feohDoes anyone else running 20.04 have a Bluetooth headset they'd be willing to try reproducing a bug with? I'm finding that Firefox won't play sound through my Bose NC700 Bluetooth headphones at all, but *every other application* including the Gnome desktop, Chromium, Audacity, and others work great. Curious if anyone else is seeing this.22:44
tomreynmaybe you muted this application on pulseaudio?22:58
feohBeen through all the pulseaudio settings. Fidged with inputs on pavcontrol23:00
feohLike I said, every other app works *great* with the headphones, JUST Firefox refuses to play through them and always plays through the internal speaker.23:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1849257 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Firefox audio not playing via bluetooth" [Undecided,Fix released]23:11
OerHeksAn update to system solved the problem. Don't know which package. You can close it now. ... curious23:11
OerHeksstart with a clean profile, remove the ~/.mozilla folder23:15
feohOerHeks: I will give that a try, thanks very much!23:20
feohOerHeks: That is indeed the bug. Removing ~/.mozilla had no effect and I'm still seeing this. Is it possible that 20.04 contains a regression?23:27
OerHeksBT audio .. you claim it works with other apps, so i wonder if this is a regression: file a bugreport anyway23:28
feohI will do that, thank you very much. Yes everything works swimmingly in Chromium and everywhere else, just not Firefox.23:31

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