teward... huh didn't know that autosyncs could ping me if i'm the maintainer in Debian o.O00:49
hallynxnox: hi - there used to be a way to ask for cross arch builds on a ppa.  Is it still possible?  Can I get armhf and arm64 builds enabled for ppa:serge-hallyn/ubports?15:22
fossfreedomhallyn: if you are the ppa owner you can enable different processors via the launchpad ppa change details link16:01
hallynorly.  thanks, lemme check16:03
hallyn(i thought in the past someone else had to enable that for me)16:04
hallyn(but maybe that was fast kernel builds)16:04
hallynawesome - thanks16:04
cjwatsonhallyn: It used to be something staff had to do before 2016ish17:36
cjwatsonDitto some builders being faster than others is no longer a thing17:37
hallyncool, thanks, i enabled arm, all set.17:38
joelkraehemannhi all19:22
joelkraehemannhow does an application enter 20.04 from debian testing?19:23
joelkraehemannwhen is the dead-line?19:23
ginggsjoelkraehemann: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseSchedule19:25
joelkraehemannFebruary 27th is Debian Import Freeze ...19:26
joelkraehemannthank you ginggs19:27
ginggsjoelkraehemann: yw!  packages can enter after that date by requesting a feature-freeze-exception19:27
hallynso i was able to upload the one package (okb-engine) to https://launchpad.net/~serge-hallyn/+archive/ubuntu/ubports/+packages , but the other (okb-keyboard) seems to silently either be dropped or waiting on something.20:30
hallyncjwatson: ^ where can i see whether the pkg is hung up on something?20:42
cjwatsonhallyn: There've been a variety of network difficulties recently that have affected the build farm in various ways.  We're poking occasionally as vacation time permits22:47
cjwatsonhallyn: Ah, but a missing upload is slightly different.  Moment22:47
cjwatsonhallyn: Our logs say that we sent you an automatic rejection email22:48
cjwatsonhallyn: I can pick it out of logs for you if need be, but it would probably be better if you checked whether email delivery to your preferred address registered on Launchpad works properly ...22:49
hallyncjwatson: d'oh, yeah, *that* email.  thanks, i'll go find it.23:30
hallyn*blush* there is some nasty stuff among that email23:33
cjwatsonGlad it was just misfiled rather than undelivered.23:38

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