefin4it was...22:58
Undefin4bprompt: are you a command prompt? can i type comman23:09
Undefin4dcommand with you ? lol23:09
bprompthhehe, sure23:10
Undefin4bprompt: rm -rf / --no-preserve-root23:15
Undefin4did it worked?23:15
bpromptcould have, but is not recommended :P23:16
Undefin4haha i did it once23:16
Undefin4it worked23:16
Undefin4the whole filesystem wiped ^^23:16
Undefin4it was inside a snapshoted vm ^^23:16
bpromptthus is a good idea to keep an image around :), which I do, something you can always make with Clonezilla23:20

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